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Location: The Cult Mansion

"Just making sure you kiddos know, this is a you mission, not a me mission, meaning me's is staying out of it." Gojo grinned widely and shrugged. "Not that I have any worries, but the council isn't taking this very lightly." His attention turned to the young sorcerers in the back who sat persistently while listening to Gojo's instructions. Among the group were the seven sorcerers taken under Jujutsu Tokyo High's wing over the summer, the boy who could craft nearly anything out of paper, the flame wielding youngest member of a long line of sorcerers, the cunning Minato who can create shields in thin air, the long-ranged ice sharpshooter, an older reporter who made use of a possessed brief case, the bird-curse raised Saito, and finally, Agito, one of the illusion twins.

They sat in the back of a long limousine, a normal ride for the students as school buses were not seen as appropriate for their field of study. They were to exorcise and control curses who plagued the world, being created from strong negative emotions, unseen to the untrained human eye, however, the very unfortunate are born to see and end these "demons". Gojo sighed as he relaxed deeper into the seat, somewhat kicking his leg up. "You guys caused quite the fuss to save this kid, so he better be all he's lived up to be, young-Agito."

His stare drifted directly over to the black haired boy. His gaze was steely and serious as the kids had seen him in the weeks previous. He then gave a smile before giving a thumbs up before stating "I don't even want to imagine what the council'd do to you if this was a fluke!" His demeanor was much more Jovial than it should've been with this statement, but in trust of his students, he'd lighten his attitude. Crossing his arms, he'd look back to the road. Next to him was a timid looking man who piloted the car, watching as the GPS lead to a forest where paths were near minimal.

Far in the distance, a worn down mansion could be seen, inside would contain threats that the group had prepared weeks for in preparation, whether that be curses or curse users who held themselves up in the building, preparing for the foreseen invasion. The cult family that lived inside had kept their son hidden from the outside world for years now, afraid of the rumored curse uniting the twins Agito and Akito would have. The car swerved past trees and climbed up the steep gravel pathway leading to the large house. About a mile or so, the car would gently pull to a halt as Gojo cheerfully exclaimed "Toot toot! We're here."

Gojo stepped out of the car before any of the students could, and would have Ijichi open the trunk before knocking on the car door to allow the kids to step outside. He'd stand in front of the opened boot of the vehicle before all of the students were in front of him, giving him a chance to speak for a moment before any chaos ensued inside the building for the next few hours. Gojo clapped his hands together before bowing in a presentational manner, showcasing the gear he had previously confiscated for the trip the students had been on. There were many mysterious objects present: a metal ball bat, an archery bow, and many other weapons and accessories. Gojo smiled before speaking again. "Try not to take too long getting kitted up! I'm excited to explain what the sitch' is."

Fuyuhito walked out of the car silently as he listened carefully to Gojo's instructions. He acted as though no emotions were present in him, while in truth, these kinds of raid missions always made him feel guilty deep inside. What if this person they were saving had no desire to be helped? What if the rumors told to him before the mission were true? He held his thoughts behind his head as he grabbed his skillfully crafted bow, and wore it around his body. After everyone had gotten ready, Gojo could be found sitting on a nearby stump, waiting for the students to join him, grin sprawled across his face. He'd gesture for all to sit down to listen. Fuyuhito reluctantly sat down as the last person. He always was fond of his previous sensei, but always found his demeanor rather... silly, for his occupation.

He'd sit down next to Koshikari, but said nothing as he did so. Gojo cheerfully clasped his hands together before laying down the mission synopsis for the crew once more. "Okay! So, today's big mission is to infiltrate the big scary house up the hill to save Agito's twin brother Akito. I won't be assigning mission leaders this time around because of how little information we have on this place! Yippee!" This somewhat made Fuyuhito cringe, despite constantly being the adult of the group, Gojo Sensei always had a childish demeanor at the worst of times.

After adjusting his tone, Gojo looked back at the students before speaking a final time. "Agito knows more than I do, so it'll be up to him to inform you guys on the way up on any major questions concerning this mission." Gojo then stood up randomly to cross his arms into an x-shape before speaking."But no one is in charge! It's up to you guys to figure out how to complete this mission together! No more questions for me! Get your butts up the hill!" He'd give a thumbs up before the students were dismissed to make the mile trek up the hill.

