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Current Passed my medications exam! I can now give shots. 💉
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Dang, a lot of convos about wisdom teeth now huh. I only have two wisdom teeth in my mandibles thankfully. Never had a set up top. Didn't know you could be born with no wisdoms at all, or just w/ two.
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Wisdom tooth #1 removed! Part 2 of 2 coming soon.
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Egoism 😎
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Gave my first intramuscular shot today! Gotta work on my technique, but we're getting there.


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caught between a rock and a hard place

A simple matter indeed, and one that was quickly executed as Gideon proceeded to lunge its spear into the ferrous monstrosity's eye. With a deeper plunge and a twist of his one good hand, the Raam would wait until he was assured of the beast's death. Once that bloody affair was over, Gideon would collapse, leaning his back against the dead Living Vein. He'd place a hand on the fallen beast's head, feeling a sullen sense of kinship with the animal due to their shared biological similarities. It was a shame that a beast of iron was unrefined when compared to a man of steel.

With the beast's death, Gideon was sure the iron shortage would be somewhat alleviated, although he wonders if there could be a more efficient way of finding more iron for Dawn. Hopefully it wouldn't involve fighting more of these things, but after viewing a bit of their behavior, there are a few more efficient tactics Gideon could use against similar beasts. Still, it would be better to find veins that didn't wish to eat the Raam. Surveying the area more would probably be his best bet, especially with the Stonesinger in tow.

But that would wait another day. Gideon would instead stab his spear at the end of his cloak, tearing a piece of it off before preparing to bind his injured hand. As he looked at it, however, a strange thought came to his head. He looked to Raelzeth with a peculiar expression on his face.

"Your stonesinging... does it work on steel? Why don't you try healing my hand with it?"

Before Raelzeth would respond, Gideon would quickly work on binding his hand with plans to properly mend it once they return to Dawn. As he did so, he stood up before assessing the situation further.

"Help me figure out how to bind and drag this thing back home. We'll have your father try and salvage what iron he can from it after we explain to him you weren't lying your way out of work this time. Afterward, I may have a look at the rest of its carcass, see if I can figure out if any of it is edible, at the very least. If these things happen to be more common in this area than I'd surmise, they'd be a proper beast to try and hunt for both food and ore. Good work, by the way.

"Oh, and the whole thing about healing my hand was a joke. I think you and I are both exhausted from stonesinging for a day."
caught between a rock and a hard place

Patience. One of the first lessons taught to a young Gideon. Patience in battle, to wait for the right opening before striking. It was an important skill to have especially for one versed in the spear, a weapon meant for defensive combat against a larger, charging foe. After all, if a spear was positioned just right, the foe will simply run themselves through for you. All that was needed was that extra push in the right direction. Luckily, through Raelzeth's song, all Gideon had to worry about was getting the spear just right.

As soon as the Living Vein was pulled closer, as soon as Gideon's spear was in its proper place, the Raam would simply let go and jerk to the side, avoiding the brunt of the beast's blow while the spear would jam itself into its maw. If no fleshy bits weren't struck, Gideon was almost confident he'd jam the beast's mouth before it could rip him to shreds.

Just as swiftly, Gideon grabbed one of the vials of dirt, hoping it wasn't a particularly rare sample as he had little time to deliberate. Crushing the vial in his gloved hands through his steely grip, Gideon would hope that the shard produced would be sharp, sharp enough for him to jam it in the Living Vein's eye.

And with a quick stab, Gideon would go for the kill, moving swiftly before the beast ripped his spear to shreds and had its maw free once more.
caught between a rock and a hard place

The beast had sprung towards Gideon like a charging bull, rapidly aiming to grind the Raam down with its teeth. Those rigid fangs seem perfectly capable of ripping through solid steel, let alone the Sage's metallic bones. He didn't need his supernatural senses to warn him that getting caught in this Living Vein's maw was a good idea.

It is convenient, then, that spears are meant for receiving charges. Quickly planting his feet onto the ground, Gideon used the weight of his steel form to anchor himself quickly. As he did, he would hold his spear outward for the beast to ram itself into his weapon, mouth-first. While Gideon was almost sure its teeth may rip through his old and weathered spear, his true goal was to keep its grinding jaws at bay... at least until Gideon was able to figure a way out of this.

His eyes darted across every crevice of the beast, gathering information at an almost instantaneous speed. Any notable weak-points or bits of flesh he could strike. However, he didn't have another weapon on him, and it seemed as if his spear was about to go. Left without options, Gideon gritted his teeth and held on tight. Hopefully Raelzeth would be able to run back to safety.

