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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Location: Outside Helgi's Office
Skills: N/A

"Magic I guess, kind of makes the universe go round in a way," Klara said with a bit of a shrug. She wasn't entirely sure more specifically what it was that could have caused that sort of thing. She wasn't entirely sure what all was going on with the group of people by the elevator, but since Runa didn't seem to really want to go over to where the crowd was, so she stayed put right by her. That is until Baldur showed up and told the group to scatter more or less. Well, to scatter except for their group, and he motioned for her and Runa to join them, so she walked over too.

Listening to what they were saying, Klara thought for a moment as to how to respond best to the question. Everyone else was already answering (aside from Runa, but she wasn't really surprised), mainly saying the exact same things. "Well if you ask me, the more people trying to figure it out, the more likely we'll be able to actually stop what's going on and fix it. Plus, going to be blunt with a lot of people when you tell them not to do something, that's just going to make them want to do it that much more. So you can get mad at us about it all you want, that's not going to fix or solve anything."
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@Morose looks good you can move the CS over
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Marygold Isley

Aliases: Bloom (formerly), Foxglove (currently)
Age: 21
Power Source: Mutant
Powers: Chlorokinesis
Personality: Mary's mental stability is very questionable at this point, and it seems like she's one step away from tipping over the edge. She's become very cold and distant, sometimes even going off by herself without anyone else. Her easy-going and laid back nature is just gone, since now she's more or less trying to mess with what Magneto is doing, with a quiet determination, and she will do it without anyone else if she has to. She'll keep going until she ends up dead.
  • Knowledge of Geography
  • Knowledge of Mutant history
  • Genetics
  • Pick-pocketing
  • Perception
  • Plant Based Attacks
  • Chloropoeia
  • Plant Swarming

Life Since the Reality Split: She blames herself for them failing, they had needed to be faster to stop Magneto, and because of that one minute difference, they lost. Mary is very different in this reality, she is far more willing to kill people (as shown when she killed Cecily immediately after the virus was released) as well as the full capabilities of her powers and to their full strength. She goes off on her own at times, and has ended up killing a few more people who fought for Magneto. Currently, she's trying to fix things, to prevent what happened from happening elsewhere, and to try and make up for her mistakes, for what happened in the city. So many people were dead, and in her mind it was all her fault. Now she'll do just about anything to try and make up for what happened.
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@Kirah Yup you can, this universe is different from the OG one, so go for it if you want to.
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Location: Earth (Various)
Time Frame: Various
Goal: Travel Around the Multiverse. See All That Could Have Been.


Time. Space. Reality. It's more than a linear path. It's a prism of endless possibility, where a single choice can branch out into infinite realities, creating alternate worlds from the one you know.

The universe is a large place, planets and galaxies scattered across it, so many lives, so many paths. The multiverse is bigger than that, a whole wide realm of possibilities stretching for all eternity. All those lives in the universe... All those possible choices that led to the present, what would have happened if something else occurred? What if a different choice had been made? Or if something that had been prevented originally happened in full effect. The realm of possibilities is endless, all I ask you...

What if?

January, 2019

As Marygold's vision slowly came back into focus, she could see an interesting sight. Nina had gotten the virus away from Cecily, which was a good thing...

As Marygold's vision slowly came back into focus, the scene that unfolded in front of her made her heart stop, and her eyes grew wide. Cecily Ashworth, the one who had created the virus initially for Magneto and had the vials in her hand managed to get over to the machine that was on the countertop, finishing up the work that she had been doing. Placing the vial into the contraption, what Mary saw happen seemed to be in slow motion. Cecily glanced towards the others for a moment, before she activated the machine after shutting the door, the vial was broken open and the spores were sent flying upwards to the sky above New York City.

One person. That's how many more people it would have taken to stop this. One person.

"No!" she screamed out, as the entire area started to shake, vines and various forms of plant life started breaking through the floor and the walls of the basement area that they were in. Suddenly one charged right at Cecily, sharpening to a point before it impaled her entirely, pinning her to the floor. She coughed a few times, before her entire body went limp, her blood pooling on the floor around her body.

Magneto looked more or less just annoyed with the fact that Mary had just killed Cecily, but only for a moment before he smiled slightly and chuckled. "It is too late, there is nothing you can do now. Within a few hours, every single human within New York City will be dead, and the city will be mine. All I have to do is sit back and wait."

"Go to hell!" Mary snapped at him, vines were starting to head for him. Magneto simply waved his hand, creating a shield of metal to protect himself from her attacks.