Out of the corner of their eyes, the students would be able to see Ijichi preparing the curse barrier technique to shield the mission from the outside eye. He'd nervously smile at the curious stare Fuyuhito gave him as he followed his classmates carefully behind. His attention returned shortly after as he silently kept his distance, waiting for conversation to begin amuck the group.

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Hajime Muto

"Ohhh... I smell a juicy scoop coming along! I can see tomorrow's big headline now. Twins reunited at last! thanks to the valiant efforts of magnificent seven.. and covered by yours truly - Hajime Muto, Ace Reporter of the daily mystics! yeah, i like the sound of that.."

A boy with a snazzy attire holding a weird-looking briefcase steps out of the limo with a beaming smile plastered on his face the moment the jujutsu sorcerers arrived at the scene. He whips out his polaroid camera and started taking snap pictures as much as he could of the gloomy area. Unfazed by the dangerous terrain they're in, must be the adrenaline rush of being a thrill seeking reporter.

Without a doubt, Hajime is excited to be part of this group. Being in the 3rd year upper class, This isn't the first time he went on an OJT mission as a student sorcerer let alone being part of a team with students and staff members alike-- and yet he feels something is special with this group of upcoming sorcerers. He was curious on why sensei Gojo hand pick this team. According to the buzz on the academy is, each of the present student's grades and profile here are quite exceptional. Time to find out if those rumors are true firsthand.

"So that's the Sekiguchi family's estate. Although, a haunted mansion is a bit on the nose don't you think?" Hajime snickers at the thought, trying to lighten the mood for a bit.

"So, how you'd fine gentleman like to approach this? should we go the diplomatic route with the family, or should go all out and guns blazing rescuing the lad? come now, give me the deets.." Hajime asked the group.

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Kitsuri Koshikari

Mentions:@Silverstein @XoXKieroBombXoX

Koshikari looked gloomily out of the car's window, completely unfazed by Gojo-Sensei's ridiculous sense of humor. The students had been driving for close to an hour, due to Gojo forgetting about Tokyo's rush hour. "Just making sure you kiddos know, this is a you mission, not a me mission, meaning me's is staying out of it." "As usual, he's just as absurd as ever when explaining these missions," Koshikari thought to himself.

He had sat next to Fuyuhito, one of the only students he actually had been able to get along with in the beginning. He'd been making miniature kunai out of his cursed fire for a few minutes now, extinguishing them every few seconds or so before creating new ones. Fuyuhito glanced over at him with a cold look, causing Koshikari to stop. After a few minutes the car finally stopped, allowing the students to get out. Gojo smiled before saying, "Try not to take too long getting kitted up! I'm excited to explain what the sitch' is."

While Gojo was saying that, Koshikari had already been walking towards the trunk of the car. "I don't want anyone fucking with my stuff," he thought to himself angrily, thinking about the time his younger brother broke his first katana playing with his friends. Grabbing his katana and backpack full of homemade molotovs, he went and sat against the car, sort of away from the group waiting for Gojo to explain the mission. Fuyuhito sat next to him, not saying anything, as if overly cautious or worried.

"Okay! So, today's big mission is to infiltrate the big scary house up the hill to save Agito's twin brother Akito. I won't be assigning mission leaders this time around because of how little information we have on this place! Yippee!" Most of the time when Gojo explained these missions, he didn't really delegate a leader anyways, and made the students choose between themselves. A few years back, Koshikari had overheard his mother talking to her sisters and friends from some of the other sorcerer families, gossiping about the rumored curse of the twins. He hadn't really payed much attention to it then, but was now seeing that some of that information might be relevant.

After the explanation was finished, the students all got up and prepared to depart. Overhearing Ijichi begin to put up the veil, he muttered quietly, "I still need to learn how to do that right... mine always end up looking funky and deformed like a spike ball..." Looking around the group, he began to evaluate how to work best with each of their individual skillsets on this mission.

"So, how'd you fine gentleman like to approach this? Should we go the diplomatic route with the family, or should we go all out and guns blazing rescuing the lad? Come now, give me the deets.." said Hajime, directing the statement at the whole group.

