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"Kav, wake up you lazy ass."

Kavius awoke with a start, eyes suddenly opened and mind scrambled. It took a few moments but Kavius began to remember where he was. He and Sam had taken a small respite from work and training, napping in an open field. Well....Kav had been napping while Sam refused to leave them both defenseless. Kavius had tried to convince her to rest as well, very lazily, but had fallen asleep mid sentence. They were both in an open field that seemingly stretched on for miles, no sign of any towns or other settlements anywhere nearby. Kavius smiled but stayed laying down.

Kavius sighed happily. "Sam-ah-lam seriously, you gotta try relaxing more. You're gonna die young or at the very least ruin that pretty face of yours."

Samara slapped the top of Kavs head, as she was sitting next to him and it was easy to do so, which made Kavius flinch but never made him lose his smile.

"That was not very nice madam Sammy."

"It wasnt very nice of you going off on your own, leaving me behind."

Kavius raised an eyebrow at Sam clearly confused. "What?"

"You left me, to go fight pirates. You almost died, your bleeding pretty bad right now and for what? To try to play hero? Thats soooo not like you."

Kavius, more confused than before, slowly sat upright and cross legged next to Sam.

"What did you think you could accomplish by yourself? Against what is basically an army?"

"Sam your not making any-"

Kavius cut himself off mid sentence as a flood of memories began to pour into his mind. He remembered being on the boat, he remembered going off on his own, and he remembered-

"Crap", Kavius exclaimed, "I'm dead."

Samara sighed and stood up in front of Kavius. "Your not dead dumbass, if you were dead why would I be here? Even if I died too you think I would want to spend my afterlife with you?"

At this Kavius frowned. "Yea no your right. The real Sam would never say something that horrible to me. Hit me? Oh yea. Degrade me a bit, why the hell not? That was just cold though."

Sam laughed loudly at this. "Kav, I am just a projection in your mind. You passed out, probably, and your mind is roaming. Anything I say, you have already thought of."

Kav looked down. She, or he as in himself really, was right. Deep down he was waiting for Sam to just not be there one day. But that hardly mattered now. "Maybe but I dont have time for this."

Sam kneeled down in front of Kav and spoke. "Then KAV HURRY!"

Kavs eyes opened widely, the sound of warfare penetrating his skull. His left leg throbbed painfully and he felt sore and wounded all over. Turning his head slowly to the left then right, he spotted and arrow with a rope attached to it. Kavius smiled, knowing only one person on board the stink boat who would do that. There was a bit of distance between him and the arrow and Kavius knew what he needed to do. This was going to hurt though. A lot. Kavius groaned as he turned his body sideways, readying himself to swim. He had no time to pace himself, gritting his teeth, Kavius swam to the arrow. Once he reached it and grabbed hold of it. He wasn't sure if anyone was going to help him further, so as quick as he could Kav tugged and pulled himself closer to the boat. Once he was able to touch the boat he hoisted himself up the boat, using the rope, and was pulled up and overboard. Kavius gasped rapidly for air, not believing the amount of pain he was in was real. Looking up he saw Sam, remembering his little dream.

With a smile Kavius looked Sam in the eyes and spoke, unable to stand and gasping for air and in pain after every word. "Hi..Sammy..just..been..out..for..a..stroll."There was still battle raging, but everyone seemed to be doing their part or defending themselves. ""

As the battle commenced in a spectacular fashion, Kav remained out of sight. The others were at least returning fire in some way, Kavius could swear he could hear the magical whooshes of spells being cast. Other sea battle sounds drowned out anything that could be heard by Kavius to let him know the state of his comrades......that is if Kavius had bothered to think of them. After Kavius managed to miraculously escape immediate danger that he himself put himself in Kav hid himself on board one of the enemy ships. After diving into the water, resurfacing after the sight on him had been lost, and scaled one of the enemy ships walls, Kav had managed to hide himself by hanging on to the ship on the outside of its stern. Staying attached to the ship was proving difficult for Kavius who knew he needed to act. Quickly.

"Damn it", Kavius muttered to himself, "Need to move before I'm spotted." Kavius sighed softly and rolled his eyes. "You know what", Kav said while wagging his finger in the air mockingly, "Ashley would probably have had a better idea. Margot and Xara could have magicked something to he-OW MOTHER FUCKER OW!"

