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<Snipped quote by Crimson Lion>

Does this make team Alexander the Rocks Crew? Being an overpowered team that broke apart before the story.

I think? Or team try fighters and stuff from the anime.
@Crimson Lion oh wow, so like one of the Worst Generation from One Piece. That’s pretty cool. Didn’t know our boy Jun was famous.

Yeah that was basically the vibe I was going for. Strong new comers who are around the same 'potential' as the group.
@RennyOh yeah I guess I introduced the concept pretty early.

The Dobutsu are a group of rookies with exceptional talent that only started in the last year or so. They're all represented by animals and Jun is one of them, nicknamed 'Shark' by others.

I plan to go further into it later but in RP everyone has knowledge that the other 4 are already part of teams.
@Double@Renny: You Guys, discussing making 3-4 Gunpla

Me: Working on custom Gunpla for all the Dobustu and main bad guys in gundam breaker 3

Sounds fine to me.


Sorry to hear.
I think you can undo it if it’s right after but not after you refresh the page.

Don’t worry the like has been received.
Hachiyama POV
Team Ikuro High has lost all their points. The winner is Team Zenshin High!
I sighed in relief but also in discomfort as the holograms around us started to disappear. After Charmaine had started scolding him he knew the merc was right. He broke orders and disobeyed Seo. And he wasn’t sure he wanted to physically face either Seo or Charmaine right now with their .. strong personalities.

“Hachiyama.” Seos cold voice said as I slowly turned to him. And the look on his face was just as cold, a dark look behind the eyes. “It seems, you’ve decided your better then the plan.” He said with crossed arms.

I gulped as I tried to come up with an excuse. An excuse for disobeying a direct order. But .. I was just so frustrated. We were there. The enemy was there. We were both on the battlefield and I was there before even the mercenaries! He had full rights to fight but still.

Before I could speak whatever excuse I could he stopped me. “Fine.” He said as his mood changed from cold anger to something much more evil. “If you think the plans up till now are so benign then I’ll just have to change that. Everybody group up! We’re changing the plan I made everyone learn all for Hachiyama!” He said, earning a groan from Tanaka and a huff from Komi. I looked over and bowed a sorry to them, Kobayashi giving me a look of sympathy.

“And Hachiyama!” Seo added, making me straighten my back. “You better follow this next plan to the T. Otherwise, you're off the team. Now everyone group up so I can explain the plan!” He commanded as I felt a new wave of dread.


Naoki POV
The Baelstorm ferociously charges forth, using the explosion behind it to move it even faster forward, grabbing the Captain Miracle by the waist in the process. The Miracle takes out its beam saber in an attempt to destroy it, only to be crushed before he could follow through.

As the Manticore tries to reach its teammate, the Creusherazade grabs its head from behind before its sub arms pierced the cockpit with its beam sabers. The two of them turn to face me as I try to drag the half destroyed Zaku II Benkei back to the Yamato. The Creusherazade lurched forward, throwing the Manticore to the side as-

“Naoki are you listening?” Takemoris voice asked as I reopened my eyes. Readjusting to my surroundings as I looked back down at the tablet in hand, the video of Ryoichi and Charmaines battles replaying on loop.

That match up won’t work.

“Sorry, I was thinking.” I apologized. As I tried to organize my thoughts.

“Any epiphany’s?”

“Yeah, I don’t know anything about Blades new Gunpla so planning ahead is difficult, I’m hoping it’s specs are similar to the Wings but I’m trying not to make assumptions. Also the Baelstorm can outspeed Jun, and it’s pilot has a lot of experience and wit. He’s powerful. The other .. is dangerous. The Creusherazade seems to be a high performance kitbash and I suspect it has more weapons then the Manticore and Zaku Benkei combined.” I exaggerated as I tried again to imagine the battlefield. “I think .. I’m going to see it fight myself. It’s too complicated an enemy to fight blind against. I’m gonna need to lay my cards on the table in order to properly evaluate him.”

Takemori nodded as he looked down at his tablet. “Any thoughts on the enemy strategies?” He asked as he pulled up the squad graph with all their photos.

“I think Seo will go for a point defeat. He won’t care about the objective. Point based defeats are considered the truest of win amongst people who care about things like that. And Seo is definitely one of those idiots.” I answered back.

