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Current Always looking for new rp partners, feel free to pm me.
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It is the Year 43 of the Gundam Genesis timeline, an age where the ultimate weapons would first be produced, the Alpha Gundam is soon to be produced by Terra in an attempt to press her aggression against the rebelling colonies of Mars and Jupiter. A battle of resources, liberation, and the responsibility of cradling humanities future. With the Confederation of Mars and Jupiter defeat the Republic of Unite Terra?
Only time will tell in this story of Basetypes, Psyker's and Psyco's.

This is going to be an ongoing original Gundam universe roleplay where we work collaboratively to add and build up the universe beyond the initial premise such as mobile suits, names, weapons, etc, along with our own characters and their stories that change the future of the setting.

Feel free to come ask questions and if your not a Gundam fan then that's no problem too as I can answer any questions you have as well.

You may also discuss character ideas, Mecha ideas, and plot hooks I can introduce, this is an rp where I will be acting as the game master, narrator, etc for the most part.

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@Angel Vicky
Yeah, have discord?!
Howdy everyone, looking for people to do an Gundam inspired rp story, be it universal, iron blooded orphans or an original setting, I’m flexible and only want some people to explore stories and plots based off a common interest. Feel free to comment or contact me on discord.
Wanna do this idea in dm's?
Im more familiar with One Year War but thought people would want more advanced era for suits. To be honest this is more of an interest check so I can do anything
Open to other suits as well if you have ideas.
Yeah, need to watch Wing, only really watched the original saga of Gundam. Suits will be GM Kai, GM Custom, GM Quel, GM Sniper III, GM Kai High Mobility Type, Hizack Test Type
Would you prefer an an original Gundam inspired setting or anything? I'm flexible so I can switch things up.
Characters can be Newtypes or Cyber Newtypes but nowhere near the level of Amuro, Char, or Kamille. And the stories events take place on different fronts of battle so no direct interaction with other characters.
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