The professor looked over his shoulder, arching an eyebrow at the trio.

"Gentlemen? What are you doing, over there? My instructions didn't say anything about opening things-" He walked over to the scene, continuing. "Some of these materials are quite fragile, you mustn't- say, what is this?"

He stepped between two of them and leaned into the box. after some careful shifting about, he exclaimed, "Ah-ha! there appears to be some sort of manual!" He rose back out of the crate, "I must admit, boys, between the tedium of this labor, and the sheer novelty of these, uh, 'artifacts', I think I'm there with you on this catching my interest!" Turning the item this way and that in his hands, he wondered out loud, "Well, now... This seems more like a, uh, journal or something, than a manual! It's not as dusty as everything else, either, so it must be relatively recent!"

Professor Abraham pulled his attention from the manual to glance over the pack item. His eyes locked on some kind of clear chamber, filled with a red-pink substance. "I wonder what this is? Certainly not cleaning equipment; no janitor would store equipment like this! They'd have to clean it twice just to get it working!..." He eyed the reading material in hand, again. "...I wonder..." He held it out to Chase, "Mr. Robinson? This is your, ah, 'discovery'; perhaps you'd like to do the honors of 'discovering' what this manual can illuminate on the matter?"