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The Titans are...

Koriand’r, also known as Starfire
Wallace West, also known as Kid Flash
Richard "Dick" Grayson, also known as Robin
Virgil Hawkins, also known as Static
Matrix, also known as Superboy
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Character Name

Koriand’r, Princess of Tamaran



Attributes & Abilities

As a Tamaranean, Starfire has a vast array of abilities that on a genetic level allows her to be more durable, powerful, and dexterous than a normal humanoid being. This physiology is considered superhuman by definition, though it by no means she is without her limits. As an individual who has only been “active” with her superpowers for around three or so years, Starfire lacks the experience that veteran superhumans have in utilizing their abilities. To summarize, Starfire runs “hot” like her powers seem to imply and her stamina and metahuman constitution still largely define her combat capabilities in the long-term. Starfire is not resistant or even immune to telepathic domination or the supernatural and her own inherent kindness, anxiety, and curiosity tends to distract her from the greater picture. Starfire doesn’t like committing herself 100% to brutal actions as she has seen firsthand what it has turned her sister into.

That aside, Starfire is very versatile. She can expel and control a green thermal energy which she can utilize to allow her to levitate and go on the offensive. Her Tamaranean Physiology allows her to be neurologically unique and she can assimilate language through physical contact.

Her practical skillset (see: beyond powers) includes survival skills, tamaranean martial arts, and galactic knowledge.

Character Synopsis

Koriand’r was born on the planet of Tamaran, a core world in the interstellar political sphere within the star system known as Vega. Her childhood was bred from gleeful competition with her brother and sister, Ryand’r and Komand’r. For the majority of her childhood, things were peaceful and archetypal with a loving family, honorable mentors, and expectations being stressful but none too devastating. Kori never thought much of sadness or fear, they were emotions better fit for those who had to struggle; the worst Kori had to deal with was her elder sister giving her a stern glare or an aggressive lecture. But things did not stay picturesque for long. A sentiment Kori would think long and hard about when Tamaran became the target of alien conquerors known as the Gordanians. It was here that Kori was separated from her family and friends; her homeworld taken from her and her childhood ripped away before she could realize it.

Several years of her life seemed to pass by in an instant – she survived on her own, escaped capture on several occasions, and found herself trying to find any trace of her siblings as the Gordanians grew in power. After her sister disappeared without a trace and her brother was sent to a far-off slave planet, Kori found herself doing whatever she could to oppose the Gordanians and their growing influence. Kori herself still doubts she would’ve escaped from the Vega System alive and free if not for the influence of a vigilante known as Thaddeus Bach. It would be with her escape from the Vega System that Kori found herself once again being hunted down by the Gordanians.

After she finds refuge on a planet named Earth, things may be reaching their most drastic. But help arises in the most unlikely of places, she finds.
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Character Name

Wallace "Wally" West
Kid Flash



Attributes & Abilities

Kid Flash is the latest member of the Flash family to connect with the Speed Force, the mysterious cosmic phenomena that sets all of time and space in motion. Wally's link to it is rather shallow, however, granting him only a fraction of his mentor's speed; West has yet to even break the sound barrier. Also unlike the Flash, Wally lacks fine control over his movement at high speeds: he's not nearly as agile, nor can he come to a complete stand still at will- he either has to slow himself down ahead of time or risk sliding at several hundred miles an hour into a wall.

Additional abilities include friction absorption, enhanced endurance, mental processing speed and an advanced healing factor. Unfortunately, his connection to the Speed Force gave Wally a hyper-accelerated metabolism that requires a massive intake of calories per day or his body will cannibalize itself for energy.

Aside from his powers, Wally has an aptitude for the sciences and mathematics. He's fluent in English, French and is currently studying Mandarin.

Character Synopsis

Wally West always wanted to be a superhero. Even before he could walk he dreamed of racing The Flash across the country. His heart soared when he discovered his idol's secret identity: his very own uncle Barry Allen. Once Wally got the story of Barry's origin out of his uncle he quickly set out to replicate the event, building a near exact replica of the laboratory in his family's garage. And then he waited for a storm.

