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Current I've just had a bunch of dead ends lately :( Doesn't anyone want to write anymore? Feeling bummed.
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Getting back into the swing of things once again lol
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I just wish people could be straight up and didn't make me feel so annoying just for wanting common courtesy. I feel like i'm all alone in that.
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This place man.......It ain't good for my mental health and is doing the opposite of what I came here for.


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Sydney smirked at her. “Of course, you think I’d just leave you here after you damn near fell limp into my arms? I think not and I pity anyone who tries to tell me differently.” She stated, her eyes rolling. Kaleb kept his mouth shut and was back to his normal self. He still wasn’t sure if that helped their strained relationship any but at least he felt in his own heart that it was the right thing to do. He quickly stood up and cleared his throat a bit. “I’m gonna go make some calls, you guys enjoy.” He said and then darted out of the door.

Sydney could sense a change in her sister, she was still the same person she’d always known and loved but something in her shifted since her son was born. It was kind of a neat thing to see....But, Sydney would be lying if she wasn’t worried the same thing won’t happen for her. What if she’s like their mother and they don’t connect? What if she screws up? What if it changes everything she’s ever known? A thousand thoughts ran through her usual free spirit. How had they swapped positions? She was not at all use to all this conflict within her. There had been a few times she’d wanted to confide in her sister about it but the few times she tried she didn’t really feel like talking about their absent parents. Understandable but it was part of their history and how could she be sure that her own parenting would be influenced by them? She was sure her mom didn’t set out to be nearly estranged from her daughters but it happened and she wasn’t sure how to get herself out of it all.

“I’m Really glad you guys are okay, Flo.” She said smiling. “You had us worried for a minute.” She stated, her eyes watering a bit before she looked away and gathered herself. “Your boy is a cute one. I already see you radiated with love for him. I’m so proud of you. Do you have any names in mind?” She asked, her eyes meeting her sisters tired ones.
These two are beyond naive so it just serves them right that this would happen. They fell right into his lap, he was very convincing though but this wasn’t really about them, not really, he wanted Florence. She froze him out so he figured Sydney was his one and only chance and just like he thought, she took it and now here he was, more than prepared to face his ex. Sydney’s boyfriend tried to stop him but once his mind was made up there was little that could be done to change it so he marched right in and he knew. As soon as they met eyes for the first time in months, he knew she knew. He wasn’t trying to make things so difficult but she had left him no choice.

“I don’t really care what she has to say, she’s always had a mouth on her, that one. Haven’t you sweetheart?” He asked, his tone laced with sarcasm. “All I’m here to say is that I am that kid’s dad and I will be in his life.” He simply stated, matter-a-factly. His arms crossed as he huffed a bit.

“I thought that you were “Pretty sure” he was yours? Now all of a sudden you’re changing your story?” Sydney knew in the moment he made that catty remark to her sister that he had taken advantage of all of them. She felt stupid and used but mostly felt utterly terrible for her sister. She didn’t mean to cause such a stir, she just so badly wanted her sister to be happy. She has always felt so guilty that she’s had Kaleb around and so she figured if they just talked it out it would work out and she could also have her family together, but now it was so clear how toxic their relationship really was. She suddenly understood why her sister never mentioned anything about him to her. It wasn’t because she was being stubborn and secretive. It was because the entire situation upset her deeply and she’d always tried her best to always be strong in front of her. She rarely ever cried in front of her, if at all. She was being the big sister she always knew and who always protected her. She loved her more for it and she knew that now it was her turn to step up. She’d fight her surely but Syd could be there for her in the same way that she had been there for her all these years. She could be protective too.

“Figured you all would say that, so you all can just read it and weep.” He said, pulling a paper from his pocket and handing it to Sydney as if to say “Kiss my ass” and she felt enraged. However, it was a sensitive situation so she’d keep it cool, for now.

