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Outside the Sunrise Resort

There was something scary about listening in on the witches conversations. Discussions about killing animals and sacrificing virgins brought a chill through his spine. And the mere fact that he himself was a virgin made Blu feel all the more anxious about getting captured if something went wrong. Darkness settled in nicely, and a brisk gust of cold night air caused his long hair to blow wildly. Steadying his posture while still crouched, Blu gripped his hair up into a ponytail and then held it tight with a hairband.

Smoothing out the remainder of his hair behind his ears, Blu watched carefully as Justin took a secret photo of their target, this healer named Thea apparently. He wasn't really sure, to be honest. But once Justin held up the digital photo to him, Blu studied it, his eyebrows furrowing intently. He pictured her face in his mind's eye. Her blonde hair and blue-ish grey eyes. There was something ghostly about her look that struck Blu as her image seared into his head. Once he was sure he had truly understood her visage, he looked to Justin and then the rest of the team and nodded.

At first, Blu wasn't sure what was happening. He trained his eyes on Justin, who seemed quite focused on something through the window. Perhaps his own magic was at work. Must have been, because shortly after Justin's concentration fell, the sprinkler system inside the abandoned resort went off suddenly. The witches began to scream and whine about getting wet, and once Justin nudged him to act, Blu whispered to them.

"I'll try to lure her to that brush over there", he said, pointing to the location. "Let's hope she isn't the resistive type. My magic doesn't work on everyone."

With one final nod of confirmation, Blu used the opportunity to quietly move to an isolated spot on the other side of the building, settling himself inconspicuously within a brush.

Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Blu replayed the image of the Healer in his mind. He felt her presence as if he were part of her, and then, bringing the ocarina to his lips, he began to play.

The tune emanated from him like an iridescent aura of light, a stream that flowed from his chest, into the house and then connected itself to the Witch's chest like a tether. The melody was striking and hauntingly beautiful, otherworldly even--something you might hear at the gilded gates of heaven as it reverberated around him. This was no ordinary ocarina. The music that played was almost like a chorus, slow, dreamy, and ghostly.

His comrades would be able to see this tether of light and even hear the accompanying melody, though it would not affect them on a supernatural level; however, they may appreciate the angelic beauty of the song and finally witness his magic for the first time. But for certain, the siren's song would have no direct effect on them, Blu made sure of that. The only ones he barred from hearing the melody were the other witches, still squealing away about their wet hair and clothes, to preoccupied to notice how Thea suddenly became enthralled. Not zombie-like, but more, enraptured with an unnatural curiosity.

As the tune continued, Thea would find herself seeking out the source of the melody, to get closer to the song and be fully enveloped by its beauty. She might seem confused, wondering why she was suddenly hearing this mysteric and mystical tune. But it is that insatiable enchantment and intrigue of the song that made it so irresistibly difficult not to follow. Blu felt their connection, his innate empathic sensitivity enhanced as his magic bonded him to the woman. If it worked, Thea would walk out of the resort and come right to him like a moth to a light.

His comrades, seeing her exit, would only need to follow.

Hope's Theme
Hope's English Voice
Hope's Japanese Voice
🌹 "This magic was given to me by my mother. I cannot waste it." 🌹

🌹 Time: Late Evening 🌹 Location: Outskirts of a forest 🌹 Interaction: Katerina @Richard Horthy 🌹

It was a lovely late evening, night was setlling in, and the brilliance of the moonlight licking Hope's fair skin gave him a certain glow. There was a dark wind that carried his hair and the veil that sat upon his crown. If it had not been for the current task at hand, one could of thought they were simply going for a starry stroll. But the armoured calvary, of which he was a part of, painted a different image.

Hope was a new recruit to the Iron Roses, an unusual figure who presence seemed to draw equal parts intrigue and admiration, as it did disdain and loathing from some of his fellow knights. Perhaps it was his beauty, that was the most obvious assumption. Or perhaps his inclination for magic rather than the sword, like most of his comrades preferred. It was in these moments of revelry that he appreciated Katerina, one of the other few mages in the Iron Roses that understood his plight. She had warned him early on that his magic and beauty might draw attention, for better or for worse. Most had not seen his magic, so it must of been the latter.

In many ways, Hope found it to be a burden he could not shake. In any case, he would not let his inner thoughts cloud his current purpose. This Bandit King he had heard about brought a fair bit of concern to his quivering heart. If his defeat required the throngs of the Iron Roses to be placed upon his doorstep, then the man must be a formidable adversary. But Hope understood his role. He may not be the one to lay down the sword onto this King of Bandits, but he would certainly provide whatever support was necessary.

