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I wrote RP posts on my Wii back in the day.
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“Woof.” - My dog
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I prefer small baby explosions thanks. 💥
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Would your parents see that status though?


Gay, he/him, Autistic

I’m Crimson Flame and I’m addicted to RPing. But sometimes ADHD kicks in, and it takes me longer to reply to things than it should. If I’m taking too long to respond, feel free to say something. Just don’t be rude about it.

There are a bunch of RPs I like. Pokémon, Digimon, Fantasy, Superhero, it would take too long to list them all. I’m not a fan of Horror or Apocalypse settings though.

I have a particular type of character I like making. Look through my Character Sheet thread, and see if you notice what a lot of my characters have in common.…

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Luminous Forest; Mrs. Greypetal’s house

It was generally agreed upon that they wouldn’t go through Mrs. Greypetal’s things. Instead, they would go into town to look for her. “Hmm, I suppose… But she could be anywhere… She might even be on her way back by the time we get there. Or something sinister might be at work here. Maybe the perpetrators suspected we would come here, and did something unpleasant…” Sky shook his head. “Ok, maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions. But given the circumstances. It wouldn’t be out of the realm of the possibility.”

They left the house, and made their way towards town. “Apologies for dragging you all into this. I’m just… really worried… With my parents indisposed, I’m next in line for the throne. If we don’t resolve this by the time the festival is over, I essentially become king. The loved ones of fairies that have been petrified will be coming to me for answers, and I don’t know what to tell them. I love being a prince, but I’m not sure I’m ready to be a ruler… My mother and father were very well respected. How will I ever follow in their wing beats?”

Vyvien handed him a device that would amplify his voice, and Sky’s hetereochromatic went wide with excitement. “Oh, this will make the process of searching much easier!” Surge expressed some concerns, but Sky ignored it, and practically shouted to the device.

“MRS GREYPETAL! IF YOU CAN HEAR US, WE NEED SOME HELP!” He then turned to Vyvien, and spoke at normal volume. “This is very useful. Can I keep this when all of this is over? There are plenty of occasions where a prince needs to make his voice heard.”

In the middle of this, Sky bumped into something. It appeared to be a mushroom, they were everywhere in this forest. Except, this mushroom was much bigger than the others. It also had arms, and legs, and a very angry looking face… “Oh dear…” This was probably one of the things in the woods Surge was talking about. “No matter, their are seven of us, and one of you.”

The Mushroom monster was not happy about being woken up. It grabbed Sky, and blew spores in his face, putting him to sleep straight away.
I don’t think I’m going to join. Sorry.
I guess Jason will ride a horse.

Even though the mission was finally over, but there was still the debriefing. Batman called Viktor, Kila, and himself. Batman didn’t say anything true. He did screw up. What was he expecting? They were all teenagers, not soldiers.

Zach sighed. “What do you want me to say? I’m sorry Batman, I’ll do better next time!” Zach said in a mocking tone “Newsflash Batbrain! I am a hormonal teenager! I like boys! Not all of us are cut out to be one of your Robins… I got my butt kicked out there, and it’s because of me that Alisa is… offline. But doing what every teen boy does is the problem? I don’t think I’m cut out for this team…

And then he stormed off before anyone else could say anything.
I’m not sure
I like the original faceclaim for Ark he’s cute.
I usually write written descriptions for my characters, then use images for supplement.

Unless it’s a canon character.
It’s a text RP, we’re not going to see the characters. Does it matter what kind of faceclaims are used anyway?

I will imagine all your characters as cartoons anyway. xD
@MagusDream Oh good another human magic user.
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