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Good evening. I remember Reia's RP well and I do miss it so. If this rp is anything like it then it holds great promise to be thoroughly enjoyable. In any case I'll be peeking into the Discord and giving the overall thing a looksee. I look forward to interacting with you all.
Because I am greedy and also a terrible person I may just snatch up one of those slots for an occult club member of my own.

I'm sure that won't interfere in any nefarious plans in the brewing, nope.
@Syben Excellent to hear. We are looking forward to seeing what you have in store.
It is a lovely day outside.

And you are a horrible cultist.

Untitled Cult Game.


Alas, I jest. I appear here to publicly vouch my interest in this rp.

You may see me... Later.
The physical disabilities, identifiers and overview are certainly curious segments of the overall form. Everything else by comparison is relatively self explanatory. It'll be interesting to see what constitutes those segments.
@Syben - Excellent news. While I prefer description overall I have taken to drawing my character's in the past as, just as you've mentioned, pictures are the general standard. I tend to get fairly invested in my character creation process so I can assure you I'll have plenty of details to share come the time of creation.

Looking forward to seeing what more is revealed of this world with the int check.
This strikes me as quite interesting. I do have one question: Are pictures a requirement for a CS? Need they be photos or can they simply be drawn works?

I ask simply because I refuse to use photos of real humans for my personal use. If that's not the case then do color me interested.
Just peeking my head in here to vouch for a spot on the waiting list. Do throw me a notification if a spot opens as I am interested in participating.
What he saw was informative. Not all telling but certainly informative.

Rick stood at the mouth of the vine-woven tunnel now knowing what laid beyond it. Still, it was going to be a risky venture passing through. After all, even if there was no magic latently sewn into the vines themselves he could easily fall prey to a simple animation spell should something decide to magically encourage the woven mesh of thorned plant life to act against him.

While the temptation to burn it all remained he suspected the fire would only serve to warn the enemy of his approach. It wouldn't resolve the greater issue at hand anyhow. His mind was as much a battlefield as these woods now. In order to truly neutralize the demon's threat he'd need to conquer it in both the mind and flesh. As much as he hated to admit it he was ill equipped to truly fight this thing on it's own terms.

It was time to move forward. Though he might of held a sword, his scrolls and the leftover gun of his missing comrade he was effectively unarmed and he felt as such. Knowledge was power and he knew little of what laid ahead in his journey. This world he was in might not of even existed for all he knew. The only certainty left was that the demon needed to die. More than to simply send it to hell this threat deserved to be destroyed in the flesh, mind and soul. He couldn't rest until that much was made certain, however tall a task that might be.

He urged himself forward, one foot in front of the other, trudging forth with steady yet uncertain footsteps. His hand gripped his sword hilt tightly and his body was tightly wound, every muscle tensed and ready to act at the slightest provocation. His eyes scanned the dim light he had searched through just prior, the world still grey as he scanned for any sign of colour, any sign of magic sticking out from the monochrome scenery before him.

At this point his own survival, while important, was secondary to the task he was set upon. He would walk through the tip of a spear and down it's haft if that was what it took to see this through. All he had left to count on was his determination and faith in a higher power. Even if he was half demon he was still half human and that was, theoretically, enough to call upon the gods for divine magic. It would come at his detriment but he'd accept such aid at the cost of his own blood if necessary.

So he continued onward, his senses primed and ready to react to whatever came.
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