Dismounting from his horse in one graceful swoop, he took his place beside Katerina as she jested about his beauty. A never-ending joke, heard time and time again from within the Candaeln halls. Whenever he walked by, some of the knights would whistle or try to pull him in for a kiss. He'd resisted, of course, each and every time, but eventually he feared that he might snap. Hope just wasn't sure when. Luckily, Katerina's teasing meant no harm, so a soft smile graced his supple lips, clearly amused.

"I possess no inhuman wiles, none more formidable than yours at least." He chuckled, hiding a humble grin behind his small hand like a demure princess. Eventually, a silence fell over him and he looked around to glean who was in his immediate presence. Of course, captain at the front. Then there was Lucas, a pleasant young man Hope was quite fond of; he often doted on the younger lad, giving him encouragement whenever he needed it. And then, curiously, Hope's gaze fell on Gerard, lingering over the man's frame for a short while. The look Hope gave was unclear, perhaps, some type of interest burned in his optics. In any case, he eventually looked away and back to the forest ahead. He surveyed the shadows of the forest that loomed, the canopies so thick that very little moonlight filtered through.

Hope put his hands together as though praying and then closed his eyes. This would be the first time many of the knights would see his rare summoning magic. An aura of magical energy surrounded his lithe silhouette, rippling the air with iridescence. When he began the incantation, his voice seemed to echo.

"O' angel whose brilliance lightens even the darkest of skies, favor this ground for the fulfillment of thy eternal journey. Yahoel!"

There was no way around it. Summoning magic was a spectacle, sharing in the same lack of subtly that Hope's renowned beauty seemed to possess. A crack in the space above his head opened, glittering particles of iridescent light filtered through and feathers as white as snow began to fall. Within the gleam, an angelic multi-winged spirit slowly began to descend. It was a beautiful creature, female in shape and firm like an athlete. Juxtaposing with the darkened night sky was truly magical.


The angel-like spirit hovered near Hope, and he looked up at her with grateful eyes, "Thank you, Yahoel."

"It is an honor, my lord. How may I assist?" The spirit's voice was sensual and womanly.

Hope gestured toward the forest peak, "Do you see that canopy over there?"

Yahoel took a look at the forest, then the stars, and then nodded knowingly. "For now, keep watch from the skies. Darkness falls quickly, so please alert me of any incoming threats. I shall call for you if I am in danger." He and the angelic spirit reached out to eachother and held their right hands together, affection everpresent and tactile in their touch. They gave eachother a warm and familiar smile, "It shall be as you wish, my lord."

"Right then, be careful."

Once their hands fell away from one another, Yahoel flapped her many wings, dispersing glittering specks of witchlight and glowing feathers in her wake. And then, she gazed towards the moon and took off, hovering high above the Iron Roses so she could get a fair survey of the area. Eventually, Hope looked back toward Katerina and placed a gentle hand on her arm. The night was always scary and full of mystery.

"You be careful as well."

DAY 1 《》 STEELWATER [Ground - UDF Portable Research Station] 《》 Late Morning 《》 @Aeolian

RECAP: Last we saw Dr. Isolde Featherswallow (Lady of Shadows), she was in the UDF Portable Research Station, east of a now besieged Steelwater. Inside the domed enclosure were medical staff tending to injured soldiers and civilians who hadn't perished in the city or in the throngs of war. There was also ResDiv personnel conducting sensitive research. Within this station was a special room that housed people who had been infected by the stigma, their health deteriorating rapidly by a deathly fever.

Only Dr. Poole, Isolde, and the last remaining infection specialist could access this special room (the other infection specialists had died during the last relocation of the UDF PRS). With only a few fever agents on hand (thanks to Dr. Featherswallow) and no duplicator to quickly reproduce them, Isolde and her small team went to work on the time-consuming task of manually making more--time they did not have to spare. Accuracy and urgency were key to achieving the outcome that Isolde sought after.

UDF soldiers stood guard on all sides of the dome in case stigma made it through. Marcus, Isolde's son and bodyguard, joined them in duty.

Now, let's continue.

Isolde walked with purpose. Despite the chaos of the situation, she seemed poised, calm even. Not a glisten of sweat licked her skin. Had it not been for the moans of pained soldiers or the beeping of equipment, you'd of thought she was walking down a red carpet. It was a shocking scene, truly, the difference in her step compared to the fervent movements of Dr. Poole or the timid scurrying of Oerba (Isolde's assistant).

