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My prayers to my Ukrainian friends out there
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"Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. The more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have" -Thomas Hildern
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happy valentines day!
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Posting faster than the speed of light
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I am in a slump. So post will either be amazing or terrible
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Just a small, fragile birdboy with a huge beak. I use to be Manapool, but we don't talk about those days.

In all honesty I am 21 and in a committed relationship outside of roleplay. I work as a cook in a castle, which isn't as impressive as it sounds. I'm from America in the Eastern Standard Timezone and tend to be up late. I'm interested in history, magic, mythology, true crime, tabletop games and card games. I love getting to know people and am always down to listen if you need someone to vent to! Overall, I'm just a birdboy, nothing special. I have an Interest Check but I don't update it much. Just PM me if you ever want to Roleplay. Big or small.

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Rala was confused by the way he was carrying around the weapon. While the Halberd was definitely a surprise, Rala found herself eyeing the bag wearily. She was still thinking about the hags, even now. The bag had a familiar magical nature to it that made her think of the hag crafts. Reminded again of what troubles her, she snatched up the jug once more and took a hearty swing.

"A fine weapon, the royal guard carry these. Your father and his father's father would be proud of your...axe" She said in an attempt to be reassuring. She didn't know if the orc was coherent enough for a lecture on weapon specification.
Tiny dragon people are kobolds in dnd, Tiny cavedweling goblins are the origonal myth for them.

My neighbor seems to stay here a lot, also dresses really nice though
Do you feel the hunger?
Does it howl inside?
Does it terrify you, or do you feel alive?

Become the beast
we don't have to hide
Do I terrify you?
or do you feel alive?

So embrace the darkness
and I will help you see
You can be fearless
and limitless
if you follow me
Listen to other people, like take what they say and actually mull over the intricacies of subtlety and tone. People seem to really like me because if something is bothering them and I hear it in their voice, see it in their face or they say they don't like it, I get that. Some people just seem oblivious, even when you're being direct and blunt. I wish people realized how important words are sometimes, and not just their own.

My question is, how long have you been roleplaying? If you feel special, why'd you start?

Rala was just starting to doze off, sitting with her weapon at her side, when she heard footsteps approaching her. Curious, but not yet entirely concerned, she opened an eye to see an Orc sitting down next to her. Groggy as she was, and drunk as he seemed to be, she managed to piece together the story he was telling. A faint smile on her face gave away her amusement at the situation.

As the Orc finished his long soliloquy, Rala paused as she tried to come up with an answer. Where to start? With a heavy sigh, she decided she needed something else to clear her mind, get on his level. Rala greedily reached for the booze the orc had. Her sort of 'payment' for her 'sagely advice'.

Rala took a hearty swig before placing the bottle bank down with a thud. With enough time to think and a nip to steady her nerves, she gave her answer.
"It's a matter of legacy. Whether it is or isn't the original doesn't matter as long as you leave your child with an axe" She uttered boldly, a hint of annoyance slipping out that she didn't quite intend. Quickly she tried to match his speed of the tongue.
"Your father wanted you to have the axe to pass on his legacy, a magical axe is just as fine as a handle of oak and a blade of ordinary steel" her words came swiftly but she paused to eye the bottle he had. She only hesitated because it seemed dangerous to take from an orc more than once.
"But to answer your question, no it is not the same axe. It wasn't when your father replaced the blade. But neither was its wielder. Perhaps your tradition is not the axe itself but the additions made to it" She said with a sudden surge of confidence. Has she been using the same short sword she once wore as a member of the guard, she may not be alive today. Upgrades and maintenance are essential for any weapon.

"may I see the weapon in question?"
Rala got her own riddle
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