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Level 9 Blazermate - (25/90) +1
Bottomless Sea > the Maw room 2.5
Words: less than 750

Blazermate followed the rest of the others through the whole Carl situation, although she arrived late compared to everyone else and didn't really see his 'human' tyrade, only the fact that Sakura healed him with another friend heart and while his body was reconstructed, he stopped talking and just stood there like an idle robot with no mind. "So these hearts can have adverse effects potentially..." Blazermate thought as Carl just stood there motionless but functional. If she had seen his tyrade earlier, she wouldn't have been much of a help as she'd berate him for thinking he was human. Medabots were better after all, what human could heal others with their arm instantly for example, or shoot laser beams that put military weapons to shame? Plus she had experienced being semi organic at one point and it wasn't something for her, not at all. But even with these thoughts, she wouldn't berate her friends about it, they weren't trying to pretend to be something they weren't after all.

After activating the power to the door that blocked their way, the group moved on into a new area that was just horrible. Blazermate didn't mind water as it wouldn't short circuit her or anything, all medabots were fully waterproof as they didn't run on electricity or anything, but the fact that she would just sink with little way to actually swim really bugged her. There was a round sub that seemed like it would fit either her or two others, but not the whole group. Seeing as she didn't need to breath, if they were forced to go underwater she would just hold onto the sub and ask any other of the aquatic people if they could help her move around under there.

Then there was the whole problem of a... frankly, ugly and slimy man whining about being lonely, saying something about a lady that he seemed to be the underling of. Perhaps a boss of this place? Either way, he seemed to be torn about having new friends, yet not letting them leave even with people offering friendship with the gross, slime spewing man if they all got out. He then slipped into the water, and while everyone else thought he was gone, Blazermate's sensors told her that it wasn't over. Then Bowser, either by immense perception, or dumb luck, thought the same thing Blazermate did. "The goo man isn't gone everyone, hes still very much alive in that water. Bowser might be right."

Now the issue was... how were they going to go forward with this? Some pointed out a chair that looked, frankly, like a trap. A chair that was too big for everyone except her. "So uh... do we actually need to use that chair to progress, knowing that we might have to deal with a water monster down below? I'd really prefer to progress without going in the water if I could help it... I'm not a swimmer." Blazermate said. Mirage offered up to use the chair, which well, if things went poorly and he didn't die Blazermate could heal him so there was that...


Level 6 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (49/60)
Location: Al Mamoon - Warehouse Fight
Word Count: less than 750

Sectonia was right to be on guard, as this cat girl acted much like her namesake, using deception to try to get a free hit on the bee queen. She was fast, and had Sectonia not taken that moon shard, she wouldn't be able to keep up. But since she could, it was a furious fight of parrying, the occasional teleport, thrusts, knives flying everywhere, both sides getting the occasional hit in although Sectonia took more than Maeve, and all in all a fairly flashy battle. Maeve kept up her attacks, leaving Sectonia very little chance to swap away from her swords, although the Queen didn't mind all that much and she still had the ability to throw globes of darkness which gave her a ranged attack as well.

After a little while, Maeve gave it her all and darkened the area. Normally this would've blinded the bee queen, but the Moon Shard gave her a bit of vision in the darkness. Maeve, having used her ult, maneuvered behind Sectonia in an attempt to strike her when the queen gave her an opening. However as the fight had been going on and Sectonia had been passively healing, a green skull shot out of her crown and undeterred by the darkness, homed in on Maeve as she made her attempt to assassinate the Queen, giving Sectonia the angle at which Maeve was trying to attack from. While Sectonia wasn't left unscathed by the clash that happened, Maeve was in a much worse state as she had been punctured by a rapid stab barrage from Sectonia, making a wall of sorts to defend herself from the unseen attacker.

And then the fight came to an abrupt, explosive end. Literally as one of the rebels dropped a bomb that blew up the warehouse, causing damage to everyone involved. Thankfully Sectonia's magic shield from her pipe of insight protected her minions and herself from a large chunk of the blast's damage unlike the rebels who had no protection. Still, this caused some of the group to pass out, with the tankier members of the group such as Tora, Poppi, and Sectonia able to still be conscious. "Hmph Well it seems they have made the enemy of us." Sectonia said to Kan-Rah as their clerics healed up the group, some worse for wear than others. Sectonia had taken more damage than she had anticipated, and until her wounds were healed, had issues keeping her regal form, needing to grip an area that was in pain. "Very foolish of them. My wrath will be their nightmare." She said plainly, appreciating the healing.