"One week... That is how much time you have to decide if you wish to join me. One week. After that time, you better not stand in my way, since otherwise, you will meet the same fate as the humans in this city, and eventually the rest of the world..."

With those last words, Magneto moved himself to be standing next to the Scarlet Witch, and any of the Brotherhood members still in the area moved to be by her too. Her hands started glowing with a bright red light, and Wanda looked at Pietro, "Goodbye for now brother," she said towards Pietro, before in a flash of red light the group was gone.

"...Did that just happen?" Pietro asked, a bit stunned.

"Yes, it did... We lost, and now all of New York is going to pay the price..."

One Year Later

A warzone. That was the only way to describe what had become of the streets of New York City since then. The city was lockdown and surrounded in the chaos that surrounded the first week after the incident, no one could go in or out of the city, and to the present day that still seemed to be true. Magneto had taken over the entire city, and him and the Brotherhood were running amok, causing mayhem and destruction wherever they went throughout the city. Any sort of resistance the group faced was instantly crushed.

Most superheroes in the city were dead within the first month, if it wasn't from the virus itself, it was from trying to fight back against Magneto and getting overwhelmed by his forces. The military and various agencies like SHIELD and OMEN basically locked down the city, and they'd send their own groups in to try and take him down, the sounds of weapons fire filling the streets because of it.

The heroes that remained in New York, they more or less were in hiding, getting off the streets, but Magneto knew that they were still around. Since every so often, they'd do something to beat back what he was doing and messing with his plans to try and see about taking over the rest of the country. The X-Men team had gotten entirely cut off from the mansion and any sort of backup help they might have been able to get. They were on their own. And currently SHIELD was working on another plan to try and sneak a small group into the city to try and dismantle everything that Magneto has built up until this point, and they sent out a request worldwide for any heroes or powered individuals to come to their aid to stop him.

The city is on the verge of completely being destroyed, and if people aren't careful, Magneto might be able to repeat what he did in New York with the other major cities in the country, and potentially even across the world.

*Rules are enforced and you will be removed if you break them.
  • Applications:
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    • This RP only uses characters from already established RPs in the Skyrose Multiverse, just different versions of them. If you are in a Skyrose Multiverse RP but don't have a character to really fit a situation, feel free to ask and we can see about you making a new onw.
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Rosalia Rider

Location: The Moors
Skills: N/A

She wasn't entirely sure what exactly she was expecting, but to be told that the woman in the room was actually her mother Rapunzel was not what she had imagined happening. At least not at the moment, she hadn't really braced her brain for this sort of thing, at least not yet. Since Rosalia had a million different things going through her head, and one of the major things she wanted to really do was race out of there and not face her problems. Thing was, she wasn't too sure if she'd be able to get very far or something before someone stopped her, since she didn't know where the hell she'd be going off to.

When Rapunzel spoke to her, Rosalia crossed her arms, just more or less staring at her, as she listened to the words coming from her mouth. The words sounded sincere and all, but... Well her brain was going through other things, and just more or less racing along. Nothing really was wanting to come out of her mouth in response to her offer to answer questions. What sort of questions did she really have for this? The only comment that popped into her mind resulted in her saying, "Kind of expected your hair to be longer," she said rather bluntly.

Jack Gold

Location: Atlantica
Skills: N/A

Of course they were going to be kind of shady and immediately ask for collateral in some way shape or form. Then again, they were kind of lying through their teeth that they'd get paid once they reached their destination, since they didn't know if that was even going to happen. He stood back a little ways, watching as everyone in the group started handing over some sort of object that could work. He didn't typically carry much that would likely be considered as valuable, at least from their world anyway.

Meg of course decided to hand over the slightly morbid object being the skull that she carried around. Jack had to fight back the urge to laugh with that, kind of waiting to see how they would react. He was used to Meg's fascination with death and the like, so he was also used to her kind of morbid sense of humor at times. It was amusing, but Jack felt around in his pockets, to see what he had with him, and similar to Sierra, he really found his own pocket knife. "Welp, I've got the same thing as her, hope that works out," he said with a shrug, holding it up. Hopefully it would work out, since there were two of them and if things fell through and they ended up keeping the stuff they wouldn't end up fighting over their objects and if they both wanted a pocket knife could then each have one.

It had been a little while since the situation involving the Skrulls, and Flynn was definitely glad to be back on Earth. Things weren't exactly the best, but he did make good on the little promise he had made to himself on the Skrull ship with regards to going back home to Seattle. He also made good on the thought of dragging Bonnie along with him, whether she really wanted to or not. They currently were at the base of the Space Needle though, "...So, how have you been Bonnie?" he asked her.

