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...Whilst it wasn't intentional, the Mothraki could not help but overhear what was going on as she'd gotten things prepared for the food and fire. Even a year ago it would have still pulled at her heartstrings, hearing a child having to ask such a question at all, and yet within the last few weeks alone she'd learned things. was unsure how to word it. Things she'd never really questioned since being raised in the village itself. And then, before any more could be talked about the matter, the blizzard and all sorts of things had broken loose onto the village and her mother was bedridden.

So many dead. So much gone. Mother had ben cautious well enough indeed, but since then she'd done her best to help care for her alongside Akala's efforts and so forth. Bringing hot meals from time to time, coming to check in on her every day and before heading out of the village for anything. Etc.

And yet, thinking back on those revelations of the past she couldn't help but feel something rather vaguely familiar as she'd overheard the two. Not much, but a spark of something. Mmm.

She would continue her preparations, though she had visibly taken some pause briefly in the middle when hearing Leuca speak, but had refrained from looking back or making comment. Then, finally returning her attention to her guests properly, she found herself looking at Sorcha seeming to be back to she'd been since they'd met not long ago. Like a switch had flipped back and forth simply talking to the young one.

“Thank you for the consideration, but I’ll prepare our meals myself.”

“If there will be nothing else then, we’ve had a long day and I would very much appreciate some rest.”

Nylah gave a small, acknowledging nod to the woman before her whilst trying to not look at Leuca for fear of triggering some reaction in Sorcha herself. Even so, she tried to not get lost in her own reminiscence again. Tried to at least.

"Of course, take you time. Hopefully once Enli is ready I can bring him here or at least help you get to speak with him. Though whenever you run out of food, please let me know so I can get some more from the storeroom. Likewise if I step out of the village for any time, I shall let you know when about I should be returning as a matter for formality at least."

The Mothraki let out a small sigh, as if the anticipation of the work ahead was already taking its toll. Even so, she seemed to go into thought somewhat afterward. As if trying to-, ah!

After a moment she seemed to perk up before digging in her satchel and pulling out a single healing potion and handing it out to Sorcha. Were the woman to not accept it, she'd set it simply by the edge of the doorframe where it could be easily seen and reached.

"An herbal healing potion of sorts, even if a basic one. In case either of you sustained any sort of simpler injuries on your travel here. You need not use if it you've any worries, we have just met each other after all, but it is an offer all the same.

In the meantime, I will go back to look Lissa and your other former traveling companion. In truth I've business of my own, so I hope to return again soon, but if I return with them I will head to the main room to ensure you both are left alone to rest at least."

With that, the Mothraki gave a small bow to the duo, before doing a quick visual check to ensure she brought the right things in and starting to head out of the room. Situation or not going on with these new arrivals, she needed to talk to Lissa. Perhaps even the dwarven woman. Oh...what was her name again? Drat. She would have to ask again Yet if there was a chance to relieve Mie and have her maybe in the debt of the village in some capacity, or something of the sort, then perhaps the village...could...



A nagging feeling was latching onto her, digging its claws in when she tried to leave. A thing she felt like she needed to do.

But why? It made no logical sense in some ways, and yet it was enough that Nylah briefly paused before she'd fully left the room.

She then eventually let out a quiet sigh of defeat, before looking back briefly again in at her two guests.

"My apologies if this seems a bit too much to seem more than capable, Miss Sorcha, but should the worst ever happen whilst I am gone there is a hidden space. There's a small wooden trapdoor hidden as part of the floor underneath the wood pile in the back. It is a smaller space down there, but enough to hide truth, after this house was built my Mother made it herself to hide me when I was younger. Just in case the worst should ever happen whilst I was home in those first years were were living here.

Because...sometimes people do not seemingly have a reason for saying or doing some horrible, horrible things. Perhaps, even in hindsight, we still can't fathom some of those things...or help but worry about them...but even so we can only go about our lives one day at a time regardless. One thing at a time, focusing on the next step ahead of us."

Advice from Mother, once again coming back into her mind. It felt so silly and out of place to say it all she felt like she could die of embarrassment alone, interjecting like this, and yet once she was done she would quickly nod again in a hurried manner.

"N-Now th-then, I'll leave you both be to r-rest. S-S-Sorry..."

