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Welcome to my crappy profile front end. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

To be honest, I haven't had much experience in RP, since I just started recently. But to reassure you, I am a writer, and my fic has received a bit of attention now, and so you don't have to worry about grammars and spellings, just rules of roleplaying.

I have written many types of stories and I am confident to say I can fit in into any categories when I switch to RPing, but my favorite genre is probably fantasy and science fiction. Currently so, I am taking part in a few of the RP, and is still looking for more. Hopefully we can find a common interest among them.

Thank you for reading (it's quite short really, but I don't have anything else to say)

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Here of course

It's been a long 3-hour flight.

"Approaching Filipino airspace." The pilot at the head of the formation, Captain Tuan, broadcast to the remaining aircraft. The southern-most area of the South China Sea had mostly been under ASEAN control, so the flight to the Philippine mainland had been relatively uneventful and remarkably chatty. Doing nothing the entire 3 hour would perhaps drive people insane. But now that the message was broadcast, chatters cut off immediately. "Lotus Squadron to Manila. This is aircrafts of the VPAF, would you kindly allow us to land at your strip for some pork belly?"

A moment of silence lingered the captain's cockpit, before the request was answered. "This is Commander Darna, thank god you are finally here." The woman sounded a lot less amused. "You are welcome to land, but there's not any time for food. We will need you in the air as soon as possible."

"What's going on?" The captain asked.

"Lingayen is under heavy bombardment. It may be overrun any minute now." Her reply was grim.

Tuan briefly glanced down at his terminal. "I assume they needed a bail then?"


"We still have quite a bit of fuel left. We can head north immediately."

She was silent for another few seconds. "Permission granted. Second Lieutenant Noel Alonso is in charge. Contact on approach. Good luck and god bless you."

All 8 crafts heard the transmission, and proceeded, in perfect V-shaped formation, to turn North to head towards the battlefield.

"Second Lieutenant?" Spoke Senior Lieutenant Hoang Van Cuong, piloting the third aircraft on the left side of the formation. The emphasis on the ranking is because he technically outranked this guy. "Don't tell me this guy's in charge of the city's defense."

"How much are you guys willing to bet..." A voice echoed both in the comm channel and right behind him. The only foreign-blooded pilot of the squadron, and Cuong's co-pilot, Lieutenant Nikolay Phan. "That this guy is also a kid. Out of every junior officer possible"

"No way..." Another pilot replied. "Dinner's on me tonight if he even is one year below 18."

"Tch. That's not as good of a bet as you might think." Cuong replied, slightly amused. "As insane as it sounds."

"So you're on my side then, Cuong?" Nikolay replied.

"Whoa whoa, I never said I wanted in on your gambling spree." He retorted from in front. "My money's precious, ok?"

"Come on, it's food! And it's the Philippines. Better have a free meal while we're still here and alive to."

"Alright alright, settle down." The captain commanded. "We'll be in Lingayen in 10 minutes. Contacting the city."

<< Thank you @Letter Bee for contributing to this section >>

The plane contrails left an uneasy sight for unaware ground forces and volunteers below. Despite being told they were friendlies, they looked nothing like allied jets. In fact, they were Russian jets. Eight SU-30MK2 over the mountains, coated in azure paint with pink lotus emblems on their tails, flew in from the south. No Filipino fighters intercepting them, none flew with them either. They just waltz in like cars in an empty parking lot.

Noel, who were in the middle of fighting in the Wall of Light, heard a strange accent came over his comm.

"This is Captain Tuan of the VPAF's Lotus Squadron. Is this Second Lieutenant Alonso?"

Noel stopped firing his submachine gun to answer the radio, saying, "Lotus Squadron! You came at the right time! Enemy airpower is being focused on the municipality behind us, while we have reason to believe that an Arms Master is being used to aid their conventional assault from afar. If they burn down our fallback position," aka the municipality of Lingayen, "We'll have nowhere to go should the Wall of Light fall; would you guys mind culling the enemy bombers?"

"Understood." The captain replied curtly, hearing the gunshot in the background.

"Alright comrades, you hear that?" He said, switching frequency back to the pilot's. "Climb to nine thousand."

"I hear free dinner~" Nikolay excitedly spoke. No confirmation until they meet the guy, if ever, but if that voice was any indication, this boisterous co-pilot likely won the bet.

"I hear free dinner too!" The same pilot that made the bet also said. "Look at that."

It wasn't the bet he was referring to, however. Above the squadron, thirty, no, fourty aircrafts, flying in a rather...familiar formation. At least to the squadron. This was exactly what they were doing in Vietnam 11 months prior. Flying close and massing numbers. It did work pretty well here, since there were still no signs of the Philippine's air force yet, and electronic countermeasure could go some ways against ground anti-air. But oh are they in for a big surprise...