Kavius was cutoff mid sentence as an arrow suddenly found itself lodged on his lower left leg. Kavius was about to start cursing when his eyes spotted his assailant, an archer from the other boat who had unfortunately spotted Kavius as he wasted time. Kav gritted his teeth and practically began to throw himself upwards as he climbed up and over the side of the boat he had been climbing before his assailant had managed to find their mark again. Kavius landed on his rear, against the boats wall sitting directly across from the wheel of ship. With the loud noises of battle engaging, the archer that shot Kavius was not able to clearly communicate quickly that there was an intruder on the other boat. That would not last long. With a limp from his left leg and his now drawn sword in his right hand Kavius walked forward and up to the wheel. Seeing the multitude of enemies in front of him, Kavius began to sweat. He made eye contact with a few people who had spotted him but mostly everyone was distracted by their own fights. Mostly everyone. Two pirates who had spotted Kavius from the other side of the enemy ship began racing towards his position. As the first pirate strode up to Kav on his left, Kavius clashed with the pirate for a few strikes with their respective swords before Kavius landed a fatal blow to the pirates chest. As Kavius brought his sword up from his previous strike and turned to face the second pirate incoming, the pirate specified moved faster than Kavius could have predicted. Kavius was able to block the pirates first sword strike, received a painful slash to his left side. Only avoiding a fatal blow because Kavius twisted his body as much as he could to turn to the side to lessen the blow. This did not help with the pain as much as Kavius hoped as the pirate raised his right foot and kicked out at Kavius, sending him over the ships steering wheel and down to the floor of the deck. Bouncing once then rolling unintentionally for once is what saved Kavius, as he bounced and rolled Kavius fell down through the ships deck hatch to the ships below. Down a small staircase and bouncing and rolling below deck for a few moments, Kavius rolled into a barrel. When he did a few specks of red dust puffed out from underneath the barrels non secured lid. Kavius stood up as quickly as he could after a few moments, gasping at the pain from his left leg which still had an arrow lodged in it. He could make out a voice shouting to go below deck, which Kavius assumed was the pirate that knocked him down, and began to panic. He had less than twenty seconds at most before more pirates would swarm him and he would die. This was it. Kavius turned around and slammed a fist on to the barrel he bumped into and was surprised to see what was inside as the barrels lid fell off. Kavius smiled, realizing what he needed to do. Kavius scanned the area he was in, spotted a few small items within a few feet of him, and formed an idea.

Flash forward about sixty seconds later, an explosion suddenly burst from the bottom middle of one of enemy ship to the left of the stink boat. The explosion faced away from the stink boat but could be seen by all in this battle. Within ten seconds, the entirety of the enemy ship felt the warmth of a blazing fire spreading from the bottom of the ship all the way to the top. Two more smaller explosions shooting upwards right after each other from the bottom of the enemy ship caused mass fear and hysteria in the pirates on the ship. All who were not burnt alive or died from the sudden blasts took to doing whatever it took to escape the ship, albeit their chances of surviving were low to zero. As the fire spread throughout the ship the flames nearly touched the boarding ladder the enemies used to connect to the stink boat. In an act of desperation some of the pirates on the stink boat knocked away the boarding ladder in an attempt to stay safe from the potential threat of burning alive, as a few others still attempted to fight those who hid in the below deck of the stink boat. Luckily none of the fire or flaming debris from the explosions hit any of the other ships. Kavius had escaped through the burning hole in the enemies ship that he had made and had jumped through it and into the water before any enemies were able to touch him. Swimming underwater to his ship, with all his strength since he had to make up for the loss of usability in his left leg, Kavius felt very proud of himself. Kavius thought to himself how they must not have been this peoples first victims, or if they were these boats were stolen. Under the deck were half a dozen barrels of different spices such as Saffron, Cumin, and Cinnamon. If this next part was not due to Kavius extreme luck then Kav did not know what it was with him. Kavius was also able to find several small items such as flint and other items that could cause these spices to combust.