... Wait, Raelzeth. That's right!

Gideon's eyes focused themselves once more, filled with his newfound resolve. Rather than allowing the beast to tear apart his spear, he would instead use its maw as an entrance to what he would hope to be a soft and fleshy core.

"Raelzeth! Your magic!" Gideon called, darting his eyes for the Living Vein's iron hide. "Pull it towards me on my signal!"

The sage's eyes narrowed, his focus honed on the spear. He only had one real shot in what he planned, and if this didn't work, he'd at least keep this beast maintained with his much tougher bones while Raelzeth would be able to escape... No. Gideon has a mission, a purpose. He won't let this overgrown iron-cow take it from him. He simply waited for its teeth to be at the right place, before finally-


Gideon was speechless.

For a moment, he wondered if the child was so tired, she didn't realize just what she was sitting on. It was the likelier case, all things considered. After all, using that stonesinging of hers to this point was expectedly an exhausting endeavor. He was astonished at just how long she could maintain that song of hers. If the girl would have just applied herself more, he's sure she'd be a formidable stonesinger with that magic of hers.

But now was not the time to think about the future.

"Raelzeth. Stand up and come to me, slowly." Gideon spoke, his breath more paced than normal. The grip on his spear tightened, though he made sure not to make too sudden a move. Gideon's eyes heavily scrutinized the rock Raelzeth was sitting on, his blessing almost practically screaming at him as he laid his eyes it. Any minute movements, hints of exertion, anything he could spot and therefore anticipate.

The Sage felt as if the Living Vein they were searching for was indeed right under their noses... almost literally, in the child's case.

"Remarkable. So you weren't playing a jest on me after all." Gideon remarked as he watched Raelzeth at work. To be able to detect even the slightest trail of minerals in the dirt and differentiate them feom the rest proved to Gideon that the girl's stonesinging was something to keep an eye on. This stonesinging could indeed be a valuable asset for Gideon's further plans.

"And you're right. About the magic, I mean. I've found little use in studying it as it has little application to the Raam. After all, we don't-... " Gideon paused for a moment to collect his words. "... don't have any natural talent or proclivities in the mystic arts. Our kind is far more used to more practical matters. After all, to study such matters is why I began my quest in the first place."

Gideon took a moment to look at the site once more, being very careful not to step on any particularly loose dirt. He wondered if any trail would be detectable, if there were some sort of road to follow.

A road. A path. A sparkling sign to his intended destination.

A rarher peculiar idea then struck Gideon's mind.

"Perhaps we can find that ore you lost after all... So your singing, it can naturally draw out iron flakes from the soil, yes? Perhaps we can figure out the beast's trail through the use of your magic... Yes, yes. Prolonged singing would be tiring, but all we would need is a trail, signs of disturbances in the soil. We would be able to differentiate between the ore and any other larger creature in the vicinity."

The area that Raelzeth had brought Gideon to raised quite a few questions. A place pretty far off from the village made sense given their proclivities, although Gideon would be seldom to admit he was almost sure the gremlin was leading him on a while goose chase as some sort of prank. When they finally got to the sight in question, however, Gideon was thankfully reassured that the child was telling the truth.

Still, it disappearing is quite odd. He'll need to record his current surroundings to figure out where the iron vein even went to, let alone if they were dealing with a Living Vein in the first place.

Quickly, Gideon produced two empty vials. With the first, he collected dirt from the area of upheaval. In the second vial, he would work to finding a place seemingly untouched by the chaos that has a similar soil composition before filling that vial with dirt as well. Marking the first vial as the experimental vial and the second as the control, Gideon would quickly place both in Raelzeth's hands without explanation, searching through his wide collection of samples.

"How does your stonesinging work? Are you able to spot any minute differences between these two vials? Can you 'sing' out any apparent differences in either one? Is it capable of singling out particular minerals?" These questions and more were all asked by the Raam, many of which were pointed towards any peculiarities in Raelzeth's magic and if they could help in their investigation in any way. While doing so, he was trying to find one sample he had collected from soil where one Living Vein was confirmed to be sighted at.

Gideon's plans were to see if he could track the beast through any small changes to the soils, any sort of trail it would leave. Peculiar iron shavings, other sorts of changes to the geology that would pinpoint this creature's whereabouts. More importantly, Gideon was trying to see if he could identify just what they were looking for.

After all, if what they were tracking wasn't a Living Vein, it could be something much more dangerous if it had the power to pull an entire iron vein out from the ground.