"Split up, we'll do a 'double attack'." Captain Tuan called over the radio. "Lotus 2, 3 and 7, follow me. We'll go first. Lotus 4, you're in command of the second group. Commence assault!"

"Roger!" The pilots replied.

Four aircraft immediately broke loose from formation, spread out and began to make rapid ascension towards the bombers. Some broke straight through the clouds right into missile range of the enemy formation. Chinese jets were caught by complete surprise and barely responded when the first SU-30 loosed 2 missiles into the Chinese bombers, sending the monster slowly tumbling to the ground in flames. The second one that followed shot down an escort jet that strayed too close to his line of shot. Both climbed above the Chinese formation only to dive back down with their cannons. The third one did not have a good angle so it subsequently missed their armaments. The fourth one approached from a much shallower angle, but allowed a missile to cleanly bag a bomber.

Meanwhile, the remaining 4 SU-30s lurked beneath the clouds below. The food tonight looked increasingly tasty.

Time: ~8:50 AM
Locations: Guesthouse
Mentions: Thea @Tae

The night for many royals in Sorian were bad, but they weren't the only ones having to endure. John's was as short as his current temper: a burnt-out candle.

However, despite the uneventful trek through the dream world this time, his night was still ruined. He barely managed several hours before the sun peeked over the horizon, not enough in his eyes, or under his eyes. He'd hold back the urge to engulf himself in the blanket and hibernate until that fiery orb in the sky disappear, but he remembered what was said yesterday. He did leave Thea alone once he found out she was in Felix's room, but he informed the Smithwood's servants to tell her that she's to come to him first thing in the morning for a checkup. So, begrudgingly, he forced himself up on his feet, went for a quick wash, got himself dressed and ordered a cup of tea while waiting for the knock on the door. God forbid if she ignored him this time too.
Yuuki Kiyomasa

Haruki Province

Not too far from the road, a few rice carts rolled through the dense forest, pulled by a few horses in front. A rather common sight around Haruki if not for the few armed soldiers on horseback riding ahead of the merchants. And these weren't ronins on payrolls of some merchants. Banners of red and gold familiar to many in the area would be enough to deter anyone from having fancy ideas. And if that wasn't enough to stop the gold-hungry or the desperate, these horsemen and horsewomen would. Legends say Tsuchimaru soldiers were born on the saddles themselves. While they were certainly not so, and they were mostly light horses, they were still very much capable of wiping out any ragtag bandit groups.

At the lead of the horse group was a rather short and round-faced man. He looked a little silly being on top of a much taller and towering equine partner, wearing the red armor of the clan, gold ornaments on his kabuto, a sword, or rather specifically a tachi, wrapped by his hips, the blade curving upward. His feet occasionally tapped the horse on its side and it would go forward as commanded, a reinless horse-riding style that allowed both his hands to hold onto a long straight spear that gave his unit a menacing reputation. But his unit wasn't here, or most of them weren't.

Haruki was under the control of the powerful Rinka clan, who had long trading relations with the Tsuchimaru, having provided a sizable amount of rations for the clan's last skirmish against the Shirogane. While never technically allied with one another due to fear of retribution from other clans who also had trading relations with the Rinka, preferring to make themselves seem like neutral benefactors rather than leaning one way, they still secretly gave the Tsuchimaru some leeway with military access. And the recent rise of certain crooked behaviors in the province made this privilege quite useful. Cavalry life under the Tsuchimaru was never boring this way. Even famed lancers still had to toil in front of a moving cart like any lowly peasants. But all was fine for Yuuki, for he found the brotherhood he made with the others worth the labor

"Did you hear that?" A horseman next to him whispered.

Tree rustling noises were heard from above. The branch shook up and down, as Yuuki swiftly looked up, his grips on the yari tightened. From the leaves revealed...a fox, agilely running down the tree and disappeared into the woods.

"Whew..." His grips relaxed considerably as Yuuki let out a sigh.

"Have chickens in your armor or something Yuu?" A horsewoman asked with a giggle, a lancer along with him and also a friend of his.

"I wish." Yuuki replied with a chuckle. "I thought there were ninjas around."

"I mean not impossible, but I doubt anyone really would want to pick a fight with us." She replied. "We're no important target."

"Uh-huh..." The young man gave his friend a smirk. "That sounds like a phrase in certain haikus."

"Yuu, you don't know anything about haiku." She shook her head in disapproval. "That's not how that works."

He giggled in response, as the uneventful escort continued, though not for long. All of a sudden, they felt the ground below shake lightly briefly, a pre-warning to a series of mighty roars echoing through the area, roars of some...creature. Not long after would screams be thrown into the mix, human screams. Someone appears to be in trouble.

"Where did that come from?" The horsewoman asked, her weapon swapped to her dominant hand, getting ready.

"Over that hill." Yuuki pointed ahead. It seemed like they were on a path to it. Even if they weren't going to leave to help whoever's in trouble, they'd run into it eventually.