"I mean I don't know about guns, but I'm going in blazing that's for sure. You should stay behind me so that old briefcase of yours doesn't get burned." While said with a menacing grin, he meant it as a joke, which most of the students at that point already knew about him.
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Saito Kurusu


With a stern expression Saito moved out of the car with an umbrella at hand. His movements were smooth and calculated without any sign of slouching or leaning. Yes, like always, Saito would act as serene as a swallow. This was a rescue mission for the sake of Agito's brother. As this was a mission, Saito of course already took the mission seriously, however the same couldn't be said about the others. Some were off making small talk or looking to have a fun time. It was an embarrassment, but the worst offender of all was always that damned Gojo.

"Is he serious? How can THAT GUY be the top of the jujutsu world? Does he not understand what kind of example he's setting for future generations!? We can't trust someone like him. For the sake of all Jujutsu Sorcerers, something has to be done about the goofball!!"

He clenched his fist as he stared a hole at Gojo's back. Of course, no matter what Saito said, nothing ever seemed to bother him. The boy was starting to have thoughts about starting up a mutiny. Yet that would have to be for another time though, as he had to focus on the mission.

First of all though, he had to open up his umbrella in preparation for the rain that was soon to come. However as Saito looked at the sky, he didn't notice a single trace of a rain cloud. Thinking it odd, he looked at his watch for the time. The moment he did, his teeth gritted against each other.

"You have to be kidding me!!"

With a roar he threw his umbrella hard against the concert ground, snapping it in half. With a huff and eyes frantic, Saito opened up his cellphone and looked back at the website he had as his homepage. "Those damn crooks at the weather report stations don't know anything! They said it was 70% of rain at this exact time and not a single drop has come down! I knew it wasn't going to rain and yet I believed them anyways! Can you believe these crooks! They should be sued for their lies! No not even that! They should be cursed! Everyone, from now on, if there's any mission to help the 'Taka7' News station from any curses, I say we ignore it! Whose with me!?"

Upon waiting a while and covering his throat after his ridiculous rant, Saito regained his composure as the cool and calm intellectual he portrayed himself as and adjusted his glasses. "Anyways,... Agito. Please inform us on any info you have, in a concise, orderly and quick manner if you don't mind. As both 'Taka7' and Gojo-sensei are both useless when it comes to giving information." Saito spoke naturally without a hint of emotion in his tone. As always, Saito was one focused on order. That, and the importance of weather reporting.
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A rescue mission, he’s never been part of one of those before. Well, he guesses that statement is no longer true considering their current destination. Akito must be very sad to have been separated from his family for so long. That’s why he thinks this is a good thing, to rescue Akito, reunite them, and then, “Maybe we should go for hotpot afterwards?” Kakyo suggests, “Hotpot is a good family meal.”

There’s so many hot headed students in this car. Hot headed or entirely loner types. He wants to make friends with them all, but he has received many different messages. He’s pretty sure Fuyuhito-senpai is glaring at him every time he has attempted to approach him. It’s hard to tell because the hood obscures so much that he cannot tell if it’s a furrow from his actual brows or the fur lined hood. He should really think about getting a hood that fits better on his head.

He’s pretty sure Minato-san thinks he’s trying to start a fight with him every time he brings him an origami piece. He might think he’s actually sending him complicated challenges through paper. He’s not sure, but he makes him nervous sometimes.

Sekiguchi-senpai; Agito-Senpai probably thinks he is a puppy. He gets exceptionally close and likes to mess with his hair. But that must be because he is very lonely without his brother, so he’s fine with providing him peace of mind.

The car finally stops. All this rain isn’t going to be good for his paper, it’s damp, wet and soggy. The smell of rain is pungent, the fresh earth soaking in all of the moisture. The trees breathing in all the wet air, it’s a good thing he brought an umbrella with him. Though he’s not sure how well he can hold an umbrella and fold paper. Maybe he should think about lamenting them? Waterproof bags? Wait, how would he fold them then?

“I think Gojo-sensei has done his best, and we should appreciate his driving skills,” Kakyo smiles, attempting to motivate the group, “Do you think we will actually have to use curse energy?”

