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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Location: Helheim
Skills: Sword Fighting

"I agree with Nadia, free Baldur Runa," she added to the girl, before she immediately glanced over at Betty, and saw that the cat had around 5 dragurs climbing on top of her. "HEY GET OFF OF MY CAT!!!!!" she yelled at them, before she instantly charged right at the dragurs that were on her. Nope, nu uh, no one was going to mess with her cat that way and get away with it! That was just plain rude attacking a poor kitty cat like that. Then again the cat currently was a bit more deadly then she usually was. Unless you counted when Betty would hide under her bed with a knife in her mouth and sort of slash it around a little bit.

She managed to get the dragurs off of Betty which was a good thing! "Get off of my cat and stay off!" she snapped at them, clearly more then a little bit annoyed as she once more went on the offensive. Betty was following her lead and started pouncing on the monsters, while she slashed at them. It was working out fairly well though, at least now it was. Klara managed to slash through and take out three more of the dragurs, while Betty with her pouncing and biting managed to take down an additional two.

Jack Gold

Location: ???
Skills: N/A

Jack just nodded his head at the prisoners, but what he didn't expect was when one of them decided to give him a hug. It was more then a bit random, that was for certain. It made him wonder how long the group had been locked up and trapped in that cellar turned dungeon. It was a bit strange, but oh well, not like he could really say or do anything to change what was going on with them or anything like that. Things were going to remain interesting, that much was obvious, but he'd have to wait and see.

He followed along after the group as they carefully headed out of the basement, and headed more for the back door as opposed to just waltzing out the front. Made sense in his brain, when suddenly he heard the sounds of a door opening and he glanced over to look as the others hid behind various pieces of furniture. Just looking at the door, it seemingly just opened of its own accord, with no one there to turn the knob or push it ajar. It really was the strangest thing, but maybe it hadn't been latched all the way and the wind pushed it open maybe?

Rosalia Rider

Location: Camelot
Skills: N/A

All of the talk was getting to be a bit boring in her mind. To Rosalia, it would be a hell of a lot more fun if there was chaos or something for them to do aside from just going on a stroll through the forest. Things were getting to be somewhat boring, but then again there was the whole talk about turning invisible which to her seemed a bit amusing. She was now wondering if they'd be able to see each other, or their own hands in front of their faces. It was an interesting thought to cross her mind.

"Well isn't everything going surprisingly well... I keep expecting something to go horribly wrong at this point, maybe we have a little bit of luck after all, aside from the fishtail incident of course," she muttered under her breath after the spell was cast, and followed along after the group towards the wall surrounding the rather large house. She just mainly continued following after them, figuring that hopefully someone would come up with more of a plan for what they were going to do once inside the house and once they are through the back door.

Marygold Isley, Jason and Janelle Gauger

Location: Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

Mary looked over at Stella and gave her a bit of a smile, "Yep, looks like you're another daughter of Demeter. Probably should have guessed from the plant thing," she commented. Yup, another half sibling for her to have hanging around that was for sure. It could be fun, who knew, Stella was a bit of an oddball when it came to her personality, at least that was going to make things interesting. Of course at the moment there wasn't really all that much to really do, at least for the moment.

"Wow, that's cool that you are a daughter of Demeter. Sounds like you'll have lots of fun with that," Janelle commented with a bit of a shrug. Personally she wasn't sure about the whole idea of having half-siblings, well aside from Jason, but with him they had been raised as siblings, so she didn't care too much with regards to it in that way. Though everyone probably saw how things were differently, and family or relatives meant something different for everyone, that's all that mattered.

Jason was just listening to the conversation, which then went towards Stella and her godly parent who turned out to be the goddess Demeter. Well that was an interesting thing that popped up, she got claimed somewhat quickly it would see, so the gods weren't too busy to pay attention to their demigod children it would seem. Of course given the fact that Apollo was in the camp at the moment, it made him wonder what was going on with them. Then came them bringing up a fight of some sort, "Wait Manticore?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Yup, a manticore. It was chasing after her and the saytr that led her here, I went charging in, it wasn't anything really. And the roman girl she mentioned was ugh Leandra, who started driving me made and more or less ended up insulting the camp and how things were ran here, this after the fight where she wanted to essentially fall back and maybe leave the manticore alive and wandering around outside the border, she was driving me insane, and made a few other comments that made me want to stab her." Mary explained with a slight shrug.