With that, Nylah quickly left the room and made her way to leave the house in a hurry. No looking back. Perhaps she was a fool, a soft idiot talking like this to these strangers. It was so very foolish. Nothing like Mother. Nothing like how her mother was strong, powerful, determined, beautiful, and so many admirable things. Yet at the same time, she'd done things Nylah herself couldn't imagine. Shocking things. Painful things.

...Why did she save her that night? Why that night, and not some other child before then? Why? Why so much slaughter? Why were the Mothraki and Bastelians even doing these things to each other? She didn't even have an idea of what her own people were like. Her own race. She hadn't been able to get more answers after that night of truths being revealed to her. She'd been afraid to even ask, not wanting to change things even more so, though she didn't shy away from the only parent she'd ever known either.

Blargh. All thinking about it did was just make her feel...bad. Strange. She couldn't put a pin on just what it all was or meant, but she knew one thing for sure in the end: She needed to help her Mother get well again. No matter what.




Eventually Nylah would make her way back, and upon seeing Lissa and the dwarven woman still around she waved at them as she jogged over. Something in her eyes seemed more tired than usual, though the nerves about what she wanted to ask Lissa about were coming back gradually as her focus returned to the original matter at hand.

A rescue mission, or something like that, being discussed.

"There you both are! I was worried you'd be standing in the cold too long. Sorcha and Leuca have been settled in, but I'd hoped you both would come along as well. I can at least get a warm meal going in the Main Room for you both before we chat more, if that would be acceptable."

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((Sticking a tongue out? The little purple dress looked nice, mean. She'd just wanted to kindly imagine a nice cute dress on her to help after the mini-goddess' other clothes had been burnt off. To try to be nice to her...))


Sorcha seemed to be a woman not afraid to speak her mind, that much was for sure, though the comments about the poor state of the village were as redundant as anything. They'd weathered the passage of a proper Elder Beast through their area, and the fact the deaths had been limited to what they were felt like a miracle. Yet in contrast, Leuca seemed to be as eager and bright and hopeful as anything. A clear contrast to, and somewhat a relief from the comments of, Sorcha herself. If naught else, though, the visage of her home was something that brought a sense of some small relief to the Mothraki.

A lovely house near the sea, built well and cozy with tall ceilings and a lot of space to move. Carpets and mother's weapons, icons of the goddess Kythet and a large fire pit, the works. She'd never thought to ask her mother if it had been made to resemble designs of her old homeland, but in truth she'd not needed to ask such things. She'd been content to learn, to grow, live with Mother around and to try to make her proud. By the time such questions became apparent, the Elder Beast had arrived after and things had become a mess. A grand mess.

“I am surprised to see a Mothraki living in a house with holy symbols and icons of the Bastelians. I take it this ‘mother’ you spoke of is a Bastelian, then?”

Was it so odd? Then again, Mother had acquired her in not the best of circumstances. Not all details had come out, but she had figured that time to talk more about it would come. That they'd be able to sit down more, all before that illness had stricken the only parent she knew down and left her bedridden. Ill.

"Ah...y-yes. Mother is a Bastelian, and the only mother I've ever known. In truth, I've no real memory of living anywhere else but here in the village either."

Not far from the main room with the fire pit and such, and across from her own room, Nylah would guide the duo to the spare room she'd mentioned prior.

A large and open spare room, of the same style as the rest of the house, filled with spots on the floor for extra bedding that was piled up in the corner along with some wood and tinder and other very simple supplies. Enough of a place to host a guest, or a few guests when Mother had kept some hunters over a few times before the night before a big hunt in particular in the past. The room likewise had a smaller fire pit in the center of it, one that was surrounded with stone and ventilated out of the ceiling. Even so, no wood currently sat in the pit that had gone unused since before the Elder Beast's arrival.

Decorations were scarce, but some hide carpets and such did provide a certain sense of 'home-i-ness' when it came to the local tastes of the village. At least it didn't look so empty, if nothing else.

After entering the room proper with her guests, the Mothraki would quietly walk over to the stacked wood and bedding were and work on pulling some bedding down for the duo to make use of. She would keep it close together, as she figured Sorcha would prefer most likely, and would begin to perform the process of stacking some tinder and wood and getting a fire going with a flint and small bit of metal to strike with left sitting by the smaller fire pit's edge. Not that there was must left to make use of at this stage, compared to their stock prior to the blizzard, but she'd managed to get some help once or twice restocking some after events. Somewhat. Truth be told she'd had to make do herself with most of the work, even if it was a struggle, and that had been after providing mutual assistance to those who'd helped her.