He’s actually starting to feel somewhat nervous about this situation.
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Mentions:@Silverstein @Koshikarii

Listening to Gojo-sensei talk was always a bothersome task to be sure. Minato didn't really pay attention when Gojo pulled him to do this...whatever this was, but any chance to use some of his skills and bash a few cursed skulls in the process was always a plus. The minute he turned the corner and saw the other losers he was going to be working with, the mission immediately turned into a boring task again. From what he did hear from Gojo this was a rescue mission to go save one of a set of twins from some old house on a hill or something like that which seemed like a lot to have a bunch of scrubs around like this but Minato guessed it was going to good for them to learn.

Once they stopped and were gearing up Minato took a couple of practice swings with his bat taking a moment to admire the nine rings around his bat and the added weight that gave to his swings when the weird kid came up with a stupid briefcase trying to be the head of the group or something,

"So, how'd you fine gentleman like to approach this? Should we go the diplomatic route with the family, or should we go all out and guns blazing rescuing the lad? Come now, give me the deets.."

"I mean I don't know about guns, but I'm going in blazing that's for sure. You should stay behind me so that old briefcase of yours doesn't get burned."

"Heh, like you could burn anyone Matchstick! You guys just stay outta my way and let me pound these curses into oblivion. You got that

Quickly pushing past the others and completely ignoring Gojo he began the trek up to the house running head first into the unknown abyss of the mission.

"Well are you losers gonna come on or do you guys just wanna sit this one out? You better get up here twin cause I didn't get dragged all the way here for you to get comfy and lounge around"

The house came closer into view and the atmosphere was definitely set. The whole idea of a mansion on a hill seemed to be pretty on the head but what made the place even creepier was the damp smell around them, the trees seemed to reach out like hands waiting to strangle those that got too close. The amount of cursed energy was palpable and despite his bravado amongst the others, Minato was nervous. He had been on several small missons before but none with stakes this high or with cursed energy this tangible before.

All of his training with grandad and his time at the school flashed before his eyes as he felt his grip tighten on his bat. Hearing the others start trudging along behind him, he couldn't let his facade be seen through so as he swallowed his fear and shook the worry from his face he turned and looked back at the others who were following him.

"Hurry up ya bums, I've got dinner waiting at home!"
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Location: The Hill of the Mansion

Fuyuhito tried his best to stay calm despite his racking nerves, a feeling he was sure many of the other junior sorcerers were experiencing as well... Or at least most of them. Fuyuhito gently smiled at his upperclassmen's excitement for his passion, but rather than respond to it, he chose to answer Hajime's question addressed towards the group. His voice was quiet and raspy as he put his vote in after Koshikari. He smacked the back of his friend's head, indirectly reminding him this was their senior. "I believe we should enter as one and split off when needed. Who knows what dangers we might face." Nodding in accordance to his idea.

Fuyuhito got somewhat frustrated with the amount of disrespect towards the upperclassmen, enough so his brow twitched unnoticed under his hood, not to mention the sass towards the rookie teacher Gojo, who had only a year ago begun teaching. The frosty archer crossed his arms as he walked aside his peers. It was after Saito's questions to Agito, and his comments about Gojo-Sensei, he felt it necessary to intervene. "Just because his teaching methods are... bizarre, does not mean we should be slandering him behind his back. We are here to save Agito-chans brother. Nothing more." He sighed after his lecture. He managed to keep his cool, but the speech overall could give him "stuck-up prick" vibes.

He appreciated the warm smile from Kakyo, whether he showed it or not. Fuyuhito sighed before responding in part to the first year himself."This your first official mission since training right Kakyo-san and Saito-san? Yes. We will be using our cursed abilities. That, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. I don't exactly have any issue using my cursed energy, but if using your powers concerns you... You won't survive a day on the job. His gaze was cold and emotionless, which was further amplified by the mysterious aura the hooded teen eluded naturally.

Minato had, naturally, ran ahead of the group, taking initiative being one of the seemingly braver individuals in the small group. If he hadn't known him a year prior, he'd stop him in his shoes from charging ahead of the group to showcase his skills. He somewhat had always envied the pride and prowess he exhibited, heck the same could be said for all of the group. Fuyuhito was a coward at heart who fought large groups of enemies from the shadows of his own long ranged abilities, but never faired well against close range battles... Close quarters matches were not suited for him. He would not have the upper hand in this battle.

