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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Location: Helheim -> Hotel Valhalla
Skills: N/A

Klara giggled slightly when she heard what Baldur said with regards to her cat. "The armor was from Freya yes, this is Betty, and even when not a giant cat she tends to like to fight back with sharp pointy objects, and I'm not talking about her teeth. She tends to carry around knives and small blades in her mouth if I leave them lying around," she commented simply to Baldur in response with a bit of a shrug, before Betty headed after them through the Bifrost, since this was going to be an interesting new way to travel.

She was rather glad to have wound up back in Hotel Valhalla, even if they ended up in the presence of once more, more than one god, that being Heimdall and Baldur who were all there talking or something. Klara jumped off of Betty's back, "Alright, everyone off," she commented to Runa. Once Runa had gotten off the cat's back, Klara rubbed her fingers across the runes, shifting Betty back to her normal, less giant size, and allowed her to crawl back up onto her shoulders where she easily relaxed. "Well that was a fun adventure..." she couldn't help but comment to the other two.

Things were getting hectic, but the group really needed to get moving. At least upstairs things were starting to look a bit up for the group upstairs at least. The other two were clearly stating that they needed to get moving, and Mary, despite her head injury at this point, was happy to obliged. "One pathway coming up, hopefully anyway," she commented, before she held out the tree branch that she still had. Vines immediately shot out and started throwing and shoving the guards out of the way, allowing there to be some access to the door farther ahead.

"We need to be careful, since who knows what's on the other side. We might want to wait for the others, but at least this way you can see about getting the door open or something I suppose..." Yeah, who knew what was waiting for the group on the other side of that door. There probably was going to be chaos, well more chaos, then before. At least they weren't getting shot or whatever anymore. Between Bethany's shield that she had created and the guards back to shooting as if they were Storm Troopers again, they were doing alright.

For the group downstairs, they'd be able to make it to the next landing fairly easily, and just one more flight of stairs before they'd reach where the other group was. Rocket was currently just shooting a bunch of guards, and proving to be a fairly accurate shot as several guards went down with just a few shots from his weapon. Probably helped that the raccoon was perched on the tree so he could shoot above everyone and not have problems with friendly fire or anything like that.

Guina why were you shot? Do I need to race up there and help out or something? Are you okay? Pietro was bombarding Guin with a bunch of questions all at once, but it was definitely clear that Pietro was concerned about Guin getting hurt. Though it was still obvious that he was tired and exhausted, and probably would pass out again if he went racing off at super speed at the moment.

Lance was currently throwing more prisoners and guards around, and at this point there were a lot of holes in various walls from where people collided and were sent through. Klara was mainly keeping up with the group, more of just keeping on the defensive as opposed to actually striking out at the guards and prisoners.

Of course, there was the instance of the rest of the guards near them. Ed's shield definitely helped out with this, as many of the shots that were fired their way just harmlessly bounced off of it. However, there was something that wasn't the best, and that was when two bullets punched through Ed's shield to slam into people within it's boundaries. One of the two unlucky recipients was Ed himself, as a shot would slam into his side, leaving a bit of a burn and causing him to stumble. That wasn't the only thing it did though, as Ed would lose his concentration, and the shield would fall.

The other shot would find it's way to Annie, but unlike the shot that had hit Ed, this one wasn't too bad as it only hit her in the shoulder. All other shots fired off by the guards either went wide, or bounced off the shield while it was still there. Oh the problems with everything, and now people were actually getting injured, but they were almost to their destination at least.

"These guys have horrid aim don't they? I thought that they were supposed to be good at this sort of thing... Stopping riots, or even just shooting to kill and actually hitting their target. Like this is beyond bad," Klara commented, and she decided that in this instance she was going to send a wave of water swirling about and did decided to hit a few of the guards on the last staircase blocking their way, now they should be able to reach the top landing, in theory anyway provided nothing horrible happens.