And, somewhat ashamedly in her mind, some of the unusable housing and other ruins left in the initial wake of things had been scavenged by herself and others a bit for useable wood and materials. All out of desperation.

Pursing her lips as she focused, eyes unwavering from the task in front of her hands despite the somewhat far-looking glaze that had formed in her eyes somewhat, Nylah would eventually get the sparks going as Mother had taught her. She almost didn't need to think about it at this point, as starting the fire and keeping one had been a chore for so long it had become second nature to her. So natural and basic, and yet...something so vital to survival all the same. Like breathing air.

"Whew...well, there's some bedding and a fire at least! If you need more, there's more bedding here in the corner as well as more wood to keep the fire in here for warmth. I'll go to the storage and see what to get simmering in the pot over the main fire pit, though Mother was very insistent we keep things that would preserve and last before the blizzard hit."

Perhaps...once she and Mother were through the nightmare things had become, once she found a way to make Mother well again, then she could make her a hearty and piping hot dinner again as well. Something to bring back something of better days. Even if just a bit. Even if just for one evening.

Still, once food got going well enough she could perhaps even go back for a moment to get Lissa and the other newcomer. She'd hoped they would come along with her and the others, but they had apparently stuck back behind to talk. Hmm. She'd wanted to talk to Lissa about going to to assist Mie and her group, even if it meant sneaking in to provide medical assistance or something, but she didn't want to simply up and walk away from her guests either.


(("Alas, with the mini-goddess re-clothing herself Nylah hadn't the chance to imagine her a cute little dress. Though the fact the mini-goddess had lost clothing from that little event was a small shock to her indeed."))

@Liotrent@Jeddaven It is done. Well, mostly complete anyways. The flag and image of the colony's location are things I want to add to it sooner or later!

Also is not meant to be some invincible undead nation. Undead can get blown apart and living lives lost, etc. Just because I overthink and worry. I just wanted to add fun flavor for the undead and such. Hopefully no one else has tried to do undead? Maybe? Eh, anywho... (@_@)


Where in the world were these travelers from?! Not that Vammy's involvement helped many social situations at all, ever or if at all in her mind, but the killing intent from the woman was as clear as day. Not that she blamed anyone for being afraid of someone like herself, given what she could do...her mother had let her know that much at least. So too had experience. History. The far past. It had been a boon against that ridiculous beast from a few days ago at least, though, which made her glad to have had some means to help that situation if nothing else. But still...hmm. At least the child, Leuca, seemed to be friendly and trusting enough to give her the benefit of the doubt. A potentially dangerous thing, as the child's obvious protector likely knew, but in this case it felt like a small relief.

Not that the murderous gaze didn't send a visible chill down her back and make her lips stay tightly shut to not interrupt Sorcha's words.

But as the child spoke up at the end Nylah found herself somewhat surprised. The elf she'd heard was helping out the fishing issue, Seelay, gone? Just like that? Perhaps some business had popped up at her own home that required attention? Or, er...the Mothraki had no idea really. But it was information that could help that particular problem at least, even if the one who had procured it had left.

Still, the Mothraki seemed to ponder on Leuca's words briefly before letting out a small sigh and looking to the others and ultimately on Sorcha and her charge. The woman seemed generally in-charge of whatever was going on with these travelers, or enough so at least.

"Y-Your warning is duly noted, Miss S-Sorcha. I wouldn't dream of hurting a child, though that is simply my word as a stranger.

But before we all speak further, perhaps we can head to I and my mother's home to get you all settled first in the spare room. Certainly Enli would want to hear of the news about the fishing, but until he returns we can't really tell him this either. I can get some food over the fire in the meantime, at the very least, and try to help make you comfortable before I check in on mother as well."

Nylah let out a small sigh, before motioning to the others to follow as she began to walk away toward her home.

Things had been slowed a bit, but guests taken out of the cold would at least be the right thing to do in her mind. The spare room was plenty big enough, and she could get a fire started within it to help cook as well. That and...well...she'd been wanting to talk to Lissa anyway about a potential rescue mission. Or something like that, she supposed, considering they were only two people. So getting things comfortable would hopefully ease the situation for the travelers, let her check in on her mother before heading out anywhere if they did go on some mission, and frankly give them all a chance to talk in a less chilly spot.