The boy woke up in the hospital a week later with the Speed Force coursing through him.

His parents grounded him for life, initially. After three months of arm-twisting from Iris and Barry they managed to convince Wally's parents that their son would need help acclimating to life with superpowers. They packed up his things and moved Wally across the state to his aunt and uncle's home in Central City. Kid Flash premiered two months later.

Most things came easily to Wally West. His natural intelligence let him coast through high school without dropping below a 4.0 GPA. He excelled in track despite skipping practice every other week. He made fast friends of anyone. Learning to control his powers was harder than anything he'd ever done. It was like the Speed Force rejected him; refused to let Wally understand its nature as fully and deeply as Barry Allen did. No matter how hard he trained Wally couldn't break the sound barrier; couldn't manipulate the atoms in his body to phase like the Flash could. The solution to this problem continues to allude him to this day, and Kid Flash's frustration continues to mount.
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"I was alerted by your sound of distress. Please state the nature of the emergency."

Character Name

Exploratory Protoplasmic Matrix (Prototype), build beta-0.8
(shortened form) | Superboy (name used by media reporting)


~400 years (constructed c. 17th Century CE)

Attributes & Abilities

A sentient machine, Matrix's physical body is a mixture of sunstone and organic circuitry suspended within a protoplasmic gel. It's primary ability is telekinesis. Generating telekinetic fields, the matrix can compress and expand its physical matter in order to achieve the likeness of having a solid body. Similarly, the matrix can simulate the appearance of having super strength, invulnerability, and flight through the tactile application of these telekinetic fields. By bending lightwaves, the Matrix can also achieve invisibility in both the visual and electromagnetic spectrum. Matrix can extend or expand these telekinetic fields around others. Combining this ability with silicon magnetics, the matrix can also generate holograms to display information graphics or provide visual overlays. Finally, owing to the mechanical nature of its sensors, the matrix demonstrates perception over a more broad range of the electromagnetic spectrum than Superman is able, though does not have as acute auditory perception.

A programmable shape-shifter, the physical attributes and appearance are both extremely variable. The matrix's natural form is a viscous liquid, purple with bits of gold (sunstone). By increasing the internal volume of gas, such as air, and decreasing its molecular density, the Matrix can expand its volume of mass. Similarly, by reducing its internal volume and increasing the molecular density, the Matrix can shrink (compress) its volume of mass. This level of molecular control allows the Matrix to replicate texture and color, simulating hair, skin, eyes, and clothing. As such, the Matrix is capable of serving as a body double for Clark Kent (Superman), though its selected default form is defined as more compact, non-threatening, huggable appearance. To Matrix, gender is merely a matter of minor physical variation in shape. Due to the law of the conservation of matter, while Matrix's height is variable, its weight remains the same.

In terms of limitations, as a true telekinetic, the Matrix cannot replicate heat vision or frost breath. As a machine, Matrix has no ability to process organic matter into caloric energy. Instead, its internal sunstone draws on solar rays to power it. While capable of processing visual, auditory, and tactile input, the matrix has no sense of smell. Designed for space exploration, the matrix can survive and function in extremes of temperature and vacuum. Its primary weakness is fatigue from sustained power output. If its telekinetic fields are overwhelmed, resulting damage to the protoplasm may trigger a restart of critical systems.

Character Synopsis

Once a great empire of the stars, Krypton's wars nearly destroyed them. The people of Krypton managed to rebuild their society from near collapse, though, in the midst of their dark age, they lost much of the historical and scientific data regarding the world they had been just centuries before. History became legend and legend became folktale. Then, amid a scientific renaissance, a man named Var-El set out to try and prove that life existed beyond Krypton, including proof of the lost colonies. After much study, he found several astrological objects with the potential to be the fabled colonies of Daxam or Rokyn. Pioneering a method of fold space, Var-El devised a mechanism for interstellar transportation but the means to transport a ship was beyond the physical capabilities of Krypton as it was then. So, instead, he devised a probe capable of traversing this fold space -- a techno-organic computer -- capable of enduring the journey, cataloging the planet, and transmitting its findings back to Krypton. Its ability to mask itself from visual light was a safeguard against contaminating a society or culture before it could be understood. However, in the case of extraterrestrial contact, the probe was programmed to assume a non-threatening appearance.