"Oh, you know, vacations are famously relaxing," Bonnie joked. It had taken a bit of persuasion from Flynn to get her to come on this trip. She tended to just throw herself more and more into her work, especially the more stressful things became. She wasn't any closer to finding answers about the mysterious voice she had heard or how she hadn't died at the hands of the Black Order. Most of her time was spent in the lab, trying to help out some of the new inhumans who were struggling with their powers since the terrigen bomb earlier that year.

"Come on, Seattle in summer is not that bad, actually though spring and fall are the better seasons, most of the time not too warm, not too cold. Though summertime is when the city gets the most tourists, a lot of people like to visit here... It's been a while since I've been back here sadly..."

Bonnie rolled her eyes slightly. "I never said I didn't like Seattle. The cherry blossoms at the university were really pretty. Although, I'm beginning to think your rain is false advertising. I'll have to report you all to the Better Business Bureau for that."

"Hey listen, Washington State, at least Western Washington State has effectively two seasons and two seasons only. The wet season and the dry season. We are currently in the around 3-4 month period that is the dry season. Wet season is the rest of the year."

She giggled a little bit. "Yes, because wet and dry are vast improvement on fall, winter, spring, and summer," Bonnie teased him. "Can you even tell what time of year it is here based on the trees?" She had grown up in Washington D.C., where there were drastic and visual changes between each of the seasons. Just based on the trees and the flowers, you could tell what time of year it was.

"Nope not really. That is why it is called the Evergreen State, since most of the damn trees look the same year round... Anyway want to go up to the top of the Space Needle or do you want to go into the center house or something like that?"

"Oh, we are totally going to the top of this thing, and then I'm going to buy a dorky keychain with my name on it," Bonnie declared.

"There's actually a restaurant and stuff up there, not just a look out thing, and the gift shop is at the base," he said with a bit of a laugh, before taking her hand and leading her into the base of the Space Needle.

"How much do you want to bet you have to either make a reservation ten years in advance or steal someone's kidney to get a reservation?" Bonnie asked, as she went inside with Flynn. The Space Needle was pretty much the most iconic and recognizable feature of Seattle, so she did feel more or less obligated to go on up it. Maybe she'd get Flynn to take a nice picture of her at the top, so she could update her LinkedIn profile picture.

"...Well here's a surprise for you, since you've never really been in this city or whatever, I decided to try and get a reservation so you could try the food, all honesty I've never been up to the restaurant either, so new experience for both of us since I managed to get the reservation," he said to her.

Bonnie raised an eyebrow. "If you killed someone who had a reservation, and that's how you did this, I'm going to be really angry that you didn't call me to help clean up the crime scene," she told him with a slight smirk.

"Wow you really think the worst of me don't you?" he said with a bit of a laugh heading over for the elevator that would take them to the top. Since the elevator was mostly windows at least they'd be able to see themselves go up into the needle.

"Oh, don't worry, I think the worst of everyone," she said, giggling a bit. It really was a beautiful view, being able to see everything as they went up into the Space Needle. It was a good thing she wasn't afraid of heights.

"Well, glad to see I'm not the only one then," he said with a laugh, as they eventually reached the top. He stepped up and eventually they ended up getting seated at a table in the restaurant. "One of the best views in the city, helps that the thing rotates so you don't look at the same thing constantly... The scenery changes."

Bonnie couldn't help but wonder if anyone ever got motion sick up at the top of the Space Needle while eating - the idea of drunk couples stumbling about and complaining that the restaurant was spinning too fast was definitely amusing to her. "So, what kind of food do you recommend in order to get the authentic Seattle experience?" Bonnie asked, glancing at the menu.

"Anything you want really, this place little high end for what I've ever had before honestly, I've never been to this restaurant so never really had too much thought about the food here... So guess just about anything would work."

"Hmm... I'd ask if you were paying, but I'm pretty sure I make more money than you do," she teased gently. She had a PhD and she had been working at SHIELD longer than he had, it was pretty much a no-brainer that she had a higher salary. "I think I'll get the lobster. It sounds fancy. What about you?"

"Hey! And I am actually paying for it, I'm the one dragging you around Seattle, I might as well," he said with a slight laugh, "And not sure..." when someone came over to take their orders, he just picked something at random (everything on the menu looked like good food to him) and said nothing else really to Bonnie for a moment, just looking out the window.

