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"Remember to look at the stars not down at your feet." Inspired me ever since. Rest in peace Professor Hawking
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Welcome to my crappy profile front end. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

To be honest, I haven't had much experience in RP, since I just started recently. But to reassure you, I am a writer, and my fic has received a bit of attention now, and so you don't have to worry about grammars and spellings, just rules of roleplaying.

I have written many types of stories and I am confident to say I can fit in into any categories when I switch to RPing, but my favorite genre is probably fantasy and science fiction. Currently so, I am taking part in a few of the RP, and is still looking for more. Hopefully we can find a common interest among them.

Thank you for reading (it's quite short really, but I don't have anything else to say)

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♔ Henry Koning ♚

Morning - Delta University -> Shogun Sushi

"That's a good one. I certainly wouldn't mind some good sashimi."

As someone with a bit of international travel, Henry knew quite a bit about other cultures and lifestyle. While he never had that opportunity to visit Japan, their culture wasn't exactly unpopular in the countries that he visited during his tournaments. If anything, he would not deny that their food, for some inexplicable reason, was always filling regardless of how small the portion looked like. His only guess was that it was so compacted with nutrients that it was so, unlike the fat-saturated American fast food.

As for Isabella, well there's not a lot to be particularly impressed or unimpressed yet. If anything she looked, or tried to look, more like a Broadway actress rather than an AI grad student. It was pretty, but it was a bit flashy. It might be because he grew up in a world full of often overly-serious people in front of a plastic board and wooden figures that Henry favored something more conservative. But hey, at least she wasn't that obsessive type only focused on whatever is in front of them. Perhaps she could teach him a bit about how to dance.

Regardless, Henry followed the girl on his own drive to Shogun Sushi. The somewhat heavy traffic was a perfect opportunity for the man to revisit some of his old games in his head. It was a lot more about being bored from it that made a person go insane from being stuck, and Henry was never one to let his mind go inactive for even a second. As a result, it wasn't so bad for him, and hey, he'd get there when he gets there. Nevertheless, he decided to be strategic about his parking, as he took a different turn away from Shogun Sushi into a parking lot close to a mall a few blocks down and walked up to the Sushi Shop. It was a bit faster, and he didn't mind the little walk. Entering Shogun Sushi, Isabella had already arrived a bit before he did, along with many hungry customers just like him. Some having really...interesting appearances.

"May I have the bento box please. Florida roll and salmon with the rice." He made his orders, and was then directed towards a table of his own, but he preferred to sit at Isabella's, since there were two chairs there and one was unused.

"You two together?" But the small request did raise the eyebrow in the waiter directing him. Well, that wasn't completely unexpected.

"Acquainted." He curtly shrugged, before turning over to Isabella. "If you don't mind."

♔ Henry Koning ♚

Morning - Delta University

Well, Mark certainly was a thoughtful guy with his moves. If any of his students were here, they would have made moves within less than 5 minutes then proceeded to blunder their queen and resign, if they had the shame to do so. That at least gave Henry some time to chatter around with this lady. He was honestly surprised that she knew his full name. He certainly was a household name for the Floridian chess community, but for a nation obsessed with physical sports like baseball, he was just a stranger. The only reason it made some sense here was this professor Jones she mentioned. A professor he had a semester ago, and an actual chess enthusiast, they had some interesting games with each other once he found out the Floridian state champion was in his class.

"Oh, Professor Jones. I know he'll be like that. The man is an interesting specimen." When Isabella, as she introduced herself as, mentioned his proposal, he knew exactly what she was talking about. But really? She didn't know about this but he did? Perhaps the old man was a wizard after all. Well, Henry wouldn't be a prick about it, but he had to finish this game first.

Right now, Mark was just cocooning. All his pieces were either undeveloped or surrounding the king for the defense, while all but one of Henry's pieces were involved and ready for the kill. He could simply initiate a massive piece trade, get all the pieces off the board, and by the end of it, he'd be completely winning with an unstoppable discovery check to grab whatever the most valuable piece Mark still had. In a normal tournament, Henry wouldn't hesitate to go for it, as he was more in favor of a conservative technical playstyle. But today, he was feeling artsy. He wanted to create something cool. There has got to be a knockout punch here. Yes...