Location: Quinjet
Skills: Language (Latin)

Sparky was sort of glad that a lot of people got more or less kicked out of the room by Bonnie. Then again, she couldn't help but roll her eyes slightly at Raynor with his comment to her, "Fun fact, not the first demon I've dealt with this week, so don't worry, besides, only needed in case someone needs a jolt to get their heart going this time though so it'll be fine," she said to him with a bit of a smile as he left the room with everyone else, and her attention turned to what exactly seemed to be going on with the demon that was there now.

Alex was just watching the demon that was taking shape, and he looked at the creature, unsure really fully of what to do for a brief moment. This sort of thing was something he hadn't done for a while, and now he found himself thrown back into the fray. Yeah, this whole situation was fun, but he'd see what could be done, and currently getting the demon to go back to hell as opposed to getting free was a good idea. Now if only he could remember the rest since the exorcism itself didn't seem to be able to finish it off quite yet...

Of course, then the demon found a way to break the circle. Whether it was from a slight breeze or something that happened, but the salt line broke, and the bear charged right at him. Thinking for a split second, he decided to go with the first phrase in Latin that he could think of, "Ire in gehennam!" he said, which quite literally meant go to hell. The demon disappeared, but it had come within inches of him, so that was fun. "Gotta love exorcisms... And possessions are not fun, so are you okay from that? Just wanting to make sure," he said, turning to look at Niah now.

She was glad that Niah had spoken once the demon was more or less out of her body, which meant that she was alive (and also that Sparky's own powers weren't needed to restart her heart or anything) which definitely was a good thing. Of course demon nearly going on the attack towards the rest of them was not a good thing, but there wasn't much that they could do now, the demon was gone, and so Sparky went over to look at Niah before walking over to her. "How about we get you out of that webbing and then look over to make sure fully that you are okay..." she suggested, looking over at Bonnie now since she could take the lead on making sure that Niah was okay. Once Sparky was sure that there wasn't any permanent damage or anything to Niah (or at least anything new) she was planning on getting back to work on all of the gadgets that they'd need for their mission to the White House.

Location: Skrull Ship
Skills: N/A

Flynn had to catch himself to stop from laughing when the princess literally shifted to look like him before punching the punching bag. That wasn't expected, but in all honesty he probably should have expected that sort of thing. Maybe he should have been a bit clearer with everything and specified to have her not actually do exactly what he did, but then again, most people probably wouldn't have taken that quite so literally in this sort of instance. "To be honest didn't expect you to shift into me, just sort of expected you to punch the bag normally but okay then."

His attention was drawn away from what was going on by Maria stepping back into the room mentioning a problem. Act like this was normal? Currently there were two of him, one was actually him, and the other was him in a bit of a dress, which was beyond weird but even he couldn't help but kind of laugh at that sort of thing himself. Now though was the idea of making everything seem normal despite what was going on currently, so when Maria came over to give some suggestions, he stepped back a few steps to let her more or less show Anelle what she should do now.

Jack, Miranda, and Zari

Location: Omega Building: Renegade's Apartment
Skills: Technopathy, Retrocognition, Holographic Projection

Jack wasn't too sure what to think with regards to Zari's breakdown, but to him it didn't seem like an actual breakdown, no it seemed like there probably was something else wrong with what was going on. At the moment though, his attention was more or less focused on what was being said with regards to Sunshine's fiancee. He vaguely had an idea of who she was referring to probably, but since there were so many people on the island, it was kind of hard to keep track of everyone. Yeah, that was the fun part with everything of course, so many people, no one really knew everyone.

"Actually it was not thank you very much, and from the sounds of it you have the wrong idea about me, so how about we set that record straight. One, Wanda isn't my daughter, not to mention the twins made clear they want nothing to do with their father, so no, neither one of them is here. Secondly, she wouldn't even be considered my stepchild, as I am not married to her father Magneto. Despite what many people might believe about me..." she commented to Max, before her attention turned to look at Sunshine when she asked if her daughter was on the island, and she gave her a sad smile, "No... My daughter is not here... And neither is my son," she added sadly. "As for the ceremony... Once you all are ready, we'll lead you to where it is being held and it'll start."