"A manticore? That sounds like a cool fight to have been a part of. From the sounds of it it was an interesting fight, and one that happened while we were here at first. At least the monster isn't around anymore to cause problems though for us at the moment right?" Janelle said with a smile, turning her head to face the direction of Stella's voice.

"Yeah, it's gone. Stella here helped out way more then Leandra did by wrapping them up in vines and letting me have an easier time killing the monster."

"Wow, that's awesome!" she said happily, still smiling from what she was hearing with regards to the fight.

"It's always fun to get into a fight of some sort when you first get here. That kind of happened to us, our first introduction to this place was when we were brought here by a saytr and a bunch of monsters started attacking. No better way to get used to what all tends to happen around here then getting thrown right into the middle of it right?" Jason commented with a bit of a shrug. Yeah, he and Janelle had been running from a larger swarm of monsters then just one, and that fight also resulted in Janelle needing a new cane since she bashed one over the head with her old on and it bent.

Guina I'm fine, just a little tired and dizzy, Pietro said to her mentally.

"You do realize I essentially just asked that question right? I am surrounded by idiots," she responded towards Bethany with a bit of an eye roll. There was a reason she was instantly messing with the nearest panel, not like she hadn't at least somewhat thought this through. Of course, she wasn't really the planner type, nope that sort of person was Mary. She was the type who just dove headfirst into things, she also figured that there was no way that Mary would have technically been able to deal with all of this and move super quickly on the fly, like jumping down essentially 3 stories to mess with something or whatever.

She rolled her eyes at Guin now, "Look genius, there are 20 panels on the wall that all look identical, and no one can go through that many, we are just looking for a big battery to yank the plug, you can't do that all on your own, you are stuck, so instead of saying Oh, I've got this I don't need anyone else we actually try to yank as many panels open as possible! Oh, and also wall of vines, at least protects us from some of the gun fire on our level, but that's just something you might want to consider while you sit there with your gigantic ego." She hated Guin, and had no idea really how too many people could actually deal with being in the same room as her, though now it would be more plainly obvious since the three of them were right by each other that yup, Mary was not the one calling the shots at the moment.

"Just look for a big battery it stands out like a sore thumb should be around there somewhere!" Rocket called back to them.

"I am Groot."

"Shut up Groot, apparently they decided to add more electrical panels to cause problems for people who aren't idiots to try and pull the plug. It is still down there, I know that one for sure!"

Chrysi was instantly messing with a panel, managing to yank it open and see what was beyond it, unfortunately for her, it just seemed like a simple security panel and not actually a panel with a rather large looking battery. "Damn it, well onto the next one I guess," she muttered, before she took the time to strengthen her wall of plant life and thorns. It was actually somewhat impressive to see how much she managed to create just from the initial tree branch that she had gotten from Groot.

The shots fired down their way bounced off of it for the most part, aside from one shot. That laser fire managed to punch a hole straight through the wall and hit her in the arm. "Damn it," she said again, before she used her powers to patch up the hole in the wall.

Meanwhile, upstairs where everyone else was, a group of guards was heading their way, guns drawn, and they instantly started firing again, well, more of continuing to fire off at them. Lance actually got somewhat in the way of the gun fire though, preventing them from actually hitting the group. Guess it paid to have someone who could take a bunch of gun fire though, so that was nice.

The group up above seemed to be having a somewhat easier time because of this sort of thing. "We might want to head upstairs, or try to head upstairs anyway, get ready for when that battery is pulled," Rocket decided to point out.

There was the sound of a commotion coming from up above, and out of nowhere there was a rather large blast that knocked several of the guards over, leaving the others to turn and started firing in the direction towards whoever had caused it. The blasts were deflected somewhat off to the side, and someone just casually walked over to the group.

"Hiya Runa, bit of chaos with a prison break huh? I did get your distress call though... So I've got good news and bad news. Good news, I have a ship for us or whatever if you need it. Bad news, the instant I got here they tried to arrest me, so not gonna be easy, which means we're going to have to stick with the prison break or whatever it is that you all have are doing," Klara said as she walked over swinging her sword casually around.

"Who the hell are you?" Quill asked her.

"Doesn't look like she's from this part of space," Gamora agreed.