It started with a rook sacrifice in order to bring in the last inactive piece into the game. Then the bishop jumped into the fray, forcing Mark's knight to take lest he lose the queen. But it wouldn't stop anything. It was mate in 2, with a queen sacrifice, deflecting the knight into a rook checkmate, supported by the other bishop. All his pieces were involved in the game with incredible harmony. If any doubts on Henry's capabilities as a player were still lingering, these last 4 moves would be a good dissolver of that.

The Delta undergrad reached for his pocket for a bill, put it inbetween his fingers and reached over the table to Mark for a courtesy handshake. Impressed, Mark returned the handshake and took the bill. Now, he was ready for a talk with Isabella.

"Well, it's a set up if you're looking for one." Henry briefly replied before putting his stuffs back into his bag. "Anyway, for that 'proposed something' that Professor Jones said, it's something he asked me for help with. To put it shortly, he wanted a program that could play chess."

Usually they'd probably have grandmasters be involved since they'd be more qualified, but he figured that it was much cheaper, since he was studying here. Well, it was fine for him either ways. A good way to meet some really fine intelligent folks.

"I'm going to head off for some lunch." Henry said, as he packed up his stuffs "If you're interested, we can talk on the way, or..." He held out a small piece of paper, containing an array of numbers. "...give me a call."
♔ Henry Koning ♚

Morning - Delta University

Henry didn't have class today, but he was going to Delta University anyway. The assembly language assignment that would be due next class proved a bit too difficult for Henry to untangle. He could understand the basics like registers or bits, but how they operate in practice was hard to grasp. Luckily, his classmate introduced him to this guy, Mark, who apparently was studying PhD in Computer Science, who was willing to give Henry some tutelage; for a fee because of course. Nothing really comes for free. However, to his surprise, guy also realized the name Henry Koning. It turned out that the guy also played chess, though with mostly chess hustlers in these public areas. Mark didn't really follow chess news, but remembered Henry's name from a news article a while ago due to his unique surname. Guy offered a game and if Henry won, he'd cut the tuition fee in half for him. It wasn't much to begin with but it was still a half cut, and if Henry knew anything from his years living with mom in her van, those extra cents saved could mean that extra large burger or that salmon sashimi dish from Shogun Sushi. He'd drool when he thought about it. Maybe he should pay that restaurant a visit again today, now that it was awarded 2 Michelin Stars. They never disappoint.

Henry eventually arrived on campus dressed as casuals go in a light blue polo shirt, brown khakis and 1980s Adidas sneakers. He parked his 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon in his usual parking lot in front of the Applied Science building of the campus. He met Mark at the agreed upon location, and they both sat down by a table in the studying area of the campus. For the next half an hour, he went through all the problems that Henry had with the assignment, or just assembly language in general, and explained them once again but this time a LOT more concisely than his professor. Truth be told, Henry kinda wished Mark was his professor, but that was neither here nor there. Gradually, Henry felt capable enough to tackle the assignment. At least now he had some sort of directions as well as tools to untangle the problem.

"Are you doing it now?" Mark asked, as Henry made himself comfortable in his study area, in that section of the building where undergrads never really had a reason to go there.

"Mhm." Henry simply nodded. "You wanna play?"

"Ye, but if you wanna focus-"

"We can play now too. I certainly don't mind." Henry replied, not needing the kind offer he was given. He was used to brain splitting already from his experience playing chess simuls, so only 1 game and his assignment wasn't that big of a deal.

And from what it turned out, it wasn't that big of a deal after all, as Mark showed on move 3 with a very subpar move. Henry didn't even hesitate to take advantage of it, both game-wise and time-wise. For the several curious onlookers nearby, both players were having their hands on their cheeks, seemingly having an intense intellectual battle over the 64 squares, but in reality only one was having that, the other was just writing his assignment. It didn't take a genius to know who was the superior player here, with one side taking his sweet time to think and analyze, while the other barely even glanced at the board before he made his move. Did he even think at all, or was he that fast in seeing all the possible calculations?