“He’s 99% mine according to those results I got some newbie to run for me. We don’t have to do this the hard way Flo, I’ve told you this from the beginning....You really don’t want to mess with this. My family is full of lawyers & police officers and with what I have on you I could get the custody order I need and then things get complicated.”

Kaleb was the one to speak up finally, he knew full well how annoyed Flo was with him as of lately but he cared about her. He’d learned a lot nearly living with the two sisters and he most certainly considered her family. She didn’t feel the same way at this moment and he respected that but he wasn’t just gonna sit here and let this joker Threaten His soon to be wife’s sister. After everything she’d just gone through.

“Kai, I think you’ve made yourself clear and you’ve had your fun so playtime is over and I think it’s time you go.”

Kai groaned. “Really, Mr. Nice Guy is going to try to tell me what to do? Fuck off.”

Kaleb had a look on his face that even Sydney had seen before, it was kind of scary if she was honest but all she could do was watch.

He was chest to chest with him and the look in his eyes was dark and cold. “If treating with respect and dignity makes me a “nice guy” and “weak” then so fucking be it. You can flaunt your way around this whole place for all I care but you are not going to take advantage of us, and Florence who literally just gave birth hours ago and you’re already coming for her before she’s even stitched. That’s low and you know it. I’m not saying she’s perfect but chances are, unlike you, She has been doing what has been in the best interest of the baby and you on the other hand have been doing this for what? To get back at her? Did she hurt your ego? None of that shit matters when a baby is involved. He knows none of this and good parent would keep it that way.” He spoke in almost a whisper which made it all the more tense. “Not once has she ever spoke about you or what had happened and unfortunately you can’t be mature enough to do the same and yet you think you’re fit enough to be a father? Ok.”

He could tell Kai’s resolve was breaking, Kaleb wasn’t backing down just yet.

“You know nothing about it,”

“I know enough.”

“She spins things.”

He rolled his eyes. “You see, you’re so good at manipulating people you probably have people believing your sob story but i’m not anybody and I know that she has been nothing but truthful if not to a fault at times..” He said, casually referring to their most recent issue.

“If you want to do this all night, that’s fine but you’re not putting either of them through anymore of your shit so you can do this the hard way and make things more complicated or you can get the hell out of here and stop being a pre-pubescent teenager or act like a man. Whatever the case is, you need to get it through your head that your mind tricks won’t work. You are a sick son of a bitch and It’ll be a huge relief when your son is raised to be NOTHING like you. I don’t know what happened and quite frankly I don’t fucking care. You fuck with them, you fuck with me.” He said, his tone almost sinister.

Kai rolled his eyes. “How noble of you, Such a loyal hound dog you are Kaleb. Bravo.”

He breathed deeply. “I’m serious, you're not the only one who can throw around threats, the only difference is that mine aren’t empty.” He warned, eye level again with him. Security had been notified before Kaleb even stoke. He had family that worked in that very hospital and they didn’t mind helping if needed. So outside they stood, waiting to see if Kaleb called them in. He was mostly a nice guy and was more gentle and sweet but he had a dark side that this guy had awakened and if he were honest he was very surprised in himself but it all felt justified.

Kai couldn’t believe this guy, he was literally stunned. Nobody had ever stood up to him like this before so he almost respected him for it but he was playing with fire. This doesn't concern him or her sister. He’d let him have his moment because he’d said all he needed to say and he knew this wasn’t over.

The two of them glared at each other for a solid few minutes before Kai broke the contact and eyed both Flo and Sydney and then his eyes returned to Kaleb and he finally gave in.

“Fine, I can tell you don’t get many wins in your life so i’ll let you have this one Kaleb but I promise you, this is not over.” He said, as he gave Flo one last look before leaving the room and the damaged he’d done in it.

Sydney was dumbfounded by him, she’d never seen him so riled up. Impending fatherhood had really put his over-protection into overdrive and she was certain she never wanted to be on the receiving end of his anger. Although it was just adding to the drama and Flo was trying to recover she felt proud of him. He’d really gone for her even though she wasn’t his biggest fan. She knew that was just who he was and she couldn’t love him more. She’d found someone who loved her family as much and as fiercely as she did.