"Stay here, we will check what is going on." She gestured to the other mounted soldiers to stay put and guard the rice cart, as she, Yuuki, and two horse archers continued forward.

A man eventually stumbled on the road in the opposite direction the horses were traveling. He was petrified with horror, struggling to balance himself as his fears kept forcing him to look behind while his body limped forward. Blood splatters could be found on his clothes. However, he also had with him a sword, something peasants shouldn't have, and the dirt-stained robe didn't give the impression that he was anywhere affiliated with the samurai or ronin class.

"P-P-Please!" He fell to his knees the moment he found the bannered men and women, his weapon dropped onto the dirt. "He's a predator!"

"He?" Yuuki asked, but the man couldn't respond. Horror was all over his face, soon taking over him again.

"I'm dead meat..." He swung his head to where he came from, his hands and lips trembled as he uttered. "I'm dead meat!" He took off, running for his life.

Yuuki looked at the other three in concern. That poor man did say he. Yet the roar wasn't human. He gulped back his fear of a possible youkai nearby. He had heard of youkai stories throughout his life: the powerful beings, capable of imaginary feats using powers beyond his capability, yet he never once faced one in his life. People have subdued and hunted youkais for long, but for Yuuki, it was still somewhat terrifying to come face to face with one, especially one seemingly on a rampage at the very moment.

He nevertheless urged his horse forward, following the other three as they cautiously rounded the bend to the scene of carnage that the Demon caused.


Locations: Guesthouse

Coming back from that meeting with Calbert and Prince Wulfric, the Varian doctor was just autonomously putting a foot in front of the other. His eyes were burning, blurry and heavy. Twice he felt himself wandering in a different direction before realizing he had strayed and corrected his path. It had been what had been a very long night. The travel fatigue from Varian, the long ball, 2 dances, the library, a murder, and a long investigation that he was unsure why he was substituting for an investigator. He even got to hear about the disappearance of the Alidasht nobles nonetheless. What a wonderful process the glorious kingdom of Caesonia had here. A murder case investigated by a vengeful emotional creep father and a prince. Blame him for growing up in the somewhat more egalitarian, or rather less elitist, society but unless the prince had worked in the law, two guys in an office playing detective could only be worse by two royals in an office playing detective.

Arriving at the guesthouse a lot later than anticipated, John had to show himself to the other physicians, to at the very least let them know that he was safe. The Surgeon Dentist of the team was known to over-worry things like king Alixandre. He might find himself being burst in by armed guards and princess-carried if their minds ran wild enough.

At the end of the day, he shouldn't be interested in the case. He was an outsider unfortunate enough to discover the mess. It was heavy knowing a young lady getting murdered in such cold blood, royals or not, but six times out of ten were probably disgruntled peasants/employees getting screwed by the family, and three were probably petty noble's pouring molten gold into a dead body. He had no interest in middling affairs when he had work to do, and people to care for - actual people to care for. However, there was something about this case that continued to bug him. Not the evidence, that were clearly up to proper analysis, but the people behind them. It hit a little close to home for him.

"John?" A door opened to the familiar voice of Dr. Hunter, his former academic advisor. "Where have you been tonight? It's quite damn late." He asked, upon seeing his former supervisee.

"It's a long story." John replied, scratching the back of his head. "I can explain if you want, but it might take a bit."

"We can always chat later." The middle-aged man replied. "Have you reported to the surgeon dentist? He's asking where you are." John just shook his head, and Dr. Hunter leaned his head over. "He's with the queen I think. I'm heading there anyway briefly, so I can always let him know you're here." He replied.

"Well, let me know if I am summoned." John replied, and was met with a thumbs-up from the old doctor as he departed.

John returned to his room, waiting for Dr. Hunter to return the all-clear before he could finally go to sleep. But the soft cushion, the pillow next to him, seemingly whispering for him to lend an ear, was too tempting. The moment he laid himself on the bed, he lost control, even as he was awake for a few more minutes. The dream world soon whisked him away...down into the abyss.

'Let me out of this...'

He felt his eyes shut, his chest a thousand weighs heavy. His fingers could curl, but he could not open his eyes. His fingers curled, his teeth clenched. The freezing cold did not leave him...


Finally, his eyes opened, and lights rushed in and overwhelmed his fovea. John quickly sat up from his bed and leveled himself. He rubbed his temple as air rushed through his lungs. The sweat soaked his hand. There was no one around. It was just sleep paralysis, accompanied by a horrible dream.

"Why did it come back just now?" He asked himself, his two hands cuddled together. It was cold, just like that canyon. How could it be? He thought he had already left it behind, ever since he became apprentice to the doctor at Kolonivka. He thought he was able to sleep soundly now, after finally being able to forgive himself. Why did the memories have to come back?
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