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"Humanity takes great pride in three things. Their willpower, their greed and their mortality.

Their will and endless greed allows them to grow and accend past other creatures
But thir mortality denies them divinity

It's a delightful purgatory between Beeing Fallen and being Divine"

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Time: Dusk
Location: Carriage in the woods
Interactions: Rosaria @Potter , Jomari @baraquiel, Caelan @Alivefalling, Sophie @princess, Aurora @chrysocoma

While Nuallán kept watching over both Jomari and their surroundings, he couldn't help but be distracted for a moment as the pixie that 'found' Sophie and decided to stay with her angrily smacked Sophie's hand with the strange, stick-like snack the human girl had given her. Pixies are normally known to be very mischievous creatures and this one in particular semeed to have energy to spare and quite an intense personality. When Sophie apologized for having dragged the pixie with her, the little fairy mentioned how she was an exiled fairy and 'demanded' to stay with Sophie since she had nowhere to go and Sophie had shared food with her, just before she started flying and pointing the snack towards Nuallán and Rosaria saying she would fight them if they didn't let her eat, which made Nuallán almost lose his composure and start laughing, having actually to hold his laughter, amused by the small pixie's antics.

Just as he was about to say something though, Sophie made a very serious question, which made him immediately get serious again as he silently looked towards Rosaria, waiting for either a reply or a signal for him to aid her. Fortunately, while he did see the exhaustion hidden beneath his Rosaria's expression, she gave a brief, but confident answer, before turning towards the small pixie and smiling towards her, asking for her name and asking Sophie about the strange stick she had given to the pixie.

In order to keep the conversation going and the morale high, Rosaria proposed for everyone to talk a bit about themselves, with the arrival of a few members, such as the talkative pixie. Finishing her introduction with a sad tone as she mentioned her brother, Rosaria asked Nuallán to continue.

"As you wish, my lady." he said, with a polite bow, before he faced the little pixie and the rest of the humans.

"As most of you might know by now, my name is Nuallán Varnion and I'm Princess Rosaria's butler and personal attendant, having been so for centuries, since I was very young." he said after clearing his throat.

"The Varnion family has been directly serving and protecting the royal Light Elf family for countless generations, honoring the tradition and the oath our ancestors took when the first kings and queens took the throne and created the Light Elf Kingdom." he said as he began explaining more about him, his family and it's history.

"Every generation, the Varnion family will have at least two children. The firstborn is always the one who will take the oath to serve the Royal Family, being bound to the member of the royal family he will serve from the moment they are born, while the younger child always takes the role of managing the family's estate and continuing the lineage." he continued.

"As the eldest child, I received extensive education since I was very young, being trained and taught by the elders in the Varnion family in order to seek nothing less than perfection and excellence when serving and protecting the royal family. Be it tending to their needs, giving accurate advices and consultation in the most varied matters if requested or even fighting to protect or to eliminate threats to the royal family's safety." he finished. While it was evident that he was proud of his position and who he was, he was clearly not gloating or boasting, with his tone being calm and professional instead.
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Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Docks
Interactions: Vrexen and Astra @FunnyGuy

Even though Myra did agree with Astra's proposal to wear the 'dress' inside the city, she was by no means satisfied nor happy with it. Moving through the city without using her camouflage already made her a bit nervous and to make things even worse, she was not yet used to the feeling of wearing clothes.

Arriving on the docks, were they had left Vrexen waiting, Myra followed astra to their boat, where Vrexen was waiting them, sitting in the exact same way he was when they left him. It seemed like he had not moved even a muscle. While Vrexen didn't seem to have a problem with wearing clothes, even asking Astra for his clothes the moment he saw her, Myra was clearly frustrated and irritated by having to wear them.

Unlike Myra, Vrexen seemed to have prior experience with those 'clothes', seeing how easily he was able to put it on. For some reason, Astra seemed quite happy to see both of them wearing clothes, with only made Myra even more frustated, not only for having to wear those annoying clothes, but because she was still waiting for some food.

"Foo! Foo!" Myra protested, irritated as she replied to Astra and Vrexen, pointing towards her mouth, the dangerously sharp teeth only barely visible inside as she did so, a very discreet signal that her instincts were starting to tell her that it was time to hunt.
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“...explain why you are strutting around like an exotic sex slave that's open for business...”