Kaleb let out a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding in and his face relaxed as he returned to his seat next to Sydney.

Things hadn’t been tense like this is YEARS, like since they were early teenagers and it felt so foreign and almost wrong. They only had each other and anything that messed with that was when things got a little hairy. They’ve had some learning curves over the past few years but they’ve somehow always gotten through it. They would be fine, Sydney knew this. She didn’t get much word in edgewise before things started to go downhill fast. As Flo tried to speak to her she kept weezing and it was clear she was in pain. The possibilities were endless at this point and nearly everything was running through her head as was her sister;s probably because the next thing she knew her sister was on the ground and Sydney had to catch her so she didn’t hit her head on something. She was shocked by how fast things turned and she had no idea what was happening but it was obviously not good and she was terrified but she didn’t have the time to freak out. She quickly grabbed her phone and hastily dialed up for an ambulance. She damn near screamed at them as she explained the current situation and they finally were sent out to their address.

Soon enough sirens blared and the flashing lights radiated through their windows. Neighbors were starting to look in curiosity and they left as fast as they came. Their pulses were low and they needed to be given attention immediately. She wanted to be with her but the rig was so small she decided she’d just drive in her car and follow them.

They loaded her up and Sydney ran to her car and as soon as she did so she started up and took off behind it, fetching her phone she called Kaleb to let him know what was going on and he said he’d meet her at the hospital. She was freaking out but she was also trying her hardest to stay calm considering her own unborn baby was growing inside her and the last thing she wanted was stress but this was just so unexpected and she needed her to be ok as well as the baby because she wasn’t sure what would happen if he/she didn’t pull through this. She didn’t want to go there.

She rushed in to the hospital and was right next to her the whole time until they needed to take her further than visitors were allowed so she was forced to let them work and wonder what would happen. She finally found a small lobby and sat down and within minutes Kaleb showed up and she was so glad to see him. He helped her be strong. She needed that more than ever right now. He asked what happened and she really couldn’t give him an answer, they would have to wait for the doctor. So they did.

It was nearly 4 hours later when a pair of doctors appeared before them and Sydney held her breath. “They are both being monitored at the moment and there was a few scares from both Florence and her baby, but they seem to both be on the mend now. We did medicate her for the emergency surgery, that should start to ware of in the next hour or two. The baby was born not breathing and struggled getting oxygen in his lungs but our staff was able to get him breathing and he’s been rowdy ever since.” She smiled, trying to make light of it because she knows how different things could have gone.

Sydney was understandably overloaded and felt like her head was spinning but it sounded like they were going to be okay, and they had a nephew. He didn’t have a name yet, but Sydney knew she’d love him. She wanted to see her sister so badly but the doctor said they were finishing up and she’d get to go in soon but they were welcomed to come to the nursery down the hall and see the baby.

Sydney quickly jumped on the chance and the three of them headed down the hall until they were in from of a room with glass windows and as the nurse picked up the boy her heart melted. She couldn’t believe he was here and despite his early hectic entrance he seemed to be able to hold his own just fine, must have got it from his mama, Happy tears welled in her eyes as she smiled at the little guy. It dawned on them that soon their own baby would be in there and that was just so exciting and terrifying.

While waiting for the go ahead to go see Flo, they were sitting and just making conversation when a man walked up to them. He looked distressed and seemed to have rushed here. Not exactly sure what it was this guy wanted, she stared at him and just asked him. “Is there something I can help you with? Are you looking for somebody?” She was trying to make her voice so level despite the time she’d had today.