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (47/60)
Location: Al Mamoon - Warehouse Fight
Word Count: less than 750

Sectiona wasn't surprised her minions were turned down by Band, as they weren't the stealthiest of things considering. Especially considering Midna was able to hide inside someone's shadow and be nearly undetectable. So with the suggestion to just chill and relax until later where they'd only need to lazily patrol around until Band called them, Sectiona took that opportunity to do as was requested for once, and relax like a Queen should. Her Alcremie seemed to enjoy the sweets and soda that Sectonia had acquired, needing very little in the way of sustenance compared to the Queen due to their relatively small size even compared to a shorter member of the group such as Tora.

Time passed, and eventually Sectonia made her way with the others in search of Band and his little sting. Poppi was a bit more subtle about flying due to her much smaller size in comparison to Sectiona, although her jet boosters did let out a dim hum sound and emit light from the fire so perhaps the two flyers would've been even thinking about it. Still Sectiona kept lower with the rest of the group and eventually the sound of Band's horn rang out and brought the group to a warehouse where Band was being ambushed by quite the few people. Midna was helping how she could with her own power and her Wolfos, with Tora and poppi being the first to join the fight of the group and getting a bit dogpiled as well to put it lightly. Still the rest were here, and Sectonia had a strong presence about her as she came into the fight.

The first thing she did was assist the, quite frankly swarmed, Big Band by giving him a bit of haste, causing time around him to slow down but he still moved normally, at least for him. For everyone else, the big lad just started to move much quicker than before. She then added to the chaos, summoning a round of 4 green antillions to assist both Band and Tora with their electrical attacks, while the Queen herself turned to the nearest of these 'enemies' that was attacking Band.

A katty looking girl, although unlike Ms. Fortune Sectiona had seen prior, this girl was just 'pretending' to be a cat, instead of actually being one. She seemed to use throwing knives as a weapon, but didn't seem to have much else in the way of things that were apparent to the Queen. Opening her cape like wings in an attempt at intimidation, cackling while summoning her swords to deal with this lady. "You can surrender, or fall my dear. Your choice." While saying this, Sectiona activated the item she had gained in the desert that exerted some of her royal aura, the Pipe of Insight, giving herself and her other allies a green shield that absorbed magical damage. Thankfully unlike summoning her minions this was a nearly instant spell, although it seemed to have a cooldown.

Assuming Maeve didn't surrender, the first thing Sectonia noticed as she started to swing her swords was how much faster she could swing them after absorbing the essence of that moon shard. Of course her swords were all the same as they were before, so this was a noticeable increase in her personal power. An increase she was using to attack this girl with a flurry of swipes and stabs. And if Maeve did surrender, well, Sectonia had another minion to add to her collection.

Level 9 Blazermate - (24/90) +1 +10 encounter

Bottomless Sea > the Maw room 2
Words: less than 750

So Blazermates idea didn't turn out so well. First her idea of launching Geralt and Mirage to the couch didn't get them enough distance as well, she wasn't the strongest medabot especially without her demonic shield arm. Second her flying kick of desperation was that, a flying kick of "oh dear god the fan is now a buzzsaw". Blazermate ducked out of the way, but due to the wideness of her frame due to having her jets out she couldn't fully dodge it and the saw ricochet off her pigtail and disabled it, causing her to be forced to land with the others. The silver lining of this was that the now turned buzzsaw fan sliced its way through bongo bongo, although this didn't kill the monster like some had hoped but sent him back to the start. Apparently deadly slashes like this only reset the monsters down here instead of killing them, good to know for the future. Still she made her way up to the vent with the others, climbing with them as she had no way of using her flight for now.

When she got into the vent, she put her hair in a different mode so that it'd be more compact to allow her to navigate the vents, even if one of them had a massive slash along it and the engine components inside were showing. Her head part wasn't completely depleted, so she could heal up if given the opportunity, which soon she would be allowed to do as the vents went in deeper and deeper, and everyone had been able to get inside. Blazermate would've liked to help the others get up, but her size meant that it was difficult for her to move through the vents let alone turn around inside them.

""Phew, that was close..." Blazermate said as they made their way through the vents, most exhausted and a little hurt. She wouldn't be able to do much for everyone until they got to a more open area that had the sound of water flowing nearby, something Blazermate wasn't too keen on. With the space to move around, she began to mend her own jet and the wounds of the others, not having the enhanced healing rate that her fancy robo medic medigun gave to lingering wounds meaning that this took far longer that she would've liked. While she made sure everyone was at least health, she could hear the rumbling coming from everyone's stomachs. This wasn't something she could help though, with her saying. "... Are you all ok?"