They were getting closer and had finally caught up with the headstrong Minato, who had stopped himself to regroup with the others. He seemed confident in how this mission was going to go, but the Icey Ranger always had his concerns. He was always very plan oriented and always relied on having multiple plans if one goes wrong. Fuyuhito was the undisputed strategist, or at least that's how he saw himself. His voice was distant and without emotion as he conversed with the infiltration group. "Alright. We know the goal and what to expect, but we need to plan in groups in case we encounter any big bads. Agito, we're gonna need a run down of what we're gonna expect in there, whether that be curses, curse users, and grades accordingly."

He'd scratch his chin from under his hood as he thought about further plans."And if we ARE gonna end up getting split up, we need to figure out who's going with who. I'd rather not have to use my domain if possible, so I'll be a support for this fight. Saito-chan, should the time come, would you want me as a sniper?" The stoic voice of the boy reached out specifically to the first year. He had not seen the young recruits abilities yet, and now would be a better time than never. "I'm a low A-rank, so if things go south, I can take care of the battle. The choice is yours though." After spewing his ideas, he'd turn to the others, arms crossed and stance high.

Fuyuhito's attention turned to the remaining members. "I'd recommend the rest of you pair up similarly, one upperclass should pair with Kakyo-chan, an attacker preferably, so that leaves that argument amongst those left. The rest of you should pair up based off of whether you're an attacker, support, or balanced fighter." He'd then shrug. "Or if you want to experiment, use your other abilities to fill another role like Minato-san can do." He'd snap his fingers, announcing his speech was now over. His gaze was steely and serious as he inspected his class members before his attention turned to Koshikari. He'd grin widely under his hood. "Sorry we can't be partners this mission. You're just too willy for my taste, friend." He'd offer the man he had considered a close friend the year previous a fistbump.
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It had been two years since he had been here. The smell of the woods, and the sight of the trees brought him back to the time where he was running through them. Trees snapping. Twigs swinging in his face. The shouting of his blood relatives chasing him through the thicket;

“Keep the twins separated,” his Father’s echoed with command.

His chest burned from running so long. He was tired and fed up with it all. His hands didn’t feel like his own hands when they had been rubbed raw from the soap they used.

Tears poured down his face.

He had to leave him behind.

He had to leave him behind.

It was hard to stay focused in the car, not even Kakyo could really cheer him up. The speech from Gojo-sensei went unheard as well. It was threatening to rain that day too. Truth was that he was starting to feel nervous, like what if Akito no longer wanted his help. Or what if Akito thought he had betrayed him or left him behind on purpose. What if he hates him now?

Then again of course Akito would hate him. Why wouldn’t he? He hadn’t ever done enough. Maybe if he had fought off his blood relatives more? Fought more for Akito’s freedom.

Maybe this whole rescue mission was a fantasy. Something he fantasized about, but Akito had moved on. A pit of nausea was beginning to sink in.

Everyone else seemed excited. He’s starting to get cold feet now. He usually plays off the cold and is confident very well, but right now. He’s wondering if this is a good idea at all. Time seems very disconnected right now. As if he’s not currently existing in this reality. And he only snapped back to it when asked a question by Fuyuhito-kun.

“The family are mostly fanatical,” Agito responds quietly, “They have few curse users, the family’s main focus has always been to deny curse users so they have techniques to limit curse energy. Something about these woods they say has the magic to sap the strength of a curse user. Though that could be rumors or myth.”
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Hajime Muto

"Ey. Sound like a plan, pairing up! i like it.. divide and conquer I'd say.." Hajime snaps his fingers with a matching smirk on his face after hearing Agiro's tidbits of information on what kind of sorcerers the group has to face and Fuyuhito's proposal of splitting up the team to benefit their cause.

This team is a bit dysfunctional and unhinged, yes. but maybe they can use that as an advantage, As far as Hajime is concerned, they have an ace up their sleeves: the element of surprise from this unpredictable group.

"Curse users normally rely on their curses which is obvious.. I know a thing or two about disabling the flow of negative energy.. so you should pair me up with someone who can bring some big-time offense, i could support them and work my magic, ya feeling me?" Hajime said.

"Don't sweat it kid, we'll rescue your brother one way or another, even if it means mowing down every single tree in this estate" He continued, giving a thumbs up gesture to Agito, giving the poor boy some reassurance.
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