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6 mos ago
My prayers to my Ukrainian friends out there
6 mos ago
"Too many people have opinions on things they know nothing about. The more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have" -Thomas Hildern
6 mos ago
happy valentines day!
6 mos ago
Posting faster than the speed of light
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7 mos ago
I am in a slump. So post will either be amazing or terrible
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Just a small, fragile birdboy with a huge beak. I use to be Manapool, but we don't talk about those days.

In all honesty I am 21 and in a committed relationship outside of roleplay. I work as a cook in a castle, which isn't as impressive as it sounds. I'm from America in the Eastern Standard Timezone and tend to be up late. I'm interested in history, magic, mythology, true crime, tabletop games and card games. I love getting to know people and am always down to listen if you need someone to vent to! Overall, I'm just a birdboy, nothing special. I have an Interest Check but I don't update it much. Just PM me if you ever want to Roleplay. Big or small.

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