Level 9 Blazermate - (13/90) +1

Bottomless Sea > the Maw
Words: less than 750

Blazermate did not like this creature above with its giant hands. Sure her flight wasn't the quietest out of all medabots, but this creature sure had an ear on him! Although he seemed to be a bit on the dumb side all things considered. Still, two near misses on his grabs before Blazermate hid, which actually worked much to her surprise let her observe what was going on with the others, even if she was the furthest away from the vent. At least, what she could see that wasn't blocked by objects or the big junk pile.

Bowser and his group were making the best progress it seemed with their group jump strategy. A few others were using other bits of junk to make some makeshift walkways or boats across said junk, ad yet even others were just making their own way around everything as bongo bongo attacked whatever objects they threw or noise they made. At least until he got mad and started to just go ballistic, causing a ton of noise in his frustration. Noise that was much louder than Blazermate's high whine jets. Seeing her opportunity she got out from under her hiding spot and glided along the side of the walls, giving herself a push off point with her legs if she needed to make a quick dodge.

Although due to his rage, soon this wouldn't be necessary as bongo bongo both hurt himself in his rampage, making an audible sound and his hand turning blue when he did so, as well as him causing the junk pile to start to slide and collapse, causing an insane amount of noise and putting Mirage and Geralt in danger, as they were the closest to the pile. With how erratic bongo bongo was being right now, there wasn't much for it and Blazermate made her way over to the two in order to help throw them onto the couch that the others were at, the vent above said couch they were going to use to escape.

Now while Blazermate couldn't fly with either of them, let alone two of them, she could still yeet them to the relative softness of the couch and if they got hurt, she could heal them up afterwords. Considering getting crushed by junk would be a much worse fate, she flew over and helped Mirage first, offering using her strength and an aerial flip for momentum to throw Mirage to the couch. This forced her to descend a bunch, but she could leap off a piece of junk to steady herself back into the air before she did the same thing for Geralt. Not wanting to even see if her little stunt was grabbing bongo bongo's attention, the monster having made a loud thud as it landed to handle the escapees, Blazermate made her way to the vent. Inside the vent was a quiet spinning metal fan with a glowing weakpoint in the center. Not being able to stop herself since she was making a mad flight to the vent, she decided to just try to dropkick the fan's weakpoint, using the fact that she was metal to aid this fact. Although she wasn't expecting to get out of this unscathed.

Level 9 Blazermate - (12/90) +1

Bottomless Sea > the Maw
Words: less than 750

Blazermate's plan for assistance worked alright. It got Geralt, the one of the group who wasn't all that gifted as it seemed he got all of his powers later in life, up on a nice high perch compared to everyone else. Although this would soon turn out to be a bad thing as a single eye and two large hands came out of the shadows of the roof, the eye searching for something and when it found movement, it sweeped one of hits hands down to grab it. Considering one of these hands was big enough to hold Blazermate like a doll, she didn't want to chance it even though her scanner told her that the eye looking at them was a weak point. As the eye made its way towards Geralt and Blazermate, Geralt leaped off the bookshelf to a nightstand, barely able to make it himself.

Blazermate meanwhile used the distraction Peach made herself. She grabbed a book from the shelf and made her way back to the only hiding spot she could use, the ruined blanket of the bed they had been on, and use that to hide until the light passed on. As she flew her way over there, she threw the book into the junk to get that junk monster to move. Maybe that'd cause a distraction, or do nothing. Blazermate didn't really know, and she'd prefer to just fight this thing, but with hands that big that moved that fast and none of her new things nor any strong medabots to support, she decided she'd do what everyone else was doing unless something bad happened.

She made her way to the bed and hid under a sheet and stood still, watching what that light and the hands were going to do.

Level 9 Blazermate - (11/90) +1

Bottomless Sea > the Maw
Words: less than 750

Even if they were far smaller than her at this point, Blazermate was a bit dejected no one took up her offer on carrying them. This was probably for the best, as even if they were smaller than her, she doubted she could even fly with one of them. She listened as, even though their voices were squeaky and some of them, such as Geralt, looked very different, they still had their wits and planning about them. Peach for example explaining the threats around them, with things near the ceiling and some horrible monster inside the junk that was littered along the floor.