"An ore that moves..." Gideon spoke, allowing himself to 'taste' the concern in his mouth so that he could further process this strange phenomenon. The coming of the Elder Beast did not cause any strange shifts to the land below, that much is almost certain. This could not have been caused by any changes to the earth itself. Surely, if it was, there should be some remnants of any ores in the area. The best guess Gideon has is this is some sort of creature, one that he did not believe was in this area to begin with.

"It could be something called a Living Vein. Quite rare, tends to shy away from civilization." Gideon stated, to Raelzeth. Judging by her concern, this did not seem like a prank or jest. "If anything, this could be a matter worth investigating. Take me to where you had last spotted the ore. I'll try and collect samples, see if I can find a trail, myself."

Gideon took quick inventory of his equipment at hand, clutching his spear momentarily before letting go.

"A pickaxe or some similar sort of tool would also be prudent, especially if this seems to be a 'Living Vein.' I'm not entirely sure on how aggressive they are, but my spear might not make the best of tools against such a beast, assuming its hostile."
I'm disappointed. Are butlers allowed?
get the fuck out of my room im playing minecraft

As Gideon worked on his survey, he did his best to tune out Raelzeth's musings. He wasn't super interested in learning about demons at this time as any encounter with them is likely to be lethal to a Raam. Perhaps asking a true expert on demonology would be in Gideon's best interest if only to learn of what his people could do against them should they become a threat. As of now, however, the Sage of Steel has little interest in raising his iron hands against a Primarch or anything else of that nature. And besides, it seems like Raelzeth only has surface-level information on Naraheim.

Surveying the village was a much more fruitful endeavor. It could take a bit to rebuild, but perhaps it may be in Gideon's best interest to salvage what he can from the ruined buildings. Especially now that the villagers' attentions are pointed towards other pursuits, salvaging their ruined homes for material he could use may be a much easier endeavor. Something that would be seen as theft could be turned a blind eye, and it's not like these villagers would know exactly what to do with the resources they may have. The guidance of a sage is necessary in this regard.

Still, there could be a lot done to prevent destruction of this scale, or at least mitigate its damage. One thing on Gideon's mind is focusing building efforts on areas where the soil is more fortuitous, at least with the material they currently have on hand. With time and study, Gideon is sure he could figure out a proper foundation for the more coastal parts of the village, creating structures that won't simply sink into the sand. Without a proper lab, however, these ventures would once more be something to look into with time.

Perhaps that traveling merchant may be selling the proper materials for Gideon to make a workstation he could research and study properly with.

"... Mine?" Gideon was caught a bit off-guard with Raelzeth's question and sudden change of demeanor. She seemed less relaxed than she normally was. "Mining is an important aspect of Raam society, gathering the sacred metals for the Forgefather to bless us with his creations and all. I've been privy to oversee a few of these miracles, but I can't say I've mined myself. Closest I've mined is traveling through the more cavernous regions of the world, although I haven't ventured down any significant depth for obvious reasons."

Gideon paid attention to the gremlin's reaction to his statement carefully, and made a quick intuition based off her nervousness.

"... You've never really mined before, have you?"
get the fuck out of my room im playing minecraft

Gideon was completely dumbfounded by the child, so much so that it seemed as if time stood still for quite a while. He made sure to keep Raelzeth at arms length this entire time, his arms being held out to his sides in the shape of a 'T' as he pondered just how he would deal with this brat. On one hand, entertaining Raelzeth's questions may make her more open to listening to Gideon's requests. However, if Gideon played too much into the child's hand, she may get even bolder with her slacking off. Going down whatever rabbit hole lead by her may mean no work will be done at all today. Still, at the very least, Gideon should try and 'make friends' with the girl, especially given her talents and familial ties. Her stonesinging will prove useful to the formation of Gideon's army.

"... Very well. I did plan to do some surveying on my own if I couldn't find you, so I suppose I should get to doing that." Gideon spoke after pondering for what felt like forever. His arms were less stretched out than they previously were, although the Raam did continue to maintain some distance from Raelzeth. "You can tag along and tell me all about Naraheim if you wish." He would then make his way to the outskirts of Dawn, procuring a few empty metal vials from his pack. The Sage had some time in the few days he was in the area to get a feel for a land, but he never got to do any proper surveying yet. Perhaps now, especially with someone who knows a good deal of the land, it's a good time to start writing up that mental map of Dawn.

Hopefully Raelzeth does not get too much in Gideon's way.
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