"Klara, daughter of Thor and I'm from Asgard," she responded simply introducing herself. Another gun shot was heading her way, but she rather easily swung her sword up, and the sort of blaster looking fire was deflected by her sword. "Are these people even trying to arrest us or stop the chaos?" she asked, sounding a bit bored.

"Well aren't you a strange one," Quill said with a bit of a shrug, though he did take the time to go over and grab a gun off of the nearest guard, and he grabbed another one and tossed it over to Rocket.

Location: Barton Homestead
Skills: Electrical Engineering, Jack of All Trades (Engineering)

Sparky listened to what it was that was being spoken about, but then focused more intently on Cass and what it was that she wanted in her robotic eye that she was currently working on. She was glad that Cass seemed perfectly fine with adding a few fancy tools in her eye so it wasn't just entirely boring and just used for her eyesight. That sort of thing always made things way more fun then they first appeared, and it gave her a small bit of a challenge getting it all setup so that she can switch between the different settings, something she appreciated.

"Sure, I can see about doing those settings, it'll be a little bit tricky to get it so you can easily switch between the different settings, but don't worry, I always love a challenge and should be able to easily make it, so don't worry..." she said with a bit of a shrug as she started fiddling with a few things as she went. This was something that she found to be fun, and sure, she was kind of worried about what was going on with Niah, but she also knew that there wasn't anything she could do for her, so she was glad that she had the bit of a distraction from it.

Location: Barton Homestead
]Skills: N/A

He didn't say anything in particular, just smiling at the kids before they headed back to the house, which was nice, maybe they could actually find a better idea then just having a bunch of Flerkens around. Others headed for the house, but he also remembered that the others had mentioned going to the jet for the equipment and whatnot that they'd need for various projects, so he headed that way. Walking on board, he headed over and eventually saw the others. "So, we found a few Flerkens, how are things going for you guys here?" he asked.

"Actually perfect timing, something's up with Niah's leg and we were wondering if you'd look at it, partially since the injury was caused by a demon bear and all, it seems to be getting an infection," Sparky responded, not looking up from what she was doing.

"Demon bear thing right," he said as he walked over to be closer to Niah and took one look at her leg, and his face seemed to go pale. "Shit shit shit that's bad!"

Now Sparky glanced up to look at him, "What's wrong?"

"Warning agent Bautista, this is not going to be pleasant at all, but also I really need you to not move." he said to her, before looking at the others, "We need salt and to restrain her."

"Going to ask again, what's wrong."

"That's not an infection that's for damn sure. It's a demon, like an actual demon. Apparently one that likes to play with its food considering most demonic possessions happen within a matter of minutes. Which means we are going to have to do an exorcism on the fly, right now before things get worse. Demon trap maybe? Nah, we should be fine with just the salt and restraints, hopefully. Unless we want to go find a big sharpie or something..."

"...She has a demon in her leg?"

"Yeah, and one that likely will possess her soon, so I'm going to run into the house and try to find some salt, go get something that can be used to restrain her, and agent once again, I'm asking you, don't move." With those last words Alex booked it off of the jet and straight into the house. He ignored the others as he started searching around, trying to find something useful, but not telling anyone what, that is until he found it, that being some rock salt in the garage. Grabbing the bag, he headed back out, "I uh, just need to borrow some of this for the moment, so I'll be back," he called, only giving that slight explanation before he went straight back into the jet.

Sparky meanwhile had managed to find some restraints that they could use, and set them down. "So how sure are you that this will fix the problem or whatever?" she asked Alex when he came back.

"Well, like, 80% sure... But that's only because usually when you do this sort of thing typically there is a book around or something so you don't have to memorize everything... Oh and also the slight fact that there can be incidents that happen with this sort of thing, and doctor," he said, turning to look at Bonnie, "I'd recommend you being on standby since there is a chance that this goes south, since not everyone in the past has actually survived an exorcism. But then again it is better then the alternative I suppose... Though she has going for her that it hasn't possessed her yet and even if the thing did decide to it wouldn't have been possessing her for long, making this a whole lot easier... Anyway, damn still debating if a demon trap would be useful, it has been a while since I've done this sort of thing, so bear with me okay?" With those last words he went over to where Niah was and used the salt that he had found and made a decent sized circle surrounding her.