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth
Collab between @13org and @FunnyGuy

Upon entering the rented room, Astra turned on the lighting and set the bag of newly purchased clothes onto the large bed. She gave the room a quick look, noticing how plain it appeared. It was what 20 amas got you here in boring ol’ Yenworth. “Could be worse I suppose… Anyway, Myra, no more hiding. Come on out so you can put your cute outfit on!” Astra honestly didn’t think the dress was all that impressive, but she needed Myra to not be in the nude while they were within an eastern settlement.

Slowly appearing again, Myra after entering, Myra made sure to investigate the room to be certain that it was safe and nobody would be able to see her. Only after completely checking everything, she fully uncloaked herself, walking to where Astra was, curiously looking at the pretty, colored pieces of fabric she had bought before.

Confused, Myra tilted her head as she looked at the clothes and Astra, unsure of what she wanted to do with the colored fabric. The moment she approached to try and touch them though, she noticed how soft the thing the clothes were on was. Surprised at first, she curiously touched the bed, putting weight on her hand, testing its softness and if it was safe to climb.

Immediately distracted from the clothes, Myra suddenly climbed the bed, circling a few times and laying down after finding a good spot. Surprised at how comfortable it was, Myra looked at Astra, almost as if trying to show her how soft it was. The dark elven woman raised a brow at Myra’s peculiar behavior. It was fitting, but Myra’s behavior still confused Astra. She’s like those Beastmen on Oak Island. Feral… but it’s not that her mind is simply gone. She understands, so perhaps she just needs some guidance. The thought made Astra unconsciously smile. She sat at the foot of the bed and let her hand run across the fabric.

“It’s nice, right?” Myra nodded, smiling as Astra sat down on the bed. Laying down with her tail around her, Myra snuggled almost as if ready to rest, happy with the discovery she had just made. “Nothing like it in the cold wilderness of Daka. It’s a bed. You’re meant to rest on it and… do other things, but we’ll talk about that once you get yourself some suitors.” Astra turned herself to grab the dress she had purchased for Myra, holding it up. “And this is what you put on your body. You probably prefer being naked, but if you want to keep eyes off you while being able to interact with others… and I know you do, Lady Curious, you have to at least cover up some.” The mention of the colorful fabric once again caused Myra to raise her head curiously as Astra held it up, showing it to Myra.

Confused as to what she was supposed to do with the fabric, Myra got up, slowly approaching the fabric as she sniffed the air a few times before taking it into her hands, appreciating the vibrant color and feeling its texture. It was only when Astra waved her hand over the front of her own clothing that Myra understood what that fabric was and what Astra wanted her to do with it. It was one of those strange second skins most dark-skins and apparently everyone in the cities wore. While the color was indeed pretty, Myra was still confused why they wore a second skin. Myra saw no reason to use such a strange thing over her skin. Not only would it probably make it harder for her to move, but the feeling of it constantly touching and rubbing against her skin as she moved didn't seem nice at all. That said, since Astra asked, she thought she could at least try it once, even though she could already imagine how much she would hate it.

It quickly became clear to Astra that Myra was struggling with the dress though, confused and not knowing which opening she should put her head into. It was actually a bit funny, causing Astra to chuckle before getting up and reaching for Myra.

“That's the sleeve, silly!” Myra looked at Astra after she took the fabric off her head, a bit distressed, due to how she felt trapped and couldn't see anything. Her curious stare towards the colored fabric had now become a wary and distrustful one, but Astra didn't give off a negative reaction. “Reach your arms up, and I'll slip this right on you.” As she instructed Myra to raise her arms, Myra decided to trust her. After all, Astra had no reason to trap her or anything and she said that it would help her to "lay low", as she spoke before back on the boat.

While she was still a bit wary about the colored fabric, she knew that it was not strong enough to withstand her claws so it wouldn't be much of an issue if she got trapped in it. With that, Myra raised her hands, looking to see what Astra would do.