Zari started crying at this point, "Min mor..." she started saying through her sniffles, as she looked at Veil, "Sh-sh-she taught me how to build stuff... Mr. Øyeboll was th-th-the first thing she helped me build, a-a-and I took what she taught me to b-b-build Mr. Kjever wh-wh-whose not ferdig yet," she managed to say through the tears. Despite the random Norse words mingled throughout her words, it was obvious that she was referring to her robots and the person who had helped her build them.

"The value isn't just how much they might be worth or how hard it would be to repair them, more in the way of sentimentality, because of the memories they hold, not too surprising..."

Miranda instantly got a bit of an idea and she walked over and tapped Zari on the shoulder, causing her to look at her, "Hey... I need you to do something for me, okay? Just stay calm... And think for just a moment on one memory you have about that okay? Can you do that for me?"

"Ja, det kan jeg nok gjøre," she muttered, switching languages.

"Good..." With those last words, her eyes began to glow with a purple hue, before the room around everyone would seemingly fade away entirely. Instead the group would see what looked to be a workshop of some sort, and a young girl with long hair sitting on a table messing with what looked like a circuit board and what looked like to be mainly a sort of robotic shell, but the shape and size of it obviously looked like it was Mr. Eyeball. A few sparks shot up from the circuitry, a few of the sparks weren't exactly small.

"Zari, are you in here by yourself my little Valkyrie?" a woman's voice sounded out before a woman with shoulder length brown hair walked into the area as if out of nowhere, but it was a little difficult to make out her face as she walked over to where the little girl (now clearly labeled as Zari) looked up from where she was, just as a few more sparks flew up.

"Mor, I wanted to finish building my friend!"

"Well, you are in luck, since I just so happen to have time to help you work on him now okay? I know you're excited, but next time tell me, okay? You know that you can hurt yourself if you're not careful..."

"Sorry momma..."

"It's alright, now how about we get to work okay?" the woman said as she pulled a chair up to the table, before grabbing some tools from a drawer as well as some wires, and sat down, not seemingly worried that her daughter was sitting on the table, "So, think of any names yet for him?"

The light faded out of Miranda's eyes as the room went back to normal and the way that it had been before the projection had appeared, and now Zari was being oddly quiet, and Miranda just looked at her. "There you go... Is that better now?" she asked the young girl, waiting for a response now to see how she would react. It might be a mental thing still, but if Zari calmed down a little bit from that, there might be hope yet to fix this.

"...Thank you..." she said to Miranda, before turning to look at Renegade, "Sorry about the table... The robots though, I just don't want anyone to ruin them or hurt them... They are my friends, but my momma helped me build them... You shouldn't be letting others mess with things that aren't theirs..." she said to her, clearly not thrilled at all still that someone messed with the robots, but she seemed calmer now, for the moment anyway. "Can we get out of this room or something? Please?" she then added to Veil, clearly wanting to just leave the room and maybe the building at this point. Fresh air might do her some good or something.

He was just glad that Zari seemed to be calming down. Jack wasn't too sure what would happen or anything if Zari had continued lashing out or something. One thing was obvious, Miranda seemed to have a way with kids and solving problems, though Zari had mainly been talking to Veil, Miranda had managed to help the situation somewhat, since Zari wasn't trying to kill anyone. His attention turned to look at Waverly when she asked about money. "Money isn't a thing here... Actually as far as I know there isn't a currency that is used here. There might be some, but think that would be mainly for any sort of business outside of Genosha..."