"Hey, uh... Naoki?" Riku asked him from behind, gaining both of their attentions., "Did you happen to bring any extra weapon parts with you? I think my Shin Musha could use a backup weapon or two, but none of the weapons I brought seem like they would suit it. I was hoping you might have one I could borrow for the fight against Seo's team."

I nodded, setting down the tablet and reaching over to a case, opening it up on the table reveals a varied assortment of weapons from the Seed series, from the Destiny's Arondight ship destroyer to the Strike Launchers Agni cannon. along with 2 Gunpla cases to the side. “I like weapons from the Comic Era a lot, they're flashy and get the job done so I carry alot of spares on me.” I replied, “You can use whatever you want, you can even use the gatlings from the Fantastic GM, I’m going to be using a different Gunpla next round anyways.” I said as I took out the first box and put the Fantastic GM into it, before taking the second box.

Takemori chimed in, looking at RIku. “Ah, speaking of the next round, any thoughts on the mercs Riku?”

"I'm pretty sure the Yamato's trump card could probably wipe them out. Though I can't help but feel like it would be a waste to use that much power on just two enemy Gunpla." Riku added in and I nodded.

“Two enemy Gunpla. Yeah it would be a waste.” I commented with a pause. “But, this isn’t a fight against just two MS Gunpla. In WARS, a super weapon might be just what we need. Also and unlike the Noa Family team, Zenshin actually has a full team of 7.”

“A team led by an arrogant child.” Takemori commented, looking over his shoulder as he could hear the tail end of Zenshins battle.

“Despite his low piloting skills, Seo is an intelligent guy. I’ve actually faced him before, twice. And after our second battle I had learned something I hate to admit, but he thinks like me. He’s a researcher. Someone who analyzes and plans accordingly after compiling data. And while I had destroyed him in our first fight he had become incredibly more annoying in the second.” I admitted, and it was true.

Back when I had started using remote weapons, he decided to use the NT-D system to take control over them. It was because of that fight that I had decided to install the NT-D system into my own Gunpla to counter it. When I started using I fields, he started using physical bullets. When I started using an anti-ship sword he would start using beam javelins to counter. He was adaptable, and persistent.

“Still though, I think I’ll leave the decision up to you, Riku.” I pointed to him. “It's your creation, so you should have the best idea on when and if we should use it. Just make sure I'm out of the blast radius when you do.” I joked with a smile as I watched the hologram around team Zenshin disappear.

“Takemori, can you gather everyone up? I’ve decided on a plan.” I said as I looked to the side at Kai, Jun and Blade talking, Tomiyoka doing repairs in the back.

Naoki/Seo POV

I looked over at the assembled Team Imagine V. Everyone creating a semicircle around me as I stood up with the tablet in hand. “I’ve received the details for the next round. We'll be playting the part of Federation soldiers against Zeon enemies. It’s going to be a territory battle in space.” I said as I showed everyone the screen.

A former Side 4 Colony has been turned into a battlefield! As part of the Earth Federation Forces, destroy the Living Dead Division and regain control over the Thunderbolt Sector! There are 3 areas that need reclamation, conquer 2 to win.


Our control over the former Side 4 Colony has been challenged, and the whole area has turned into a battlefield! As part of the Living Dead Division, destroy the Earth Federation invaders and retain control over the Thunderbolt Sector! There are 3 areas that need refortification, fortify 2 to win.

I stopped showing my Zenshin underlings the message as I continued. “Hehe, Sieg Zeon." I joked as I continued. "Now I’ve told you all before but I’ll say it again since SOME of you obviously need to be told twice.” I said, looking straight at Hachiyama. “In space, if you’re ever confused on which ways you or down, just look at your compass, it’s the holographic ball with a spike that always points upwards. Even an idiot would understand how to use it.”


“The second thing you need to remember about space combat is the loss of gravity. Both you and your opponents will be moving many times faster in space combat than on earth arenas since your Gunpla have no weight.” I said as I looked over at Tomiyoka. “Tomi, you especially will need to take into account your new speeds since your Waverider mode doesn’t have the fastest reverse thrusters.”

Tomiyoka nodded. “U-understood, Naoki-san”


“And the third thing.” I added, looking over to the Mercenaries specifically. “Is that remote and large scale weapons and Gunpla work much more efficiently in space. So be prepared because I’m sure Team Wannabe Yukihara has some of those up their sleeves. Naoki especially.” I said as I remembered our first battle. What an .. irritating memory.

