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Current "I'm an actor. I will say anything for money." -- Also Charlton Heston
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Starting up a preimum service of content from actors like Radcliffe, Day-Lewis, Bruhl, and Craig. Calling it OnlyDans.
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Please, guys. The status bar is for more important things... like cringe status updates.
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Gotta love people suddenly becoming apolitical when someone is doing something they approve of.
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Deleting statuses? That's a triple cringe from me, dog.


None of your damn business.

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Sorry, folks. Got busy with real life. If anyone wants to apply I'll call for a few more apps to go up and we'll get started on the IC thread
Alright, so I'm going to give it another 24 hours with these last two sheets and see if anyone else applies. If they don't then we have our team
@Byrd Man Hey there GM!

I worked on my Harley sheet over the course of a couple days and a couple of abilities I had in mind, slipped my mind. Can I run some changes by you, if that's okay?

One of them is Resistant to Poison and Toxin: A mixture of being dunked in acid to make her skin white and also a benefit of her 'friendship' with Poison Ivy has made her immune system and skin resistant to acid and poison.

And the other is PhD in Psychology: Harley went to medical school and is a Psychologist. Not only is she crazy, but she's basically fully cognizant of how and why. And with enough time and conversation she can get a good read on other people's "major malfunctions" too.

I should also probably add something in there about playing up her Jewishness and her Brooklynlyness because I think those are very endearing and good traits about her.

That's fine.

Also, @rocketrobie2 I'm gonna say any kind of Lantern on the Suicide Squad is a bit overpowered.
Gonna say that Clayface, Harley, Solomon Grundy, and Eraser are all APPROVED. I'll update the roster probably tomorrow.

I think I'll allow for one or two maybe more roster additions before we lock it in
Roster is also updated
I think Zebra-Man is fine. I'm just trying to find a good balance of characters. They all can't be cannon fodder
Figure I ought to throw this out there before sitting down and making the character sheet, the character I plan on playing out of the three I was deciding between, The Faceless Hunter (aka Chun Yull), is a very weird alien villain from the Silver Age. I don't plan on making him very goofy (he's a pretty serious character, just has that silver age corniness about him), and I definitely don't intend to be comic relief, but he is a bit of an odd character as a default.

So question @Byrd Man: is that going to go against the tone you're looking for? I'd definitely be able to make him more serious than he's originally portrayed, but I can totally understand if a faceless alien warlord from the silver age isn't a good fit.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'd also be reducing how many powers he has, since he was a prime example of the early Silver Age mindset of "give the villain whatever powers he needs for the story to work."

Yeah I'd recommend going a slightly different route.

Also, Vertigo, Onomatopoeia, and Grifter are approved.

Cole Cash Ex-Soldier and Freedom Fighter 31 Chicago
C H A R A C T E R C O N C E P T:

"I play with knives. I work with a gun."

Cole is a disgraced Army Ranger who was faced with a dishonorable discharge after he ended up fighting his superiors in the field, refusing orders and putting his squad in harms way to do what he thought was right. Including punching his commanding officer in the face. After the military spit him out he went back to his criminal ways, trading in pickpocketing for the art of grifting, becoming a fierce conman before his life took an even more unfortunate turn. Aliens.
The Daemonites gave him their psychic powers, making Cole a low-level telepath and telekinetic. But, more importantly it allowed him to sense them despite their shapeshifting abilities and it allowed him to mount a one man war against a unseen threat. Seven years ago, Cole Cash aka The Grifter was Interpol's most wanted for his world-wide killing spree. Including an attempteded hits on Green Arrow, Black Canary and Martian Manhunter. Cole surrendered after he killed the leader of the Daemonite invasion force, the one that had replaced his own brother, Max. He's spent five years in prison for 22 murders, no one believes that he did it to protect the planet.

A B I L I T I E S:

"The Most Dangerous Man Alive": Cole is a world-class gunslinger, demolitions expert and general military badass. There's very few things he can't figure out how to kill someone with if he so decides. The moniker 'world's most dangerous' was something he earned after the authorities that tried to stop his Alien murdering-spree ended up unsuccessful and he killed the alien that posed as a special agent with the FBI.

Conman: You can't bullshit a bullshitter, and there's few that can bullshit Cole Cash.

Psychic powers: Granted the psychic abilities of a race of evil dominators of societies seems like a bit of a burden to bear for anyone. It's not become much easier with time, especially not after Cole ended up being their most wanted and he managed to fight back the deamonite invasion with the help of some friends. Now he's stuck with being able to hear people's stray thoughts and lift small objects with his mind. He's no manhunter, but being able to sense someone's inclinations makes a standoff a lot less likely to turn to shit. The same shit that's gonna blow his psychic brains out also allows Waller to neutralize his powers whenever she or whoever's in charge at any given time to do so. A mind reader's no fun if your brain is classified.

C H A R A C T E R M O T I V A T I O N S & G O A L S:

I like Cole's story because he's a raving lunatic, or at least that's the way he ends up being percieved. He's fighting a bloody crusade against a threat only he can seem to perceive. He's classically not a villain, and frankly he's barely an anti-hero but that's because his story's rarely taken out of it's very narrow context. Cole's crusade leads to him killing senators, police chiefs and millionaires, it doesn't matter that he's right if he can't really prove it, and he'd end up in jail for that eventually. Putting him on the Suicide Squad gives him a chance to get back to his own personal roots of being a soldier and doing what he's told, and hopefully making the world a better place. Once he works off his multiple life sentences with the squad, he wishes to retire to a quiet hunting cabin in the mountains and just live as far away from anyone else and their thoughts as possible.

C H A R A C T E R N O T E S:

Weapon Caches: Cole went on a 14 month rampage across the U.S. And during which he setup multiple weapon caches inside of the country. He also used to be part of the black ops team 7, and therefor knows of their caches in areas where he did missions back in his army days. Guy'll be armed pretty much all of the time with anything from a .45 to a bazooka.

Cole has very little issue with Waller or Flag turning off his powers. He appreciates the peace and quiet. He doesn't appreciate the bomb that comes with the off-switch, though.

Cole's very excited to kill neo-nazis.

R E L A T I O N S H I P S:


Finally our first sheet.
Also, synopsis for the first mission is up in the second post. Hopefully that will get some creative juices flowing.
What's The Fred movie?
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