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Current oh boy its star trek day! may the fourth be with you~
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why am i trying to main yone
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i bet a tomboy gf wouldnt be so much of a doomer
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i did. i accidentally deleted my status lol. for posterity's sake, "give me tomboy gf or give me death"
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week's been draining, might not post


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Shor thing, already got a few ideas in mind.
Delivery DiGiorno!

While Mie was preoccupied with beasts, shorties, and Donovan of all people, Malphas snuck away for a moment. He pondered the idea of just tuckering out for a moment especially since he was more-or-less free from obligations for the night. Still, he was curious about the progress of the little cult of the Lightbringer or whatever it was they were called again. Definitely not his problem anymore, but still a group he has some ties to. There was also the matter of them gathering more of those flowers, perhaps one that Malphas can take for himself seeing that the fair lady didn't need anymore.

Whatever the case, Malphas made his way to the temple once more, armed with his poisoned dagger. If there were any creatures to pop out at him, all he really needed to do was swipe, run, and let the poison do the rest of the work. However, unlike before, he did his best to stay quiet as he traversed the woodlands. Avoiding conflict was always a good thing, after all. Still, with no huntress to swoop in at a convenient time, Malphas wonders just how well he would fare against the next beast he comes across.

Assuming his trip was uneventful, Malphas would make his way to the secret entrance once more. With all his scheming, he realized he forgot to speak to Enli! Ah well, he'll just come up with some excuse as to why. They've no reason not to trust him, after all... well, aside from the fact he's new to this world and is an absolute stranger.

Malphas looked down at the flower, then back at the foxy merchant once more. He simply needed to hand over the flowers to the merchant, but given the circumstances, perhaps he could use these as leverage? There were more things he needed to ask her, after all, especially given this turn of events. An explanation of the flower's effects could be lovely, but he was pressed on time, so he instead went to make a different proclamation: Insurance. Malphas revealed the flower to Lady Mie, but kept it just out of reach as he cleared his throat.

"Before I hand you this flower, I'd like to add to our agreement. Make this transaction sweeter for the both of us, if you will." Malphas grinned, stroking an imaginary beard. He would stroke his own chin if not for fear of the flower's residue ending up on his hands. "I actually had a much easier time retrieving these herbs than I had initially surmised. Perhaps I can get more for you before you leave? In exchange, I wish for your protection. More specifically, I wish to continue to be under your management, and hopefully under your protection. I may not look it, but I am blessed with quite a few talents you may find useful, just believe me! It'd be nice to be out of this village and in the hands of a group who knows the world much better than I... So, what do you say?"

Malphas offered the flower to Lady Mie with a grin. As much as he pondered about becoming a leader of these cultists and mused about his new role as Torchbearer, Malphas was not as pleased to learn he was surrounded by more potential enemies than allies in this village. The Illuminated's clandestine nature also did not seem to have much good outcomes as far as longevity was concerned. He did not want to be landlocked to such a primitive place, after all. If his fate is to be stuck in such a fantastical world where he is destined to rule, then he shall choose a much more lively and exotic place to rule over!

All that aside, while Malphas wished to assure his safety in this arrangement, what he really wants is a way to get a more refined version of these poisoned flowers for his own use. Such opportunities were worth him being employed by someone else. One cannot make it to the top without first starting at the bottom. Malphas learned this lesson in his past life. While he may have had a head start due to his inborn advantages in the past, would this not be the same thing here with all these gifts given to him by the Goddess?

Junichiro ran deeper into the forest, putting a fair bit of distance between himself and those he had woken up surrounded by. While it was dark, the night's sky offered enough light for the young man to not run into a tree. Still, traversing these wooded lands in the dead of night was not an easy task, especially for one who lived in a suburban environment their whole life. With this in mind along with the fact that there seems to be no sign of civilization aside from that torii, the runner would soon stop and get back his bearings.

The freeter sat himself behind a tree, leaning against it as he did his best to focus on his breathing. While he didn't get too far off from everyone else, Junichiro still ran a significant distance away. As someone who doesn't jog regularly, it really does feel like he should have been more exhausted from that sprint. Was this adrenaline, or are those long hours doing hard labor starting to bear fruit?

Whatever the case is, Junichiro thought about his position more. He was lost in the wilderness and it's the middle of the night. He has no cellphone, no map, and no idea where he could be aside from being somewhere in Japan. Maybe hearing the others out was a good idea, after all? They seemed just as lost as he did, with one even showing some concern when he started booking it.

Junuchiro sighed at his hastiness once more before gazing up to the stars. He wasn't really one to pay attention to things like constellations and their meanings, but he did remember something about dippers and how they pointed north. What even is a dipper, anyway? Kaoru would have probably known.

"Kaoru." That name left his lips solemnly as he started to think of simpler times. Times when all his problems could have been answered by simply asking his best friend. Knowing him, Kaoru would have rallied everyone together and found them all a way out of the woods by now. But Kaoru isn't here anymore. He's been gone for a long time, and Junichiro had to rely on his own knowledge, to make his own decisions.

Looking up to the sky, Junichiro traced his fingers along the assortment of stars, trying to make some sense out of them. While he wasn't going to try and remember what any of the constellations are, much less if he could recognize any, he was simply trying to find the brightest. Something constant he could refer to, so that he wouldn't be walking in circles. Once that was found, it was only a matter of following it...
I'll get a post in tomorrow. In a bit of pain atm.
I might not get a full concept nailed in time due to a series of bad decisions, and it looks like a bunch of people have ideas bettee than mine. I'll probs pull back my interest in this case and wish everyone luck! o7

I think my character concept is nailed.
f i s h g i r l s ?
I'm fine with things slowing down. Been a bit hard for me to keep up recently.
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