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7 days ago
Current Discord won't accept VoIP numbers for a passcode. I unlocked it with my brother's help.
12 days ago
And now, my Discord isn't working. I have an alt up and running, and whatever glitch locked me out of my original should be resolved in a day or two, hopefully. Ugh. It's always something.
14 days ago
Still here! Not ghosting anyone! I may have to deal with some insane job issues soon (might have to get a new main one!) but I am still on the guild.
23 days ago
Anyone else think a Matrix prequel which warns us about the dangers of abuse by social networking companies, big tech, and VR would have been a better idea than "resurrections"?
23 days ago
Finally back. That was eight hours I usually don't spend totally AFK on a Sunday, smartphone notwithstanding.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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My Discord is offline. It's why I've been quiet for a while. I'm on an alt account there now, but I've yet to get back to the server. Sorry for the delay.
@ZerothNo offense was taken, don't worry.

I don't care if it is popular, it's just not what I do. Or most people, really. This isn't Pokemon. Or Digimon. Or another derivative.

You're actually the second one to bring up the anime evolution bit. No, this isn't like that. They're hatched as kobold, they live as kobolds, they die as kobolds. No overarching plot is in place; the players are free to do as they wish in a sandbox-type RP.

Looks fine. Just place him in the characters tab. He doesn't look like the rest of the tribe, but we can say he immigrated or his mother had an affair with a member of a polar tribe or something.

A bit unusual, but I'll allow it. Very bird-like. Almost like a raptor or other feathered dinosaur.
@Dark Cloud

I understand. Thanks for your interest.
We have three characters so far (two are also posted on Discord). One or two more characters and a bit more setup and we'll be ready to go.
@Dark Cloud

Looks good. Feel free to put him in the characters tab.
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