“We’ve only met once so I didn’t think you would have remembered and Florence loved to keep us a secret, for what reason is beyond me. I’m Kai and she used to know my mom and that’s how we met. We were on and off and then things were really good. In secret, but good. Then all of a sudden she’s cutting me off and saying how we cant be together and .I still don’t know what happened. Anyways, My mom is friends with one of your neighbors and they seen the whole showdown that happened and called my mom, who told me because it looked really bad and I think that’s my baby and I know she will surely kick my ass for being here and for me telling you any of this but I’m worried and knowing that they are okay is worth it.” He seemed to ramble on forever and Sydney had issues keeping up with him.

She was surprised he just showed up here, but she was necessarily surprised at his relationship with Flo. She rarely talked about the baby’s dad and has told her almost nothing, despite how close they are, she just assumed it was a super sore spot for her sister so she left it alone. Keeping the baby from a willing father because of your own issues though? She wasn’t so sure how that worked but knew that these things were often more complicated and she had to try to understand her sisters place here.

“Wow, Yeah....I’ve never been told any of this. She refuses to speak about anything related to you and while I don’t really understand, it’s just kind of a sister thing. She doesn’t poke my sore spots, I don’t poke hers, ya know?” She sighed and realized quickly she’d left Kaleb standing there, she quickly introduced him and things were pleasant.

The doctor finally came out once again and relayed that Flo was awake, coherent and stable and was asking for her sister. She was probably super confused, Sydney followed the doctor back and the guys followed behind her. She obviously didn’t think she was ready to see them and so Sydney made them stay in the hall as she was escorted in. She was sat in her hospital bed and look at her with wide eyes as she entered. She quickly found herself carefully hugging her sister and sitting down in the chair next to the bed. “Thanks for that scare flo, Looks like your Son is following in your footsteps already. Always have to make a dramatic entrance. Let’s hope your Niece doesn’t pull the same thing, huh?” She joked, her tone was much lighter now and she was just glad they were all okay. “Even being an early baby he was still almost 7 lbs, so can’t imagine what he would have been if you were full term.” She was joking, trying to lift her spirits. It was probably a lot for her to process as well. “He wasn’t breathing when he was first born and they had to work on him for a bit but they got him on oxygen and he perked right up and is a very healthy baby.” She said, grinning ear-to-ear as she pulled out the one picture she got of him in the nursery. “Now you’ll just have to give him a name...” She said, excitedly curious as to what her sister would choose.

“There is also one more thing you should know and I don’t want you to flip on me because I had nothing to do with it and neither did Kaleb, It was our nosy neighbor next door. The older women, ya know the one. Anyways.....” She was hesitating, she wasn’t sure if it was the right time but he was literally outside her door. She was caught in the middle and didn’t know how to handle it. She could tell her sister wanted her to just spit it out. “Kai is here. He showed up an hour ago and has been insisting he see you and that he is the dad.” She said it real fast as if that would sting less. She could immediately see the change on her features and she moved closer. “Would you talk to me, please? What is going on? Is there something you haven’t told me?” She was trying anything to get it out of her when the door opened and there they stood. She specifically told Kaleb to wait for to come back out there and clearly he listened well. “I told you guys to wait outside!” She whisper-yelled to Kaleb who looked very sorry.

Sydney sighed heavily, she wasn’t sure what the hell was going on but I guess it wasn’t her battle to fight. “Do you want us to leave you two alone to talk?” Sydney asked, moreso for her sister’s sake. Kaleb looked massively uncomfortable and it was a little bit amusing. “Just say the word.”
For the first time ever, Sydney was at odds with her sister for more than a few hours. It was a foreign feeling for her and she wasn't even that bothered at the moment so that worried her a little bit. Was she growing distant? She wasn't sure what was going on but she was not going to be influenced or swayed any longer. They were both adults now and she knew as they grew and evolved, so would their relationship. She loved her and always would support her but she felt a disconnect happening and it scared her a bit. She'd mentioned it to Kaleb and he relayed he had been noticing a change in her. Just from that one outcome, she had no idea it would effect her this much.