"No way, I'm paying for the food!" Bonnie argued. She ordered her lobster when the time came, before also asking for a bottle of white wine. She wasn't much into red wine, preferring the sweeter, fruitier taste of white wine - basically, she was all about dessert wine. "It's the least I can do after you butchered someone for this reservation."

"Wow you are so nice, but nope I am paying for it whether you want me to or not."

Bonnie wasn't one to back down from a challenge. "Fine then," she, her tongue poking out slightly from behind her teeth as she smirked. She quickly scanned around the room, before spotting what she assumed to be a lesbian couple at another table. She flagged down a waiter. "Excuse me? I'd like to pay their bill," she said, gesturing towards the couple. When the waiter left, she looked at Flynn as if to say your move.

"Wow so kind, but hey, at least you're helping someone else out," he said to her with a shake of his head.

"I like to win, Frederick," Bonnie said seriously, locking eyes with him.

"Don't call me Frederick... There is a reason why I prefer people calling me by my last name, since that is so formal, and long and kind of a dumb name that I kind of hate."

"Oh, sorry, I was just saying it for dramatic effect - Flynn it is then," Bonnie apologized, her face flushing a bit.

"Don't worry about it Bonnie, honestly. It's fine," he said with a slight laugh, before looking directly at her, "So... How have you been since the whole... Skrull thing..." he decided to ask her. She had answered the question not too long ago, but he figured he'd say the somewhat pressing question in her head.

Bonnie was quiet for a moment, as the events of the skrull invasion came back to mind - particularly what she had done to the skrull posing as Flynn. She didn't like reflecting back on everything that had happened. She wanted to look forward. It was easier that way to pretend that none of it had happened, and even though it did happen, it was all over now so it didn't matter. "I'm fine. Everyone keeps acting like I'm going to fall apart, but I'm not."

"I figured, just wanted to hear it, reassurance is a good thing, and believe it or not I didn't think that you were going to fall apart... And I'm glad that you aren't. Just wanted to ask and hear that."

She relaxed slightly. As much as she knew the importance of mental health, some habits were hard to break. She was more into getting work done than talking about her feelings - which made it all the more ironic when considering how heavily she relied on her own intuition. "I appreciate that - what about you?" she asked.

"I mean... I ended up on a spaceship a long way from Earth... I'm not entirely sure what to think about the whole thing, but I'm fine... Pretty sure of that anyway," he said with a bit of a shrug.

"Did anyone 'accidentally' open the airlock?" Bonnie joked, referencing when their team mate Oliver had exposed them all to the terrigen mists on the Moon. They were really lucky that they had been in the specially terraformed area where the Inhumans lived, as otherwise the lack of oxygen would have been a gigantic problem. She made a mental note to see about quizzing the team on spaceship etiquette.

"No thankfully," he said, laughing a bit now. "Just there I had no idea if we were going to be able to get back to Earth. Especially since didn't know where in the solar system we were, or even if we were in the solar system..."

"...Hey, you know it's okay if you were scared, right?" Bonnie said, before extending her hand across the table.

"Yeah, I'm going to admit that one, I was... A little bit," he responded, taking her hand in his now.

"I don't blame you, Freddie," Bonnie said softly. She rubbed the back of his hand gently with her thumb. "If you ever want to talk about this stuff, I'm here for you."

"Yeah, I know," he said with a bit of a smile, "And I'm grateful for that..."

"And it's definitely not because you have amazing abs," Bonnie then teased.

"Hahaha very funny Bonnie," he said with a bit of a laugh, "I will say... Want to know the one thing that was going through my head while stuck there though?"

"Sure," Bonnie answered, not really sure what to expect.

"...Getting back to you," he said, before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a little box and set it onto the table, pushing it slightly towards her. "The only concern I had, was getting back home, not for myself, but for you."

It wasn't the first time someone had proposed to Bonnie. James had asked her to marry him when they reached a scenic vista on a hike. She still remembered every detail of that day. But right now, Bonnie wasn't thinking about what could have been - she wasn't dwelling on the past. She was thinking about her future. Her heart was pounding, as she opened up the box and saw the ring inside of it. "Oh, Freddie..."

"You don't have to say yes now... Or ever if you don't want to... Just know that you are probably the only reason I didn't go down the mental path of there was no point in trying to get back, that we were out numbered... Trying to get back to you was the only thing that really kept me going..."

Bonnie's eyes were watering. She wiped one with her finger, succeeding in smudging her mascara slightly. "Why wouldn't I say yes?"

