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15 days ago
Current Crimson, I want to introduce you to World of Darkness :) or just discuss ideas that might be useful to you, that could work too...
26 days ago
Tired, but, excited for a couple rp's, here.
27 days ago
Over due update: not enough room to explain, wound up not needing the surgery, but thanks for the likes.
1 mo ago
In surgery, wish me luck.
2 mos ago
Or, for an obscure reference? "Moonchild"
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Ok, going to compose a post tonight.

make that tomorrow... Assuming you all are still interested in this >_>U
Alright, I'm going to work up a character tonight.

Posted a character, awaiting approval/suggested corrections.

for the benefit of others, my sheet is just an expansion on the basic Shaman King Character File, such as this:

Star Sign:
Blood Type:
Spirit Ally:
Oversoul Medium:
Oversoul (current) Appearance:
Alright, I'm going to work up a character tonight.
Ok, going to compose a post tonight.
So is it just me or is everyone waiting for a character sheet?

Yeah, I'm kind of surprised since the Shaman Profiles in the manga provides a fairly simple and easy template.

Just throwing that out there for folks who will be able to do this sooner than I can (single dad with a full time job; time is a luxury)
<Snipped quote by BenG85>

If you want to keep that idea, you could go the Ryu angle where your character is inspired by the Prometheus story and created a Prometheus over soul? (Like Ryu did with the Yamata no orochi)

Hey, that's a great idea!
Good thing I thought through multiple options; my first choice was to pair my character with the titan Prometheus ^_^U
@Product there was already a Viking team in the original manga so I don’t see why it’s impossible. (Team Northmen)

To be fair, one of them was a viking; their leader was Irish and the other was Russian I think.
Some serious stuff going on for my family, aiming to post again this week but if it's delayed that's why, reality is kind of shit, atm.
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