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Jen smiled, “is there a technique to deal with powerful aura. Aura and I sense a gold aura from a Pokémon that Pokemon could be sad or mad from not seeing her mate.”
“I know it will cured all the experiment Pokémon,” Jen said as she is hopeful. She pets Mai, “I like to get some tips on using aura.””
Be dAura is having fun with her mother as she training to enhance her aura ability. Jen sits on the bed, “I don’t know if he return before the end of this journey. I set a aura flower for Chuck to cure Hibiki when he return .”
Jen and Aura entered the master bedroom and bow to thank Akira. Jen and Aura would love for Cammy and Mai to show them to enhance their aura abilities.
Jen and Aura both smiles at Mai sr the kind words and letting them stay for the night. Jen guess it was Selina amnesty the other could be one of Selina’s siblings that they have not encounter. Jen hug Cammy give her berries to share with her tribe.
Jen prey to give her respects to the Elder Lucario.
Aura clap her paws together to prey with the other Lucario to give her respect the passing of the Elder Lucario. Aura hugged Mai as she know her family will be there for her and her friends. ”What dose the color of aura of Jen’s Aura flowers? Liam and Shiranui have a destiny to ful filled maybe Jen can figure her destiny out.” Aura said as Jen wipe her eyed as she wonders if Aura will help in the next step in the Aura flowers.
Jen and Aura tear up as eye Elder Lucario passed on by they know his aura went back into the Aura flowers.
Jen and Aura stop dancing as they admire the beauty of the scenery of the flowers that bloom from their aura and the emotions that came from their hearts.
Jen and Aura copy the dance moves from the Elder Lucario as they return the aura back to the aura flowers, they wanted the aura flowers to thrive for many years.
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