Thanks to having no time control, Henry was able to finish his assignment before the game ends. By the time he did, there were already a couple of onlookers around the chess board. The two sides were relatively equal on material, but Mark's pieces were quite tied up, while all of Henry's were active and developed. As a result, it was difficult for the former to make any sort of good move, while the latter was just chilling, grabbing a cup of tea and a Gulf Gabs copy in the meantime. He gotta admit, as trash as their news reporting were, they sure made them appealing to read with the commentary.
♔ Henry Koning ♚

♔ Henry Koning ♚

Oh hey, I remember Sol City. It was a way different time back then, but interesting to see another one like it. I’m gonna throw in my interest for this one as well.
Alexander Kherol

The Last Ascendancy Commander

Raising a Genius

“Mr. and Mrs. Kherol, I know the promise is a 15 years of service. 5 years in the Dragon’s Brigade, and 10 years in the home reserve army.” Said the man Kherol and Kotaro would call father, and for Kherol his second father. In front of him were his first father and mother, whom were obvious they didn’t want to have this conversation to begin with. “But from his time with us, we can say with complete candor that he is not only needed, but wanted, in our army. A man with a good heart and talent to back him up. Alexander already agreed to it, but I want to ask your permission as well, as his official guardian.”

“Look, I don’t want my child to mingle with those kind of people. I don’t care where you send him, just not up there.” Alexander’s father raised his voice for the first time since they came. He was alright with his trust on the governor as long as it was to keep him safe. But now the deal was not that anymore.

“I understand your concern, that’s why we’ll arrange a mentor for him.” Saxon gave the parent the profile of the man who would be giving Alexander pretty much all the guidance he needed for the next 2 years of his life. Faro Weinheber. A ‘retired’ Chief of Defense, now served as an instructor for young officers. A man almost with great grandkids already, but had a pretty impressive service record as well as respect (at least from the previous officer generation) and was still going. “The man has an impeccable character, I’m sure he will make sure young Kherol here would become a stellar officer.”

His father sighed, his breathe that he mustered so heavy Alexander could feel it from across the table. And he felt for him too. Accepting this would mean a lifetime of serious dedication in an extremely hostile environment. And it’s very possible that he’d also be forced to make difficult decisions, ones that could affect hundreds if not thousands of lives. Alexander was more than uncertain if he could handle such pressure, but here was his chance to change the world. He wasn’t ready to stop there. But for a parent, who wouldn’t want to be with their children, to see them safe, sound, happy, and successful.

“I don’t know, I still don’t think he should…” He sighed again before turning to his wife, Olivia, sitting right next to him. “Honey, what do you think?”

Olivia sat silent for a long moment. She wasn’t looking anywhere else but at her precious child in the eyes, or rather where she thought his eyes are behind the glasses. “Alexander said yes to this, yes?” She said softly. Both Alexander and Saxon nodded. “Then I don’t think I have much to say on the matter, do I? He knows what’s best for himself.”

Alexander was a bit perplexed. He wasn’t going to object to it, but he was surprised she’d greenlight it that easily. She wasn’t so keen on it the first time around, and it took an attempted kidnap and almost his entire hand for her to finally let him go. Perhaps she took something from that traumatizing incident.

“Great, then it’s settled.” Saxon closed the conversation and quickly packed up to leave. “I’ll be arranging some meetings with Faro, I’ll let you all know when it is time. You can stay with your family for a few days for a break.”

Those few days flew by like the breezing autumn wind. Not before long, the governor had the meeting date, time and location set, and that he’d have shuttles come over to escort him to it. Alexander enjoyed all what he could from those short days, but he didn’t know what else to be had other than just catching up with the years or have some meals together. Nobody had the mood to really do anything more than that.

Alexander already had his stuffs packed up, or rather he didn’t have much to unpack to begin with. He was wide awake before the sun got out of the comfort of its horizon, well-drilled by the military life. Like the fainting fog outside the windows, he could hear a distant sound of the piano being played from the living room. Olivia was the first person in mind. She liked calm piano music, and often put them on speakers as lullabies when he was a kid or just to make the house a lot like a home. But this time, the tune was noticeably heavier, something he never heard before.

Having nothing else to do, he left the comfort of his bed, got dressed for the trip and went out to the living room. And there was the white-haired woman, sitting there by a small electric piano that he never knew she had. Her hands floated through the keys, her fingers caressed them gently as they were her own children. Noticing her son around the corner, she turned her amethyst eyes over, but her melody continued like the voice of nature.

“It’s a little early dear. You don’t need to be up for another hour.” Olivia said.

“It’s just a routine.” Alexander replied, as she chuckled. She still hadn’t forgotten her Alex, one where she had to constantly remind to go to sleep at 3 AM, lest it affects his school performance, but never really stopped him. Once he got into the Prodigy Supplementary Program, it was never her concern anymore.

