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Hello! I'm dying to rp; I've off-and-on done it for years, started on the xkcd forums probably about a decade ago and I couldn't have been older than 12 (and man, those posts were really cringe to look back on, at least while those forums were still up :( ). I've been really wanting to sink my teeth deep into something here for a little while but I can't settle on anything right now. I'm really the most interested in all kinds of nation rp, but nothing there currently looks perfect to join, and I'm frankly too intimidated to start an interest check with no posts under my belt. Of course, I'd absolutely be open to rp outside of nations, but I'm a little more picky when it comes to those rps; specifically, I'd be interested in nearly any sci-fi rp, and I'm not huge on fandom rps (though that doesn't necessarily exclude them either). Ha, I know this has been a rambly introduction post, but at any rate, I'm excited to get involved with the community! Hopefully I'll find my time to debut soon :)
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Welcome! I'll PM you.
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Welcome to the world of worlds, lad.
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