As if on que, there was flo, hands on her belly and looking straight at her. She shrugged and nodded. "Figured it was time." She replied shortly, taking another sip. "No, I already ate." She said, finally making eye contact with her. "Kaleb won't be coming around that much anymore. He doesn't want conflict or drama and so he decided it'd be best to back off and let you have your space back. I'll just be going over to his place more often until we decide on something else." She stated matter-a-factly, finishing her water and tossing the bottle away. "Enjoy your quiet weekend?" She mused, her tone a little icy.
Sydney was gone for the rest of the following weekend. Her and Kaleb went up north where his family owned a few cabins and it was a nice getaway. She felt much more calm and had the energy to deal with her sister. This was honestly probably the longest she had gone without speaking to her sister and she for sure missed her. She wasn't sure if the feeling was mutual quite yet because her sister was very stubborn and loved her dramatics. Oh well, she loved her anyways.

Together they had made the decision that Kaleb would return to his place with his college friend that he had been renting with before everything changed with Sydney. She was sad to let him do that as she just wanted to be with him but understood he just didn't feel comfortable staying, given the current situation. He was bummed but upon sydney's assurance that it wasn't personally him but guys in general he let it be. He was curious how that baby's father knock her up though, that was none of his business though.

It was early in the evening on Sunday and the sun was still up. She had driven back home alone and quietly parked and shut off her car. She sat for a moment, her hand resting on her growing belly. She smiled and eventually got out of the car and walked up the driveway and in through the front door.

She silently set her keys in the dish and headed for the kitchen. She was super thirsty and in need of some water. As she reached in the fridge and started drinking the bottle of water she could hear movement on the steps and new that the peaceful silence would soon be broken.
Sydney always had an understanding of her sister, why she did the things she did, why certain things triggered her, ect. This whole issue with Kaleb caught her a little by surprise, she didn’t really get why she was being so hostile. Did she think that the two of them would be alone for the rest of their lives? Sydney surely didn’t want that for herself or her future daughter so as things stood, she was beyond happy and grateful for Kaleb and how attentive he always has been, but even more so now that she had gotten pregnant. She didn’t see it the same way her sister did. He did do almost everything, but never once has she ever asked him to, it was all in his free will because that’s just the type of person he was and over the last few weeks, she thought that was pretty obvious but I guess, just like she had first thought, Flo’s own history was clearly making her bias. It was unfortunate, but she wasn’t letting it get to her. Why would she? She was happy.

“Flo....I’m not exactly sure where all this has come from but I’ll let it go considering how sensitive of a time you’re having. Kaleb has been nothing but good to both of us, despite you being cold and reserved to him. I understand that you are being protective of me but can’t you see how happy he’s made me? How deeply we love each other? Could I be like you and think of all the alternatives and ruin our moment? Yes, 100%, but that is not anywhere near healthy. I’m sorry you don’t see him that way, and feel like he is taking me away from you. You haven’t said anything to me about this up until now so don’t take it out on him now. This is clearly about us. Despite your attitude towards him he still respects you, maybe you could learn a thing or two about that.” She finally finished, turning around to exit the room. “Grandma always told us that no, we should never rely on a man, but if we should be as lucky as to find one that doesn’t make it feel like we’re anything but a team, then you run and fast and as far as you have to get in his arms.” She remembered, the thought making her smile. She sure missed that lady.