Location: Helheim
Skills: N/A

"Close our eyes what? Do you know how hard it is to get a cat to do much of anything that it doesn't want to do?" she said instantly, more focused on her cat than anything else really. She eventually figured out a way, and it involved Klara climbing onto Betty's back. "Alright Betty, just hold still long okay?" she asked the cat nicely, as she used her legs to more or less hold onto Betty's neck to hold her head still long enough for this as she covered the cat's eyes while closing her own tightly shut.

If anyone has ever tried to cover the eyes or head of a cat, they'd know that it is not really a simple task, as soon as her eyes were covered Betty started fighting and moving around a bit, fidgeting as she went trying to get Klara to let go. Once they more or less had gotten the all clear, Klara let go and just remained seated on the cat's back, "That is waaaaaaay harder to do than you'd think," she commented, as she followed the other two out of the room, but not before going over to Runa and picking her up. Klara's grip slipped when she first tried to grab her, but managed to do it the second time and put Runa up on the cat's back before she raced Betty out of the area.

Rosalia Rider

Location: Camelot
Skills: N/A

She was interested to see what exactly the whole plan was once they had rescued the somewhat annoying detective, since they had discussed somewhat the idea of what to do to get here, now the glorious question was what was the plan to get them all back? Since the reason they hadn't teleported all the way here was probably because of how Rumple's magic around this giant house worked. Okay, so here's the thing, how long would it take Rumple to realize that his son wasn't in the house at all anymore? That was important thing to question.

Though Jack seemed alright which was to be expected from what she gathered, but they still needed to get out of here without too much trouble. Then there was the more unsettling thing... The horrid scream that sounded out some distance away. Okay, that was freaky and not something she wanted to think about. Screams weren't ever a good thing, especially one as loud and shrill as that. Here's hoping that they didn't have a run in with whatever it was that caused that one.

Jack Gold

Location: Rumple's Hideout
Skills: N/A

Jack was still wondering what it was that had caused the door to open, but that question was quickly answered when his sister and Merlin seemingly appeared as if out of nowhere. Invisibility or something like that maybe? It didn't really matter, he was about to answer Merlin's question, when Megan decided to more or less chew him out for what happened and being glad that he wasn't dead. "Wow Meg, how exactly can you be mad at a dead person? Just out of sheer curiosity with that one," he joked with a slight laugh.

Now came to answering Merlin's question. "I think he headed back upstairs, but he could probably show up at a moments notice, he's good at doing that I've noticed... Though one thing is obvious, apparently he had an artifact or something like that that he was going to give to Maleficent, I know nothing more about it than that, I don't even know what it looks like. Those servants or whatever hid it somewhere, and it was kind of obvious he probably was going to kill them over it... So it sounds like it is pretty bad news..." Then came the sound of a scream coming from a distance away, and he wasn't sure what to really think with regards to that. He'd just follow the others' lead and then maybe they can figure it out later.

Marygold Isley, Jason and Janelle Gauger

Location: Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

"Oh yeah no, it seems almost really a rite of passage and mandatory at this point for someone to be chased into the camp and that's how they get here. Kind of common place really it seems like, happens more often then not," she sort of joked with a bit of a smile, looking at Stella with her comment about it. Yeah, they really needed to have better ways of getting people to the camp without the risk of them getting eaten by a monster or ripped to shreds.

"Yeah, it just sahrt o' 'appens, it's great," Jason commented with a shrug, "Dings get pretty 'ectic practically de instant you get 'ere it seems like. All 'ell tends to break loose no matter what, but eh you kend o' get used to it." Yeah, you sort of got used to the insanity that more or less was a bit of a whirlwind of events that happened when someone knew showed up. Hell, he and Janelle were sort of dragged through the ringer whether they wanted to be or not when they first showed up.

"You sahrt o' get used to it, all o' de insanity, it just sahrt o' goes away after a while..." Janelle sort of just mused, not really paying all too much attention to what was going on around her. Her brain was sort of just wandering around a bit at this point, thinking about how everything was or how everything was going to go with actually giving Stella the tour of the camp. It was going to be fun, Stella seemed like a interesting person to hang around.

