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Also slowly getting savagely angry. I'm at a restaurant for a pick up order and am being completely ignored by the staff. Like wtaf
Aw that would be sweet, mostly it's just the uniform reminded her of her pain.
Leslie was all soft smiles and kind eyes, so was Dot who nodded at the question. "Yeah honey, I closed up an hour ago it's past my bed time." Both women reach for her as she started to fall but Amanda caught herself. Leslie blush a little, a tumble in bed with someone who'd stay sounded nice. "Would you-?" She actually start to ask forgetting herself but then the poor woman was getting sick.

Dot gave her a cool wet wash cloth she used to cool the back of the redheads neck while she was being sick. Les held her hair out of the way, subconsciously noticing that it was soft and smelled nice with the lingering smell of pot. The officer remain near as she sip her water and nibble crackers, gently rubbing her back. "I'm glad you are free to live you life, but doing this too much is only going to cut it shorter. You seem like a lovely person, you have so much to live for."

She hadn't meant to upset her but that's what appeared to be the case when she got in the car to find Miss Briar in tears. She gave her some tissue and said. "For what it's worth, I don't think you're an idiot or pathetic. I think you're hurting and this is how you cope." She lightly pat her hand at a stop light. "You'll be okay." She tried to soothe. She was careful with the woman tucking her into the bunk, and get heart broke. She knew all about trying to fill or forget the holes. For a moment she was not a professional but a fellow in pain. "You'll not remember in the morning, but Dotty Already forgave you, and we don't think you're stupid for trying to make the pain stop." She gently tuck hair away from her face once Amanda was properly situated on her side. Just in case she was sick in her sleep, she didn't want her to choke on inhaled hair either. "You are a lovely woman who deserves to be happy and safe."

Maybe seeing another in pain was why she snapped, a reminder of her own pain. But she'd been honest too. It wasn't just the beat cops that talk shit when they thought she couldn't hear, her fellow detectives thought the same. Forever sad and lonely Clay. She bury herself in work, why would starting a relationship help? When she could be killed at any moment? Why risk that, making someone love you then leaving them because some crazy person rather kill cops than do time? (Answer? Everyone needs the support of loved ones.)

The uniform behind the desk hurry at her call, Clay had looked pissed and he'd rather not show up in six months dead and rotten. He brought the lady in red a bottle of water, aspirin and a travel size mouth wash. "Clay said I was to take care of you. It's about a quarter to seven am. I was going to wake you in fifteen minutes. You're free to go. Clay said you weren't a flight risk so expect a court summons in the mail. You were no combative so I'd expect AA meetings no fines." He held a bag of her personal items, including her shoes, but also a cheap pair of sneakers. The note in the right shoe was neatly written. 'Hangover with heels sucks, have some flats and don't be so mean to yourself. Hydrate and get some protein in you. It'll help. Good luck.' with a simple sketch of a smile and thumbs up emojis.

Leslie had fallen asleep eventually, and woke tired and stressed. She sat rubbing her face for a moment. Wondered about the red head. Miss Amanda Briar according to her ID. Wondered how she made it through the night, how she was, if she'd get help. Wondered if she take her advice or throw away the flats and note alike. With a yawn she Rose too start her day, shower to wake up coffee eggs bacon and toast. Then she was dressed and ready for the day, taking her motorcycle to work. Helmet under her arm she walked into the office. She was on her way to the drunk tank when the office from last night timidly said. She's already gone, left about half hour ago. Work." She grunt and turn on her heel to go to her desk. Of course the woman wouldn't hang around to be checked on, she had her own life. Stupid sad and lonely Clay. She could hear it now, detective brought in a drunk girl, arrange favors for her, poor pathetic Clay, the lady didn't even hang around to say thank you. She groan and put her head in her hands. "Get it together you stupid loser" she growl at herself before getting to work.
Oh shit. Good thing Les is a pro she'd get a nose bleed
Leslie had been sober for exactly eleven months, and hit a road block as a different anniversary came. Some cases stick with you and this one had been brutal. And she failed, so she turned away from the bar or liquor store and went to an emergency AA meeting. It wasn't her usual time or group but it helped. She was leaving the meeting when she got a phone call. "Hey Dot! How's my favorite bar tender?"

"Hey Les, I'm alright, miss your ugly mug around here. Listen, I have a favor. I know you are not a beat cop any more, but I have a 10-51. Only she's a sweetheart and celebrating a year away from an abusive ex. She party a little too hard and doesn't want to go home but I do. I don't want to get her in trouble, she's really a good girl. Just struggling." Leslie could hear her old friends stress.

"Hey hey okay calm yourself. You know me Dot, I got you. Need to get the car I'm just leaving an emergency meeting and have my bike give me twenty." Dot came back with a concerned "Oh honey are you okay. I can call the beat guys if this is a problem."