Using the pillows on the bed and around the room, apparently they could float along the junk below and the creature swimming through said junk didn't bother anyone on them, which Blazermate found really odd. But if thats how it worked, thats how it worked, so she could only shrug as different members of her party, such as the koopa troop started tossing others or jumping around the pillows, tables, toybox, and other elevated positions trying to get to a vent that Peach had pointed out. While some of them could do this, there were others where Blazermate doubted they could jump like that in their diminished state, Rika being a good example that needed a lot of help.

This got Blazermate thinking. While she couldn't fly, she could at least glide while carrying someone, and make their jumps much easier, adding her own jumping power to theirs if she carried them. Looking to the others who hadn't jumped yet, she said. "Hey, if some of you want some help jumping, let me know. I can't fly any of you over, but I can make you jump high and float down like Peach did with my jets." Blazermate looking over the rest of the room as she waited for someone to take her up on that offer, noticed something that unsettled her. Everything here was big. She was about as tall as Link was before he became a kid, so she wasn't that small. And yet everything here looked like it was more Bowser's size, making even her, the tallest of the group right now, feel small.

Level 9 Blazermate - (10/90) +1

Bottomless Sea > the Maw
Words: less than 750

Blazermate really wasn't sure what way would've been the best to get to the center of this hurricane. Although going into the ocean didn't seem to be the best idea? Well via a platform anyway. Thankfully her choice was made for her, or maybe not thankfully as she got knocked out when a loud roar radiated out. Well, being knocked out wasn't entirely accurate, she still had her mind in her medal, but all senses and everything from her body was just blanked out, as if she wasn't in her tinpet anymore, although she knew she was.

After some time, she managed to 'wake up' as her tinpet rebooted. She got up on edge, after all, it was rare for a medabot to be knocked out by any kind of EMP due to how specialized their tinpets were, but she guessed it wasn't out of the question now that it had happened that a strong enough blast could cause issues. And the place she woke up in was very different from the platform she had been on. She looked around, getting a lay of the area, and quickly noticed that her shield arm was gone, with her normal arm replacing it. "uh..." She said, not sure what was going on. She seemed to be factory fresh, with that new medabot smell and everything, her parts nice and shiny. "Was that all a dream?" She thought but that was put aside when she saw Jr, another Jr but angrier, a little kitten kid, a little girl...

It took a bit before it hit Blazermate. "Ok, why are you all kids?" she said, standing up and now towering over everyone else. It was like she towered over the meda operators in some tournaments she faced, but even more so. She had to think about the situation a bit. She was the biggest one here now for some reason, and from what her systems could tell, she was just set to factory settings with factory parts. That was fine, she was just back to fighting in a medabot tournament without the extras from this world of light, although losing the invincibility was kind of a bummer. Still, she was the biggest one here, so she figured she'd have to lead now, no free ride on the back of the giant koopa anymore.

"So uh... anyone wanna catch me up on what happened to you guys?" Blazermate said, getting into a boxing stance and practicing some boxing routines. After being caught up, and practicing her boxing a bit, she said. "So... I guess I'll have to carry a few of you..." She wasn't too happy about it, but she was still a medabot and very strong for her frame and unlike the others, didn't have her physical powers diminish.

"Anyone got any plans or ideas here or should we just wander?" she asked after taking whoever took her up on her offer, only able to really carry a couple people at most at the loss of being able to fly, having them either hold onto her back or her jet hair as to keep her hands free if things got messy.

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (36/60) +3
Location: Sandswept Sky - Town

Word Count: 2512

Sectonia was accosted by one of the warehouse managers after sending her antilions in to check for the mimic, said antilions tapping on crates seemingly causing him distress. Sectonia explained the situation to the man, in which he replied in kind mentioning that her antillions would get squashed by the security inside said warehouses. "Thats not a problem, I can always make more." Sectonia said, dismissively. She then continued. "However if that is the case, finding this 'mimic' would be far more tricky. Especially if these sentinels are so bad at their job that this thing could sneak in anyway."

"What?!" The contempt with which Sectonia responded, both for her workers and the city, ignited a spark of outrage. Contrary to the queen’s assumption this merchant was just an independent vendor, knowing nothing of the situation inside the warehouses, who happened to see what for all intents and purposes appeared to be a coordinated raid. A few warehouse workers, customers of the nearby bazaar, and other bystanders had gathered, just as taken aback by the sudden intrusion. Sectonia’s explanation smoothed things over a little for those aware of the infestation, but even they had to wonder why the giant bugs decided to barge in without so much as a by-your-leave from the owners and provoke the Ruin Sentinels. Hearing that the insect queen didn’t care if potentially destructive fights broke out with the fearsome guards only served to rub everyone the wrong way.

