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Since @TheEvanCat is threatening to send the 101st Airborne to slit my throat in my sleep over mentioning that that Almont is part of the "New England Wastes", does anyone have a better idea for the region that'd compose of Upstate New York and maybe the East Great Lakes?

"Chowder Town" or "New Freedom Wasteland" could suffice. lol.

Mission: Teacher's Pet

Location: Lighthouse Island

Lucian had to blink for a moment, even if it was hidden by his mask. Was...was Principal Lee being, she would have the right to he figured. If anyone. Every day. Mmm. Better to not think about it any harder than he was doing so already. However, the younger hero did let out a small and very quiet 'tch' under his breath all the same before heading in with the others to meet the troublemakers. It wouldn't be too much of a trip to get there either, though they ended up being left there in a hurry as Principal Lee just up and bolted.

Sure the kids were in a bubble, but he wasn't taking chances either. Vibration Manipulation, Pyro-and-Electro-kinesis, and then the most worrisome gravity manipulation. A joy. Stray seemed to go about chatting to them first as well, though the older man's new protégé seemed to be a tad more naïve than he'd seemed in the first place. Lucian himself just stood back for a minute with crossed arms, leaning against a wall as he looked the kids over from the depths of his mask. Analysis of the targets, basically, was the name of the game. Keeping an eye in case things could, or would, go wrong.

Was a sense of deja-vu to him in some manner as he looked them over, though he couldn't help but smirk after a particular thought hit his mind. Maybe? Maybe. Either way was worth a shot. Thus as soon as Stray was done speaking, Lucian himself briefly piped up at the kids.

"Just gonna' ask too, but did you guys at least get somethin' 'good' before they grabbed ya' up? Or at least stuck a guy to the ceilin' or somethin'?" the younger man said casually, giving a small tilt of the head and a shrug before re-crossing his arms.

He wasn't acting, even if he was still keeping a careful and disciplined eye on them (and the smoke at the top of the bubble for that matter) from under his rather concealing mask. He frankly didn't give a crap what they did in response for the most part. He was just falling back into a bit of his old Brookside self for a second, really, wanting to curiously see if they at least made the stupid spree worth it. Then again it was just alcohol and smokes, and they'd maybe just smarm back or something.

Either way it 'maybe' got them to do something...and tested the idea he was trying to formulate. No offense to his old teacher of course. A little prod to see what they'd say or do at least, if anything.
@DX3214 Yeah, I'm just gonna post it in characters. If that turns out to be wrong, I can move it.

Do not post it in Characters. Put it here for review, etc.

Nevermind forgot this was a Yam RP for a sec.
Truth be told, the biggest and most valuable export of the Capital Wasteland by this point I feel would be purified water, as well as certain food goods since Harold's forest would be spreading out rather well (with some encouragement) over the last 10 years to help make the Capital Wasteland less crappy. Those combined would provide good resources to export for caps and good stuff...well, in theory in my head atm tonight at least. ^^;

But yeah I do not like Maxson either myself.
My plan was to have had Sarah Lyons branch off with enough of her people when Maxon took control, basically leaving him with maybe a few parting shots between the two before securing the Capital Wasteland and taking the last 10 years to keep that power base better secured along with its resources. Works with the locals, protection for resources and assistance thing, maybe trained the guards at Rivet City, salvaged the Enclave stuff from Broken Steel (walker and orbital strike were blown to bits though, because that'd be too OP), probably expanded numbers because "screw Maxson and the mainstream brotherhood" and trades with or is actively studying the zetan mothership due to the Lone Wanderer's help but the ship's death ray and crap aren't functional anymore for non-OP-ness reasons. Etc.

Idk about the Pitt though, the Pitt player and I could figure out something for if the Lone Wanderer even got involved there in the first place. If the Lone Wanderer never got involved then I feel that gives the player of the Pitt more freedom in turn to do things over there maybe? Too tired atm to think more. XD
<Snipped quote by Andronicus23>

Shoot you're right, I think they did and I just forgot.

Plugging @Crusader Lord

Yes. I am the Capital Wasteland player. Andro is right.

Also hi from after work. I feel dead.
Calling tangential dibs on The Pitt.

(Sending this message real fast from break, then back to work.)

I'm the Capital Wasteland player, so if you want to discuss what the Lone Wanderer did there (if they even went there at all) I am open for it! :P
Just to present my concept, the general-ish and tentative one I'd like to try to gun for at least (depending on what is decided for how Fallout 3 ended up here), for the Capital Wasteland before work this evening at least:

My concept, at least, is that the Lyons' Pride basically kept their gained control over the Capital Wasteland, having split from the main Brotherhood of Steel by the time (and especially after) Maxon took control and initially reduced their numbers a good bit through recruitment and some in-fightning. By this time the Brotherhood Outcasts have either been killed or basically kicked out after rejoining the main Brotherhood body. The Purifier was activated and has been kept secured by a group of Lyons Brotherhood soldiers, as well as being staffed and maintained with the next generation of scientists from Rivet City after Madison Li left. The Enclave has been long ejected from the Capital Wasteland, their Crawler destroyed, and their equipment and gear left behind looted by the Lyons' Pride and kept under lock and key to avoid Maxon getting them as a matter of their existing grudge against the main body of the Brotherhood.

In the wake of splitting with the main body of the Brotherhood, the Lyons' Pride has become basically a pro-settler order keeper in the Capital Wasteland as they've regenerated their ranks and taken a different direction than the main Brotherhood. They've made it safer, reduced some threats, and basically gotten the area organized overall. Rivet City is thriving and has expanded a bit onto land since the time of the Lone Wanderer. Megaton is intact, but the Lyons' Pride took the bomb from there due to Rivet City needing more nuclear material for their reactor...which caused an internal war with the somewhat more radicalized Children of Atom, who would not agree with that action, that saw them driven out of the Capital Wasteland eventually. Frankly Liberty Prime is not present due to the events of Fallout 4. The ghouls threatening Tenpenny Hotel were wiped out by the Lone Wanderer, but Tenpenny did get forced to capitulate to Lyons' Pride authority after a conflict between their mercs and the encroaching authority of the Lyons' Pride. Three Dog is still running the station. Sarah Lyons leads the Lyons' Pride, and is very much pissed at Maxon and the rest of the mainstream Brotherhood.

Fawkes remains alive and has been taken into the ranks of the Lyons Pride due to the intervention of the Lone Wanderer, who could be alive, dead, or disappeared by this point, and proves to be an intelligent and helpful aide to the group within the Capital Wasteland. Raven Rock was naturally destroyed. Vault 87 has been for the most part successfully contained, though Little Lamplight's residents had to be evacuated and that settlement was lost (but the cave walled up in turn). The Duchess Gambit Steamboat continues to run, operated by Nadine who is keeping up a trade route with the non-hostile tribals and such there, and no contact with The Pitt is present at all.

(I'll also switch my vote to East Coast to try to help get things decided, since it seems to be the majority anyways now.)
@Yam I Am

On a serious note, I won't actually try to gun for getting the Commonwealth. Was just really being silly on my end. Mao Mao got it fair and square.

However, I do want to seriously submit my interest and strongly desired claim for the Capital Wasteland.
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