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Current Finally logged in after 5 years. Feels weird to be back.
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26 | they/them | Finnish | a returning roleplayer

I'm a returning roleplayer. Recently I logged in for the first time in five years. Hoping to return to the game with a casual or semi-advanced RP. I'm a uni student on my second to last year of my bachelor's degree and I also suffer from a chronical illness. These limit my time online; I am able to log in a few times a week. Even so, I am dedicated to my characters. I hope you understand. ^^

I'm always up for a chat and making new friends. Feel free to hit me up anytime!

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As for roleplay...

Generally I love well developed plot lines, character interaction and a world that feels alive and rich. There are times when I just want to relax with a casual story, though. Some of my most beloved genres are high fantasy, sci-fi, historical, medieval, mythology... You get the gist, aye? I will elaborate below for those of you who would like to know more.

I'm currently looking for casual or semi-advanced roleplays. I am able to log in a few times per week for now.

Feel free to PM me if you have a roleplay you would like me to see!

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I agree with @MissCapnCrunch, the OOC is amazing and so informative! I feel more confident about creating a character. Time to start planning a toon!
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Hey, thank you for linking this to me. I've read through the premise and rules, and this one would be PERFECT for me. Are you still taking people in? I'd love to join, but I'll need until the weekend to be able to cook up a character premise. I'll join the Discord later. Can't wait to talk more with you all!
@POOHEAD189 Thank you! It is lovely to meet you too. I believe we might have spoken before. If that is the case, it is good to see familiar names still around! :) Feel free to shoot me a DM if you'd like to catch up.

@Catharyn Thanks!! You too, welcome back! I haven't quite gotten back to writing yet, myself, but I do hope RPing will help with that. I would love to try a 2x2 - does that involve four people as the word suggests? While I do not have any specific ideas for RPs yet, I'd love to do something vaguely fantasy, history, and mythology focused. I've been studying Ancient Chinese classics lately. At the moment I am also very intrigued by East Asian folklore and mythology. Does any of it tickle your fancy? :)

@Benzaiten I actually checked the interest checks the other night. I was worried the RP would have started already! I've read through the description post. The expected posting frequency sounds great to me (as a uni student, fall semester starts in September). I'll go write something on the interest check thread and cook up a character. I think I'd be able to come up with one by the weekend, would that be alright with you? :)

This is a topic reserved for my character sheets. Very much under construction.


Currently represented characters

Welcome! I recently came back myself. :)
Hi there!

I'm Aiyanna. You can also call me Aya. After 5 years, I finally logged in again a couple days ago. So much has changed in my life yet so little, if anything, has changed about this forum. It still looks the same and feels the same which I love. Feels like I wasn't gone for all that long. Anyway, life took the better of me. I got into uni, had to move around a few times, work on my health... Now that things have started to settle down, I'm ready to start writing again.

I'm not new to RPing. I've dabbled in Dungeons and Dragons and I used to do forum roleplaying a lot 5 to 6 years ago - until life swept me away. I love reading and creative writing and as such, roleplaying is a natural creative medium for me. Right now I'm up for anything casual or semi-advanced; I'm able to log in maybe a few times a week. I know in my profile I say that I am not up for 1-on-1s but if you have a really good idea for one, feel free to hit me up and we'll see if it catches my fancy. My favourite settings at the moment are high fantasy, historical (imaginary, real, or inspired by real history), sci-fi, mythology, mystery, and adventure. Also, if you have a RP you think I'd like, feel free to hit me up.

If there are any of my old RPGuild friends out there, feel free to shoot me a PM and reconnect. To everyone - it sure is great to be back. I hope to make some more friends here, and finally start roleplaying again after an eon.

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Hi peeps ~ I'm still alive, not to worry. I'm sorry I just disappeared without notice. ;~; Zafi will be back eventually.
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@Regitnui @Raptra Just popping in to say it says 'kaanibaru' on the manga cover. Oh, the divine beauty of Japanese transliteration... English + Japanese = Now, I shall go back to my lurker's corner.

@Zelosse Apologies for being absent all the time. A lot of stuff is going on and I need to figure it out. I hope you won't hate me ~ ;_; Haven't had the time nor energy to read/write.

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"Who controls fire, controls the heart."

Ok, I have the first sentence of my post written! Yay!
Just as a note, Zafi was very stressed on her first day in the Academy, so she will be different now. Heh.
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