Astra tried to be deliberate yet delicate when pulling over Myra's body. Myra had been surprised and almost panicked again when Astra pulled the fabric over her head, but when her head popped out from one of the openings in the fabric, apparently the correct one this time, judging by Astra's reaction, she became calmer. Astra finished up with some small adjustments to get Myra’s hair and arms through the dress.

“Oooh! It fits nicely! We just put on the shoes and…” Astra seemed to be happy with the result but Myra felt strange. Squirming as she struggled to adapt to the feeling of the cloth against her skin. She looked at Astra, clearly uncomfortable. Overlooking Myra's expressed discomfort, Astra peered down at Myra’s feet and then to the shoes and then back to her feet again.

“Actually, forget the shoes. I don’t see a world where your feet and those shoes go together. I can probably get some amas for them anyway.” She mused aloud before returning her gaze to Myra. “And now you look like a... decent lady. I can do your hair up tomorrow, but you should be able to walk beside me to get Vrexen without having to disappear. Instead of hiding from sight, you will blend into your surroundings.” The dark elf grinned confidently.

Myra tried to move herself a bit, walking around, but she wasn't used to the feeling of wearing clothes and her movements ended up being stiff and strange. After only a few steps, Myra went back to the bed again, contorting herself as she tried to take out the fabric from her body, clearly expressing her discomfort in wearing and moving around with it.

“Oh come on, it isn't that bad. You're telling me you'd rather be walking around exposing your-”

In the middle of Myra's almost comical struggle, both women heard a loud growl coming from Myra's stomach. This immediately made Myra stop, look at Astra, and then resume her struggle even more urgently than before. Astra thought twice about attempting to stop Myra. Despite being extremely adorable… She's still dangerous… but if she can't roam around with her bits just hanging o there. I mean even the whores even cover up a little… She can vanish from view though, but… Fuck it, but I'm saving the dress!

“Myra! Listen up! I just purchased that damned dress! So, you are going to wear it or you will remain invisible because I will not be forced to explain why you are strutting around like an exotic sex slave that's open for business… Wait...” Astra was devious enough to actually consider the idea and sized Myra up some.

While Myra couldn't understand anything Astra was saying and why she seemed to be so against the idea of not wearing that strange, uncomfortable second-skin, she didn't really like the way Astra was speaking to her. That second-skin seemed to be just a terrible idea for Myra. Moving around while wearing it was strange and if she got into trouble, that thing would basically make her camouflage useless.

That said, she was more frustrated than angry. Astra didn't seem to understand she was hungry and instead of helping her out of that dress, she just stood there, watching. Incredibly frustrated, Myra remembered the words Vrexen and Astra used when they wanted to eat. Maybe if she tried to use it, she would understand.

"Foo! Foo!" Myra said, trying to imitate the word 'food' as she looked at Astra with a frustrated expression.

“…” Astra couldn't believe Myra actually uttered a word. Foo?

Myra stopped struggling against the dress and pointed at it for a moment, almost as if saying that she would try wearing the dress while they were in the city if Astra gave her some food. The dark elven woman stared blankly for a moment. This time around she understood her demon companion.

“Let's go then. We can get lots of food if you keep that on, but first, we need Vrexen. I'd leave him out there but I think he would very well find me and murder me viciously… and then feed me to you.” Astra rolled her eyes.

The two left the room, entering the hall of the tavern. The woman at the desk stared strangely at Myra as she hadn't noticed the white-skinned girl with Astra previously. Astra gave the woman a smile and a nod as they left the inn.

“I know you hate the dress, but I just need you to wear it in places like this. You're a demon and most folks don't like 'em, but if I can dress you up, they might think you're a demi-human like the lady at the desk.”

Not only was it very annoying and uncomfortable for her, but wearing that second-skin that Astra called a "dress" made her feel vulnerable, as that second-skin would render her camouflage basically useless. That said, after Astra promised to feed her, Myra begrudgingly accepted to keep the strange second-skin on her for now as they walked outside of the building. Fortunately, as Astra mentioned, she would only have to wear the dress in cities, so as soon as they got out, she would be free from that odious cloth trap.

Continuing to the docks, dimly lit by hanging lanterns the two made their way to the boat. The hippocampi were awake but mostly docile. On approach, Vrexen could be spotted seated in the darkness where the light of the lanterns could not reach.

