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Fil-Am. Gen-Z Milennial trying to find my place, happiness and prosperity in the world while the world is in chaos.

Former Username: Shadowkiller912

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Seirei no Tsumi: Sin Of The Spirit (2014) (Roleplayer of Evelyn Rose Angara de Barazza.)

RWBY: Another Time (2014) (Roleplayer of Regina Cordelia and Victoria Cordelia Caesar.)

Mass Effect Spectre Strike Force (2014) (Roleplayer of Naomi Gagarin.)

Star Wars: Grievous Ascent (2015) (Roleplayer of the Jensaarai.)

The Heroes of Beacon (2015) (Roleplayer of Caelia Polyhymnia, Cynthia Nivian Dea, and Ni Rensa Ryou.)

Former RP's

Heroes of Beacon - The Next Chapter (2015 - 2018) (Rest in Peace to one of my most memorable RP's during College. Roleplayer of Caelia Polyhymnia, Cynthia Nivian Dea, Ni Rensa Ryou, Sarina Tala Dei and Vega Venetia.)

Persona - Academic Akrasia (2017) (Roleplayer of Arina “Cal Senpai” Mifune.)


A little bit about me

- Filipino-American. Half Tagalog, Half Illokano (Partially Chinese)

- Can speak a little bit of Tagalog and Mandarin.

- Alumni of the Class of 2019 of UC Davis.

- Majored in Anthropology and Psychology.

- Currently working in the IT Sector.

- Roleplaying since 2010, I began on the old Bethesda Softworks Forum doing Fallout Roleplays.

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I will keep watch of this, tentative interests on this.
Out of curiosity, is this RP still open?
Just commenting to put down my interest, I am already on the discord and chatted with the others. Also can I please get a roll as well. Thanks. @Monochromatic Rainbow

Awasapa System
Awasapa Prime, World of Infinite Islands
Palace of Kapayapaan,
City of Serrasalas

Empress Talakuan Nami

“Nothing is set in stone yet but notify Lei to begin exploratory talks to improve relations. We have neglected relations for too long. I want the agenda to start off with combatting piracy and re-strengthening economic relations. We will deal with the political side later. That is all.”

“Yes Empress” as the Empress Assistant walked away.

Nami sat cross legged on the palace balcony, staring out to the waters of Awasapa Prime on Kapayapaan. It was gifted to the Empire when they along with Korinokuni joined the Empire. Although as the waters peacefully moved, her mind was racing. Years of near political, social, economic isolation has not boded well for Zishan. The economy has been stagnating and has only grown little, relations with the Oversellar Zishan has been neglected and relations with most nations in the cluster have been widely neglected. The everyday Zishanese citizens are increasingly curious of the wider cluster, seeking greater economic opportunities making the risky migration out from the home systems. Its already stressful enough she must deal with political bickering regarding conservative members on opening the country to the wider cluster along with the spiritual discussing regarding the faith. It does not help that being located in far edge of the cluster having to deal with adventurous pirates, from the perspective of the Navy that many of the pirates hail from the core, attacking cargo and transport ships and enslaving their own citizens. For the Empress, who is thirty-five her role as face of the nation and a living deity was something stressful due to the previous administration governance. At least her mind she knew she had an administration that would be support behind these uncertain times.


Paradiso System
World of New Eden
Zishan Embassy

Lei Dacoruan, the thirty-four-year-old ambassador sat within her office. She has been the ambassador for Zishan for only a few years, having to take the role of the leader of the Overstellar Zishanese. She also noteworthy for being several of the youngest members of the Empire diplomatic service and was chose for this position as she represented a generation of Zishanese born outside of the Imperial System. She understood very well that Zishan would have to adapt to cluster to survive and could not keep itself in nearly isolated for that long.

Lei muttered something indescribable under hear breath.

She sighed at her desk while looking at a report on her computer, several cargo ships in the frontier attacked by pirates, unknown number of Zishanese migrants on board as reported from one Zishanese who escaped via escape pod. She muttered, “Damn Pirates.” Just at that moment then, a message notification popped up on her screen, “The Empress bid you blessings, under her administration you are to begin exploratory discussions regarding the improvement of Zishanese-New Eden relations.”

That was all, and thus Lei would begin the difficult work on improving such strained relations between two states. Starting though, is always a good sign as she relayed a message to the New Eden administration of starting exploratory talks to improve relations.
Redacted, maybe someday Zishan will appear again in another NRP..
Flag: TBA

Nation Name: Zishan

Government Type: Autocratic Monarchic Republic
Demographics: Humans (includes the Jinghshenren subset)

Empress Nami Talakuan


Zishan economy as a superpower on the frontier is similar regarding other superpower economies. The country has robust agriculture, manufacturing, extraction of resources, technology etc. Although due to its isolation, Zishan also has a Galápagos syndrome in which its products including its Sciences are isolated from the wider lcuster. Because of this its products are incompatible with other products coming say from the core worlds. At the same time, it is becoming more well-known especially in the frontier regions that border the Zishan Empire. Its common to find in the frontier systems near Zishan, of frontier worlds and peoples using Zishan technology since they are cheaper more readily available than the products coming from the core world.

Culture: TBA

Zishanese culture at its root was mix of East/Southeast Asian culture that was carried survivors of the ARC Xinri. Beginning in 3561, much of the various culture the settlers brought would syncretize. The War of Survival upon landfall on Xintian was a major incubator for establishing the basis of Zishanese culture. From that, its faith coined Zishanism by outsiders are multiplicity of different beliefs, including coming from the Old Earth Religions. Its religion is deeply tied the Zishanese character and their everyday life.