“It makes me feel a type of way because from the minute you told that you were pregnant, I was supportive in every single way I could be. I sat with you after Kai “Left” and never once have I made you feel guilty. Now here you are, giving me shit for loving a man who loves me and it just really sucks, Flo, It really does. Kaleb figured you would be happy for us, but clearly he doesn’t know you that well because I figured this would be your reaction. I fought against my better judgement and hoped you’d be a little mindful like I have been with you, but nope. It’s Flo’s world and we’re all lucky enough to live in it.” She was trying so hard not to get mad, she rarely did, but this was really making her upset. Why couldn’t she have just been happy for them? She didn’t understand but she didn’t have much less to say, she didn’t want to fight. As both of them were pregnant, it wasn’t the smartest choice so Sydney said nothing more and left the room rather than talk in circles. She met Kaleb downstairs and then they left the house, the wooden door closing as it echoed through the house.
Sydney knew her sister well and she often times used that for her own motives, however she really has not been able to gauge what her sister would think of this, or how she would react to the news. As soon as she told her though she could see the wheels turning in her head, she was putting all the pieces together and then beginning to wonder how she couldn’t have figured it out herself, sooner. The thing about it was though, if Sydney tried hard enough she could conceal any secret. Her complicated upbringing is one of those things, so if you don’t know something about her, she made sure it stayed that way until she decided otherwise.

Kaleb’s eyes were on Sydney’s and she quickly glanced at him while her sister was deep in thought. Her next remark caught her a bit by surprise. She couldn’t tell if she was genuinely asking, or if she was being pissy? With as pregnant as she was Sydney couldn’t blame her. She sighed heavily, her hands resting in her lap. Without pause, she took Kaleb’s hand in hers and grinned. “We are..” She said, the couple sharing a heartfelt glance. She had always been careful and mindful not to rub things in and make her sister jealous but this was just a moment she had to have with the father of their future daughter.

Kaleb shrugged a bit afterwards, “For the record, I wanted to tell you the week after we found out, but someone would not let me.” He defended, half joking. “Hey!” Sydney playfully hit her boyfriend. “Thanks for the backup, Babe...”

Sydney felt so much lighter and free. She looked at her sister again, “Flo, I’m sorry we didn’t tell you sooner. I just didn’t know how, you’ve been through a lot the last few years and I just thought this might be a slap in the face. In the interest of total honesty, I actually didn’t want to tell you until after the baby was here, because I didn’t want to send you into early labor, but then today we saw her again, and found out she was a girl, and agreed on her name and I just couldn’t not run home and tell you everything.” She confessed. “Her name is going to be Emire Jade, After Our Grandma and Her soon to be Grandma.” She beamed with pride, looking at Kaleb once again. What a day.
The two of them just knew each other and in times like these, when she wasn’t sure if she could say the words. They could just communicate with looks and that was so special to her while she gathered herself. She had never felt so nervous to tell someone something. It was a foreign feeling to her. She sat down next to her sister and thought for a minute. Strong like tigers. She remembered. It had helped her feel grounded in a situation that was falling apart. She smiled, and quickly gathered herself together. Her strong spirit was back and she was ready, or ready as she could be.

“So, I know we don’t keep secrets, but before I tell you just know how hard it has been for me to keep this in. I didn’t want to add to your problems, you’re finally getting your feet on the ground and the last thing i wanted to do was throw you off, but it’s getting to the point where I can’t hide it and I don’t want to. It’s a blessing and I shouldn’t have hid it in the first place, but, anyways...” She trailed off, she knew she’d just have to spit it out before her nerves kicked up again. “I’m nearly 21 weeks pregnant with my baby. We went to the doctors this morning, not Kaleb’s cousins. We found out it’s a healthy baby girl.” She suddenly felt so much lighter, no matter how things went, she wasn’t keeping anything from her anymore and she didn’t realize until this moment how much it was affecting her.

It was at this precise time that Kaleb decided to pop in. He could sense the tension and figured it could only mean one thing. He smiled, trying to break the silence. “Everything ok?”
Sydney found her way towards Flo’s voice and was a little surprised when she came across her heavily pregnant and painting. She wanted to tell her what a terrible idea that was but she knew that independence was in her blood. All the other women in their family were mostly the same way. So she doesn't suppose that she could blame her and especially given her situation she imagined it was just another way of trying to control an unpredictable situation. She wouldn't fault her for that and of course trusted that she was grown and could make her own choices and wouldn't intentionally put herself or her unborn baby at risk.