"I don't know, doubt in my brain that you are way too good for me? That sort of thing tends to lead to that sort of thinking..."

"Freddie, I love you. I can't change the way you see yourself... but I will marry you."

"...Wait really?" he said, not being able to help but sound surprised.

"Yes, really," Bonnie answered, giggling a little bit.

"I'm glad..." he said, smiling at this point.

"I should hope so, it'd be a bit concerning if you weren't. So, are you going to put a ring on it? I am a bit old fashioned."

Flynn gave her a smile, before he took the ring out of the box and slid it onto her hand, "I love you Bonnie..."

"I love you too, Freddie."

Sparky was currently sitting off in a chair, cradling the little baby in her arms. She couldn't help but smile slightly at little Zarina, though her mind already went with the nickname of Zari to refer to her, who was just sound asleep, for once. Keeping an eye on a newborn was not exactly the easiest thing in the world, given the fact that she liked to wake up several times in the middle of the night. Sparky was relatively tired, but she was happy to have the little girl.

Raynor quietly tiptoed into the nursery, having been off on a special assignment for the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. There had been a lost alien tourist and no one had been able to translate, so they needed Raynor to be their glorified Rosetta stone - a living, breathing, C3PO. "Aww, is it not the most precious thing in the universe, the love of my life?" Raynor whispered, grinning. He then pretended to be startled. "Oh, hey Sparks," he joked. "Didn't see you there."

"You know if I wasn't holding her I probably would have zapped you for that comment," she whispered back to him with a bit of an eye roll at him. "So where were you off to? Leaving me with her by myself, doesn't exactly allow for much sleep you know..."

"Director needed me to translate, but I'm here now to relieve you," Raynor offered

"She just fell asleep," she commented, looking at him, "So try not to wake her up otherwise you'll probably be trying to get her to fall back asleep for a few hours."

"I know, Sparks," Raynor said, before gently taking the baby from her. "Now go get some rest, okay?"

"I don't know... Maybe I should stay up a little bit longer, I'm fine," a part of her wasn't too sure about leaving Zari alone at all, even if it was just her leaving the baby with Raynor.

"...Sparks, what aren't you telling me?" Raynor asked, sitting down with Zari.

"It's nothing Ray, it's fine..."

"Do you not trust me with Zarina?" Raynor asked, furrowing his eyebrows. She couldn't lie to him. He knew that there was something wrong. He hoped it wasn't what he suspected, as if Sparky didn't trust him with their kid, well, he wouldn't know what to do about that.

"No of course I trust you! Just I don't like leaving her alone or something..." she responded, not too sure what else to say.

"Alright," Raynor said, relaxing. "Then how about you sleep in the bed in our room, and I'll hold the little princess in the rocking chair we have in there?"

"Little princess?" she asked with a bit of an eyebrow raise, before letting out a small sigh, "Alright, that works..." she added as she got up from the chair she had been sitting in.

"My grandfather's a king, pretty sure that makes her entitled to a title," he said, before kissing baby Zari's head and carrying her off to the master bedroom.

Sparky followed along, before sitting down on the bed, but she wasn't laying down or anything. "If you say so... So how have you been Ray?" she said, not being able to help but ask that question at least partially.

"Happy, actually. I know, it's a new look on me, isn't it?" he said, sitting down in the rocking chair with the baby.

"It is a bit odd seeing you happy for once... But I'm really glad that you are... I am too... Which is also a bit odd considering everything that's happened in the past year or so..."

He raised a bit of an eyebrow. "How's it odd? We're married, we're together, and we have a little princess to dote on. Everything in our lives is perfect. I don't care what it took to get here - what matters is the destination, Sparks, not the journey," he told her, beaming down at the little baby.

"You say that it doesn't matter how we got here, it's just... My brain keeps going back to the past year and just thinking of how everything has gone... Mainly the whole Skrull thing still sticks out to me, since I didn't know if you were still alive or whatever before I ended up on Asgard..." she said softly, not sure what else to really say on the matter.

He nodded, softening slightly. "I don't know if this helps... The only time I was in a situation like you were was, well, my father... The Norns said that he would return after Ragnarok and rule in a new age, but... He never came back. As far as I know, he's still dead in my home universe. And here... He doesn't know I'm his son," tears welled up in his eyes as he paused. "I wish you didn't have to live with that pain - but the scar from it will heal."

"I guess if you say so..." she commented, not too sure what else to say. Zari in Raynor's arms would start moving around, waking up now, and she instantly started crying.

