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Blade nodded as he said,” alright we got this guys let’s go!” He was ready for this battle nothing can stop him and the snow white gundam. He was ready for this space battle and he had a feeling knowing snow whites full capacity and capability in space there won’t be any trouble she’s truly a beaty and a threat on the field he knew Naoki was impressed and would ask him some stuff later but right now he needed to focus.
Blade stood there as he stretched and he smiled and went over to Naoki said,” yes I’ve been building Snow white for a while now she’s an upgraded version of the gundam wing.” He said holding onto the new gunpla. As he looks into the crowd. “ Our first victory! We won guys.” He looks at everyone and smiles.
@Rennythanks but i kinda wanted to keep it hidden till the finals but i really don’t mind this way it’s a badass entrance in my opinion

Thanks bro
What y’all think of snow white?
Blade looks at Hanako,” hey you made it,” he smiled slightly and he looked at the score board and said,” yea but wing got destroyed. And you really sure it’s ready for this battle?” He looks at her

Hanako nodded as she said,” I believe in you, and it’s ready, don’t forget we worked all night all day on this just in case something like this happened.” He looks at him,” now take it and get back in there im cheering you on.” She said, handing the case to him as kissing him on the cheek she took off to get a seat not giving him a chance.

Blade smiled as he ran back took a seat and took out a cloaked gunpla as he set it and he said,” guy’s im back and im going for the train!” As he piloted the cloaked gundam going forward at full speed he took down any opponent in his way taking his beam sword out her got infront of the train destroying itas the force of the explosion revealed the new gundam as Blade yelled,” THIS IS MY NEE GUNDAM!!GUNDAM SNOW WHITE!!!!!!”

(Neo bird mode)
Lol😂 don’t worry he’ll come back.
This time Blade couldn’t do anything to save the wing zero he said,” NO NO NOT LIKE THIS!!!” But once both gundams hit the floor and exploded the wing zero was completely destroyed and ruined Blade sat ther looking down sat he couldn’t believe it his most trusted gunpla that had gotten him through alot was destroyed he punched the console and got up.
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