Sydney smiled as her eyes scanned the smaller room. “Wow, Flo...” she said, in awe of how amazing it had turned out. “This looks really amazing, I can't believe you made this. I guess it's clear to see who got what genes.” She joked, smirking at her big sister.

The entire way home she was so excited but also kept thinking of how much she wanted to tell her sister. Keeping this from her has been the most exhausting thing she's ever done and it was starting to get the best of her. She wanted to wait until she had her baby before springing such a thing on her. She knew her sister, but she wasn't exactly sure how she would react to her secret. She was getting so tired of guessing, and Kaleb has been telling her to spill the beans, sooner rather than later. He'd wanted her to know right away because that's just the person he is. She loved him for that.

She could tell her sister was starting to wonder and so she figured she might give in. Play it by ear.

She sighed, her watering eyes betraying her as she tried to remain strong. “I have to tell you something..”
Sydney shook her head. “No, no. We aren't agitated at all by any means! I was just letting you know, in case you had other plans. Of course you are capable, but just because you're the oldest doesn't mean I don't worry about you.” She stated, her eyes sincere. “You're carrying my niece or Nephew in there! An Auntie has got to know.” She smirked. She exchanged a few glances with Kaleb while she ate. She could tell that her sister was catching on to their change in the last few weeks but she didn't think she knew what it really meant for them. Everytime she looked at her she had to swallow the guilt. She didn't entirely know why she was making this so complicated but it's just grown into more and more as the weeks past now shes just not sure.

It wasn't long before breakfast was over and cleaned up. Sydney and Kaleb were out the door within the hour and both took a breath as they sat in his beloved pickup. “We should really consider telling her soon, it's causing you so much unneeded stress and that's not good for the two of you,” he said softly, his hand landing on her slowly growing baby bump. “I want this to be a happy time for us, babe.”He said, his eyes locked on hers.

Sydney knew how much sense he was making, and she agreed but it just wasn't that simple. “I know babe, I'll tell her soon. I'm not ready yet.” She admitted, her eyes wondering. Kaleb simply nodded and held her hand as he drove them to the clinic.

Upon arrival, they signed in and eventually were called back. Today was a big day, they were having an ultrasound and they couldn't wait to see their little bean. The heartbeat made their hearts melt to puddles and there was nothing sweeter.

The doctor checked all the necessary areas and determined the baby was very healthy and was right in track- growth wise. They were so excited. The doctor looked up at them, and smiled back. “Would you like to know the gender?” Kaleb and Sydney exchanged a glance and knew they wanted to know. Unlike her sister, she wasn't patient enough to wait it out. They grinned, and both nodded. “Yes, Please.” The doctor nodded and looked at the screen. “Very well, You're having a Daughter. Congratulations!” The parents to be were overwhelmed with joy and couldn't believe they were going to be having a girl. Tears welled in their eyes as they shared a sweet kiss. “I'll see you back at 30 weeks, Remember to take it easy.” The doctor said, printing and handing them their set of sonogram pictures. “Thank you so much, Dr. Kelston.” They said in unison as they strolled out of the room and back out to their vehicle. Their minds were racing, but in the best possible way.

“We're having a baby girl!” Kaleb said as they sat in the truck in awe. Sydney adored seeing her love so in love with having a daughter. She knew he'd make the most amazing father. “Emrie Jade?” She said aloud, and Kaleb nodded with tears in his eyes. They'd had this name since they first found out. A tribute to two people that meant the most to them. Emily was Sydney's Grandma and Jade was Kaleb’s mother's middle name. It felt perfect. Sydney was over the moon excited and they sat for a while, went out to lunch and then finally arrived back at the apartment a few hours after they had left. Their faces still said it all but Sydney couldn't help it this time. She was so excited and grateful.

“Flo? You home? We're back!” She called out, taking her stuff off and walking toward the living room where she could hear the TV.
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