"All I know is wit dahse Empousas I put me 'and straight through one and me sester brahke 'er cane ahn another one's 'ead." Yeah, it was a funny memory thinking back on it now. The monsters had been attacking, and the image still of his blind sister whirling her can around and just completely clobbering one in the head and killing was not an image he was going to be able to have disappear anytime soon. Which he was perfectly fine with.

"It's naht me faoehlt, it attacked, I reacted, de cane dedn't last two secahnds after dat aside as a very flexeble baseball bat ahr somethin like dat, it's long gahne now. I 'ave de cooler one now," she responded, holding up her cane that was a whole lot sturdier then the one she had had previously. "I mess me ahld one, but dis one is a laht better when it combs to fightin mahnsters, at least in me experience so far wit it..."

Mary rolled her eyes, before deciding to address the other questions that Stella asked. "I've met her a few times, not all too often though, we typically don't have too many interactions with most of the gods aside from when they find it convenient or something like that. As for contacting your folks, we don't really use the conventional means of communications like phones or anything like that. No, we typically use Iris Messages to talk, think of it like a video call you can make with just about anyone you'd want to."

Mary sort of stumbled backwards for a second, as her brain cleared for a moment as she looked at where they were and what needed to happen. Namely, where they needed to go. "Where to now?" she ended up calling upwards towards Rocket, since he clearly knew what it was that they needed to do and where to go.

"Now main control room, the watch tower, entrance is up a few more levels from here," came his response as he started firing off the gun that was in his hands. His very first shot went straight through one of the guards, "Well didn't expect that one." he couldn't help but comment.

"Up a few floors higher from there huh?" she mused, glancing upwards. Her shield was holding up somewhat at the moment, but the guards were starting to fire off even more. Plus there wasn't any guarantees that Bethany would be accurate with her travel heading someplace they haven't really seen before. She could just barely make out a few guards on that balcony, meaning that they'd have to take those guys out first. "We need to get up there now to start clearing out the area, since otherwise we'd have to keep fighting our way up there... And if we slow down the guys on the top level then they won't easily be able to head down the stairs to cause problems for the others... Hmmm... I've got an idea to get us up there now... It should work... I hope..."

She disconnected the tree branch from the wall of plant life, and glanced over at the other two. "Okay, I can see where we need to get to, or at least the level... So you might want to hold on," Mary said, before she held the branch pointed upwards, and a rather large vine shot out from it, soaring up and above their heads and attaching itself to the railing up there. The plant life started spreading as if to anchor it in place. More vines sort of shot out from the branch, this time anchoring the branch and vines around Mary's waist, as well as almost creating sort of shield that would move with her.

"Well let's fly," she commented, before grabbing Guin by the arm with one hand, and Bethany's arm in her other, before all three of them shot straight upwards. The Nova Corps apparently despite their reputation in the galaxy could not hit anything worth a damn, and they went straight up and over the railing onto the ground on the level they needed to get to. "That honestly worked out better than I thought," she couldn't help but mutter to herself. Another thought crossed her mind, and a vine shot out once again and rather easily snatched a gun from one of the guards. "Hey Guin, want this?" she asked, tossing it to her friend.

"Pleasure to see you again as well," she said with a bit of a wave. Ed's shovel would be able to somewhat be able to shove people out of the way, but only partially, as there were a whole lot of people in the area, both prisoners and guards. "I might have a bit of an explanation for what's going on, just give me a minute!"