A memory of a swarm of bits surrounding him. Of funnels looping, dashing and zigzagging in unreadable patterns as they used their lasers to poke and prod his gunpla. Of a laughing Yukihara relishing in his defeat as dragoon lasers ripped through his previous Gunpla.

Ignoring the memory I went back to explaining my master plan. “Now you see, I’m almost completely sure Naoki will expect us to use a 2-3-3 formation in order to divide and conquer, but instead I’ve decided we’ll use a 3-5 split. We’ll use the higher firepower of a bigger group to hold a position easily.”


“Seo is 100% without a doubt going to do either a 4-4 or a 3-5 formation. There’s no way he cares about the mission he wants the elimination win.” I said with a sigh. “I can already tell, he’s going to make one team himself, the Haro and the two mercenaries and the other team will be the other four. Or something similar to that.”


“However unlike the ORIGINAL plan.” I said looking again at Hachyama, watching him sink in his seat. “I’ll be having Hachiyama escort me and Charmaine instead of Ryoichi.” I said with a smirk, knowing full well Charmaines disdain for him.

“And unlike the original plan, Ryoichi will be leading squad 2 with Haro, Kobayashi, Tanaka and Komi.” And I saw Kobayashi look surprised at his demotion from squad leader. Oh well, blame Hachyama.

“In short, my plan is to split into Squad 1 and 2 and defend the points while destroying all their units. And remember do NOT stand on the objectives until AFTER I’ve gotten my revenge on Naoki!”


“Our plan is to have the group split into a 3-2-2 formation in order to cover all three points. Riku and Tomiyoka will be Squad A.” I said as Tomiyoka nodded, gulping nervously.

“Blade, you take Haro and the Yamato and work as Squad B. With that new Gunpla of yours I’m sure you’ll be able to handle the Zenshin squad with just Haros support.” I said with conviction. I remembered the speed of that Gunpla when it chased after the train. Over 70 Kilometers traveled in around 55 seconds. Sure he had the help of the Yamato’s catapult but that distance was insane even accounting for it. He’d have to beg Blade later to let him run some tests.

“And lastly.” I said, “Kai and Jun will come with me, as Squad C. But unlike Squad A and B, our job won’t be to capture an area but rather to act as bait to lure out Seo and the Mercs.” I was nervous about this play. I wasn’t sure how the team or the enemy would react to this. He was banking on the fact that Seo was blood thirsty. But honestly these two Mercs weren’t the usual pushovers you can half ass to beat. If both of them team up they can probably destroy most squads.

“In summary. Squad A and B will go out to capture two points. And whichever team doesn’t run into the Zenshin squad will capture their area first before they rush over to assist Squad C in defeating Seo. Squad A and B had methods of traveling fast across the battlefield so you’ll be able to provide backup faster.”

“Remember boys, draw this out so we can crush them in full!!!”

“Remember team, we need to capture the points quickly and end this tournament!!”

“This victory will be the beginning of our new era!”

“This tournaments our first so let’s start our story strong!”

“Focus, and fully imagine our/their victory/defeat!” They finished their speeches as the set up for the final battle finished, the hexagonal table in the center of the room began lighting up, revealing a hologram of a wrecked battlefield with a destroyed colony spanning from one end of the arena to the other, debris floating all around as they created multiple clusters above and below the colony.

As everyone stood around the table, Naoki took one last gulp of air as he looked to his left and right, seeing his teammates all preparing to launch themselves.

“Ok, Lets do this!” He said setting down his black and white Gunpla. “Naoki Yukihiro. Become real, Fantastic Jesta V2!!!”

“Tomiyoka here! Fantastic Zeta Lets Go!!”

“Haro Fight!! Battleship Yamato, Launch!!”
Yeah I wanted to show that the other 4 actually have some skill. Hachiyama especially since in my head he’s the front line fighter.
I've posted! Sorry it took so long, I wanted to look it over after work.

I am pretty excited about the Zenshin vs Imagine battle! I think I've finally given background grunts 1-4 proper personalities.
Takemori POV

Takemori continued to record the Zenshin High battle, examining it and editing the reforming on his tablet. As the coach of Team Imagine Victory, his job was important. While Naoki was the brains inside the arena he would be their outside support.

