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Jen and Aura know Mai can help Liam in someway. It is so cute to see Cammy and Aura bonding with each other as Jen tries not to get distracted by their cuteness.
Jen and Aura meditated as they sense the flowers bloom before picking their share of flowers.
Jen know Liam and Shiranui have dark and sad aura but they are not bad people. She know Aura can see her aura does not tell her. She and Aura are ready to collect aura flowers.
“How many flowers do we need to pick,” Jen ask as that was not a complain she dwanted to leave some doe the Lucario?
Jen and Aura follow as they see the blue aura from the flowers. They both smiles about their bond as grown like a flower.

“Thank you,” Jen said as she and Aura hug Cammy back tightly as they are honor to be part of the Lucario tribe.
Jen walked out on to the barrlerrtfield and before she could call our her Pokémon Aura her Lucario runs atthe female. They seem to be just running around but Jen could tell the two Lucario was seeing who was stronger. “Focuse Blast,” Jen said as Aura focus her mind on the female Lucario and released her power on the female Lucario. The female Lucario creates a bArrier before jt got shattered by Aura’s Focus Blast. The female Lucario took some damage as assured created a aura whip from the shattered aura barrier and hits Aura hard. Aura took on some damage, the female Lucario send a powerful blast at Aura.

Jen could see some gold sparkles in Aura’s powerful auraa wave against the female Lucario aura attack. Both Lucario were panting hard. The female Lucario told Aura let’s end this battle. Aura told the female Lucario that by gaining your respect is better than winning the battle. The female Lucario bowed as she was not surprised by that replied. Before Jen could give the female Lucario any berries she already left the arena. Jen praised Aura by giving her some berries.
“Yes, we want to help the Pokémon that needs help,” Jen said as Jen and Aura know that everyone have darkness in their hearts but they are not bad person.
“My name is Jen Lkaika and my Lucario Aura,” Jen said ax she and Aura boe back to all the Lucario.
@Bloodwolf 2

Jen could tell they are ready to go and lead them to the Dojo. Jen and Aura sense the powerful aura barrier to keep anyone from entering the cave. Aura is curious to meet Mai’s mate and some of the members of the Lucario trib.
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