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I'm fine. Maybe starting at the Battle of Loum would be a good meeting point between characters, though since Letter Bee decided not to join after all we are down to just two submitted characters
Glad you think so. Hoping this will go far.
Name:Shiori Nagam
Gender: Female
Bio: Born in Side 3, she devoted herself to studying the technologies that would form the backbone of Mobile Suits for the sake of her own passions until tensions with the Earth Federation sparked several incidents, at which point she found herself spurred on by patriotism and immense guilt over a lack of answers to the need for Zeon's independence. While initially rejected for seemingly outlandish ideas she couldn't adequately defend, more prominent figures in the development of the first mobile suits would speak to the soundness of many of the designs she had submitted once suitably compact fusion reactors became a reality. Nevertheless, she was placed in a special development branch for mobile suit equipment rather than be allowed to provide designs for mobile suits and mobile armors herself. She made few breakthroughs in this position and often was behind the curve of the plans of the Zabi family until a piece of an original design was placed in a folder of blueprints by accident. This piece contained a fraction of a Mobile Armor design, the thrusters of which were considered a superior option to those originally intended for Zeon's opening move in beginning a war of independence from the Earth Federation.

She was given orders to move to yet another top secret lab devoted to the upcoming war effort where she would work alongside a single other, equally eccentric colleague to test new concepts, develop specialized modifications of accepted mobile suit and armor models and provide an expert opinion on the proposals sent by Zeonic and Zimmad. Believing the best way to fulfill this assignment would include performing field and combat testing, she began a letter to be sent up the chain insisting she be allowed to engage in such before even reaching her new desk, where she would find an encrypted disk containing several thousand documents and demanding cooperation fulfilling a plan dubbed "Operation British"
Skills: A talent for designing mobile suits, mobile armors and their equipment. Passing ability to pilot a mobile suit or armor and a theoretical knowledge of the best way to use both standard and specialized mobile suit equipment she is familiar with, though without the combat experience to really capitalize on it.
Personality: Often single minded and possesses a debatably unhealthy interest in the capabilities of all military equipment. She is loyal to the cause of Zeon's independence and cast aside the question of whether the measures taken in the war are ethical to better promote that cause, though she takes no pleasure in the death and destruction. Under normal circumstances she is friendly, kind, but eccentric.

She is prone to bouts of gluttony, eating in response to both stress, boredom and a lack of stimulation in general. As a result, the second largest obstacle to her advancement has been her need for large grocery shipments to work optimally, though she shares food supplies generously with both colleagues and complete strangers. Despite the chance to escape the lab being a rarity, she finds her time in and out of the lab to satisfy different but equally important needs and has a noted fondness for children and has on more than one occasion found herself entertaining a group. While she doesn't dislike any food, she has a preference for sweet and spicy things.
Newtype(Including Rank E to A)[Y/N]:Y, C

Still feels rough but if I keep mulling it over I may never actually put a character forward.
At what point during events would we start at, and what does each newtype rank entail?
I did some freeform roleplaying online a long time ago and have had the pleasure of getting to play a few sadly short lived tabletop roleplaying games in the past but they have been hard to come by and I felt a longing for casual stuff on forums again so I thought I'd try here.
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