Not that Sorcha didn't still make her a bit nervous. She was trying to not make direct eye contact out of fear another murderous glaze would come her way. But with mother not in prime condition, perhaps the one silver lining was them not being seen as a worse threat perhaps. Maybe. Hopefully?

Hmm. Perhaps the sooner they arrived and got settled, then, the better things would be.

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The Mothraki felt another small pang in her gut as she watched the oni and Miss Calra leave, but would try to refocus herselff as Lissa finally responded to her question. Yes. It seemed the other girl outright wanted to help, and that perhaps made her chances of getting the human to join her on a stupid venture more likely. Then perhaps if Mie and them were assisted soon enough, it would at least help flesh the village out some and put the...well...maybe in the debt of the village a little bit. Help and safety in return for some help, among other potential trades they could make if they scrounged up some things to give to the merchants in return. Well, then again that'd be if things worke, they all got back, and there were still goods and such to trade for that remained! Plus it'd save more lives from needlessly being lost out there...

Ugh. It all made the mage-herbalist's head hurt some, though something would soon ring in her left ear that made her nearly jump up to the ceiling.

"Watch your ass, mothie."
A Lecherous Demon

she could jump as Vammy's little 'message in a bubble finally popped next to one of her ears. It had arrived silently, without warning, much like the light hammer of butt-protection and friend-protection had before. Even so, she'd been keeping more aware since Vammy's arrival and intentions becoming clear at least. Or at least intentions to grab butts and harass one of her best friends. Hmph! The nerve!

That being noted, before the Mothraki could go back to think more on the ramifications and details of her and maybe Lissa's potential quest she was interrupted. A trio of new arrivals walked abruptly in, and ultimately targeted her and her compatriot to talk to. Lissa seemed to give them the most basic gist first, at least, but out of habit the moth waited for her turn to speak before piping up.

"This is the village of Dawn, as Lissa has told you, and I am Nylah. However our Elder, Enli, has had to go off on other likely business for the time being it seems,", Nylah said, motioning to Lissa as she said her name before looking back at the trio of new arrivals. She was likewise trying to be polite, though as the summary of the situation came to mind it pushed at the edges of her mouth as if trying not to grimace at the grim situation overall, "The village has been still undertaking many efforts to recover after...after Elder Beast Azral Suralng and his kin passed through this area. The area has been a general danger for travelers, of which a few have stopped and sought to help us in our time of need. I and Lissa were about to talk about one of these matters.

We could look for Priestess Akala if you wish for sanctuary here for the time being, until Enli can speak with you, but there are yet still many dwelling here who have lost homes.

If you seek some rest in less cramped quarters, I could for the time being host you at I and my mother's home in the meantime at least. We have a spare room you could stay in."

It was a somewhat sudden, but modest, offer. But without Enli here, or another big representative, it was the least she could try to offer these potential travelers seeking to stay out of the cold. They at least didn't seem hostile, but all the same she had no idea of their intentions or frankly who they were in the first place. So whilst her polite offer to help was genuine, it wasn't without some measure of proper caution being silently held and left unspoken on her part.

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Nylah kept quiet as the Oni gave what information she had to them, though a small but deep pang of guilt striking her stomach with each cough and hack on Haruno's part. After Haruno would finish speaking, then, the Mothraki would give a small nod to her. She made anoother glance at the invisible (to the others for all she knew) tiny goddess watching a rat, fox, and hound chasing each other before looking back to Haruno. To others, she hoped it would look like she was in thought somewhat. Hopefully. But it brought back some of Haruno's words to mind all the same.

"I asked Lady Mie and she simply said that the Krysa were being unreasonable."

Unreasonable? Mie had said that, but what had the other two parties said as well? She almost wondered if they had asked for food or such, or perhaps demanded such rather than seek a more diplomatic route. Not to mention the Elder Beast passing through had sent things into a tailspin for everyone, including the village, meaning that...hmm. Perhaps they were desperate for food and supplies, and were trying to force Mie to hand over her goods?

It was all an initial guess at best though, an estimation.

She had no way of knowing what was going on or had gone on outside of Haruno's testimony, and however it actually was out there with the full situation they needed Mie's goods and so forth. Assisting her, perhaps, would be a boon for the village in that sense. If they could save her. If they could get people out alive and any remaining goods along with them in the caravan.

On the other hand, she was happy to see Lissa having come over as well. She'd been hoping to finally find her.