The only reason Kavius knew what to do with these items is because of his veyr short time spent amongst sailors. His mentor had not made Kavius spend an abundant amount of time at sea, but the sailors they befriended did take Kavius out to sea to find his sea legs and taught him several useful tips of the trade, such as what you could do with your inventory if you were surrounded on your boat at sea. Dark, but Kavius was never more grateful. He had taken an arrow to the leg, several shallow sword wounds, and was beat up and was extremely tired. Kav managed to swim over to the rear of the stink boat and simply held on for a bit. He needed to rest, but not fall asleep, since he doubted he could scale the ship now in his condition. He was out of sight and out of mind, but Kavius knew he was still at risk. It was only a matter of time before an enemy spotted. Kavius sighed again, cursing what rotten luck he had and wished he and Sam could be doing literally anything else at the moment. With a newfound strength rising beneath Kavius as the thought of Sam finding his dead body drifting at sea made him angry, Kavius turned and faced the both and found as tight of a grip as he was gonna get. Slowly, meticulously, and nearly falling Kavius managed to pull himself up and climb the ship. Kavs fingers bled as the small cracks he could find for his fingers caused an intense amount of pain. Kavius raised his head over rear wall of the ship once he made it to the top and shouted with all his strength.


Hopefully this was enough to get his friends attention. As an enemies attack was sent towards Kavius, he let go and fell backwards into the water with a big splash and the sound of an arrow missing its target.

The past few days were a trial for Kavius, as the boredom of peace and tranquility set in. The island had offered so much drama and fun that while it was not hard to leave, Kavius htought that it would not have been a bad place to relax for ahwile. That is, as long as no one recognizes him from the previous debacle he had been partially to blame for. Kavius spent most of the time hanging around Sam, his motivation for the job dwindling and Sam could see it. She simply did not have the strength to argue with Kav, and he knew it, so while Sam did what she could to keep from losing her mind from sea sickness Kav stayed by her side. Even if sometimes he was just laid down close to her, trying to ignore everyone but her. At one point Troe would approach the two but Kavius would dismiss Troe easily. Kav was not into answering a lot of questions and had nothing to say to Troe, He did not want him bothering Sam, and would attempt to brush him off of Sam as well. However if Sam were to answer Troes questions was entirely up to her. It isn't as if Troe was an enemy o someone untrustworthy but Kavius saw Troe as a huge nerd. With a aura of power that made Kavius recognize that he would probably no challenge Troe to a sparring match. His magic was his magic and Kav wasn't interested, especially after fighting Xara.

Ashley at one point would take the time to question him about the incident on the island and about his fight with Xara, once it was reveled what they did. Kav couldn't see any other reason she would ask about it except to find out more about how they fight, but Kav wasn't against explaining what happene don the island. After coming clean about how he truly did not mean to peek and how he was only trying to help, Kav felt a little better. At Ashleys remark about how Kavs fight went Kavius could not help but laugh slightly.

"I wasn't holding back against you, but it was just a sparring match. besides like you said. I'm just a kid. Your just such a strong adult", Kavius said sarcastically but with good intentions.

Kavius was already below deck when the rest of the crew suddenly descended below deck filling the stinkboat with feelings of anxiety and terror. The stinkboat crew were not hardened veterans, so Kavius was at first doubtful that anything was seriously wrong. Until he heard the familiar sound of another boat attaching a bridge to the stinkboat above deck. With a sigh Kavius looked at Samara and spoke.

"what the shit is happening now", Kavius asked Sam rhetorically, "Hang out a second I will be right back."

Kavius was encouraged not to leave yet, especially by his companions, but Kavius dismissed their warnings. "Listen I am just gonna take a look." Kavius walked up the small staircase leading towards the top deck and had unlocked and slightly raised the hatch door when Kav suddenly let go of the hatch, the hatch door lamming shut as an arrow was buried into the hatch. Kav looked back and shrugged. "I saw that coming", Kavius said lying to himself and the others.

Kav raised the hatch by pushing it open then leaping and rolling forward dodging a few more arrows. Now that he was above deck he could see their were two large looking ships surrounding the stinkboat with a makeshift ladder bridge connecting to the stink boat on both of its side to a different enemy ship. Kavius may not be a veteran but he was experienced enough in living in areas where he had to quickly scan his surroundings for an enemy count. There were too many to count, but Kav could see plenty of archers with arrows trained on him, mages with spells at the ready to be cast, and rather simple but muscular looking privateers with swords and the like slwoly approaching the stink boat. As Kavius looked for the variety in the enemies before him, Kav would not stop moving to dodge incoming enemy arrows. As an arrow came close to piercing his face, Kavius quick drew his sword from his sheath, knocking away the arrow by shielding his face with the side of his sword.

"OK", Kavius yelled out halfheartedly, "So listen. You really dont want to do this. We have a guy on board that is not afraid of giving ya'll-", Kav said as he was stopped midsentence to twirl around a melee combatant approaching him and kicking him in his family jewels. As another melee combatant approached from behind, and an arrow was finding its way towards Kav, he fell on his back on ground as the enemy arrow found itself lodged in the melee combatants head. Kavius sighed and kicked himself up. "-a really cold death. Plus the all the women on board are gonna get really really-", Kavius said as he stopped yelling once again to slice another incoming arrow in half, "pissed about this."