After entering the special Infection Room, a woman tending to one of the infected patients approached them. Dr. Poole, still riled up from everything, gestured to her. "This is Dr. Helen Khan, our last infection specialist. I don't know how I would have managed without her." Dr. Khan put out her hand for a shake and when she did not receive one in turn, she gave Isolde a brief glare and then dropped her hands and settled for clasping them together instead.

Isolde gazed at the woman with no particular interest, surveying her up and down. "Their condition?" Isolde began, ignoring formalities. Dr. Helen let out a deep breath, "Bleak, but manageable, for now." They moved toward one of the patients and Isolde followed. The patient was unconscious but breathing heavily, their form soaked in a fever sweat so unnatural and severe that it couldn't possibly have been caused by something from the natural world. One after another, they moved to each patient and Dr. Khan informed Isolde about their current condition. Some were far more along in the fever than others and though she did not say it aloud, Isolde knew some of them would not make it to inoculation. Time just was not on their side. This was a pill that Isolde found easy to swallow, but Dr. Khan was presently fatigued, her essence weighed down by the inevitable reality that she knew to be true as well. But Isolde, never smothered by the death of others, simply turned to Oerba and a medic Dr. Poole had pulled into the room.

"Administer the remaining fever agents to the patients who are in the poorest condition". As if on cue, Dr. Khan stepped forward and handed Oerba a list of the patients to tend to first, each one designated by a number. Oerba's hands were shaking as she looked over the list, clearly unnerved to be in such close proximity to the infected. The medic sympathetically placed a hand on Oerba's arm to calm her quivering and nodded, "We'll handle it. But what about the remaining patients?"

Before Isolde could respond, Dr. Khan cut in, earning her a sideways look from Isolde. "Just focus on your task at hand." The medic nodded to them and then looked to Oerba, pulling her along, "Come. Don't be nervous. I'll show you how to do it". Oerba looked back to Isolde, nervousness twisting her countenance. Isolde gave Oerba a commanding nod and then looked to Dr. Khan and Dr. Poole.

"I think it needs to be said--some of these patients won't make it." Isolde stated matter of factly.

Dr. Khan scrunched up her face, annoyed at Isolde's bluntness. "But we'll try to save them all if possible."

"It's not."

The two women glared at each other, invisible electricity sparking between them. Dr. Poole, jumping up and down in his lab coat, interrupted their staring contest by grunting loudly. "Ehh ermm. I've..ummm...I've prepared the necessary materials to begin fever agent production." He shifted his glasses and then gestured toward the aforementioned resources and materials lumped on the other side of the Infection Room. "Now all we need are six hands, three brilliant minds, and some teamwork to get them ready." Both women looked at Dr. Poole, then back to each other, and then nodded, relenting.

As they began working, Dr. Poole, equal parts anxious as he was giddy, shifted his glasses nervously. He looked at Isolde, then back to this work, then back to Isolde and then back to this work again. He did this a few more times until Isolde noticed him out of her peripherals. She rolled her eyes and then gave him her attention as though he were a pesky child. "Yes?" she inquired, peeved at his interruption. Dr. Poole was trying to stifle his inner fanboy, unsuccessfully of course.

"I'm an admirer. Truly. I've been following your work for years. The last journal published about your progress in finding a cure...nothing short of pure genius."

Isolde couldn't help but smile. She loved compliments.

But Dr. Khan snorted, unimpressed.

Isolde looked at the infection specialist, raising an eyebrow. "Deary, do you have something to add?"

In truth, Dr. Khan did. But she knew of Isolde's ranking and reputation, and she was highly outclassed. She was very much aware of their gap in the hierarchy. One word to the UDF higher ups and Isolde could have her position terminated. She was petty like that. But most of all, she knew Dr. Featherswallow was an Aeon, and that simple nugget of knowledge scared her more than the idea of getting fired or even the rumors in the Emberletter tabloids. Dr. Khan, with all the strength she could muster, bit her tongue and simply shook her head.

A cheeky grin settled onto Isolde's plush lips, satisfaction filling her. She enjoyed it when people knew their place without her having to expressly state the obvious. It meant the structure of the hierarchy was well-intact, and she thrived on it.

But for now, a heavy silence settled between them once again and they continued working.

In the distance, a sonorous rumbling could be felt under their soles. Something large and scary loomed. Whatever it was, Isolde got the feeling that its destruction was pivotal to their continued survival.

Inside the UDF Portable Research Station, Isolde, along with the help of Dr. Poole and infection specialist Dr. Helen Khan, have begun manual production of additional fever agents to try and reduce the fever in patient's infected with the stigma. Not all will survive. Oerba, Isolde's assistant, along with a medic, are dispensing what current supplies they have. Dr. Poole admires Isolde, while Dr. Khan and she very obviously do not get along.

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