Alexander walked up to her by the piano and grabbed a chair nearby. “I never knew we have a piano.”

“I bought it last month. It’s just a cheap one from down the street. A big one would just crowd our apartment, and I wouldn’t play it that often anyway.” She said.

“Why didn’t you get one earlier?”

“I didn’t have time I guess?” She shrugged. “Only when you’re gone do I realize how boring life is. So I picked the piano up.”

“You’re very good though.” Alexander glanced over his mother’s hand movement. He knew nothing of music, but it was hard to believe that this was someone who learned the piano just a month ago.

“Well, I picked the piano up again actually.” Olivia continued to play. “I was in the school orchestra.”

“Did you have any solos?”

“I did, yeah.” Her voice picked up a little. “I think I have a copy somewhere on the bookshelf in my room. You can take them with you to the academy if you want.”

Alexander wasn’t interested in that yet though. “Why didn’t you play?” He asked.

The melody continued, but Olivia stayed silent. Her lips perched slightly, as her bright amethyst eyes stared blankly onto the piano.

“Grandmother didn’t let me.” She blurted out. “She didn’t think it was a viable career.”

“I guess…” Alexander said, unsure what else to say.

“I initially tried to go on, just to prove a point. But she forced me to go to university, and then…get married.” She continued. “When I have you, it’s pretty much over. Work began to flood my schedule, while you demand my lap like a little dog. So naturally I just forgot about the piano.”

Alexander was quite surprised to hear. He had met his grandmother a couple of times, and she did come off as an assertive person, but not to this extent. He wondered how much of the ‘get married’ part was forced on her, but he didn’t want to pry. He probably didn’t want to know either. But there was something else he wanted to know.

“…Is that why you’re ok with me doing this?”

Olivia looked up and at him in the eyes, this time directly with no cold layer of glass to quell his desire to know. The question came at her so unexpectedly, but it was not as intimidating as she would have imagined. Like mother, like son, his eyes were boundless, yet lively like the ever-expanding galaxy that surround and wrapped her into a warm embrace.

She expected nothing less from her little baby though. Barely a few notes were played and he already figured out the entire song.

“Mhm.” She only nodded, so slight he almost didn’t notice. “I wanted you to become the best of who you want to be,” Her voice trailed off weakly. “But you’re…just so beyond me, at such a young age even, that I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do. That’s why I just let you fly free.”

Everything that happened. From grade skipping, the scholarships, the supplementary program, the academic competition, the chess tournaments and now his decision to go into officer training. Not only that, but even his times around the group of friends who had now all but dissolved into the river of life with only Melinae he could keep contact with, he was allowed the autonomy that normal parents would hesitate to give to their children. It was for that reason.

Normally, Alexander wouldn’t have much to say except praises for Olivia for her progressive thoughts to not become the parent his grandmother was. But at the same time, they were given a warning when he was eight about his preceding popularity. They were aware that the Ascendancy knew, but not only chose to not let him go initially, but also still let himself be himself. And now he’s on a path that they both didn’t want.

But then again, Olivia wasn’t prepared to be a mother either, especially to a once in a lifetime genius. Above the burdens and anxiety she inadvertently caused, above the dangers she neglected because she was scared it would impede him, she still tried her hardest to be better for him and because of him. He couldn’t have asked for more than that.

Gently, Alexander leaned in towards Olivia, and gave her a kiss on her forehead. That was much he could do for now.
Alexander Kherol

The Last Ascendancy Commander

The Applause

People sometimes wondered how Alexander could keep such emotionless calm amidst danger and chaos. In response, the Grand Admiral would crack a joke or two with that same face they described. But it was uncomforting sometimes, especially being at the top, with all eyes on him looking to see what the genius would do next.

His first brush with that sort of expectation is the moment he stepped on the playing hall of the exhibition match with grandmaster Babir. The 11-year-old emerged from backstage with the pair of opaque glasses given to him by the organizer's CEO. Prompted to look intimidating and mysterious, the young Kherol crushed his contender in his first 17 games with the unpredictability of a creature beyond their comprehension. Now he walked into game 18 with the star of the event, the chess grandmaster from Korta; the two facing off in good old fashion classical chess: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves then 30 minutes for the remainder of the game, and 30 seconds addition for each move. It would be a very tiring experience for Alexander, who rarely had to go through the format before. But he was prepared regardless. He had his night's sleep, a good run through of the grandmaster's old games, and now as he approached his opponents, shook his tusk sat down readjusting his pieces, he kept his nerves under control and flow with the ticking clock besides him. And the game began with a loud clatter as the Babir started Alexander's clock.