"Aaand here's the crying little princess," Raynor cooed, poking Zarina's nose gently. "Careful, Zarina, if you cry too much you'll end up like Sigyn - married to Uncle Loki!"

She seemed to start crying even louder now, and Sparky rolled her eyes slightly, "I don't think that's really helping Ray..." Sparky commented, she was insanely tired, and now the baby was wide awake and crying again, so this was fun.

"You go to sleep, I've got this, okay Sparks?" Raynor said, perhaps far too overconfident in his own abilities. "How does the little princess want to hear about the time Uncle Thor dressed as Auntie Thor to get back his hammer and almost got married in the process?"

"Ray, not sure she is really old enough to actually understand stories," Sparky said, as Zari kept crying, it was getting really really loud at this point. "Maybe you should let me try to get her to calm down..."

"No, no, no, no, no! I've got this, really, and you're beyond exhausted!" Raynor insisted.

"She's also screaming..." she pointed out as little Zari was still crying and bright red in the face now from her screaming. Sparky really wanted to try and get her to stop crying herself, despite Raynor's insistence that he could do it, which was something she was seriously doubting.

"She can't scream forever," Raynor said, now bouncing Zari up and down gently. "Shhh, princess, shh."

"You'd be surprised... She maybe small but she can go on for a while..."

"And I'll be here for her, no matter what. Go sleep, please, Sparks."

"Are you sure you'll be okay with her?"

Raynor nodded. "Cross my heart and hope to die."

"...Don't say that sort of thing..." she responded, as Zari was starting to quiet down again now.

He winced slightly, realizing his mistake. "Sorry. How about I pinky promise instead - that's a thing Midgardians do, right?"

"I haven't done that sort of thing since the third grade," she said with a bit of a laugh. Zari was instead of flat out crying now was just sort of looking at Raynor with rather wide eyes, as if she was sort of expecting Raynor to do something now.

"Then there's precedent," Raynor argued, giggling a bit at Zarina's face. "Our baby looks like she's high on MGH," Raynor commented, referring to one of the nastier street drugs - Mutant Growth Hormone.

"You are so nice to her Ray..." she said, shaking her head. Zari didn't seem to appreciate the comment either, as she reached up and more or less punched Raynor in the nose. It was more or less just her poking his nose with the amount of force she used, but it still did cause Sparky to laugh a bit.

Raynor raised an eyebrow. "Little princess wants to learn to punch daddy?"

"I mean I tend to zap you with electricity when you bug me or whatever, so is that really surprising?" Zari seemed to find the whole thing hilarious and was giggling a bit.

"Domestic abuse, yay," Raynor said, rolling his eyes. "Not sure that's a good look on you, Sparks. If you aren't careful, you might be canceled."

"So mean..." she responded, shaking her head slightly.

"You're the one hurting me!"

"You also left me by myself for while..." she muttered, Zari was currently bored clearly and looked like she might cry again since they weren't paying attention to her.

"Do you mean when I was almost killed and put into a coma?" Raynor asked, a bit incredulous that Sparky was blaming him for that. If she was really upset about that, maybe she would've preferred it if he had actually died.

"Sorry.. That wasn't your fault at all, it's just... I didn't know what I would have done if I had lost you... What would have happened if you hadn't survived, what would have happened? I don't know, and that thought scared me... A lot..." she said, trying hard now not to really cry.

"Hey, hey, Sparks - you're stronger than you give yourself credit for. You would've been fine," he said, before kissing Sparky's forehead softly.

"You don't know that," she responded. Sparky didn't really have the best relationship with her family, so she didn't really have anyone else aside from her friends or whatever with the SHIELD team, so she really really wasn't sure how things would have gone if Raynor had died and she would have ended up taking care of Zari all on her own. Truthfully she also really didn't even really want to think about it.

"And you don't know otherwise," he pointed out. "Thinking about the what if's... That isn't going to help you feel better."

"Yeah yeah yeah I know that. It'll probably drive me crazy just thinking about that sort of thing so I shouldn't. I get it."

"Exactly," he said, before kissing Sparky's forehead again. "We're going to be okay, Sparks. We'll all be fine."

Sparky was half asleep at this point, insanely tired as Zari had finally somewhat relaxed again and she was starting to fall asleep again. "Try not to get into too much trouble while I'm asleep Ray, okay?" she said quietly, before she laid down on the bed entirely and fell sound asleep really quickly.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Camp Grounds
Skills: N/A

Janelle was a bit unsure what all was really going on around her. It didn't help that she didn't know what facial expressions that everyone else had currently. The words that were being spoken made her wonder what was going through the others minds, but she glanced slightly towards the sound of Zeke's voice when he asked if he could talk to her alone for a moment. She nodded her head, and when he offered her his arm as a slight guide, she took it and followed him over a small ways away from where everyone else more or less was.