She instantly swung her sword around in a bit of an arc, and a giant wave of water materialized as if out of nowhere, knocking for of them back, so there was now a semi-circle of sorts around them that was growing larger. Klara took a deep breath, her sword still up at the ready and she glanced back at the others, before looking at her cousin in particular. "Took me a while to get here not just because of the need to get a ship, but because I figured might as well do a little recon. The Nova Corps never arrest anyone for no reason, but from what I could tell you guys essentially were. No proof, no evidence a crime even took place, figured might as well ask around and figure out what the hell is going on. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but from what I can tell parts of space are getting completely destroyed, or there is evidence that something was being destroyed... Just not in our universe. That's the short version, once we get you all out of here I'll go more into detail then that. But apparently whatever is going on has got the Nova Corps majorly trigger happy, reason why they won't hesitate to shoot first and ask questions later right now."

"I mean for us it was because someone was a greedy idiot!" Quill commented.

"Was not!" Rocket protested.

"Shut up both of you!" Now Gamora was clearly getting annoyed with the pair arguing, "Usually they at least listen to reason and you both know it. We offered to return the damn batteries that Rocket snatched, but they were a lot more on the side of not listening to anything, despite how many times we've helped them out of a pinch before, and just arrested us, and I don't even think they took back what got stolen," she explained, more or less going more into detail what had gotten their group locked up.

I'm fine Guina, just probably shouldn't be racing around still... Also did I just see you all go flying past where we are and upwards to a different landing or whatever? Pietro responded, and he couldn't help but ask the question. Everything was sort of going by in a bit of a blur for him.

Lance meanwhile was still more or less going on a bit of a rampage, though in this case it was definitely to the groups benefit. Since even though he was sort of not in control at the moment, he did seem to get that they needed to head upwards. While Ed had managed to clear the way partially, Lance managed to clear the rest of the stairway upwards by throwing a few prisoners at the guards coming down and paving the way for the group to head to at least the next level. If they did things the smart way, they actually had a chance to reach where the other three were 2 floors up.

Speaking of the group that was now upstairs, they were a bit outnumbered, and Mary only a sort of makeshift wall to defend them, nothing really strong like the wall she had created downstairs. The blasts from the guards up where they were were not good, and Mary had made sure (without telling the other two) that the shielding was higher around them. Of course, this resulted in her ending up getting hit by a total of 4 of the many many shots that got fired at them. Luckily only 8 shots in total out of over two dozen fired actually hit them, which was something positive.

Mary definitely got the short end, since she got hit the worse because of how she had made her small shield, and several of the shots hit her in the chest, and one actually slammed into the side of her head, blood starting to mix in with her red hair. Two shots managed to break the shield over by Guin, one hitting her in her right shoulder, and another managing to hit her leg. The injuries would sting and burn like hell, but she'd be alright. The two shots that hit Bethany didn't exactly end the best either, one hitting her in the arm, another slamming directly into her knee, making it a little difficult to stand without there being a slight burning pain, but it wouldn't be too difficult.

"You know... I've had worse," she commented before glancing over at the guards, and the vines that were around the group shot out and forward straight for the mob of guards by them, and they managed to slam into several of the guards near them. Mary was just staring, not moving from where she was as a few of the guards got thrown off the edge and down to the floor far below. It was almost like her powers had gotten a sort of defensive thing in case she got injured severely in order to hopefully not end up having her die or something. Since it seemed like she was only partially in control of what was going on, but it was sort of hard to tell. There ended up being a somewhat large circle around them that was free of guards. It gave them quite a bit of breathing room, but they should probably be prepared for more incoming.

Location: Quinjet
Skills: Language (Latin)

"Apologies. Not used to the person needing the exorcism not actively trying to kill me since they are possessed by a demon and that typically is not a good thing, and also no sedative, it wouldn't really do anything to help," Alex said somewhat calmly to Bonnie, as several others started entering the area. The room was starting to get a bit crowded, and he wasn't too thrilled when Kwassi decided to almost mock him in a way when it came to the words, just because Alex didn't have really anything on him to be useful for finding out the words or anything else that might be helpful, like how a demon trap worked or what it looked like.

