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2 mos ago
Current We are getting hit by a category 1 hurricane tomorrow so if I am not at all responding to messages please do not be mad at me
2 mos ago
Paid so much money from my job. But damn the taxes.
2 mos ago


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@Birdboy NO worries I shall be posting some time next week :)
@HEAVY METAL@Potemking@sassy1085@Darkness Is Me

Can everyones characters be between 16-18 years old?
@Hollows Eve Welcome Back :)
@Darkness Is Me I would most deinfately want to make a character for the Dracul Clan and Maybe a Viking Vampire as well
@HEAVY METAL I dot really care the age lol just not seniors in high school
@sassy1085 Accepted

Hurricane is coming through today for my spot so we might lose power for about a week
@ActRaiserTheReturned Could be interesting :D

@Darkness Is Me accepted
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