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"Sadly, as dragon masters and a descendent of the hero of Ransai and the brother of Nobunaga Oda respectively, you're probably destinated to fight him again. Though I suspect this time will be for real, no disguises, no hidden location. Just one all out battle between two powerful dragon masters" Serina told them. "Well, we know he's waiting for us in Sinnoh, probably hidden somewhere in Mt Coronet. We know he seeks Arceus but we don't know when and where he could strike" Zerina said. "Well, maybe once we rescue our sisters and end the pouchers operation here in Galar, it will all be much clearer" Charmcaster suggested in a motherly tone to her sister.

“I can’t stand people who use Pokémon for evil,” Liam said. “I guess my Pokémon and I will have to be ready when that time comes. But, for now let’s get the current matter resolved and clear the Beserk Gene”
"'Nigal,' that's one person I hoped to never see again." Liam commented.
Liam also watched to ensure that this cure worked.
Liam stretched his arms before beginning to head back to where the cure was being made.
"Well, we should probably head on over there then, huh?" Liam said.
It's been so long, I don't even remember what the next story point is.
I have sad Pokemon-related news: I got this info from Michele Knots, the voice of Jessie, Dawn's Piplup, as well as a bunch of other pokemon and humans that James Carter Cathcart, a writer for the English dub of Pokemon, as well as the voice of: James, Meowth, Prof Oak, and Gary Oak, in addition to other voices has an advanced, but still treatable cancer. Hopefully, he can pull through. He's already beaten Breast Cancer in the past. The link below is to page that has more info…
"That was an interesting move," Liam commented.
"Yup, that was a very good battle," Liam agreed.
I'd say we just say it's done once the battle is over and just focus on the battle.
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