Sparky nodded as Bonnie told her about staying on standby in case Niah's heart stopped, and she turned to look at Raynor when he entered the area. "As the others said, Niah apparently has a demon in her leg from her encounter with that demon bear," she responded simply with a bit of a shrug, glancing around at what was going on. "So... Let's get this show on the road right? And hope that it works or something like that... Since you know, demons are typically considered to be bad and all..."

"Yeah, well here's hoping that this doesn't go south or anything," Alex responded, before he more or less snatched Kwassi's phone away from him, "Borrowing this, especially since pretty sure you don't know a word of Latin and aren't fluent in it."

"Wait, who is fluent in Latin anymore?"

"Well when you constantly have to read spells and exorcisms or whatever, you kind of pick up the skill," he said, before taking a bit of a deep breath. "Alright, if no one is going to leave at least take a few steps back please, the quicker this is done the quicker we don't have to worry about it potentially possessing her completely." This was probably not going to end well, it had been forever since he had messed with this sort of thing it felt like. "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii..." As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Niah would start foaming at the mouth.

"Is this supposed to happen?"

Alex didn't respond to her question, continuing to recite the incantation, "Omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica. Ergo, omnis legio diabolica, adiuramus te…cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare…Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ, hostis humanæ salutis..." Now, the demon was definitely starting to show itself, as Niah's eyes turned completely a solid black, and she started hissing at him.

He wasn't really scared at this point, showing fear was probably not a good idea in this sort of situation, but he was feeling surprisingly calm with this entire thing, even though it was his first actual demon encounter for a long time. "Humiliare sub potenti manu Dei; contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine…quem inferi tremunt…Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine. Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos." When the last words were out of his mouth, Niah would scream as black smoke came pouring out of her mouth, and when the smoke seemed to just be floating in the air, after a moment it took the form of a bear.

"Niah? Niah are you okay?" Sparky instantly called to her friend, hoping that she was okay. If there wasn't a response from her, she wasn't getting prepared to bolt across the line and give Niah a electric jolt to wake her up or something. She really could not handle potentially losing anyone else that she cared about. With Raynor, she hadn't even known if he was alive or not, that feeling that she might have lost him was a feeling she didn't want repeated with anyone she cared about, at least not for a long time.

"Whatever you do, do not cross the salt circle or break it in anyway. That's the only thing keeping him trapped and not completely lashing out... Guessing he's probably not too thrilled at being kicked out..." It was clear that the bear was pissed off, as it continually was trying to cross the salt line.

Location: Skrull Ship
Skills: N/A

"Wow, this place is cool," he couldn't help but comment when they entered the training room. It was definitely was impressive with how it was built and designed. Flynn's attention was drawn away from the room though by Maria saying she'll keep an eye on the door or whatever and he could get started with a few training things for the princess. "Sounds good to me, we should be fine, hopefully... Though we are gonna likely start small with this sort of training session..." He gave another smile to Anelle, before he headed to a console that looked like it would control things in the room.

"Alright your highness, we're going to start off with something rather simple. We're going to just do a quick sort of test to figure out where we are... Mainly testing your strength to see how strong you are, and fighting form alright?" he said to her, before he managed to get a punching bag to materialize in the room. It was rather sturdy and durable, so it should be able to withstand quite a bit of strength. Walking over, he stood by the bag, and giving it a rather simple punch, managing to get it to move somewhat from the force. "This is just a punching bag, so nothing is coming at you at the moment, I want you to do what I just did and punch the bag so we can see what we've got to work with, okay?" he said rather calmly to her, making sure to keep her informed as to what he was doing as he took a few steps back and away from the bag so that he could see what it was that she was doing.

Jack, Miranda, and Zari

Location: Omega Building: Renegade's Apartment
Skills: Technopathy

Zari personally didn't even really notice the random change in clothing, after all, she was more of just happy that she had one of her two robots, even though she was still pissed off at the fact that the robot was covered in some weird sticky goo. Right now she just wanted to find where the other robot was, where Mr. Jaws could have gone off to. The poor thing didn't have much of a power source, something she knew that she needed to fix. It was the reason why the robot unless she was around giving him a bit of a boost. Mr. Eyeball was different, but that's because her mom had helped her build a better power source for him, which is why he could do a bunch of things without her.