“Lord Vrexen! We have returned to retrieve you!”


Following Allanon and Bizdil to the marketplace, even before they arrived, it was clear by the commotion and the loud voices that something was happening. Fortunately, it seemed like they wouldn't have to search much longer as one of the people who was involved in that heated dispute was mentioning something about a thieving creature in a jar or something.

"'A thieving creature in a jar...' Is that some kind of local idiom or something?" Maeve asked, raising an eyebrow at the strange sentence as Allanon demanded to know what was happening.

As she got closer, walking around Allanon to get a better view of what was happening, she had the unfortunate surprise to see that the rude satyr from before was, of course, part of the commotion.

"I should have expected it would be in the middle of this commotion..." Maeve said with a frustrated sigh as she saw the Satyr.

Unsurprisingly, what came next was a fantastic display of hostility and barbaric behavior coming from the Satyr. Not only his words, but even his movements were uncivilized and repugnant. A complete lack of class and civilized behavior. So much it was deeply offensive to even be nearby, especially when he snapped the neck of a wine bottle and drank it, letting out a putrid mist from his mouth after drinking half of it.

"Ugh... How barbaric..." Maeve said as she gave a few steps back, trying to avoid the foul miasma that got out of the Satyr's mouth after he drank his wine.

Fortunately, before the situation could become any worse, Chihiro and Hilde were quick to move the group inside the inn, where they would be able to hopefully, avoid any more conflict. Still confused, Maeve begrudgingly followed Allanon, Bizdil and the group back inside the inn, extremely annoyed to the idea of being nearby the Satyr, especially after his little display.

"I don't care what's happening, I just want back my things." She said, sighing.


The first thing Ada saw when getting inside the guild was the commotion going on as most of the guild members stood near the entrance with strange expressions as they talked with each other something about Bart having brought someone to the guild. Just as Ada got closer to them though, she noticed that there were a bunch of strange scents around, which immediately made her stop and start sniffing the air with a serious expression. Being on the guild for a while now, she was fairly familiar with the scent of all the guild members, but the ones she was feeling was most defnitely not their scent. While it became clear after a bit that whoever was inside the guild had already left, their smell was still everywhere and the guild was still a huge mess.

Agitated, Ada immediately began searching around for more intruders, with her teeth and claws showing. Fortunately for the 'uninvited guests' that were on the guild a moment ago, they left before Ada could find them, leaving behind nothing but their scent and leftover food.

After making sure that the guild was safe, Ada's posture relaxed down a bit, even though having the scent of so many different creatures that weren't her friends on 'her home' made her really uncomfortable.


Freyr paid attention as Bartholomew replied to his question. While unforuntately, he had no idea of who "Samuel Cubbage" was, he did say a few interesting things, including on how expensive the so called 'gun' was and how it was very likely that Samuel might be much more important than his actions or appearance showed.

"It is hard to believe that such a small weapon can be so powerful. These... 'Ortusians'... They aren't dangerous, are they?" Freyr asked, a bit worried as he gave a small bow, silently thanking Bart for his words and the sympathy he showed.

"If this Samuel Cubbage turned out to be one of their envoys... Things could get a bit complicated... The word "weird" did fit him awfully well, after all." Freyr said, reflecting about who the man could've been.

As the topic changed towards the now gone "freeloaders" though, Freyr couldn't help but to notice how distressed Ada was, sniffing around and with quite a hostile posture.

"I think they left in a good hour too... Our Ada doesn't seem to take too kindly to her 'home' being intruded like that." he said with a chuckle as he watched her.
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“They took them off to … in the woods”

Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth
Amas: 90 Spent

It hadn't taken long for Astra and Myra to enter the market square. The once busy area was beginning to die down with many seeking a tavern or an inn.

While it was definitely better than when she entered the cave-city on Daka, Myra was still a bit uncomfortable due to the amount of different sounds and smells as she followed Astra through the market square. On one hand, Myra was incredibly curious about a lot of stuff that was being displayed on the market square, but on the other hand, the amount of smells and noises were still a bit too much for Myra's enhanced senses, disorientating her a little bit. Thanks to that, she made sure not only to stay close to Astra but to give small taps on her shoulder from time to time, not only to make sure Astra knew she was still following her but for Myra herself to not get distracted and lose herself.