Location: Skrull Ship
Skills: N/A

Flynn nodded, glad that after her correcting Maria about what likely was what she had meant, that the princess seemed to have gotten somewhat distracted by his question about how things had been like before all of this had happened. It was a good thing to distract her, since it was clear that she was a bit of a pacifist really, and didn't like violence at all. Then, of course, the worse case scenario decided to happen as they ran into a group of Skrulls who were rather decently armed. However, they weren't... Attacking? This was a bit weird, but things made sense when they asked them what the princess was doing out of confinement.

Of course, Maria could do her thing where she borrowed Anelle's powers and could shapeshift into a Skrull to talk to the guards. That wasn't something he could do, so he really hoped that they wouldn't find it odd that he didn't shapeshift into a Skrull to talk with them or whatever. Flynn nodded their way, before following Maria as she more or less dragged Anelle away from the group. "...Well that was a close call," he whispered to Maria as they left the guards behind them, and he really hoped that they weren't going to be followed.

Jack, Miranda, and Zari

Location: Emma Frost Memorial Hospital - Terrigen Ward -> Outside the Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing Complex
Skills: N/A

"Maman, arrête juste d'accord, elle peut me crier dessus si elle le veut, honnêtement j'ai arrêté de m'en soucier si elle l'a fait il y a un moment," Jack said towards his mother who was there. He truthfully had stopped arguing or fighting over it, not too sure what else he could do about it. "Et pour ne pas mentionner, je n'ai pas vraiment besoin que tu me défendes." There were better things to really do at this point then to just follow along and see what happens with everything.

Miranda was a bit unsure of what to say given the conversations. Of course she knew exactly what SHIELD agent they were referring to, but she wasn't really wanting to say anything out loud to them. It was a bit odd to hear them just casually talking about getting a hold of him, but she didn't very much want to let everyone know what fully was going through her head. Maybe she'd talk to Ellie later about it, her mind found it a bit strange, but she was still silent, as she glanced over at the girl who was threatening to kill people.

"Nope nope nope! They deserve to get severely injured or lose a limb at the very least!!!" Zari instantly snapped, clearly not too thrilled with this still. Why was everyone okay with random people messing with her things? Just why? They were her things, no one else's, and they were all just sort of brushing it off! "No one can mess with my things, since they are mine and the robots are the most important things to me so how the hell do you get the right to let someone else fucking mess with them???" Yeah, she was definitely not happy.

Those robots mean literally everything to her, well, aside from her sword and maybe her fancy watch. But Mr. Eyeball who was with her now was the first thing she had truly built with her mother, and Mr. Jaws was the first robot that she had started to build all on her own without any real help. They meant a lot, and the idea of others even touching them when she wasn't around was enough to freak her out. It wasn't really the idea of her having to fix them, it was the idea of what if something happened, and they broke, and she couldn't fix it, or at least in Mr. Eyeball's case a full on memory wipe. Cause then she'd lose her closest friends anywhere.

"Well let's get going then for the bit of a tour then," Miranda said as everyone headed outside of the hospital finally. In her opinion the place was starting to feel a small bit crowded, namely from the arguing and everything that seemed to be going on internally with the group of sorts. It was better to be out and about, enjoying the fresh air as opposed to being stuck inside. Things were going alright, at least for the moment, which she supposed was a good thing, it did provide a bit of a distraction it would seem.

"You kind of get used to everything..." Jack commented as everyone seemed to be busy taking in the surroundings. It wasn't all that surprising, Genosha was beautiful, even if a few things that were going on were a bit questionable. He still remembered what it had been like for him to look around at the place at first, and that probably was going to stick with him for a while yet. Of course, he fell silent and stood back a little ways, just letting the others head off first and sort of look around, he was just watching how the others were reacting to everything.

"Honestly? Never really thought about going on vacation anywhere. Usually I was off doing something else and was too busy to even think about vacations, either that or bad memories associated with typical vacation spots, like Hawaii, even though I'm from there." she commented to Ben.

Location: Helheim
Skills: Sword Fighting

Klara wasn't too thrilled with being attacked by the dragurs, nope not at all. Her arm was definitely a bit sore at this point, but luckily it didn't seem to be too serious. "Oh, I'm fine," she said rather matter of factly towards Nadia, "You?" Reaching her hand up to pet the cat on her shoulders, she rubbed the runes along Betty's armor, and the cat leapt off of her shoulder, and by the time she landed on the ground the cat had grown to the rather large size yet again, "Alright Betty, what do you say we see about having some fun?"