She tilted her head to the side slightly as Zeke started explaining the situation. Her first thought was why was he mentioning this to her? Not to say that she wasn't too thrilled about him seemingly kind of flirting with a goddess (was she maybe a bit jealous or annoyed? Yup, she was, most definitely). Though the fact that he wanted to tell her before he seemed to think that Jason would did get her kind of thinking a little bit. "You know you dedn't really 'ave to tell me about it... if it was fahr a bet ahr sahmethin, den I believe you..." she said, though it was hard for her to hide that it kind of made her a little bit sad. "It's fine, dahn't wahrry about it."

Jason Gauger and Marygold Isley

Location: Arts and Crafts
Skills: N/A

"I might take you up ahn dat, aside frahm o' course a standard sahrt o' sparrin match ahr sahmethin," he responded towards Kristin with a bit of a smile towards her. That would be fun and give him something to do other than the typical sort of things that seem to go on around the camp. Jason wasn't really one for hanging around at summer camps growing up, so for the most part he didn't really care too much for a lot of the simple activities around here like arts and crafts, the climbing wall could be fun at times though.

Listening to the others talk about the arts and crafts thing and all made him just sort of shrug and listen. Stella seemed to like this area, as she started talking a bit about her own parents who raised her. In the back of his mind it reminded him of how things used to be, before he and Janelle had lost their parents back home. At least they weren't around still to see what all was going on with the pair of them now he supposed. Actually now that he thought about it, he'd probably be asking his mom a lot of questions regarding how she ended up having kids with two different gods.

"Yeah, back before having to really worry about other things right? It's always fun to think about that right?" she said with a slight smile to Kristin as Stella started going on about her relationship with her parents and how they usually did things with flowers. The other thing that was sticking out to her about Stella was how talkative she could be, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Some people probably would get annoyed with her at this point, but honestly Mary was just happy that Stella seemed excited for everything that was going on around her.

With Kristin commenting about heading towards the stables now, Mary nodded her head a bit, "The stables are always a nice place to visit. Seeing the horses and the pegasi is always worth it... But glad to see you seem excited by everything Stella, I'm sure you'll fit right in and do just fine," she said with a smile to her. "And for the most part you can at least come over to this area during your free time if you want to," she added, knowing that there was some things in a schedule, but wasn't too much of one.

Location: House of M -> Akademos
Skills: Sword Fighting

Zari was startled a bit by them suddenly getting knocked out of the room as it collapsed and into the hallway. She was giggling a bit though because of the fog as Andy started pulling her out of the area and towards the exit doors. They weren't quite out of the woods though, as Zari managed to help get both of them out of the building, and she was still giggling up a storm. Mr. Eyeball was floating next to her and beeping a bit at her. "Ok, now that we're out we've got better places to be," she said between giggles as she took off running for the Akademos.

That's where she saw the weirdo in a strange sort of space suit throwing electricity at the Akademos, and she pulled out Glowstick, switching the flashlight back into it's full length sword, and she looked at the person. "What could you possibly have to gain from being here and attacking us?" she asked rather coldly, losing a bit of her typically upbeat personality, pointing her sword at the person for a moment, before striking. Zari got rather close before swinging her sword down. A rather large opening cut in the space suit that the person was wearing, and she pulled her sword away, blood dripping from it and she was glaring daggers at the person.

Location: The Roof
Skills: Elasticity, Elastic Combat

Jack headed up to the roof where he saw Veil and Kris, waving slightly at them. "Hey there," he said simply to them as he glanced around at the chaos that was seemingly occurring from everything. The asteroids heading their way though was not a good thing, especially since it seemed like even with Veil's force field the asteroids were still coming and hitting the building rather hard. He knew that his powers weren't exactly the best for long range, however he glanced at a few of the asteroids that were nearby and an idea popped into his head. He wasn't too sure how well this was going to work since he wasn't the strongest person around, but it was worth a shot.

"Well two can play at that game," he commented, before he went to the nearest asteroid that was by them. Somehow, he actually managed to turn himself into a human slingshot, and sent one flying. Unfortunately he missed, but at least now he knew that it was actually possible. His second attempt, the asteroid didn't exactly fly as smoothly, and when he glanced to see where it had landed, he couldn't help but laugh a bit at the dumb luck he got where it landed on the foot of the guy who was throwing the asteroids. "Well this is fun."