The two of them made a beeline to the Odds and Ends stall run by a merman sitting in a barrel of water. The lamplight overhead gave notice to his shimmering blue scales decorating his forearms that poked out from his dark green tunic.

“Welcome to the Odds and Ends of Yenworth! You’ll find the best items for the lowest amount of amas.” The merman greeted happily despite being a bit wary of the Dark Elf. Astra didn’t resemble a soldier and appeared to be alone but dark elves just held a harsh stigma that many of the other races couldn’t look past.

“I am looking for clothes for my two friends. They actually lost their clothes, if you can imagine that.” Astra’s eyes wandered across the clothing that was fairly priced. “I wonder how Myra would look in a dress like that?” She mused as she eyed the red outfit

“Lost their clothes?” The merman was curious and prepared to hear a tale that would include heavy intoxication.

While a merman wasn't something Myra saw every day, having only seen a few of them by far in the water, he did seem to be friendly enough since he greeted Astra excitedly.

Still in her camouflage, Myra approached, looking curiously at the fish-man as she studied him. While she knew she should be careful, she was confident in her camouflage, and being the first time she saw a fish-person from this close.

“Yeah, they took 'em off to go…” Astra clapped her hands five times to be discreet. [color=plum]“...out in the woods.”[/color Meanwhile, Myra couldn't help but try and pinch one of the scales on the merman's arm.

“Ah!” He slapped his arm where his scale was pinched assuming a fly had pricked him.

Myra was intrigued to notice that the fish-man's scales were really just like a fish. Even the texture and the feeling were the same. What she wasn't expecting though was the fish-man's reaction, suddenly slapping the place where Myra had pinched, making her quickly pull back her hand as she gave a small jump back, alarmed in a low stance. Fortunately, it seemed like the fish-man didn't really see her or anything, instead was just reacting to the small pinch.

Astra raised an eyebrow in wonder from the merman's reaction before she made a low gasp. Myra. With a gulp, Astra grabbed two outfits from the rack.

Then when they all finished up, they couldn't find their clothes.” Her attempt to get the man's attention worked so far. “I'm betting some shitty young light elf ran off with their stuff. Oh, and I'll buy these two right now. Gotta be quick before my dear Myra does something else she might regret.”

As Astra continued to talk though, getting a few of the strange, colored pieces of fabric, Myra noticed how Astra called her name, probably discreetly trying to scold her for what she did.

Quietly, she made sure to give a few steps away from the fish-man, touching Astra's back with her tail once, to indicate she would behave herself.

“90 amas.”

“Easy. Here you are.” Astra provided the amas and the merman bagged the outfits. “You know where I can get some rest.” Astra asked the clerk who pointed toward a large tavern/inn.

“Right there. Good price too.”

“Perfect.” And with that Astra started heading toward the inn. She'd get something to eat, get a comfy room for Myra and herself, and get some shut-eye.

Interactions: Ullross @ReusableSword, Morgana Faith @King Cosmos, Micheal Crane @BigPapaBelial, Xaviron @Martian, Scarlet @AWACS

The roar of the motorcycles was almost drowned by the sounds of gunshots in a chaotic cacophony as the bikers continued shooting while approaching the house. Those that got close enough quickly dismounted from their bikes and slowly approaching the house as they continued to suppress Ulross and Faye, who were taking cover behind the car.

"Is this payback for me saying I was bored?!" Faye said, with a small shout as another window exploded, unable to hold on thanks to the continued gunfire.

Just as she said that though, a few words heralded a sudden, strong gust of wind, as Xaviron appeared from inside the house, knocking down about a third of the bikers, sending them tumbling to the ground, along with their bikes.

Along with Xaviron, the rest of the group also came. Using Xaviron's distraction, Amanda immediately came, asking for Scarlet's support, regarding firepower and jumping herself into the fray, after a stunt worthy of an action movie, making a huge pole suddenly shoot straight at her from the trunk of one of the cars, before unfurling into a huge axe.

"Whoa! That was cool- HEY!" Faye said, amazed as she saw Amanda dashing to one of the bikers and promptly slashing him into two with her axe, just to quickly pull her head down as a bullet hit the car and bounced, nearly hitting her.