With that she instantly swung her sword at the nearest dragur, easily taking it down, before whirling around and taking out another one. The cat went into pouncing mode, and landed on and killed 3 dragurs on her own. Klara went on the attack once more and cut off the arm of another one, but it was still living, when she went for the slice again it moved and this time she cut off it's other arm. "Why can't you just stay dead!" she said angrily, before her next swing missed entirely. "You know what, screw this, Betty mind taking him out?" she said with a wave, and the cat pounced and killed the dragur that she had injured.

Jack Gold

Location: ???
Skills: N/A

Jack wasn't too sure what exactly was going on, aside from the fact that his father was deciding to threaten people, hand him a knife, and then left the area. Not like Jack was going to actually do anything really threatening, he found that that sort of thing never tended to work out. In the good cop, bad cop scenario he tended to lean more towards the good cop side of things. Once his father was out of the room, Jack more or less just tossed the knife to the side ignoring it's existence. "...So how did you all end up down here anyway?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Rumple somehow got his hands on some sort of artifact, we don't know what it does but he kept it in his room. Thinking that it was something bad we decided to hide it somewhere outside the grounds."

That explained things, if his father had his hands on any sort of fancy artifact it likely wasn't going to be used for anything good. "...I don't blame you for hiding it, if I'm honest I wouldn't trust him with anything..."

“You need to let us out of here.”

"Yeah was already thinking that before you mentioned it, give me one moment," he said to them, before going over and looking to see how best to open up the cells. It didn't take him too long in order to do it, and he released the group of them. "Alright, you need to get out here, and fast."

Rosalia Rider

Location: Camelot
Skills: N/A

Well this sort of traveling was kind of getting just a little bit boring in her mind. Of course nothing really was happening aside from Sierra deciding to sprout a fish tail in the middle of dry land (well technically not so dry anymore because of the rain) and the soldiers going by too, since that also was a thing. There wasn't a whole lot going on around them, that much was for certain, but she did follow along after Merlin as he ducked under some cover and used magic to dry off Sierra and turn her tail back into legs.

"I mean not the best use of magic, but it does get rid of the need to have someone carrying her all the time," she commented with a bit of a shrug. There was the comments of how a larger group might be heading their direction, which was definitely on the list of not good things that could potentially happen. Currently anything could happen, but the idea of them being able to use some stealth and more or less sneak their way in definitely seemed like the best option. "The invisibility stealth way definitely seems like a better option then to go charging straight in."

The chaos with the prison fight continued, though Pietro looked like he was going to collapse again, "Once again, reasons why I carry a lot of food around... Wonder how long we were out before we got locked up... That might have something to do with it... You burn calories no matter" he muttered, clearly super unsteady on his feet.

Annie would find that she'd get more luck with her pyrotechnics as opposed to her hand to hand. Her punches weren't really doing a whole lot, but when she started shooting off the fireworks, things seemed to go a lot better. Annie would manage to knock out 5 prisoners near her, and the group would started having not too many more prisoners, about 15, however there was the swarm of guards heading their way. And they clearly weren't happy about Runa having ripped a guy's arm off, and instantly started firing off at them with their guns.

Of course, they seemed to be having the aim of Storm Troopers or something like that, since every single one of their shots went wide and missed the group. That then pissed Lance off a bit, as he grabbed the nearest unconscious prisoner and threw the guy with a lot of force, managing to knock several guards down like they were bowling pins. Things weren't going all too well clearly with everything, and hopefully for them Rocket would actually explain things or something like that. Since this was just a bunch of chaos, and they really needed to move on and all.

"...Did you really rip a whole guy's arm off?" Quill asked Runa, clearly surprised and maybe just a little weirded out.

"Well now clearly someone needs a new arm, maybe they can get from one of the other prisoners!" Rocket said, clearly finding the whole thing amusing.

"I am Groot."

"If I can't have a good laugh now then when Groot? So how about you stay quiet about it!" Rocket protested, before turning to look at Runa and everyone else. "AND I AM NOT A RABBIT!!!!"

"Rocket just shut up and actually explain what the hell we're doing!"

