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Current If bed bugs are found on beds, whoever came up with the name for a "cockroach" has some explaining to do..
2 yrs ago
Here's an idea. Instead of being just a veterinarian, you should also be a taxidermist! Either way, your client still gets their dog back!
2 yrs ago
You donate on kidney and you're a hero..... But i donate 5 and im a monster?! Sheesh...
2 yrs ago
Officer, I drop-kicked that kid in SELF DEFENCE


Howdy~! Im conjito~ If you're interested in roleplaying (Or even just talking to me) Let me know ^.^

Link to my character sheets:

Ideas for roleplay(s):

1) Isekai roleplay. The protagonist is killed in the real world and then transported into his/her favorite game. This can be a romance.

2) Demon king and mortal. This will be a romance/fantasy. The demon king is sent to earth, in the form of a normal human, to gain whatever. you can choose what he wants. When he gets to earth, he meets a human that he feels a strong connection to. He falls in love, she hates him.

3) Two swordsmen. I have already done a roleplay similar to this with my character Mei. Two swordsmen are sent out to protect something and Muse A ends up falling for Muse B, while Muse B only sees them as a comrade.

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Yeah, I'm not sure I can do it all at once anyway. Still, I do need to get on top of this RP, or it'll die out by my own hand. It may help to make a schedule, or else I'll talk myself out of it.

For my writing schedule, I'll post Dragan-FunnyGuy's and Chatak-Rabidporcupine's replies today, Faust-ArmorPlated's tomorrow, then Lex & Enya-FunnyGuy's the day after that. I've messaged Conscripts about bringing Robert back into the plot, considering Dark Cloud's absence, so we'll see where that goes.

@Conejitoooo, are you down to write about an elf lady (your character) seeking help from MacKensie to defend the elvish side of Pelinor? I've been looking for a reason to have the PCs defend a city against the Witch's forces in earnest, and Pelinor looks like the best place to do it. The elves have a secret treaty with the Empire there allowing the humans to mine for iron in elvish territory, and the Witch is looking to cripple that industry.

im working on my entrance ^^ Ill think about it
Its called saotome high
DEFINITELY still interested. Pls post an official thread. I'll be all over it with Japanese JK goodness :D

Its done!
Offical thread.
DEFINITELY still interested. Pls post an official thread. I'll be all over it with Japanese JK goodness :D

Splendid! I shall do that, right now.
My apologies for disappearing. I got very sick and needed a break.. But! Im here! Let me know if you're still interested.
Hey, hey! I'm finally back. I needed another break because i got very sick.. But! I've returned. I may not join the roleplay because i need to catch up on the events, but.. Im here
I wanted to apologize for disappearing for so long. I needed to take a break from roleplaying and work on my mental health
Loving everyone characters!

Sorry Dark Cloud, it's really hard to be panicked, have thoughts about previous death and notice everything. I really wanted to bring Dexter in on my last post, but I decided it might be a bit meta-gamey and it would probably best to just get the hell out of this tiny room before we start trading interactions.

But yeah, the demon boy hiding in plain sight has 100 stealth XD

@Conejitoooo I'm sorry to you too, I didn't wait for you to get a 1st post in before I charged in with a 2nd. Are you hanging back on purpose? Should we just keep rolling?

You may continue ^.^ I'm waiting for the characters to happen upon my characters tavern.
I'm thinking the characters would be human and limited in terms of their strengths.

I like the idea of your character, but being out and out undead might not suit the exact vibe. However - I do see something really cool in that she could be a Sukeban - a delinquent gang girl - and one who once took a beating so heinous from a rival or rivals that she was nearly pronounced dead, before recovering in an almost miraculous amount of time, earning her the nickname of "Undead" Rei Sato, the toughest girl at Sarayashiki High.

Would something like that be acceptable?

That's a good idea! That would explain all the stitches she has
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