Seeing one of their own literally being chopped into half, the bikers immediately changed targets, all of them focusing on the biggest and closest threat, Amanda.

"SHE KILLED CLYDE! She fucking sliced my little brother Clyde in half!!" One of the bikers who was just next to Amanda shouted, with a horrified expression as he immediately began walking back, desperately unloading his automatic rifle towards Amanda's general direction, his aim affected by his desperation and his emotional state.

Seeing all the nearby bikers beginning to focus Amanda, Faye did want to try to help her, but due to one of the other bikers, the one wielding an automatic rifle, suppressing her and Ullross behind the car with continuous fire, it wasn't a really good idea.

It was at that moment that Scarlet, after readying herself, shot the biker with the rifle, punching two fist-sized holes into his chest. Providing long range support, Scarlet continued shooting, taking another biker with a resounding shot. One after another, the loud shots coming from Scarlet's position were enough to vibrate the air and even raise dust from the ground as a third biker fell dead.

Raising a thumbs-up to Scarlet, thanking her in the distance, Faye looked to the ground near the car where she was ducking, seeing the many shards of reinforced glass into the ground. By now, the bikers that were knocked down by Xaviron had already gotten up and were finally arriving to aid the few remaining bikers. With their initial group being reduced to almost half of it's size, one would expect them to be demoralized, but instead, it seemed that they only got angrier and more reckless, fueled by the words of the fire-wielding mage among them.

"First they invade our property, then they kill our brothers and wreck our bikes? GET THEM! MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID!" the mage said, readying a big fireball as he aimed at Amanda.

At that very moment, a strange, rhythmic drumming sound began playing. Almost like the sound of a beating heart, along with a tone being hummed. Immediately feeling the familiar energy that Micheal's magic had, Faye saw and felt the pulse of magic permeating and empowering her, along with a visible pillar of energy.

Feeling the urgency of the situation and empowered by Micheal's ritual, Faye immediately got a bunch of glass shards holding them on her hand as she stood up.

"AMANDA, DUCK NOW!" she shouted, raising her hands as the glass fragments between her hands suddenly disappeared, only to reappear a few meters ahead of her, flying with a frightening speed and spreading in a cone towards the bikers.

The rain of glass, flying towards the bikers as fast as a bullet, caused a lot of chaos. The random trajectory of the glass shards only added to the chaos, causing wounds that ranged from grazing cuts to deep puncture wounds and even piercing an unfortunate biker's throat, sending him to the ground as he desperately scratched his throat, before finally going unconscious.

While the mage was lucky enough to not suffer a deadly wound, one of the sharp shards of glass went right through his shoulder, making him lose concentration on the spell just about he was going to fire it towards Amanda, causing him to lose control of the magic flow and making the fireball explode before it was fired, causing severe burns into his right arm.

"AAARGH! FUCK!" the mage growled in pain, as the sickly smell of burnt flesh raised into the air.
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Time: Evening
Location: Yenworth Port
Interactions: Vrexen and Astra @FunnyGuy

Myra watched as Traven's body fell into the water with a splashing sound, floating for a brief moment before it started to sink. Displaying no reaction or emotion, she looked at it almost as if she was watching a piece of driftwood. Just as Traven's body began to sink, Astra suddenly exclaimed something, asking if Myra had really just thrown him into the water. Looking at her a bit confused, Myra simply nodded, pointing at Traven's barely visible body, confirming what had happened to Astra. As she continued, she mentioned something called "Amas", speaking as if Traven had some with him. Curiously enough, Vrexen's reaction was very similar to Myra, who tilted her head, confused as Astra mentioned those strange "Amas" as if they were the most important thing in the world.

As Astra continued steering the boat, she called Vrexen and Myra to hear her explanation, taking a really pretty, small shiny stone from her clothes, holding up to both of them see. According to her explanation, that shiny thing was an "Ama". Amazed by how shiny it was, Myra felt a bit guilty for having just thrown Traven into the water. Who knows how many shinies he had with him? Maybe there were other, different types of shinies too. Curious about it, Myra slowly approached the "Ama" while Astra was explaining, amazed by how the faint light of the moon reflected on the small stone.