Kavius gulped as more and more melee combatants began to encircle him. Kavius shrugged, no longing caring to shout pointless warnings. Plus he really was not in a position to be shouting demands but he would be damned if he did not at least say something.

"What gave anyone of you the idea any of you had the right to surround me?"

Kavius hopped to his left and kicked the rope pulley next to him, grabbing the eagles nest rope and going upwards quickly. Kav landed in the eagles nest of the stinkboat and ducked down, avoiding another few arrows. The others had begun to take action in their own way by now, but Kavius preferred to work alone or with Sam. Plus there were plenty of pirates for all. Kavius leaped out of the eagles nest, diving into the water, and swam underneath the closest enemy ship. After a few moments Kavius would resurface on the other side of the enemy ship and would attempt to quickly climb the side of the boat and attempt a sneak attack. The others could use teamwork to survive this, Kavius was better alone. Or at least worked better with Sam.

Kavius had attempted to hide out of sight once he had climbed onboard the stinkboat and had successfully vanished from the sight of the angry mob. He crawled/walked towards the stairs that lead to the cramped deck below where he was hoping to find Samara still resting. Only able to snatch a loaf of bread and a flask of something clear, Kav was disappointed with what he had brought back for Sam. Things just had gotten out of hand so quickly, then he bought a sword, fought Xara........Kav grinned when he realized he had so much to tell Sam, even though it had only been a few hours. Kav froze when a familiar voice came from behind him, asking him about the peeping situation and Xara. Kav raised his hands defensively at Ashley as he spoke.

"I will not deny that I find the female form to be an alluring and tempting prospect in which I could find myself lost in for days, especially with the right women, but be that as it may.....", Kav began to stay but stopped midsentence. Realizing that nothing he could say would make anyone believe he was innocent Kavius shrugged and moved on to the next question. "Anyways I don't know where Mr breaks-stuff-then-doesn't-pay is, we uh...kind of sparred a bit. Broke some stuff. Set some stuff on fire OH there was this explosion that wasn't our fault", Kav said quickly.

Truthfully Kavius did not know where Xara was. Last he had seen him was after they had gotten up. He had assumed he would be here by now. Kavius grinned and put his hands behind his head, relaxed.

"Yea so no clue where the magic wind guy went. He should show up any second now....Oh by the way", Kav began to ask leaning forward closer to Ash, "Does the stinkboat smell worse somehow to you now? Like some new nasty smell?"

After a small amount of time had passed and Kavius grew bored of watching the fire burn he turned his head towards Xara and spoke. "Yo Table...Xara, bout time we start heading back to the ship don't ya think", Kavius asked. As he spoke next Kav began to stand up. "I'm gonna start heading back, I just need to do something real quick before I return. You should go back too unless you have anything else you wanted to do too." Kavius outstretched his hand towards Xara, offering to help him up. "Sound good new buddy"?

After Kavius finished conversing with Xara, Kav ran off towards the way he came from originally. Most of the aggression he was starting to feel had evaporated and he felt ready to settle this. Kav thought of coming back here with Sam at some point after this job, they probably will deserve a small vacation and Kavius bet he persuade Sam since she missed so much. It did not take long to return to the scene of the Bath Crime, where Kavius walked around trying to find anyone who had been here earlier. Little did he know, however, he would be spotted first. It would just so happen that the ringleader, petite redhead who looked to be in her twenties, would spot Kavius before he had a chance to react. At the sight of this women and sound of her shriek, Kavius rushed over to the women and spoke as he walked.

"Ok look listen you have the wrong guy, the guards here even arrested the right guy your just being too stupid too- "", Kav tried to say as he was cut off by the women.

The redhead angrily make many remarks about the perverted young man, how he would rot in a jail cell for the rest of his life, then how she would kill him.

"But..if you kill me", Kav asked confused, "I cant rot in jail...and if I rot in jail...", Kav asked as he scratched his head, "Then you cant kill me...."

The women nearly lost it at this point, rallying her fellow petite womanhood who seemed appear from around every corner around Kav. Kav gulped at the sight of this.