Linguistically Zishan Empire language is based on Mandarin including the use of Hanzi and Pinyin although due to the synthetization with other Asian culture during the settlement of Xintian, the language became peppered with a hodgepodge of words from Japan, Philippines, Korea etc. The Mandarin spoken today reflects this. Similarly, on Zishan the other Asian languages survived due to desire to culturally preserve it due but also evolved over time as well. Or in other cases such as the Shiroyama dialect or the Awasapan dialect. Although these new iterations of the Asian languages are minorities languages when compared to Zishan Mandarin standard.

Religiously, the Zishanese faith is an ethnic polytheistic faith but in a sense stresses monotheism centered around the worship of the Divine Guardian. The faith origins began during the War or Survival against the alien threat on Xintian. The Divine Guardian was an individual with the power and ability to lead the Zishanese faithfully on Xintian against the alien threat. The Divine Guardian of what would many would emerge from the Seinarugu an explorer who became a Jinghshen would become the 1st Supreme Divine Guardian and led Humanity to survive. Other Divine Guardian would follow in her wake as well and become a part of a broad network of worshipped guardians. Divine Guardians can undergo the process of sanctification even though if they are not Jingshen. The real world is also considered divine as well such as natural and intergalactic features (like planets) are worshipped. Consecration is also an important aspect too as many sites on planets are sanctified such as the Xinriren Graves or the Seinarugu. Planets in the five home systems themselves are consecrated too such as Xintian.

The maintenance of a keeping harmony between nature is factor. Because of this, settlement planning and architecture generally reflects this in which works to reduce their impact on the environment.

The notion of supreme god is not absent but up to different interpretations, some believing the Supreme Divine Guardian to be one true god, other in which a creator does exists also up to interpretation, whether reality is the current creator in some other sects. Generally, there is no issues so long there is recognition and obedience to the Supreme Divine Guardian.

Two major concepts within the faith is Kegare, and Harae Humans are imperfect and not immune to Sins that they externally do and must practice maintaining Harae and avoiding Kegare. Zishanese often try to live their lives with ethical conduct, morality and wisdom. Purification ceremonies are conducted at temples to remove Kegare.

Cosmologically, the Zishanese consider the galaxy just as a wider Heaven. In its holy literature, Earth was the first home of Humanity until the Perses, the bringer of death brought an end to the first world. Those who survived made their way to Eden, the second heaven and settled onto a new heaven. Those left behind were unlucky ones to not have been chosen.

On all five home systems, lay a network circuit of sites such as graves, shrines, and statues

Jingshen - The Jingshen are minority subgroup of Human within Xintian culture that emerged during the War of Survival Period. The emergence of the Jingshen began when Explorers while exploring the Seinarugu. stumbled upon a massive cave formation, the explorers there were exposed to an unknown substance Shengsha. Many of them succumbed to the substance, some dying, others falling into comas. The ones that awoke from comas had received Psychic (like Mass Effect biotics), the ability to bend nature would also shape the direction Zishan society.

Imperial Zishan Military

The roots of the IZM were laid in the War of Survival. As Zishan re-expanded to space in the future, a professional military branch was created.

Imperial Zishan Military

Imperial Zishanese Army (IZA)

Imperial Zishanese Army (IZA)

The IZA is responsible for land-based operations and garrison duties in the home systems.

Imperial Zishanese Air Force (IZAF)

Thee IZAF is responsible maintaining aerospace superiority over planetary bodies. IZAF oversees orbital and planetary installation such as maintaining defense platforms and military bases, regulating, military and civilian orbital activities.

Imperial Zishanese Navy (IZN)

The IZN in charge of both spaces based naval operations and planetary based naval operations. Subordinated under this command is also the Marines specialize in expeditionary warfare.


Empress Nami Talakuan

I've been looking to get back into RPing. Seeing that there is already a lot of people with interest on this, I'll wait a bit and see what kind of factions pop up and see what else I could offer.
@Elgappa@Ayazi Drat! But i shall respect the dibs, if i do seek to join and get on top of submitting any proper ideas or such to the discord. ^^;

Well, with that in mind: "What places on the map are still open for use?" (if that's ok to ask, i mean, ah...)

Could also help any other new players that are not me, perhaps, who could be looking. At least'd I'd want to think that could be the case. :D

Thanks. :) I've been working on this sheet for a long time but got held because of school (well no longer now because I have time). Actually spot I also do suggest is the Maritime in Canada for some faction. Newfoundland as well as I remember in a previous Fallout rp someone having a faction based out on the island. The Caribbean is still open too like Puerto Rico.
@Elgappa Thank you for answering questions so far! Its been very informative, and very interesting, to boot! :D

Though i do want to get an idea of what kind of a nation might work out in this place, seeing discussion here since my post last night. Call it my way of just "feeling out things", just in case my interest tips far enough to put in an app in future. ^^;


"What would your thoughts about a Pacific Islands nation? Say, one that has been not in contact with the mainland for a long time due to its need for resources (aka taking other islands that are closer) and for working out stability or such? Maybe based mainly in the islands of Hawaii, and has taken over some sets of smaller islands in the Pacific like Tonga, the Galapagos, and Fiji and such? Maybe with a solid enough sea/air force with little in the way of land infantry capability?"

Taking a look at the lore canon and here, i haven't seen anything about that part of the world as off yet, save that Chinese subs were off Cali's coast pre-Great War. So i felt this idea would be a good example to toss by you and feel out here.

Just a reminder, but I have been working on a Hawaii faction sheet since last year and trying to get it up onto WNC.
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