A heavyset warehouse foreman stepped forward with a brave face, pointing a beefy finger at the massive hornet. “Well, even if you are hunting for the mimic, you’ve gotta get those bugs out and find another way! We can’t have brawls right in the middle of all the goods, and they’re cousin’ panic! Attackin’ Sentinels is almost as bad as attackin’ the Grimleal themselves. And if the stinkin’ Resistance catches wind of this, they’ll join in the chaos and attack again!”

"Fine." Sectonia said, snapping her fingers. An audible 'poof' sound could be heard from where the antillions were at the time of their searching as they disappeared into smoke and stars. "So I assume some of you have a much better idea then as to where this thing is? I don't need to search if one of you has more pertinent information."

The foreman looked annoyed at Sectonia's presumptuousness. So the only grounds someone had to ask her to stop doing something was if they had an easier way to get it done for her? "Tellin' you not to break the law and disturb the peace doesn't mean we gotta do your job for you! We've all got our own work to get back to!"

"Weren't you complaining a moment ago about the Sentinels not being able to do things themselves?" the merchant added among grumbles from the others. Even if Sectonia came to do something good, the way she had decided to go about it -going over everyone's heads to do as she pleased- was running up against resistance. That plus an underlying fear, both of her monstrous appearance and the duplicitous Resistance, combined to unite the crowd against her.

One cap-wearing girl, however, spoke up from the crowd. "Hey, maybe I can help! Try the red brick warehouse on the other side!" she suggested. "The overseer there, Nazeem, got his fingers bitten off by something last week."

Sectonia could only roll her eyes at how uncooperative this town was being. First the vizear's troop, now the townspeople. Seems like this town was full of nothing but fools. But before she was just about ready to leave as to not deal with all of this complaining from horribly managed subjects, a little girl actually gave her a good source of information. Ignoring the riff raff who was being overall very unhelpful, Sectonia moved to the girl and tipped her hat, her alcremie under her hat also trying to tip its imaginary hat. "Thank you little one." Sectonia said. She gave the rest of the crowd a glare before asking for directions to where this warehouse was.

The ones she'd dismissed did not respond. Francesca, however, pointed Sectonia directly to where the warehouse lay with her ability to fly in mind, and trusted in her ability to discern the characteristic red brick to do the rest. Sectonia made her way to the spot in question, finding the building that stuck out with its red brickworrk. The building seemed to be empty of workers, the door open. considering the time, they probably went out for lunch if Sectonia could guess. Still, seeing as this was her major lead she should have this all wrapped up in short order. Summoning her green antilions again, she sent them to fan out around the warehouse to find said finger eating box.

Just a few moments after the bug queen sent her minions inside, history repeated itself, albeit with Sectonia able to see what happened this time. The clank of heavy metal armor in motion followed by the slam of a weighty polearm against an antlion carapace drew her attention, and when she looked inside she found one of the Ruin Sentinel guards on the offensive. An unnaturally tall and thin night in armor with the yellow sheen of brass was addressing the unauthorized intrusion one bug at a time using a polehammer as tall as it was. Though it didn't move at great speed, its long strides and reach allowed to to follow the Antlions wherever they might scuttle.

"And there it is. I suppose this would be a good of a test as any for this." Sectonia said, pulling out one of her staffs and pointing it at the metal behemoth now that she could see where it was as it smashed two of her 5 antillions without much effort. Wordlessly the sentinel started to slow down, with its massive loss in speed on top of his already slow movement making its attacks dodgable by the third and final indoor antillion who went about doing what his queen commanded of him.

With Sectonia interfering with but technically not fighting the Ruin Sentinel, her underlings could go about their assigned task of giving absolutely everything in the warehouse a once-over. They pored over boxed tools, furniture, construction supplies, and a whole host of other goods. When the two from the perimeter turned up nothing they joined in the search to speed things up, but the time dragged on. All too soon, the lunch break threatened to end and put the factory staff back on the clock. Sectonia's magical reserves hurt a little too, as sustaining the time distortion field around the Sentinel required notable upkeep. It was at about that time however, that she noticed that she hadn't seen or heard the antlion sent to the second floor in a bit.