"Unreasonable...," Nylah said, quietly at first, letting the word mull and roll over her lips for a moment in thought before meeting the oni's eyes once more and speaking at a normal but respectful volume, "Thank you, Haruno. We can take things from here. Please go rest...ok? I'll even update you on things if we figure anything out, as soon as I can at least. You have my word."

Her own eyes were filled with a genuine worry and concern, and a bit of guilt more so now, but she couldn't stand seeing the oni in that much pain either. She needed rest, and as a healer...or...well as a person she couldn't stand it. It was her own problem, she knew that much, but it wasn't good to be running around bleeding or such either.

The apprenticing herbalist then looked over to Calra, gave a small nod, and then stood up once more before turning to Lissa.

"Could...uhm...we talk somewhere more private for a moment?"

Hopefully a spot with no more chameleons as well. Please no more of those things. And apparently the one that had chased them, according to the hunters, was a baby! A baby!!! If they'd met an adult she didn't want to think about it. Now she was considering something to ask Lissa about that was perhaps just as if not more dangerous.

Ugh. It made her antsy just thinking about it, increasingly nervous to boot.

She just hoped Lissa, ah, did not hold any extra sore feelings for that event a few days ago. Though she seemed willing to help Haruno's allies at least, from what the other girl had said, so Nylah had some hope they could work together again.

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A pat on the head from Miss Calra. It brought a small flush to the Mothraki's face at the tie, as in all honesty Nylah hadn't expected it as she had gone about trying to help clean up in the aftermath. Blood soaked up from the floor and table, gathering used cloth to wash the next day, putting up the unused herbs and taking care of the fire, but nothing she felt would get her such accolades. Well, something a simple as a pat on the head and a 'good job' anywho. She'd just been doing her own job to save a life, and it had been Miss Calra herself to really do the major work. All she'd done was support, which was something she was glad to have been able to do at the very least.

Yet her teacher seemed to be in good spirits, and it was enough to ultimately put a small smile of gratitude on Nylah's face at the time.

Simply to watch Calra work had been something she'd admittedly done a lot more of than she'd expected, all as she'd primarily gone about making the potions and poultices and such things to provide as best as she could. Stitches. Bone setting. The exposed muscles and tissues and any kind of organs that could be seen from where the Mothraki had worked. Like she couldn't totally look away...or perhaps didn't want to. She wanted to learn more, and this in part was true for why she'd been looking, but likewise she'd felt like keeping an eye on the injured oni still too. Out of habit. Instinct. Care. Haruno had been her patient to stabilize and get here, and it was a miracle she'd been able to.

It had made her think back to those days she'd been first learning all of this, and the first sight of blood and viscera of even some small kind. She'd nearly fainted on the spot! But she'd gotten better. And better. And better at seeing it and working around it at least. Learning to focus when it came into the picture, and to keep her mind on the tasks. Or, well, perhaps in reality 'numbed' was the particular word that described her adjustment process thus far into her learning. Desensitized, but not ignorant or uncaring by any means. If that made any lick of sense.

Safe to say she'd been happy to head home, the caress of the moonlight on her skin a reminder of the peculiar situation she had with the moon goddess herself. She could see this display and these things, and even a tiny goddess she could interact with in her head! It was crazy, like madness, and yet it was real and something she only knew about her own situation of having to deal with. Were there others? She had no idea. Yet was that not fitting in the end somehow? A mystery, shrouded in moonlight in that little regard when it came to the whole span of things.

Whatever was to come, she had gotten home as soon as she could to finish caring for her mother. Sleep was good, but to reduce the fever and such using a small humble bit of the leftover herbs was mandatory in her mind. Ensure a cool cloth was nearby. Make sure she was as comfortable as possible. Wait until she fell asleep before Nylah herself went to bed. In short, the nightly ritual ever since mother had fallen ill.

One more day. Please. Keep hanging on until she...until she could find the solution for this. For this illness. For all of this stupid mess!

This was the only parent she had ever known, for better or for worse, and she loved her dearly. She didn't want to lose her, nor would trade her for that matter, for anything in this world that she could imagine or dream of.




Wood. Food. Enough to get them through the next few weeks at least. And a plan to take care of the fishing issue? Perhaps that would even more so help the food matter, though at least that giant chameleon hadn't been a waste of an experience after all. Maybe.