Switching back to the battle of Imagine Victory vs Noa Family, he brought up a diagram him and Naoki had been working on. It was a web chart with Naoki in the middle and the other members circling him, grey lines connecting their portraits. He moved along the line connecting Riku and Kais portrait as the color changed from grey to green. “Seems like these two are working well together, this’ll help with future line ups.” He said to himself as he examined the chase team. Drawing a green line between Jun and Tomiyoka, “These two work well together too, I was hoping to measure Blade as well but I guess the mid battle upgrade was a good thing none the less.”

Still though. That meant he and Naoki would have more options and would need to change around the plans for the next round's battle.

Before any more planning could be made, a voice interrupted him. “Takemori-San!!” A voice called making him turn to 2 new arrivals. “Oh you two must be here for Riku.” He said as the two approached.

“So... how's he doing?" asked the older woman with a pause before she continued. "And the rest of the team, of course." she also said, including the rest of the team.

"He's probably fine." said the younger one, not looking too worried. Takemori could see that the younger one had little doubts on Rikus performance. Good. Having people confident in you can be a big boost. "I'm more excited to see that new 'trump card' of his in action. The way he talked it up, it sounded like he had cooked up something amazing."

Takemori chuckled at that. “Riku is doing fine. Great in fact since he seems to have taken out their big gun early. The team as a whole is doing remarkable well, although …one of our “Wings” was damaged but they’re still flying.” He said as he looked over to the monitor with Blade and his new gunpla.

“Ah that remind me, You over there!” He yelled towards Hanako, who jumped a bit in surprise from her spot a bit away. “You join us too since it seems like your here today .. as a friend.” He said with a hint of accusation in his voice.

This girl had helped them, yes. But he knew she wasn’t on their side, or more accurately not on their team. She was a Gunpla fighter, the same as Blade and he had recognized her from a different team.

‘Team Shining Stars’ He thought to himself as the girl quietly joined their group. ‘It seems we’ve caught your eye.’

No POV - @Blade17

As the Gundam Snow White cut through the trains, bisecting it in half with its beam saber, the train derailed as one half fell to one side and the other half to the other side. The Taurus models inside now have their pieces broken and scattered around the wreckage.

“Objective destroyed. Great job Blade! Didn’t think you had a trump card like THAT on you!” Naokis voice said over the comms. “You can either stay put or head back to the ship, but honestly I think this battle .. is over.” He said with a satisfied tone.

Naokis POV - @KenjuGuy

As the Yamato finally got into visual range of Jun and Tomoyoka, Naoki continued to smile. It seems like his 'back up' wouldn't be needed.

He watched as the Miracle had boosted into the air and grabbed a core fighter with its hook before launching it down at the GN sniper on the ground.

“Just like Kai, a fighting genius.” He commented as he watched Jun and Miracle then board the Zeta. He wasn’t wrong, Jun and Kai were both great pilots with great battlefield awareness and presence. He had honestly wanted to put the two of them in a two man team that could devastate the battlefield, buuuut.

He looked down at his and Takemoris' chart, a bright orange line connecting Kai and Jun that signified a worrying combo. They both were battlefield heroes, commanding attention from enemies. And putting the two of them together too soon might cause problems if they can’t sync up properly. A strategy for the future maybe.

Still though he was happy with what he was seeing, not just because of Jun but also at Tomiyokas performance. Teaming him up with Jun had shown Naoki that Tomi had more skill then he realized.

Tomiyoka POV

The speed was insane. The velocity was insane. The pure skill the core fighter had as it flew circles around Tomiyoka was insane.

But .. “If you can't do that, then just believe in me! Everything will be fine!" Was what Jun had told him. And he remembered that this insanity was a team battle and that he wasn’t flying alone.

"Believe in you huh,....alright then" Tomiyoka resigned as he felt the Captain Miracle latched onto the Zeta, before they combined their boosters.

As Tomi tried to adjust to the new speed, he struggled as he felt the weakened control he had over the Zetas new velocity.

He eventually locked onto the core fighter, following the plan as Jun fired a barrage of attacks at the core fighter to keep it in place. “I-I can do this!!” He yelled as he finally got behind the core fight and began firing shots at it.

