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The attack hit but Salazzle flipped out and stuck to the walls hissing at Corvaknight before using flame blast, mixing it with her poison to make a purple flame aiming to burn or poison Eclipse.
"Dodge and use toxic" Natsu yelled as Salazzle dodged tye attack and used her ability to try and poison the Corvaknight.
This attack knock Sawsbuck out which made Natsu quite unhappy but he said "Well played, probably wasn't the greatest idea starting with a grass type but it's not over yet". He returned Sawsbuck before sending out Salazzle who used toxic.
Alrighty then. I shall do that
"Perfect, then let's make some more. Only another 15 to go" Gileta said a smile as she waited fir everyone to get into position once more.

Sawsbuck avoid the first two vortex but then got caught by the third as his leg flared up taking super effect damage though still standing as it was only a weak move. He charged at Coal once more to use Stomping Tantrum.
Can I skip time ahead to when we have all 15 cures made? Or would you rather I wait till Natsu and Jen battle is over?
"Sawsbuck, dodge it as you feel the ground then stomping tantrum see if we can kick him as he comes up" Natsu said as Sawsbuck waiting until he felt the ground beneath him tremble before jumping out the way and then delivering a kick into where he predicted Coal would be.

(I can't remember the orginal process so I'll just do a new one)

Gileta directed the Auravellas flowers into each of the Lucario aura ball, as the flower connected the flowers began to crystallise, she directed the psychic pokemon to move the mist into each of the balls, changing the crystal flowers into an almost otherworldly blue, the lucario would then crush the flower into liquid with their powers while Gileta direct the psychic to keep the liquid contained and let none fall out as she then used vial to contain each liquid before heating them with her flamethrower, finishing the product as each vial now contained a glowing blue liquid. She gave one to Shelock and one to Cammy to inpect. "If everything has melded toguther as it should of done, there should be what look like a tiny crystal in the bottom of the vial. If there is then we have been successful" She told them.
Natsu nodded at her Starter choice, "Good match up for you, but i am prepared for this" Natsu said. "Alright Sawsbuck, use stomping tantrum let's hire with that super effective hit" He said as his Aura became a firey red. Natsu was a serious battler by heart and he loved pokemon battles.

Gileta nodded and took center stage before summoning her blue mist as she began to direct the Lucarios and the psychic pokemon how to make the cure. "I'm doing this for you, my sister's and my mate Hibiki, we will make the cure that allow us to cure everyone. Please everyone, let's pray to Arceus this works" She said the last bit to herself.
Hi all, will be posting this evening after work. Had a busy Festive period
As the psychic pokemon joined up, so did members of the tribe, copying Cammy ad aura ball and psychic power balls appeared around them. Gileta joined in as well, taking on her Matiarch form to help direct everyone. While the intelligent pokemon were smart, Matriarch were born leaders so directing everything would come easier to her. Plus they still needed her mist as well. "I will help direct everyone, Father Saisel" She said to Mewtwo before bowing to the Alakazan. "I assume Azriel has told you how we tried to create this cure the last time, I reckon we use the same method here. I can direct everyone with my Matriarch powers so you and the other psychic types can ensure the success of this cure" She told him, bringing up the memory of how they went about creating the cure back in Aloha so he could see it.

While the others were busy with the cure, Selina led Jen and Natsu to the dojo battle field. Master Mustard and his students were there to watch the battle, Zerina was somewhere ready to activate her illusion once Pyroar entered the battle field. "I am Natsu Akiyama, member of the Shinobi no Shiki. Let us battle Jen " He said before sending out his first pokemon which was a summer form Sawsbuck.
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