Jack didn't even really seem surprised at all by Sunshine's declaration about her getting engaged and all. He hadn't really been keeping track of what it was that she was up to on the island. Before all of the insanity Sunshine had made clear that she wanted nothing to do with him, which is why he's been keeping his distance for the most part. It made sense for him to just not know, and honestly? It was her life, so he didn't really much care what it was that she did.

Miranda smiled simply at Sunshine when she mentioned that she was currently engaged to someone. "Weddings don't have to be very big," she said rather calmly to Waverly when she started more of less bombarding Sunshine with a million questions about the potential wedding. "All that matters is if you are going to end up sharing the moment with the one you love most... Or potentially the people you care most about... Whether it just be the person you are marrying or whether that includes numerous family and friends..."

"Been to a lot of weddings?" Jack asked, finally breaking his silence on the whole thing.

"I... Attended, my daughter's wedding a few months back... It was a rather small wedding, only those she considered close were there, and some well, that didn't she didn't care much for either..."

"Sounds like more then a bit of a fun wedding."

"You could say that..." she was purposefully being vague with regards to the whole situation. Miranda had hesitated with regards to saying the word attended for a reason. After all, she had sort of just actually crashed the wedding, even though she technically had been invited, just by a family member of the couple and not the actual couple. Of course, Ellie knew all about that, she was her best friend after all, so it was sort of difficult to keep that sort of secret from her.

When the group reached his mother's apartment, Jack sort of rolled his eyes slightly when Callie commented about the pictures of him and Casper as kids. They didn't exactly have much of a stable home life, at least not really when they were kids, since his mother moved around, and well life at Xavier's was not ideal. "Hahaha, very funny whatever you say Callie." There wasn't a whole lot else he said as the others quickly started grabbing their things from the trunk.

Reaching the trunk, Zari grabbed her bag and started going through everything that was there. Everything seemed okay... Except for one thing. WHERE THE HELL WAS HER OTHER ROBOT???? She stood straight up now and started scanning around and almost looked like she was panicking, like something scared her because it was gone. Frantically looking around the apartment, she seemed to calm down slightly after a moment, when she saw Mr. Jaws sitting on the counter, with a flower crown? Using her powers, the robotic head flew straight to her and she caught him, the crown flying off of it. Mr. Eyeball was still floating around her, covered in goo. Looking at her two robotic friends, she ended up drawing her sword, and hitting it against the nearest object. Good news was that it wasn't a person! Bad news was that a poor table was the unfortunate recipient of her fury as her sword swung down and smash it.

"01011010 01100001 01110010 01101001 00100000 01101101 01100001 01111001 01100010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101111 01110101 01101100 01100100 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101100 01101101 00100000 01100100 01101111 01110111 01101110 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101100 01101001 01110100 01110100 01101100 01100101 00100000 01100010 01101001 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110011 00100000 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100010 01101001 01110100 00100000 01110101 01101110 01100011 01100001 01101100 01101100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00101110 00101110 00101110..."

"Who messed with them? Why is Mr. Eyeball covered in goo? Why is it that they both weren't in the damn box with literally everything else???? That would have made me feel a whole lot better then some weirdos who I don't know messing with and potentially breaking them. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH THEM EVER!!!!!!" she more or less screamed out. But based on how she had been acting when she saw that Mr. Jaws wasn't in the trunk made it more then plainly obvious that she'd probably cut her own arm off first then to have something happen to them. It was beyond the fact that she tended to treat them like people, it was more of like there was something that made her freak out over them getting busted. When the X-Cutioner had broken Mr. Eyeball, she repaired him in an instant and more or less went berserk trying to take him down over it.
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