Kav made a run for it, running as fast as he could through and around each women. Kavius returned to the stink boat, climbing aboard as quickly as he could to hide from the fast approaching horde of petite women.
If we can confirm 3 or 4 people besides myself than I will post a thread for this
Yea, I really like giving people space to be able to write and to be able to do a ton in any post they do.
It would be set in a post apoc earth, long enough after the apoc to where civilization has started to rebuild. society was in a way that the earth was under a one nation earth scenario, with the concepts of stands being known to the public at this point even if the only way to stop a stand was with another stand (stand rules vary). A threat whose identity was lost to time appeared on earth and wiped out the worlds leaders, WMD, basically just trashed human society somehow. Even stands were not able to stop him apparently. What is believed to be 300 years after the fall of humanity, cities lie in ruin still appearing as they did from the year 2021 besides all the damage and stuff. what remains of humanity lives spread out in North America, some living on their own and some in groups. While cities and towns do lie in ruin lots of places people have set up camps and shops and the like for those who pass through the cities still as many people travel. Stands are still a huge part of the world where 75 percent of humanity (about 20 million humans) has a stand. Stands can vary much wider now to the point where many stands may seem similar but are used much differently based on the stand user. The main plot of this Rp would be focused on this. An elite class has begun to appear after so many years of families passing down what they made and grew and saved for their families and have begun to want to group humanity together again. But to do so would be a seemingly impossible task. Especially with a certain amount of famous Stand Users. Our writers here would all be famous through gossip and unreliable communication between groups and individual humans. Famous for what, you decide, but these elites believe the key to grouping humanity is to start to weed out the trouble makers, the biggest players in the Stand Game. Each of our characters would be captured or brought willingly to a specific location and through the intimidation and overall inability to disagree from the leader of these elites stand we are forced into a hunger games situation where we are confined to a huge portion of land and are forced to fight. hundreds of powerful Stand users having to fight to kill or permanently incapacitant another's stand. There are alot more details but that is a small portion of the premise
So I was thinking of doing a JoJo themed Rp for awhile now, I have a pretty decent concept for a start for one but wanna know who else would be interested.

Kyle Hishamie

Kyle had stepped aside as the TA approached their group thinking how unusual it was that he would be the last to arrive somewhere. The army was all about being fifteen minutes early to anything, if not you were late. He mentally cursed himself for his lagging behind blaming this partially on the fact that he had been living as a civilian for so long now. Kavius felt a small twinge of pain in his upper right temple from his earlier experimentation but at least he did not smell like sweat from running to get here or have sweat stains. Kyle was thankful for the small miracles. Walking into the room behind the others, Kyle handed in his paper next. Although to call it a paper would be understating it. Kyles paper was slightly thick from the amount of pages, attached inside a vanilla folder, all hand written. Kyle looked sheepish as he realized he might have gone a little over board.

"There was a lot of information relating to the topic," Kyle said to the TA forgetting to use his power, "So I was as thorough as possible." Kyle took a seat at the round table two seats to the left of the TA.

A few silent moments passed before Kyle heard a grunt coming from caleb, who was trying to catch his attention. With a look that held meaning from Caleb, Kyle almost smacked himself mentally when he realized a moment later that he was suppose to be interrogating this women for information. He had almost forgotten after seeing how his paper compared to others. Especially since they had been given such short notice on it, Kyle could not help that he had gotten to it as soon as he remembered it the previous night. So much had happened so recently that Kyle was almost having trouble managing his time. It was difficult to remember as well that his body had its limits and using his powers too much would wear him out and leave him in pain, with a time limit that was not set in stone. He did not have any magic to heal himself and he had yet to test if his power worked on himself somehow. Kyle leaned forward with rested his elbows on the table with his hands clasped together.

"Miss Bella, the midterm isn't really a concern for us at the moment." Kyle felt somewhat like he did when speaking to a superior officer. "to be honest, after the mock ritual exercise, all of us just felt....," Kyle pretended to search for the world he was looking for, "More intrigued by knowledge related to that learning topic. The chant, the paraphernalia, all of it its all just.....very neat to know about." Kyle leaned in a little closer to the TA and spoke. "Doesn't having so many students so interest make you feel encouraged? Like you want to share as much possible with us even if its something we shouldn't know?"

Suddenly Kyle started coughing deeply, spots of red that stuck to the side of his hand that had been covering his mouth that were clearly visible. The TA looked visibly confused and worried, offering her help to Kyle and asking what was wrong. Kyle could not answer, his head in a daze while a trickle of blood slides out of his nose.

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