"Right right right, anyway there is a big battery we gotta pull out now, since things aren't going horribly wrong at the moment for once and we managed to keep Groot from pulling the plug to early, once that gets pulled out building goes in lockdown sort of where the power starts malfunctioning blah blah blah we actually can escape up into the watchtower up there and beat the crap out of everyone there and cause all the doors in this place to open up, causing more mayhem and a big escape can then happen, if we play the cards right, shouldn't be too hard. Might mess with the gravity again to allow us to have an easier time getting out without anyone else messing around with everything."

"And where is that battery exactly? Since you kind of seem hellbent on keeping things or pausing for dramatic effect and we already have more then enough dramatic people in our group, don't really need any more."

"Donwstairs, bottom level, should be in a panel along the wall on the far side from here."

"Now see, that's useful information for once!" she commented, before she ignored all of the fighting and turned, running and vaulting straight over the railing and down to the ground before, creating a wave of vines that broke her fall, allowing her to land safely on the ground. She glanced over at the wall that Rocket had indicated, and rolled her eyes, before looking up, and yelling up "You do realize that might have narrowed down the area, but it was definitely not very specific, there are more then a few," she called up, clearly sounding pissed off with regards to it. Guards saw her and instantly started shooting at her, and more were coming in around her. "Well now this'll be fun," she said with a smirk, before she used a nearby wall as a springboard and slammed her foot into one of the guards' head with a loud crack as the guy fell to the ground, before she created a wall of vines between her and the guards on the ground level, as she went and started messing with the nearest panel.

Jason and Janelle Gauger

Location: The Big House
Skills: N/A

Jason was more or less silent when he followed after Kristin as she continued to explain how things worked for Stella. It was easier in the long run for him to just let her explain everything, not like he was any good at that sort of thing. He really was only good at giving descriptions of things, and that was only because of the fact that his sister was blind and he was used to having to explain things to her. Of course, Stella seemed beyond curious as to how everything worked around here, and it seemed like at the moment she had some down time or whatever before chaos potentially happens to learn things.

She was following along, and using her cane to lead the way, this being since at this point Kristin was leading Stella places, and even though if she wanted to she could have held onto her brother's arm, she was more in the thought process of being independent, so she was allowing herself to lead herself around. The area was a bit warmer then she remembered it though, and that was something that she easily took notice of. "Apahllo? What does 'e look like? What's goin' on?" she asked instantly, her head tilting to the side, waiting for someone to maybe give her some sort of description.

"Well, 'e showed oehp in a fancy car in de meddle o' de dinin pavilion it looks like, blahnde 'air naht all dat surprisin 'ahnestly, just kend o' seems like a nahrmal din. o' course always goes wit de question o' why 'e's 'ere," Jason answered his sister. Sure, they had gone up to see the gods and whatnot not too long ago, but they could change their appearances on a whim if they wanted to, so her asking for a slight description wasn't all too surprising to him, he just wondered why Apollo was here.

"I mean we could joehst ask, but I dink dat wouldn't be a good idea..." she commented, as Kristin explained to Stella about how the food and plates worked. It probably seemed like an entertaining idea, actually at times all of the magic seemed to be overwhelming, but also interesting to think about. She also had already eaten food, as had Kristin and her brother, so she wondered what they should do now, aside from letting Stella get some food. Oh the adventures, especially since there apparently was a god who decided to pay a visit now.

Marygold Isley

Location: Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

She was still wondering a bit what the hell was even going on, but then when she actually stopped to notice the car and everything she realized that it only really meant one thing. It meant that Apollo had decided to pay a visit to the camp for some strange reason, and that was not necessarily a good thing. When the gods showed up it usually meant that they wanted something, or to just cause trouble. It was a bit of a toss up half the time what it was that people wanted or what, she just knew that most people didn't have the best relationships with their godly parents.

"Well this is interesting..." she muttered, before she glanced over and saw Stella with Kristin, plus Jason and Janelle, and she sent a smile her way before moving over to see them. "Hey there Stella, how's everything treating you so far?" she asked her. This sort of thing could be a bit overwhelming to people who weren't entirely used to everything. Then again, Stella wasn't quite like most usual people when she first got to camp, she knew how to use at least one of her abilities, and that wasn't just something that most new demigods knew.
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