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Buteo, also known by other bird names, I'm a guy who likes birbs.

And fantasy, I do love me some fantasy.

Just a simple dude who likes roleplaying, writing, heavy metal, birdwatching 'n skating. Working on becoming an aviator for peak bird.

Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger, gimme a PM!

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Peace was well known to the skies for the length of the Empire, but as its original purpose is forgotten, so its power begins to wane.

The winged folk perch upon the precipice of change, where our gaze meets the horizon of cataclysm. The Locusts had left the frontiers sundered and desolate, and beyond those borders, came invaders and raiders. The Kalkordian Empire was well to re-enter its period of founding, upon fire and injustice, except, its death looming upon its pressures.

That was when from the depths, creatures unseen beyond legends were called to bring the final strike.

The end times are upon the skies, but it is well known a birdfolk will never lose their sense of stubbornness, against a cruel wind.

Hi, I'm Buteo/Warhawk, and I'm looking for partners in a 1x1 in my own fantasy world. This is primarily a fantasy world focusing on avian characters, akin to Aarakocra or Rito. (Generally centered around this species, but I may allow a different humanoid or beast race depending on circumstance) The story follows characters within the backdrop of what seems to be an unfolding apocalypse - the shifting of a peaceful era, to one of war.

The Kalkordian Empire had been the keeper of peace across the known world for multiple centuries, until forces unknown to the common citizen brought it to heel, and the new era of cataclysm bearing down upon its sphere.

The story will focus on characters, finding themselves in significant roles throughout this crisis, either by their own will, or unwittingly. The tone is generally dark, but leaning still towards high fantasy, with emphasis of elements based on magical horror, as well as struggle against a changing world.

Generally I write semi-lit, one paragraph to multiple paragraphs. I like focusing on both wide-sweeping adventure and character development, as well as using multiple characters. World is also an important aspect for me. I am open to romantic plots, but ultimately larger plot comes before that.

Below are a couple of prompts for characters that I would play. I like MxF pairings the most, but I am also opening to playing any character.

The Disavowed

Silver For The Moon

An Imperial Affair

Of course, I have a lot more ideas for both characters, plots, and prompts, and if you have your own, I'd be happy to hear them!

If you're interested, please feel free to DM me. I primarily write on discord, so that is what I expect, but let me know if you wish to write on this website or elsewhere.

Good day, fellow bird.
For the whole length of the cycle, even the eldest of us all can remember when the world was split into two, those who live on the floating isles, and those who live on the surface. Even when everyone has wings, the wind finds a twisted way to be cruel to those who ride it. As the ancient saying goes, 'As the broken wing beats, the wind grows ever stronger.'

In the early days when the birdfolk returned to the isles, and the sun once more lit the sky, a series of guardians awoke from their slumber, the titans of stone and magic sundering what was already a wasteland into a ruin. That was when four stood up to the four titans, slaying them and absorbing their power into their immortal, phoenix souls. As far as many from the surface are concerned, there is one true faith of four named Sath, Orus, Lixia and Draus, languishing in their temples, their divine minds on matters beyond our comprehension.

The isles, however, came host to a way of life dictated by magic, and its active practice and discovery. Its height made magic, such as wind control and teleportation helpful to fly to, or between them. Guilds and Broods of mages control the floating isles, rejecting the four, and instead wishing to study in peace above the lands that the titans once laid waste to. Yet even in this calmness, the isles found these guilds to be rather quarrelsome with each other, such that any attempt to rule over the isles will only find a fools gambit in both a visible and invisible war between the many guilds, of the many isles.

Times have changed, however. The birdfolk travel between the surface and the isles more than ever before, and for the ages that the eternal conflicts and tension has existed between them all, there seems to be more change on the horizon. Perhaps an age to determine the supremacy of the floating isles and the rule of magic, or the rule of physical divinity amongst those who wish for fairer, stable winds against the howling chaos.

In this land of Kalkordia, where talons stretch to the sky, there are stories amongst its avian inhabitants, of what their own flights will bring in this trying, strange time.


Hello, this is an ad for a 1x1 my own universe, Kalkordia, a high fantasy setting with a focus on its main race - the windward and winged Birdfolk. A world I've put much lore and worldbuilding into, I'd love to tell stories and adventures within, and help expand farther with a partner.

Onto characters, both of us will be playing birdfolk characters, and depending on the prompt, either from the chaotic floating isles, or from the rough, hostile landscape of the surface below. Essentially, they're Aarakocra, or Rito, but with wings on the back, and take their appearances off of whatever real world bird, or strange set of characteristics they're born with.

Here are a few prompts I've thought of, feel free to pick one or propose some sort of combination between them.


The Fifth Titan: A curious scholar from the isles glides down to the surface one day, in search of a guide or a companion to help them on a long journey they've been proposing. With a low voice, wary of any "defenders of the faith" nearby, they speak of a revelation through a complicated tie of historical record and knowledge - there is a fifth Titan, of the same ones that the four physical gods took their form from. Perhaps even more. It either lies asleep, or is a much more peaceful beast than its siblings, but either way, they seem to be offering a hefty sum for safe passage, and protection on the dangerous surface of Kalkordia. Thus, both embark on a journey to discover more about the world around them, and forgotten history, yet, whispers soon travel, and soon enough, many who wish to stop them, or follow them to the source of this 'Fifth Titan.'

Falling Skies: It was almost immediately when everything in your life began crashing down - quite literally. On a clear day, your island began falling towards the ground, breaking a cracking apart at the seams as it headed for the surface. Panic and chaos soon overcame the entire sky, and archipelago on the disaster happening before their very eyes. You're left without almost everything, as you settle on a small rock on the ocean, watching it all crash down. You swear that whoever did this, or whatever caused this fall - you'll find them, and they'll meet their judgement at the behest of your own talons.

Migration: You're from the surface, and you know well the dangers of the surface. Deadly fauna, not to mention flora as well. The worst, is the many who take to marauding the skies of the surface for any bit of bloody survival they can muster. Yet, you have a set destination in mind. Perhaps you're a pilgrim, a performer, or have a letter from and old family member or friend calling for your presence. Either way, you need an escort. And a good one. You chose to go with the one that looked the most like they were from the floating isles. Perhaps a stop in the sky might help to keep you alive longer...and with the way that some of the "enforcers" of the faith have been acting, a bit of skywards charm might help to smooth things over. Hopefully. If your journey doesn't go violent...

Of course, that's just a few. If I come up with any more prompts, I'll let you know, and if you have your own ideas feel free to express them.


In terms of pairing, I don't mind, really, I'm an open book when it comes to it, but my favorite pairing is a good platonic male and female pairing. Whether just really strong friends, or siblings or cousins, whatever if is, that's what I like. I am also fine with roleplaying romance, but generally plot comes first.

You're free to create a birdfolk to your heart's content, whatever bird you want, we can probably make it work. I am also open to explain more lore or details to help make a character in this universe as well. So yeah, basically if you like worldbuilding and cool stories about bird people, hit me up.

I prefer discord, but threads are fine too. Whatever you prefer. Lengthwise I go from semi-lit to literate, usually depending on if I'm introducing a scene or area, but generally I'm fine with most lengths as long as it isn't a one liner, nor in bad grammar. Whatever you need to get the point across.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to RP some fantasy avians with you!
I like Gahoole too! @Buteo

Sick. I don't know if there's any RP groups for it here but if you ever feel like you want to RP that world - let me know, heh.
Hey! Wings of Fire is awesome, nothing weird about that!

I'm more partial to Ga'hoole and Summer King Chronicles, however, when it comes to YA creature fantasy.

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