Without hesitation, Alexander played the bishop and queen's pawn, otherwise legendarily recognized as the Queen's Gambit. This sudden deviation from his normal aggressive style of king's pawn openings went completely against Babir's expectations as all he had prepared from the first 17 games were thrown out the windows. He still had a huge reservoir of reply from years of studies, and he picked one to test the young prodigy. Alexander took little time with his openings, having already visualized the positions hundreds of times in his head. A few moves in and both sides emerged into the middlegame with no clear advantages.

However, the grandmaster already felt the unease on his shoulders, as he saw his own reflection in the motionless, emotionless Alexander. It was as if the boy's breathe disappeared the moment he put his palm on his cheek. He also took his time with his ingenuity. It was cold, unnerving and terrifying even, looking this kid in the eye, wondering if he was actually an android who probably had more emotions than he does, wondering if he's actually looking back, if he's actually calculating the game, or he's actually planning to strangle his opponents. He did all of them.

What followed was immediate suppression on Babir positions. Due to the nature of Babir's reply, one of his bishop's movements will be really negated, and in response, Alexander's innovation is to create an peculiar and innovative pawn structure to suppress other bishop as well. Babir gradually realized the significance of his opponent's intentions. Alexander was aware of Babir's flexibility with open attacks, so he forced the aging chess player into not only an extremely confined middle-game. He'd even do what was unthinkable - throwing away castling right and walked the king up out of possible bishop breakout checks, or even nonchalantly sacrificing minor pieces - to continue the movement suppression. Babir could feel the strangle tightening his noose, his pieces couldn't move anywhere meaningfully. Despite being superior in material, none of those were significant. He had no decent pawn break left; the other ones completely shatter his fortress. There were few good moves for the grandmaster.

Casually, as the noose was tightened, Alexander took his time improving his own pieces, getting them into positions. He was a lot more mobile, he had plenty of time on the clock, and his opponent couldn't meaningfully respond. The death blow did not come from any dramatic immortal sacrifices, or aggressive quick maneuvers across the board, but a gentle and stone-cold pawn push. Regardless of that pawn being taken or not, the queen would infiltrate and he's dead. He lost, there were no convincing otherwise. Babir slowly reached his hands for the clock. A loud clatter echoed the playing hall once again. It was move 56, Alexander's time sat at 50 minutes, while Babir at merely 10. He was annihilated by an 11-year-old, whose inhuman calculation and genius innovation crafted a masterpiece.

It was at this moment, that the Kortan grandmaster Babir Anchovisch, having beaten much more experienced opponents than Alexander, stood up from his chair, weakly smiled to the boy sitting across the table and gave him a round of applause. The claps was followed by hundreds others in the hall, complete in awe to the spectacular performance of this genius from Alexandria, who had just now reeled back to reality. He realized what he created, and to the thunderous applause of everyone including even his adversary, whom he had only viewed as such until now, he could only give one final handshake before hurrying off stage.

It was too much for him.

He walked to a hallway full of journalist ecstatic for a snapshot or a shameless question thrown his way. He didn't have the energy or charisma left to answer any of the 'how do you feel?' or 'did you calculate all of those moves?'. He desperately squeezed his ways into the bathroom nearby. Hunched over the sink, Alexander let out a nauseating pant. In front of this mirror, he was cold and frightening. His stomach churned; he ripped off his glasses and wiped the sweat off his brows in front of this incomprehensible creature. He did all of that. Those merciless play, the slow strangulation, the emotionless disconnect into the unearthly reality in his head.

It wasn't him pretending to be someone else he wasn't. It was him all along.

December 30th, Rear Trench

Damn, when he said that these people are well-prepared to end other's lives in the most miserable ways possible, he wasn't understating it by any bit. If there is one thing he could say about this group of individuals, or...literally almost everyone he knew at this point. To be fair, he was pretty serious about these topics too not very long ago. War is serious business, but it drained you out. Getting a laugh out of a serious situation like this is important to keep yourself together.

"You're gonna ruin the shovel, Ms. Vicky." Michael raised his eyebrows as his side-glance met Victoria's grin. "But then again," He shrugged. "you don't pickaxe choose your missions. I certainly don't want having to dig my own grave by being merciful, am I right?"

