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Current Its almost Fall !!!!!!!
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Im home! It feels good to be in my house and with my family
7 mos ago
Deployment almost done, thank goodness ready to be home
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8 mos ago
are you ready to clown around? With Loonette and Molly - A clown and her dolly on the big comfy couch
11 mos ago
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
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Call my baby Lollipop
Tell you why
His kiss is sweeter than an apple pie
And when he does his shaky rockin' dance
Man I haven't got a chance

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Giving this a bump, anyone interested in a space rp?
I’m down to build a roleplay with you guys.
Work is getting crazy busy for me guys, I'm gonna have to drop this. Sorry

It was fun for me while I could.
We can still waits a few days, have it take awhile for the decorations to be made and so on

Tossing her duffel bag in the corner of the gymnasium waving to the other students that have already arrived to start working on decorations, spotting some of her teammates she walks over and gracefully sits down glancing over the posters they are currently making to advertise the raffle tickets, events, and the dance tonight. Laughing as some of them joke again about her winning "I'd need a date first. What still needs to be done?"

Willow, a cheetah and the Captain to the basketball team. Laughs as she points around the room "There the decorations for the dance over there, some are working on decorations for the booths to the daytime events and we got the posters for around campus and some flyers that others can give to their families or friends... What do you want to help with?"

"I'll head over and help with the dance decorations, we all know my handwriting is horrible" Laughing as her teammates agree with her instead of denying the fact, she heads over towards a moose, Steve, and a desert fox, April, who are currently arguing over how to make the giant snowflakes. Waving at them as she gets closer smiling softly as they try to get her on their side "How about we use both your ideas, the posters and then add the glitter so when the lights shine of them it sparkles around the room as the animals dance?" covering her sensitive ears as April squeals about how that is such a wonderful idea and pulls her into a quick hug though considering their height difference the hug is more around her legs. Steve and her both watch April bounce off towards the boxes holding all the items the students can use to decorate with talking about they need a bunch of glitter and more posters.

Sitting down cross-legged she watches Steve lean over showing her how to draw out the snowflake and then using a exacto knife to cut out the shape, her first attempt is terrible but she finds if she uses the outline of his first snowflakes she can get nice ones drawn out. The three of them fall into a rhythm of her drawing out the outlines, Steve cutting them out and April adding the glitter before setting to the side to dry out before they can get the other side with glitter. "We should start brainstorming about the next decoration.. What if we do something with the sheets I saw in a box and makes a snowy wonderland in one of the corners?" Her thought sends the other two off on how they can draw trees on the sheet and add paint to make it look like there is snow on the sheet.
Finally getting a post up. Since everyone is currently doing something else I'm gonna have my character working on decorations for the festival
Im back I'll get a post out in a few days probably. Just got back from deployment so still settling down at home

Grabbing up her books as the Professor releases them she starts her way down the steps in the classroom thinking about what she wants to do her report on, the Professor talked about the history of the city and for the report all the students have to pick a spot or a building. Lost in her thoughts as she moves down the halls of the History building wondering which spot in the city would make for an exciting report, knowing most of her classmates are going to pick the University in hopes of getting bonus points for picking it. Jumping at the vibrate in her pocket she quickly digs it out of her pocket, a slight thought that it might be that lion Vance she met earlier today and had exchanged numbers with before she rushed off to her local history class. A chuckle escaping her lips as she just stands still for a moment thinking about earlier and how he seems so interested in going to the Wolf Pack with her, shaking her head as her phone vibrates faster signaling the call is about to end.

Answering it as she walks out the door making her way towards the cafeteria starving because she had forgotten to bring some snacks into class with her today. Growing quiet as the voice on the other ends talks about the Student Council needing to meet up to discuss the last minute details for the Winter Carnival, asking a few questions about where they are meeting and if she has a few minutes to grab a late lunch. Hanging up her phone after a few minutes she rushes off towards the cafeteria grabbing up two meat substitute burgers and a soda before heading back out the door and down towards the library. The student council meets upstairs once a month though it changes to weekly if there is a event going on for the University, they hadn't scheduled one for today but apparently the President wont be able to attend the meeting they had set in place later in the week.

She stops running only when she gets through the doors at the library knowing the Librarian will yell at any student who runs or makes too much noise in her building, waving to a few of her basketball teammates as she passes them on her way towards the stairs and lets out a grateful sigh to see she not the only one running late to the sudden meeting. Taking her seat at the top of the conference table that most students will use when they have to do group projects, she pulls out her burgers chewing on them as she glances over the President quietly going over his notes. The Student Council President is a hawk who is only a few inches shorter then her but his personality demands control of the room and he doesn't but up with any kind of foolishness, she has never seen him outside the meetings which always makes her wonder if he has any friends.
Anyone down to do a winter carnival committee?

Also I have Lobelia on the student council if we want to do that for the club/activity maybe the others can join to or already be apart of it

Sounds like a good plan to me, I'll give it a few more days then I'll put up a post
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