Even though seeing the meat-removed remains the next day had left the Mothraki feeling uneasy anywhere near the tongue of the thing. Felt like it was going to shoot out and eat a moth salad at any second! But she'd wanted to collect some poison from it in a few vials to keep with her, and that was what she'd gone out to do the next day after getting up especially early.

Not a pretty sight to watch it get butchered, but she'd seen that sort of things before with her mother.

And beyond taking care of her mother, and heading over each day to check in on and try to help Haruno, she'd tried some lesser excursions to replenish her own herb and poultice and potion supplies. She'd given all she'd had at first to Miss Carla, but with time and some patience she'd at least been able to get a personal stock back up. Just barely enough though.

But today? She had an idea, but first...


The light hammer of justice would come down toward Vammy's head from behind once more, sound and fury erupting from the silence as it brought a hopeful end to the waist grab. It had become a habit of trying to improve sneaking up on the strange girl in service of saving Lazhira. Almost like a game, even if Nylah herself did not find it openly funny.

"Give her room the breathe, you lecher!"

With a simple but visible 'humph', the Mothraki would look to her childhood friend with a smiling face despite the small amount of concern easily read in Nylah's eyes otherwise. She would gently take the other girl's hands into her own for a moment.

"Don't listen to her, Lazhira. If anything is troubling you, we can talk later if you'd like! Same spot we used to go, like always."

Nylah spoke as reassuringly as she could, if nothing else.

She couldn't just let a friend look troubled and not offer help, not when she seemed so concerned over something or troubled. She could tell after all these years when Lazhira had something on her mind well enough. But she didn't want to force herself either. Whatever the case would be though, whether she would get a response or not, the Mothraki would eventually bid Lazhira a friendly 'farewell' before heading to her next target. She had serious business, and it was not going to be easy to say perhaps.

Not that she'd get to talk to Enli before he seemed to get dragged off by Atzi. The same Atzi she'd shouted at after seeing her with only one arm now! What in the world had happened?! She had no idea, and any chances to talk in-between had been taken up with so many things going on in general. It was frustrating, to sum it up in one word. But watching the dragging-away did make her stop and raise an eyebrow to say the very least.

Nylah would keep an eye out for Lissa, though ultimately would head on over to where Haruno and Calra were before standing next to them. Her eyes glanced again over the bandages and other wounded parts she could see of the oni, carefully so, her brows furrowing for a moment before she spoke:

"I know Miss Calra is helping you as well, but...please, please be careful."

She tried to put a hand on the oni's shoulder for a moment, touch as worried as her face was notably concerned. Even so, Nylah did hesitate for a moment. Like she was trying to formulate words in her head, but was afraid to say it. The right words? No idea if they would be that. But she had something she wanted to ask regardless. That much was visible and apparent about her as well.

"I want to ask you something, but if you don't wish to tell me then I will respect this. I do not wish to bring up anything you are not comfortable with.

However....could you tell me anything about the situation at Mie's camp when you left? Injured persons, supplies, umm, if the Yaga and Krysa said anything useful. Anything that might help give us more of an idea in detail."

Anything that could make a potential rescue that much more viable. How long they might last, how bad the pressure from the attackers was, how much medicine might be needed to help the wounded. Things like that. It was a desperate stab into the dark, but if they could learn something, anything useful at all, maybe it would create an opening to help somehow.

She'd already thought about bottling containers of her own scale dust, but trying something alone would not be a good plan either. Lissa she knew had been out to help with her before, but even then after the incident with the chameleon...ugh. She was trying to think of something. Anything to help after something else had gotten her thinking.

The moon goddess is watching a rat, a fox, and a hound chase each other in circles.
Tiny Moon Goddess

If all else failed, all she'd have left to try to do alone would be talking to Akala and seeing what a magic user like herself could do.

Things were going on beyond this, she could tell. So much to do, so little time, and she was only one person. The best she had was light magic and herbalism on her side, among any other things she could try to learn maybe to help the village. Even Lazhira seemed troubled, one of her best friends, and she wasn't sure if she could do anything to help.

But focus on the next task. Get the next thing done. Yes. This would work, as it was all she could do somewhat.