Noticing this, Sectonia made her way past the sentinal with the last two antillions, making her way to the second floor of the warehouse. Controlling this sentinal was getting annoying, but seeing as it wasn't much of an issue now Sectonia held the spell on it as she reached the second floor. She spread out her two remaining antillions, figuring out where the other one perished so she knew what to attack.

Finding the missing minion proved tough, since in a world where even full-bodied people left no corpses, summons especially didn't. As Sectonia searched, however, she came upon an odd sight among all the stacked boxes and cases. Arranged in a rough circle in one area were not one, not two, but five unique treasure chests. She could see a gold-locked marked chest, a brightly colored toy chest, a smallish reinforced chest, a metal-plated electronic chest, and a time-worn old chest. Some sat on top of other crates and some on the floor, facing various directions without much rhyme or reason, but for someone on the hunt for anything unusual the sight of so many in a small area seemed amiss.

Down below, the Sentinel started to move. The distance between it and Sectonia had put it out of her hex's effective range, and it now headed for the stairs to the second floor in pursuit of the intruding targets.

Sectonia sent her antillons to try the odd looking chests, positioning herself so that she had view of the odd collection of chests and the stairs at the same time as she heard the sentinel making his way to her location from down below.

No sooner did one antlion open the reinforced chest and find nothing out of the ordinary about it, than the toy chest sprung to life. It popped open to reveal a nebulous head with arrow-shaped red eyes, and from its base extended a trio of spider-like legs terminating in blades. With a skittering sound the creature leaped at its fellow bug, blades flashing in the imperfect light.

"Hmph. Doesn't seem too out of the ordinary in my kingdom." Sectonia said to herself as the toy chest mimic did its thing with the antillion. Trying out her new power again, Sectonia made herself faster and charged the mimic chest with her blades out, doing a few swipes at it before attempting to stab it.

Sectonia's weapons fell upon the creature with extra force thanks to their increased speed, but even without she got the impression her strokes would have been sufficient. Each attack dealt visible damage to the Spiderchest. It pulled a leg-blade from the antlion's head and turned it against the insect queen, but with little effect. By the time she readied her thrust, it was already on its last legs, and her stab finally put the little menace to rest.

The next moment, the electronic chest lunged for her. It burst out of its original shape as it leaped, revealing a much larger and more horrifying mimic, and with vicious talons tried to grab hold of Sectonia's abdomen so that its grisly fangs could chomp in.

The newcomer to the mimic party caught Sectonia slightly off guard, as she wasn't expecting more than one mimic. The fact that it went for her lower half though wouldn't leave it unscathed. While it did manage to get a grab on her, Sectonia summoned a large ring of light and had it spin around her lower half, the buzzsaw ring of light causing massive damage to anything that was attacking that section.

As soon as the pain began the nightmare mimic got a final chomp in, let go, and scooted backward out of the ring's range. It took the opportunity to pull itself on top of a nearby crate and then launch itself bodily at Sectonia in a wild leap. It aimed to land on Sectonia with the full weight of its body behind its ghastly jaws and bring the big bug to the ground.

Evading the constant damage of the ring after getting its final bite in, the mimic decided instead to instead knock Sectonia out of the air using its body. Even so, Sectonia still had her light ring spinning around her, and seeing as the mimic couldn't dodge in the air, she launched it at the airborn mimic intending to cut it in half.

A shrieking sound rang out as the ring cut into the mimic, but while it dealt enough visceral damage to spray gunk over the storage space, it did not kill the monster outright. The mimic followed through with its leap and crashed into Sectonia, knocking her to the wooden floor with a loud noise. The planks below her rattled under the impact, soundly built but not made to bear the strain of combat.

This creature had no fear, no brain, just instinct it seemed as it took Sectonia's ring of light head on becoming gravely wounded in the process in its attempts to knock her to the ground. While it did succeed, it didn't succeed for long as she blasted it with another one of the powers gained by absorbing the count's spirit, a dark globe of void energy, at point blank. followed by a blink to right herself back in the air.

Her magic scored a heavy hit on the mimic, and though the vicious thing meant to lunge at her once again, her magic had begun to take its toll. Seldom did the monster ever spring its trap and not brutalize the hapless bystander outright, and now that it found itself confronted with a capable -and durable- victim, its low intelligence wasn't doing it any favors. The mimic's slobber flew this way and that as it gnashed its teeth, pulling itself at Sectonia once again, but the monster could not defend itself if she took action in time.