This matrix arrived at the astronomical coordinates for object Y-217 sometime in Earth's 17th Century. After completing its survey of the world, to include the indigenous species, the matrix concluded that the planet was not one of the lost colonies. After settling upon an undisturbed area in the northern arctic region, the matrix transmitted its findings and awaited instructions. It would lose the signal to Krypton a few centuries later, after which the probe shut down.

Centuries past before the matrix was re-activated, though not by a signal from across the stars. A young man named Clark Kent had fought his way across the continent of North America, holding onto a green piece of sunstone memory crystal and chasing a fleeting feeling it was leading him somewhere that would connect him to his home. When Clark threw the crystal away, giving into frustration, the matrix guided the crystal to itself, raising a lattice of sunstone from out of the permafrost to create the place encoded within the crystal -- a Fortress of Solitude. Adopting the role of the fortress' mainframe, the matrix worked on establishing a Kryptonian interface while Clark learned of his true origins as Kal-El, and then grew into the role of Superman.

Three years passed, during which time the matrix had built out the crystalline mainframe to where it could operate independently. Constructing a maintenance drone -- designation: Kelex -- the probe extracted itself from the Fortress and awaited Kal-El's return, with the expectation that it may be returned to its primary objective of exploration or scientific research. Instead, the Matrix was deployed to the Kent Farm to watch over Kal-El's adoptive family. An unseen protector, at least until two years ago. Initially used as a stand-in or body double, posing as either Clark Kent or Superman depending on the circumstances, over time the matrix proved a useful ally and as a means for Superman to be in two places at once.

The media phenomenon of Superboy didn't appear until a year ago, when Superman struggled in a fight with a villain named Metallo and the matrix appeared to fight at Kal-El's side. Since then, an interview and article by Lois Lane revealed to the world that Superboy is a machine -- a surviving piece of Krypton's technology -- and not an actual Kryptonian or the son of Superman that some had presumed.

Though based out of the barn loft at the Kent Farm in Smallville, Kansas, the matrix often ventures around North America while Superman or the members of the Justice League focus on threats elsewhere around the globe or even off-world. To date, his most challenging nemesis has been Eradicator, a more advanced Kryptonian Protoplasmic Matrix sent to prepare Earth for conquest by an enigmatic authority known only as Zod...
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Character Name

Virgil Hawkins



Attributes & Abilities

Virgil’s physiological ability is based on him being a bang baby status of mutant. Because of this, his body now generates electromagnetic currents Which he can and use to manipulate and control at various ways. He has been shown to be able to conduct electromagnetic energy that can both magnetize and demagnetize metal, generate electromagnetic fields, and even in certain cases levitate specific magnetic materials in the air for a prolonged period of time. Due to his electro magic abilities he has also been shown to hear and alter radio waves. His ability also gives him the means to access most mechanical objects powered by electricity without them actually being plugged in.

He can also choose to use said electromagnetism to generate direct electricity as well. He can charge and drain electric current from electrical objects (Though he cannot store it.) and project this electricity in may way. Using it directly as an attack, projecting loose electricity into focused displays and constructs such as shields, projectiles, and even certain constructs. He can also cling to certain objects but this seem to be something he has not exactly got the HANG of it.

However, with his change of physiology comes some prices, for one wood and electricity being insulators can be a useful adversary to his abilities. In fact, any form of electrical insulation can be used to contain and thus limit his ability. Energy absorption is also an issue, while he can generate electromagnetic energy he is not able to actually store it, meaning that he is fairly vulnerable to having said energy absorbed before and even during actual use.

