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Kalama Kirara nods at her sister as she steps away from Jen as Jen tries to brush her.
Jen and Aura agreed as Kalama Kirara growl at the mention of Nigel’s name.
“Kalama means flaming torch in Hawaii and I thought Kirara sounds like a royal name for a Pryor.” Jen said as she listens to Cammy as she is glad they cure some of the poke lords.Njjhbbh
Pyro took the cure from her sister and drink it. Jen starts to pet Pyro and she purr, Jen name her new friend Kalama Kirara.
Jen and Aura understood the rage still raging inside Charmcaster’s heart but is glad the cure work as they sense Charmcaster’s aura is more calmer than before taking the cure. Pyro was curled around Jen’s legs to stay calm.
Jen and her Pokémon watch Charmcaster drink the cure. Pyro pops out of her fire ball to watch too as she meets some of Jen’s Pokémon.
Aura and Aalona Kero state behind as Jen’s other Psychic Pokémon ran up to her. Jen pets them before petting Aura and Aalona Kero. Jen nods as she and Aura nods as they both remember the Field of Focus, her Pokémon sense Pyro and was curious about her.
“I will take good care of Pyro,” Jen said to Azrina as she agree with Liam and Shiranui. She did not want anything happen to the Pokémon as they take the cure. Jen and Michiru walks to the Field of Focus as Michiru was curious about everything.
Jen was surprise that Natsu gave her Pyro to her before she could thank Natsu already left. She will name Pyro later as she and Michiru went to check on the cure was coming along.
Before passing out Michiru slams her tails at Pyro. The rain stop falling as Jen walked out onto the battlefield and gives her Floatzel a Max Revive. Michiru wakes up shaking water onto Jen. “You were awesome Michiru,” Jen praise her Floatzel. Jen throws her Floatzel some berries and Michiru bounce them on her nose before eating the berries.
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