Sectonia, not wanting to be on the reviving end of this slobbering brute's jaws again, summoned her swords and unleashed a barrage of rapid stabs at it as it approached. Most enemies would try to dodge this attack, but the mimic didn't seem to have the intelligence to do so, nor the ability to stop itself from moving once it got started.

A flurry of steel fell upon the mimic as it scrabbled toward her, sinking into its mottled flesh. Despite it wounds the monster was a credit to its kind, and only barely slowed down under the onslaught until one of Sectonia's points pierced its glowing green eye. The rest was a done deal--the bug queen pierced straight through and into the monster's brain, killing it. After struggling around for a moment in its death throes the greater mimic lay flopped down and started to dissolve. In another moment only its spirit remained, joining that of the spiderchest in floating just off the floor.

At that time the clanking of armored footsteps grew louder; the Ruin Sentinel reached the second floor. Worse still, she heard voices echoing through the warehouse below. The first few workers had returned from their lunch break, and it was time for Sectonia to make herself scarce.

Before leaving, Sectonia grabbed the spirits of the two mimics. Seeing as the sentinel was at the top of the second floor stairway now and more commotion coming from below, she dismissed her antillions and made for a window, blinking outside the warehouse when she had clear vision and avoiding the whole situation of dealing with the rest of the people downstairs. Hopefully it was just these two chests, and not a third. But considering the bounty was for only one chest, they should be fine with the proof she had. At least she hoped, getting bitten by something with a mouth that big, even if it didn't hit at full force, wasn't the most pleasant of things. at least the pipe of insight she had gotten earlier was now showing how useful it could be, slowly healing the bite wound left behind by the large mimic. She made her way back to the palace to collect her reward. Bounty work, for a Queen! Galeem really needed to go.

Level 6 Sectonia (holding 1 level up) - (33/60) +1
Location: Sandswept Sky - Town

Word Count: under 750

Queen Sectonia could only sigh, a Queen becoming a bounty hunter for another kingdom, what impudence! But as she didn't have a kingdom of her own at the moment there wasn't much she could do about it. As her allies went about what they wanted to scout out, Sectonia decided to find this 'mimic' and deal with it. Apparently the hardest part would be finding it safely, but since she could just summon endless disposable minions, that wouldn't be an issue for her. "I suppose I will go after the 'mimic'. If any minions wish to join, they are free to do so." Sectonia said, waiting for a bit before flying off to get more information about this 'bounty'. Ugh, just thinking about it... Well at least the Vizier had a good sense of fashion. His minions were ugly, but she supposed not many would willingly stay in this sandy wasteland.

Sectonia, not being a stranger at gathering intelligence, didn't take too long to get an idea of where this mimic would be. A few questions to a few guards here, some bystanders there, some workers here, and she had a general idea of what warehouses it could be in. With an idea of what to do all set up, Sectonia summoned a group of green antillions and pointed them to search each warehouse one at a time, tapping on all the boxes they could in an attempt to grab the mimic's attention and hopefully get the mimic to eat one of them. Should any of the antillions be missing after searching a warehouse, or one antillion finds the mimic and escapes, they are to report to the Queen, then reenter the warehouse to engage the box with Sectonia supervising them from the upper area of said warehouse.


Level 9 Blazermate - (9/90) +1

Bottomless Sea > Bottomless Sea Structure
Words: 780

While many of her allies were damaged, Blazermate wasn't going to leave the deck of Shippy if she could help it. After all, one errand flick from either the little scylla or the giant Tentaclus that sent her into the water would be disasterus for all involved. Whats even worse, Bowser had managed to make things even worse by healing the Scylla monster with a friend heart! Blazermate was going to have a chat with him later about that for sure. Still, with all the attacks and renewed monsters from the bleeding hearts of their group things went from bad to worse, leaving them with no spoils of war and if it wasn't for a GIGANATIC shark taking both monsters underwater, things would've been pretty bad.

Still, they all had to get out of there, so seeing as Geralt was the last one remaining, Blazermate used an ubercharge on him to be safe, so that he could safely return to the ship and they could make their escape. Once they had escaped the battle, Blazermate went to healing everyone on Shippy, their injuries a bit old so her medi beam healed them at triple its normal rate and soon she had everyone on Shippy fixed in a jiffy. There were discussions about how friend hearts worked, with Blazermate chiming in her own opinion. "Sectonia was like that too, although she at least had the brains to not outright attack us." Blazermate started. "But even with that example, having a bleeding heart for a monster that has shown no signs of intelligence while galeem'd means that it wont show any intelligence after the fact." She continued, reenforcing that fact that was being clear to everyone here. She then thought a bit and made a comment. "You know, that sentry gun is very good at figuring out who is an enemy and who is an ally that we could restore. Maybe we shouldn't friend heart anything it shoots at first before we have any way of knowing if htey're an ally? Either way that will be my metric from now on."