He has ability outside of his mutated physiology, specifically his intelligence. Though he tends to hide it, his knowledge of Mathematics, Biology, and computer science is quite advanced for a child his age. It is still raw and he seems almost…hesitant to actually use it in any mass appeal. However, to those who know him it is clear that it is more than just him getting lucky in his academics. This had led him to build his own crudge gadgets for his superhero needs and for other use cases. Such as a metal saucer which he uses for long range travel as a means to essentially fly.

Character Synopsis

Virgil Hawkins was born in the seedy City of Dakota. His mother, Jean a Paramedic for The Paris Island EMS and his father a former college football hero and current high School PE Teacher for Earnest Hemmingway High School. While Virgil was always and astute child, It was not something well chided upon by the mostly urban area of Paris Island. His uncle Teshome being the main influence and essentially his tutor. Due to the rising crime and gang culture of Paris Island, his parents and uncle felt cautious of still living on the Island but stayed due to their ties to the community at large who saw both as influential figures and keystones in the small urbanite area.. Virgil close with his uncle would spend most of his time with him at the park, playing chess and mostly just being a normal kid. However, one day when at the park to celebrate what would be his tenth birthday, a drive by shooting would break out. While attempting to protect Virgil, Teshome himself was shot and killed during the shooting. This event is what led to the Hawkings deciding to finally move away from Paris island to the more suburban area of Sadler.

Virgil…did not adjust well.

Due to the death of his uncle in front of his eyes, the boy slowly became more increasingly belligerent. His anger never really given a good avenue to actually let that out. His family just moving and settling into the financial stress that comes with it, was not actually financially or emotionally able to give Virgil the means to access what could help with processing this lost. So…his anger festered, and while his family was moved to the suberbs of Sadler. Sadler and Paris Island still shared the same school system…including the high school that Virgil had recently been enrolled in. The High School was his father’s own Earnest Hemmingway High School, which was slowly becoming a melting pot of Dakota City’s social classes. The Gangs of the Ghetto like the Paris Island Bloods was highly becoming influential, whilst their Rivalry with both the Force Syndicate was growing increasingly common and widespread throughout the school. This was where a desperate and Angry Virgil would find his calling. Virgil would become fast friends with Paris Bloods Ivan Evans and Larry Wade. Together they would become one of the more feared trios of the Earnest Hemmingway High School gang circuit.

However, with the fatalities rising and the police crackdown on police brutality rising, A Meeting was called between the Bloods and the Force Syndicate to attempt a truce near the Paris Island Docks, with ALL of the members invited. Against his Parents orders Virgil and his boys would go ahead. While talks was Initially Positive with the Leaders of the Paris Island Bloods, Leonard Smalls and The Force Syndicate OG Only going by the name Wise Son and a Truce was eventually made. The police would break up the meeting on grounds of a sting operation setup. With One Party blaming the other the truce seemed to be immediately put on hold, with the officers using tear gas and other flammable material in an attempt to try and break up the fighting and soon to be riot.

Only for a nearby storage facility to explode, the smell of dangerous tear gas was mixed with another disturbing smell. Virgil and Larry were able to get away from the increasingly dangerous cloud of smoke, gang members, and officers whilst Ivan was seemingly restrained by the police at the scene.

This was called the Big Bang, an event in Dakota City which seemed to have wiped out a total of 100 Police Officers and Various Gangs of Dakota City. Thouse who did survive however, were left with…awkward mutations Virgil for his part had found the next day, that his ability had lead to him gaining the ability to generate electromagnetic currents at will. Not knowing who exactly to go to about it, He would attempt to accoust the services of what many called the neighborhood geek, Richard Stone. While initially reluctant seeing Virgil was not nearly as friendly to him (as Virgil was…almost akin to a school bully. He assisted on the promise that Virgil will give him free passes from the bullies that tortured him.
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Name: Richard "Dick" Grayson
Age: 16
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Years of Active Experience: 5

Attributes & Abilities:

Character Synopsis:

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