The core fighter dodged, but not well enough as it veered into the path of one of Juns attacks, blowing up the core fighter and the last potential enemy in the area.

“We did it? We did it! We got him Shark-san!!!” Tomiyoka cheered over the radio.

“Nice work you two, excellent team work!” Naokis voice said to the two over Comms. “Now both o-“ but he was interrupted by an alarm.

Third Person POV - @Double@Shiyonichi

As Rikus sensors picked up the Taurus location, a warehouse near the middle of the base, the battle started.

Fujiro, the father and leader of the Noa Family stood strong as the enemy Zaku charged them. He smirked as he saw the Zaku change course before exploding, leaving a smoke cloud. “One down, focus on the other!” He said as he watched a volley of missiles fire from behind cover.

“Under st-ah!” his wife's voice cut out as the gatling armed zaku suddenly disappeared from his peripheral. Being successfully assassinated by Kais underwater assault.

“What?!” He asked confused as he jumped into the air to dodge the missiles, all going under him. “Nijiko come in!” He yelled as he looked at the point counter. 3000. Then it quickly moved down to 1000. He was filled with dread as he realized that he was the last of their team.

Suddenly an alarm went off as 3 blips appeared on his radar, behind him. “Hmph I see.” He said as he felt himself resign. Homing missiles. He should’ve accounted for homing missiles.

As the three missiles looped back around for him he smirked. “Well played .. Team Imagine Victory!” He yelled out as the missiles hit the Full Armor Gundams back, forcing it to fall and crash to the ground.

His team was defeated. His enemies had invaded. And their cargo was destroyed. “I, Admit defeat.” He said as he pressed a button on his console.

No POV - @Shiyonichi@Blade17@KenjuGuy@Double

The whole battlefield stopped, all the plavsky particles deactivating as the hologram deactivated to reveal the large table, gunpla spread around.

Team Noa Family has lost all their points, the winner is Team Imagine Victory!

The screen above announced the results, and Naoki immediately raised both hands in the air. “We did it!! Imagine Victorys first win, believe it!!!” He yelled as he turned to all his teammates, before looking back behind them to the table Takemori had set for them, the older man holding up a thumbs up in agreement. “Its not over yet!” He yelled back to Naoki as he pointed to the screen, Team Zenshin Highs battle still going on.

“Everybody, use this time wisely! Repair whatever needs to be repaired and get ready, because our next fights are gonna be a lot more difficult.” Naoki said to the group as they walked back to the table they set up at, Takemori, Chisato, Yuna and Hanako standing nearby.

“Here.” Takemori said as he handed NAOKI HIS Tablet with the recordings of Char and Ryoichi individual fights. “These two are more bad news then we expected. We need a new strategy, NOW.” He said and Naoki nodded, following the older man to the back of the table to make plans.

Hachiyama POV - @Renny@Dezuel

Hachiyama almost popped a brain cell as he heard Char order over the radio. "Seo! Let gramps handle this one, If you engage in this fight you might hit the wrong target. Let's keep our energy for the next fight. You do want to win don't you?" What? Was he serious? They had such a clear adva-

“Hmph sounds like a plan, everyone re-“

“YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!” Hachiyama yelled over comms, anger boiling to the surface as he surprised some of his teammates. “Seo you can’t be serious, the enemies RIGHT THERE!” He repeated as he continued to fire blasts at the Scorpio.

Seos voice fired back. “Hachiyama fall back and let the Mercs deal with it!”

Hachiyama was having none of it. Not today. He immediately cut of Seos line and threw away the GN sniper, they were both useless for this fight.

He charged forward in his red GN-X, hands empty before closing them and getting ready to fight close range like always.

As he saw Ryoichi close in and pelt the giant Mobile armor with bullets he saw the opportunity he needed. With the enemy distracted he could move in easily!

Dashing low, as the Baelstorm was distracting it from up high, Hachiyama activated Trans-Am and used his Gunplas new speed and dashed behind the giant. Immediately after getting in place, he reversed his thrusters, sending a full powered backwards kick to the back of the Mobile armors leg and causing it to drop, no longer able to move around.

“Oi Merc, It's all you now!!” He yelled as he disengaged, watching the arms of the giant swung back trying to hit him in the place he previously was.
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