Having patched everyone up on Shippy, she decided to make her way to the airship above. Before she took off though, she said. "Now time to give Bowser an earful. He is a big teddy bear so I know he can't help it, but he can't turn every little girl into his daughter." Blazermate did take a bit to start flying after saying that, processing that the reason he treated blazermate so well was probably that very same reason. As she was preparing to take off, she said to Peach. "I guess your boyfriend makes for an awesome dad though, look at how badly he wants to help anyone that looks like a kid!" and with a giggle she was off, flying up to the Atomos to heal the koopa king and anyone left on it of their injuries.

It took her a little bit to fly up there, and as she got htere she noticed Kamek was using his green clones to heal Bowser, although not nearly at the rate Blazermate could right now. "Hi Kamek, I'm here to heal you guys up before we get to the next fight." Blazermate said, healing up the koopa magician and Bowser jr. before working on the king himself. She she got to healing the king, Blazermate said. "I know you wanna be an awesome dad, but you really need to get a better judge of who is going to be a good kid and who is just a mimic trying to take advantage of a bleeding heart." Blazermate said, wagging her demonic finger at Bowser as he lay there, scolding him but not harshly. "I think a good rule of thumb to follow for that should be if my sentry gun shoots at them before we have a chance to make friends with them, we should be far far more cautious and if they don't respond to words, there isn't much you can do. And don't go try adopting any mimics like we saw back there. They aren't little, they're probably older than you are!" Blazermate continued, trying to be a bit more lighthearted to the koopa king as he was trying to do a nice thing in the end after all.

Seeing as Bowser was the most dejected out of the group, or it seemed, Blazermate stayed on the Atomos as they approached the new tower. Apparently this lead them all to their goal, which was quite a nice feeling. Soon they'd be away from this cursed ocean, and Blazermate was glad for that. She'd take Space over this any day!

Level 9 Blazermate - (6/90) +1

Edge of the Blue – Seaward Bay
Words: Less than 750

Blazermate was right to fortify their position before a fight ensued, although she was expecting to fight the giant moob thing, not the little girl with the eels coming out of her bottom. She also was expecting her zombie to move further from the ship before it exploded, forcing her to heal up Shippy for the slight bit of chip damage that got through, but also at least letting Blazermate overheal her for the stuff that was coming. And thanks to how much health Shippy had, she was a good healing battery for Blazermate's new shield ability.

Since the sharks were stirred up, thanks in part to Blazermate's exploding zombie, many had to start to attack them to keep them off shippy. Thanks to their cover however, it allowed Dell to build up his buildings in relative peace, and soon his level 3 sentry was assisting them with its twin Gatling guns and rockets, attacking anything that got close while the engineer himself was shooting his pistol at things as well. With that covered, Blazermate focused on the little monster girl who tried to bring down the Atomos, with Link saving it from going down. The monster girl, having grabbed Bella in one of its tentacles, managed to gather the attention of many of the people who weren't attacking the various things trying to attack them on top of shippy, many trying to free her from the tentacle.

Blazermate scanned their new foe, and found that attacking the tentacles wouldn't do much or any damage, with the main body being the spot that held the weak spot. "Hey guys, if your trying to beat this tentacle lady, you have to attack the main body. You wont do damage if you attack the tentacles!" Blazermate said, directing everyone where to attack. Sadly all she could do was sit back and heal/overheal, but this built her charge fairly fast and filled her Projectile shield charge, letting her prepare for stuff if it came.

Mirage, one of their new pickups at the island, was one of the first to run out of ammo as he was enjoying shooting things. Mr L meanwhile, was asking for some help with constructing something. Seeing two problems that needed to be fixed Blazremate said. "Hey if you need ammo that thing over there makes it." Blazermate said, pointing to the dispenser for Mirage. "It'll also heal you but not as fast as I can." She then pointed at the engineer and said to Mr. L. "I can't make things and it'll take me too long to get to my touchup kit. He can help you with his wrench though, its magic! Just make sure his buildings are safe."
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