@Rune_Alchemist (And @ERode secondarily just because of a small Atzi mention in the post)


As Nylah watched Haruno be undressed, the sheer extent of her wounds beyond what she'd been able to see made the Mothraki's bite her lip nervously as she worked to make the anesthetics and as many salves and healing potions as she could. Her hands would become sore just trying to grind some things down in the first place, not to mention the drain from pushing her magic so far and so fast to get back to the village. And yet her own ache felt somewhat secondary, the focus shifting to the injured oni on the table. Just what had happened to her? What events had sent her into a battle, against animals, and then running all the way to Dawn?

She had no clue, but she hoped to be able to ask the oni girl later at the very least. But for now? She had to keep working.

Wait, how many herbs had she just gone about crushing? No, wait, that was likely enough. Yes.

Ok, put them in the fresh water as the base. Good-


A small, quiet peep from the Mothraki came out as she nearly dropped the herbs she crushed so far.

No, don't fumble-fingers! Almost lost some of her ground up herbs Thanks the gods she hadn't been near the fire-

"When you set your mind to something, you need to focus. See what you are doing, but don't become blind. Control your breathing, and let your hands do the work."

...Yes. That was right. Just like mother had told her when practicing. Similar to what Miss Calra had told her when training in this in prior days. Don't let the other thoughts of what happened get to her. This was what she needed to do, and someone's life was on the line. Yes.

Breathe. Controlled. In. Out.

Get some of the crushed herbs mixed with the water, and get that water over the fire to boil into a broth. Remember how long it took to make a salve while the water is boiling over the fire. Get more of the crushed herbs she had and grind it into a paste without the water. Keep an eye on the fire, let the water turn the right color for the broth. Good.

Bit by bit, Nylah would make the medicine she best she could for Miss Calra. Indeed she seemed to gradually become more focused. Serious. Calm. Just like she was back in the woods trying to help Haruno stabilize to get back to the village again.

If she wanted to help her mother, if she wanted to make her better again, she had to do these things to her best ability. No matter what.



Date/Time: November 11th, 2022. 6-something PM.

Location(s): Redline PRT Headquarters

Redline PRT Headquarters, her destination...finally!

Whilst the paperwork issue had not stalled her much, thankfully, traffic had been another matter altogether when she'd been inside of the taxi. The trip had been long, the time she had short, but to pass the time and avoid getting too antsy she'd begun to try to talk to her driver. An older, easygoing, friendly, and even-tempered gentleman who was rather familiar with Redline named Gus. His grandkids were going to be visiting for Thanksgiving, and coming back for Christmas later in December. He'd been driving taxis for over forty years, and hadn't left it since he enjoyed the stories and conversations he could have with those he was driving around. Wife had died fifteen years ago from a form of throat cancer due to her smoking habit, and it was enough to get him to kick it for good himself in the aftermath.

By the time they had rolled up to the PRT Building, she'd found herself enjoying talking to the older man. Yet with the sight of the building and the taxi pulling over to drop her off, Eleanore found heart racing as she looked over to the taxi's clock. She was late! Not too late, but very late anyway!

"Thank you, Mr. Gus, but I must be leaving now! I'm late!"

The elderly man simply tipped his flatcap at her in return with a knowing smile as she hastily got out of the taxi cab, her bag with her mask in it in her right hand, and rushed toward the building. Her prosthetic leg would make its usual 'click clack' as she hurried along, almost overlooking the relatively imposing and grand stature of it before she ran in to the reception desk. What was that phrase agai-...ah.

"I'm a victim of crime. I'm here to complain that your mom has been hypnotized by the League of Door to Door Salesmen into planking in the post office!"

The receptionist sighed for a second in response, but silently motioned for her to go on in deeper into the building. Her eyes could likewise catch a glance of a boy heading deeper in as well. Ah. She wasn't the only one to arrive like this, was she?

Eleanore lightly grimaced for a moment, before giving an appreciative but quick nod to the receptionist.

"Thank you, mam! And sorry!"

With that, she could take off running down the hall after what actually seemed to be...two boys?!


Arriving with a smaller delay after Lito would enter the room, Eleanore would find herself amidst the throng of other Wards. The girl then reached to pull out her mask, holding it in her hand, before looking about at the others. Apparently they were already both in-costume and not. Wait, was that power armor? Was that also a floating blade in the air for a moment there? Things were also getting a bit crowded as well from her angle of things as well. That and she boy she'd followed seemed to be shrinking away some and rubbing his wrists.

She would, however, at least speak aloud to the room to make her presence properly known.

"Apologies for being late, the traffic kept my taxi from getting here quite on time..."
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