"No problems. Just anniversaries I guess. I'll be there." And she was. Entering the bar wasn't an issue, she came by for coffee sometimes too chat and play some pool. The smell didn't make her thirty or sick like it used to. She could almost reclaim this space as hers without the link to booze. She didn't need Dotty to point out here party gal, they were the only two people left in the bar.

At the strangers words she offer a soft smile, "No of course you haven't done anything wrong, but I still need you to come with me. Will you do that for me?" She was soft and gentle, ready to catch the drunk woman should she over balance. "See Dotty here is tired and wants to go home now. So will you come with me please? I'll take you someplace you can be safe and sleep off the hangover. How'd that sound?" She refrain from using terms of endearment, thanks to Dots comment about a toxic ex. It would do no good to trigger the young lady.

As with any none aggressive drunk she was gentle and talked her into letting Les take her away. She didn't cuff the woman, there was no need for that. Just gentle guiding hands to get her to her car and soft voice as she let her know she's going to put her seat belt on. She offer an unopened bottle of water even though she's had her drink a glass in the bar. "Okay, if you start to feel sick hug this bucket for me please?" This was her personal car and she didn't really want to clean vomit out.

Once they had made it to the station she was again soft hands and gentle voice, as she took her to the drunk tank, there was no one in the ladies so she was able to settle the woman on a bunk and got her a blanket and bucket. "Alright. Now you just rest here. It gets better, it takes time but all things do. It's worth working for. Someday you will be happily and safely in love with someone who will worship you. Just hang in there." She tuck her in and left.

In the paper work she detailed that the pick up was extremely agreeable and nonviolent. But judging by Dots concern, she added that some therapy might be helpful. She'd been thinking psychiatric therapy, not alcoholism therapy. The uniform manning the desk asked so she answered, "oh she wasn't causing problems, just an old friend who was ready to go home and didn't want to bother you guys with a boring pickup. Dotty knows you boys like the rowdy pick ups. But be nice to get will ya? She's been through the ringer. Give me a call if you do have problems though Sean. I'd rather handle it if she's upset, my fault she's here type deal. If she gets abusive you don't deserve it."

"You are an odd one Clay you know that?" She smirked

"Course I do. Gotta keep you lot on your toes don't I? If I was 'normal' I wouldn't be nearly as good at my job." She'd said normal in a bored drawl.

"Maybe but you wouldn't be single anymore." He grumped then gulped because the look on the detectives face was a cross of hurt and murder "wait Les I di-"

"You all think I don't hear you whispering about poor old Clay, girl just can't get it together. Going to be sad and lonely til some smuck gets lucky and kills her. Ever think I'm perfectly okay with that and just counting the days till someone gets fucking lucky?" Sean the big mouth uniform cringe then recoil when her offer of aid was withdrawn "and I take it back, if she gets angry and abusive don't call me. She's your job to protect. I find a hair out of place, I'll have your job are we clear uniform?" What he said had hurt her when she was already struggling, she didn't normally attack like this but he'd crossed a line. Calling her out for being odd didn't matter she liked that about herself, but calling out her emotional struggle was uncalled for and it took her back to the streets where she had to hide everything about herself to be safe. She should be safe feeling sad and lonely in her place of work, but apparently that wasn't the case because she hadn't exaggerate. She had literally heard those words spoken by coworkers. Leaving the station she really wanted a drink again. But it was late... Or very early, and her mentor was out of town. She drove home and climbed out onto the fire escape with her pipe and a bag of weed, and found herself wondering about the redhead.
That's my girl. Lol I'll try and fix it after work. They running my ragged. Hiding in the bathroom for a minute.
Okay I can't figure out photos on my phone but my fave claim is Chyler Leigh, specifically as Alex Danvers from Supergirl.

Leslie Marie Clay
Age: 30
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: doesn't matter if you try to pick me up I'll shoot you
Build: lean mean fighting machine

~* Detective, recovering Alcoholic, lonely*~

Leslie grew up in a small town where everyone was in everyone's business. Her parents worked all the time and she did her best for her kid brother. Small Town didn't mean small troubles, there was a huge drug problem, people overdosed on the regular. Les did her best to protect her brother, her friends from those drugs. But it didn't matter, she didn't know who was selling it. When she and her closeted girl friend were discovered, she lost Almost everything.

Her Catholic father couldn't have a lesbian for a daughter, she was no child of his. Mom couldn't understand what happened to her good little girl, it didn't matter that she'd not changed it was who she'd always been. Her girlfriend commit suicide, unable to face the community next to her. The people she thought where her friends turned their backs on dirty lez. The only person who still talked to her was the brother she practically raised. But it wasn't enough, she broke.

At 15 she was kicked out of her home, her family, her community with next to nothing. Single black and a zip lock baggy of cash stolen from the vacation jar and shoved into her chest by her brother as father forced her out. At least she been dressed warmly when they found out, she started walking.