Having already arrived on land, Myra was about to jump out of the boat, excited for being able to walk on firm land again, before Astra mentioned something about "keeping low". Immediatelly stopping and looking at Astra, Myra, who was already halfway out of the boat, stepped back in, before she got down on all fours, lowering herself even more than she normally did when sneaking or hunting. As she did so, Myra finally got out of the boat, before looking back at Astra, almost as if asking if it that was low enough.
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Time: Dusk
Location: Off the coast of Yenworth
Interactions: Vrexen and Astra @FunnyGuy

Still a bit confused, Myra watched as Traven steered the boat towards north and began exchanging heated words with Astra and Vrexen.K eeping the hostile posture as she looked at Traven, Myra was ready to pounce on him and rip his throat if he dared to raise his hand towards Vrexen or Astra. The impasse lasted only for a few moments though. The moment Traven interrupted Vrexen, he suddenly grabbed Traven's head with his claws, in a similar manner he did to her earlier, something that didn't bring pleasant memories to Myra and reminded him of be careful around him.

As Vrexen continued to tighten his grasp, blood dripped from Traven's head as he let go of the reins, not being able to do anything against Vrexen's strength. After ordering Astra to take care of the boat, Vrexen tossed Traven violently into the ground, next to Myra, saying she could do whatever she wanted with him.

Looking at the weakened man in front of her, Myra considered her options for a few moments. While normally she wouldn't refuse something to eat, the meat she ate earlier on the docks was... strangely fulfilling. Somehow it was different from the meat Myra hunted in the woods. She wasn't able to say exactly how or why it was different but she felt as if it satisfied her in a different manner. Since she was not really hungry, nor she wanted to keep someone who was hostile towards them in the boat with them, Myra simply pushed Traven's unconscious border over the edge of the boat with her tail without hesitating or caring if he would survive or not.

Time: Dusk
Location: Carriage in the woods
Interactions: Rosaria @Potter , Jomari @baraquiel, Caelan @Alivefalling, Sophie @princess, Aurora @chrysocoma

Nuallán was very grateful for Aurora's presence and help to calm down the humans. The encounter with the Vuothoran and what happened afterwards was incredibly impactful and a rude awakening to the humans regarding the danger they would face, making some of them lash out, especially Jomari, who did so after a physiological reaction to what he saw the Vuothoran doing with the elves. While the atmosphere was far from tranquil and good, it was thanks to Aurora's mental fortitude and her magic that the situation didn't become worse.

While the humans sat down to recover from the shock and relax, Nuallán couldn't help but observe how intriguing the human race were. They had such a huge potential, but were so incredibly fragile at the same time... Even manner how they comforted each other, seeking strength in one another even though they didn't really know themselves that well, that spirit of cooperation that seemed to be so natural to them was unique to them. While other races such as elves would consider such creatures inferior and weak, their potential to do great things shouldn't be underestimated.

The group was allowed a brief moment of respite to rest, feed themselves and regain their composure. While the humans sought strength and support in one another, Nuallán, who was watching over the group and their surroundings as a silent guardian, couldn't help but to notice how the entire situation, both regarding the humans, the war, all the expectations that were being placed upon her and now, the sacrifices that were made so they could run away were taking their toll on Rosaria. Despite her silence, despite how strong she made herself appear, Nuallán knew how she really felt. He felt his heart tighten as she looked to Rosaria, knowing that no matter how much he wanted to, he could do nothing more than to be there for her and help her to shoulder the burdens she was fated to carry. Both due to his job as her butler and someone who cared about her.

It was already dusk when the group began to move again. Fortunately, they were able to find a carriage in the middle of the road that cut through the woods. The driver, after hearing from Rosaria and after she made sure he wasn't a threat, agreed to take them to Myriamor, which would be their next stop. Upon his Lady's request, Nuallán sat just besides Jomari, to keep a close eye on him as Rosaria herself took a seat directly across the carriage, facing Jomari as she asked the humans in general if they were fine and asking them to talk a bit about themselves. While most couldn't tell, Nuallán could clearly see how tense his Lady was, a sight that once again, made his heart tighten for the weight of the burden she was forced to carry.
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