This time, he didn't even need to waggle his brows to elicit a reaction from all the guys and gals at the table. He was pretty certain it annoyed a lot of them, but that's fine. If he could get a laugh out of someone, that was for a good cause. If not, he'd be laughing from the humorless vexation.

Apparently, the Sergeant's (also pretty serious) warning towards the lot at the table had struck a huge nerve on the Darcsen girl at the table. She simply just stormed off with some pretty heavy-handed words thrown around about how people would never be able to understand her. Ooh boy. One of those types again? At least Lucia was pretty tame and benign, given what rumors he heard about what Middleton did to her. Well, if anything, Michael knew what he needed to do later, provided both of them survived the next mission.

"Well, it's hard to ignore now that she put it that way. I'll check up on her later if I can. Have know...friendly conversation."

And by that, he meant it. Even if he couldn't, something he fully expect he wouldn't be able to, get to her to open up, he'd just be someone to hang out with. Surely, even a psychotic killing machine or even an asshat like Middleton would have a life outside of being a psychotic killing machine or an asshat. Like a hobby? A song they like? Their favorite drink even? There has got to be something in there for Michael to befriend them over. Well, he'd find out, maybe or maybe not. Although he did fear that she'd just throw him out for being too intrusive. It could totally happen given the impressions, but it's not something he could control for now.

Right now, in place of the Darcsen were two guests at the table. A redheaded shocktrooper and quite a scruffy individual. The other quite a tad bit taller than the other, but both are just as quiet as the other. But to any observant eyes, he seemed shocked by the Sergeant at the table; something about him that Michael wasn't sure. Nevertheless, it didn't stop the midget sapper to approach the two with the briskly confidence that didn't really match his looks.

"Welcome! You must be part of the raid, no? How are you doing today?" He walked towards them, sandwiched between two tall fellows, and kindly stood aside and let them have the seats. Noticing earlier the Gallian's response seeing the Sergeant, Michael glanced up at him, "You alright, mister?"

Robert perched his lips again at Dexter's question. It is indeed true that he didn't get to play the game very often. "It was more like nobody knew this game here. Only my wife does, and her I almost went bald explaining." It is quite a complicated game for a world full of dumb people, but who knows, there are smart people here and there, maybe even Dexter could turn out to be a hidden prodigy. Robert also grabbed a chair, took off his gambeson and comfortly laid it on his lap as he laid the pieces on the table. 16 filled the two rows closest to him, and 16 more on Dexter's side, but his was black-colored. The second row were all the same pieces, shaped like a lamp. For the first row, the pieces on the far outside looked like a castle, a horse's head, an elephant's trunk, and only the two center pieces resembled something from this world: two crowns respective of queen's and king's.

"In this game, we take turns. I go first you go second, because white pieces go first. Objective is capturing your opponent's pieces, and putting the opponent's king under attack. If your king cannot move while under attack, you lose. Every piece has its own name and rules. This piece is called a pawn." He pointed at one random piece on the second row. "Then rook, knight, bishop, queen, king." Then went to the first row and quickly tapped on the top of these pieces. He then grabbed one of the pawns "Pawn moves forward only one square, twice at first move if so choose. Captures diagonally, becomes either 4 of these pieces if reaching the other side of the board. Knight moves in an 'L' shape. Rook moves straight. Bishop moves diagonally. Queen combines both rook and bishop movements, so it has very powerful scope. And the king just move to any square surrounding it. For every pieces except for the pawn, you can capture the exact same way as you'd move. Cannot capture your own pieces." He reached for his king and immediately set up a simple illustration of a check. "How you put the king under attack, is to put him in the line of capture of other pieces, like your rook here next turn can capture my king. It's called check, and you have to evade, either by blocking, moving away, or capturing the attacker." With every point he made he put his pieces, or rather slamming it on the board in a way that it felt like he was tossing it as well to illustrate. "If you cannot stop this, it's called checkmate, and you lose."

Now, knowing his experience teaching Riley this, this is the part where her head explodes. No matter how concise he put it for this kid to learn, it'd still be a lot of info for someone. So he'd do exactly what he did with her. "Now, best by test. You might be confused, but a few games in, you'll get the idea. I won't go hard."

If he preferred to do something else, that is completely fine by him. He didn't expect anyone to get or enjoy this game this quickly.
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