Living on the streets wasn't easy. She'd once thought that she wanted to go into socal work, help people in need. But the things she saw as a street person? It changed her in a drastic way. Rather than help the suffering she wanted to punish those who caused it. A teenage vigilante wasn't very effective though she did learn all the dealers and what they sold.

Her life changed when a new homeless lady moved into her area. Homeless folk could be dangerous, so Leslie avoid her new bridge buddy, needing to sus out of she was a safe one or did she need to move again. The woman want a crazy, turned out she was under cover due to a spike in homeless deaths. (Oh that might be old man stone, he's off his rocker most of the time but sometimes he gets this look sometimes. Like doctor jekyll and mr hyde. His postures change and everything I stay away from him.) By this point she was 18 and offended a chance to change her life and get justice for the people others hurt.

She got her GED, graduate top of her class at the police academy and joined a department as a beat cop. She was good at her job, dedicated might as well have been married to it. Some chicks thought it was hot, until she got hurt on the job. So she turned to a bottle for comfort instead, trying to forget how she used to be. Soft affectionate, always hugging and cuddling with family and friends. She'd not asked for a hug since living on the streets and gotten very few in any relationship. Drinking made her forget she was lonely. Let her sleep.

After making detective it only got worse. To the point she put herself at risk. It was her off day and she'd been feeling some sort of way so was day drinking, when a contract called with a lead for her. Thankfully she'd called her partner with the details as she drive to the site. Because it had been a trap and being impaired got her shot. Thankful her partner wasn't far behind and saved her ass. Then reported it. She was suspended and required to go to AA meetings.

She may have traded one vice for another, but at least the devil's lettuce was legal here. And she was coming up on a year sober soon.
Howdy howdy
So I've been around the roleplay scene for quite a while, since about '04.... Oh I'm showing my age and now I feel old. Closing in on 20 years, with nothing to show for it! Okay that's a lie. I like to believe I make good characters and plots, even if I have grammar and spelling errors (most of which are autocorrect I missed correcting)

I'm not really into anything with a phallus, if it comes to romance. Fellas you want a ride or die best friend who kicks ass and takes names later? Who will sit an make comments about other ladies at the bar, but if you say something off color she'll smack you upside the head?' I'm down, otherwise this is not the roleplayers you are looking for.

Otherwise I like to think I'm flexible? Turns out I'm not as flexible as I thought. I have some other hang ups I'll put in more detail in my search thread later. Hmmm what else might be important here...

I guess mentioning I'm not all there in the head, my job is exhausting, frustrating and my personal hell so sometimes I go ghost to hide away. But I always come back. Currently not a single one of my electric devices want to with properly so I'm kinda spotty on when I can get on line.

Case and point I need to charge my phone so that's it for now
Ohhh how would Amanda appreciate a gentle woman? Not the condescending type, but opens doors, might pull out a chair. and offers a hand in situations where one might need help (male and female)

Mmm... I'm not the reporter type buuuuut what if whoever she works for gets am interview with a reporter, taller athletic type maybe they have designed something she's likely to use as an investigative journalist.... Nah I don't like that one and I'd lean it towards apocalypse anyway.


Oh oh day drinking buddies?! Still taller and athletic only she got out of a bad relationship too, only in her cause it was her girl calling her abusive and running away. So she day drinks trying to figure out if she's abusive. (Hint, she's not really unless sharing your feelings of unhappiness and discontent with life is abuse)
So they meet in a bar day drinking, I'd say it would start casual, just sitting at the bar together maybe making some comment about what's on the TV's. Could be news sports some random tv shows. (The late night cartoon station was on in this strip club I went to one so we could have anything playing for conversation starters)

Or what if your gal gets picked up for drunk and disorderly and ends up in the drunk tank with a sulking drunk who's butt hurt at her Co workers 'i wasn't gonna do anything Geoff I'm just drunk!' when she's brought to the drink tank to sober up turns to mumbles 'if I was actually freaking suicidal all I'd have to do is go to a shoot out without my vest come on guys the view is better on the roof away from the street lights.' she just wanted to look at the vastness of space and think about how there has to be someone out there that would pick her, despite her alcoholic tendency, because then maybe she wouldn't need to drink. If she could get her mind to stop because of cuddles instead of booze her liver would thank her.
Aaaahhh saw Alycia and was gay. Lol. I'd actually like to play with Annie if she's interested in having some girls to interact with. Traveling band of lone wolves who don't answer to the leader but they follow her with the knowledge she'll keep them safe but won't make any demands like an alpha would. They come through town, the not alpha comes to the pack asking to be allowed on the land for a while, as they need to rest and work for money as any other transient might?

Maybe they pass by each other at the pack house or maybe Annie runs into one of the not pack in town and freaks. (I'd say it was one of the few males in the not pack so Annie won't like him right away but his distress brings his not alpha(they are totally a pack just without the titles and roles) who tries to get Annie to relax as they are not there for trouble) or maybe one of the young females who still gets the not alpha.
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