Location: House of M
Skills: Holographic Projection

Hearing Magneto start laughing a bit was a bit odd, but soon she found herself not being able to stop laughing herself, and the idea that it was because of the fog crossed her mind, which was not a good thing since there wasn't really a whole lot that they'd be able to do to get rid of it. Well, what they really needed was gas masks or something, something to filter out the fog so that they wouldn't really have to worry too much about it, and that would allow them to use their abilities without much distractions from bursting out into laughter.

She started trying to focus on creating a pair of gas masks for them, but unfortunately her own laughter was starting to cause a bit of a problem for her. Miranda's first attempt was a bit lackluster, only creating the illusions as opposed to solid hard light constructs. Trying to ignore the laughter that was still escaping her, she managed to create one working mask that was a hard light one, and the other was still an illusion. She tried again to make another one, but she wasn't able to focus at all from the laughter, but thankfully Magneto made a hole in the wall so that they'd be able to get outside. She headed outside, and saw two people that stood out to her as clearly causing the issues with the fog, and he looked like he was part frog part human blowing the fog out of his nose. Another one looked kind of like a mummy or something, and one more who seemed to be the one causing the earthquakes. "...Well this isn't good..." she commented, she wasn't much of a combatant, so she was more or less prepared to throw up a holographic wall to protect them if need be.

Bifrost Bridge
The two of them were still alone, but from the sounds coming from behind them over by the Bifrost itself. It sounded like someone was using it or something, and soon, a light burst into the building before dying away. There was the sound of some sort of laughter as a group coming away from the building. They didn't seem to notice them at first, and seemed to just be talking about the battle that they had just come from.

"Tell them Hogun you were right there, I took out most of them single handedly when we got surrounded!" the blonde one said, waving his hand around a bit.

"I seriously doubt that Fandral! When Sif and I had to go play rescue to get both you and Hogun out!" the larger red head said.

"You both need to stop bragging," the woman said, rolling her eyes a bit.

The other one who was remaining fairly quiet (likely the one being referred to as Hogun) up until this point stopped completely in his tracks, and looked at Ed and Bethany, "We are not alone," he said simply, and the other three turned to look at the group.

"What are Midgardians doing here?" the red head asked, as they all walked closer to the group.

The Falls
"Ok, don't step on the flowers, got it... In the off chance that I accidentally do step on the flowers or whatever, would it be okay if I just sort of fixed them with my own abilities to be how they had been before?" Mary asked Runa, before she looked over at the water in front of them. Asgard really was a beautiful place, though the idea of them being a decent distance from what all was going on.

Seeing the horses magically appear due to Runa's powers, Mary gave her a slight smile, "Not too much honestly, I've only ridden a horse three times before, but I should be fine," she added as she walked up to the other unicorn. She never expected ever in her life, that she'd end up on Asgard, and apparently riding a unicorn to go try and fix reality, she climbed onto the other unicorn's back and looked at her, "Alright, lead the way then..."

Runa would notice something a little off though, something that Mary didn't see, and that was that the area they were in was starting to have a red haze rolling in. A very very light off colored fog, and she'd be able to sense that whatever the fog was, it was not a good thing.

The Palace
"...Okay, what exactly happened? Since if something messed with Pietro's head, that is seriously not good," Lance commented, looking over at Guin. "As I said though, we kind of just ended up in the most central place on Asgard as we could be... This is Odin's throne room... So we might want to leave rather quickly cause not sure we'd want to run into him..."

There was a gust of wind though as Pietro showed up, and he looked kind of tired. "I don't know what just happened... That was really weird... Was by a building with a lot of light... Then kind of just... Complete blank on everything else..."

"So... That's bad then... Where's Klara?" Lance couldn't help but ask, since she had been with them.

"...I don't know honestly."

There was the sound of a door and footsteps walking towards them, and if the entire group turned to look, they'd see a woman walking towards them. "What brings a group of Midgardians here to the palace of the All-Father? And how did you get here?" she asked them.

Lance was running through his brain as to who this was, since the one time he went to Asgard he had mainly met Odin (which was kind of a freaky thing) and not an experience that he really wanted to repeat. However, there were only a few that he'd imagine would end up in the throne room too. "...I'm guessing you're Frigga? Thor's mother?" he asked.

"Yes I am," she replied kindly, giving them a smile.
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