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Name: Neneha Draghai

Gender: Female

Race: Elven specifically Lunaris

Age: 356 years old

Physical appearance: Fair, Tall and Mysterious are words that spring to mind when you first look upon her.
Her skin holds a soft charcoal tone whilst her striking luminous eyes holds an air of mystery as her eyes shift colour with her mood.
Standing at a tall 6 feet and 2 inches, she is the equivalent of a dark skinned Valkyrie.
Her soft luscious locks of silvery hair seem to hold a soft pale blue sheen when she steps into the range of any particular light source.
Whilst normally hard to read, her eyes tend grab your attention and her lips hold the promise of a smile or secret shared just between the two of you.
She usually sticks to her softer and suppler dark clothes; leathers, woolen cloaks and satins that hold soft shades of black, grey and purple.
The one exception her ceremonial robes. Those are the palest of blues, stitched with silver and grey and were intended for her bonding, now she reserves them for when she dies.

Born to loving parents of a relative low caste it was her duty to set the right example and carve a path for her younger sister to follow.
The Elves of Setareh had stuck to the older laws of class and caste. One would be selected and placed by the High Priests of Ulva the representatives for the Gods in particular the WolvenGoddess Naknaune also known as the Mother of All.
After being blessed by the High Priests of Ulva, the hunt for a husband to be bonded with began. They would choose and set up suitable partners looking for the best possible matches and often made sure there would always be new blood added to the matches.
In her case her parents had been informed of a suitable match in the capital, which meant that she would have to leave the village and travel to there, starting her new life with her inlaws if the spark was there.
In Neneha’s case her skills and talents had impressed the Priests and her prayer for a blessed bonding had been a favourable one. She would rise in caste as she would join the other family and leave hers. A ‘Cresent Blade’ would marry the daughter of Herbalist…quite a leap indeed.
She was days away from being bonded with her future husband, when disaster struck and her special day sadly would never arrive.
He was called in to fight against the Darkness and despite her pleas to join him he ordered her to take care of his family whilst he was gone.
But things went sour, where they all believed this thing would be easily beaten back they were surprised when at daybreak a mere day later they watched the horror set upon them.
What had happened to the braves was a question that would soon be answered, as mindless son and father set upon their own families. Those that fell into the grip of the darkness turned terrifyingly quick. Mothers would drag younglings in so they too could join the endless horde.
The screams were terrifying and Illithea (capital) would forever be silenced as the Darkness drained all the life out of it.
Neneha had attempted flee from the scene with her new family, but had to watch in horror how the darkness swallowed them one by one, only to be tempted the same way by the man she would have bonded with.
She had been quite willing to throw herself into his embrace. To have it all end and her death come swiftly had it not been for the worry of her younger sister and her parents.
Thus she ran, bringing those down to clear her path with her own magic and ran towards her village. There she was met with disbelief at first, but thanks to her word of warning the Lunaris now could try to send their loved ones away first, whilst trying to combat the insanity that marched upon them.
Neneha wanting vengeance for the loss of husband and his family turned into a scout and Shadowweaver, a mage adept with shadow magic.

Equipment: A heavy duty bow, with mostly regular arrows, but also some explosive and poisonous arrows.
She wears mainly leathers and warm clothing.

Abilities: Neneha is an excellent shot, her hand eye coordination is terrifyingly accurate, having spent years training her archery skills out of enjoyment, now it was driven to perfection her arrows meant to cover her escape or to strike from a sniper’s position.
She has learned to survive and make do with the cold and barren conditions the darkness leaves in its wake.

Magically: She is a Nightfury, a mage adept with shadow magic, a pact she made when she watched her husband come at her with the intent of killing her.
As she felt herself dying, luck would have it, a Shadow stalker was watching her.
It offered her a way out, it would give her the power and a chance to live if she would make a pact with it.
Parasitical in nature, the Shadow stalker would bind itself to her and be her protector and source for her magic. In return she would allow it to devour the years of her life in compensation and when all of her life was spend it would take her soul, her Fea.
It grants her greater range and allows her to ‘disappear in the shadows’ one of her favourite moves are what she calls the fangs of Naknaune, in which she envelops her enemy with her own shadows and uses them to strangle them.


Title: The Nightfuries

Number: 88

Specialization: Nightfuries are the scouts and snipers of other forces, when they are forced to fight they use a tactic called ‘snaring the hare’ by means of attempting to lure or force an enemy towards a path of their choosing.
They are fast, stealthy and have deadly aim and reflexes. Most prefer ranged weapons or ranged attacks, rotating in an attempt to confuse the enemy even further.

Description: Whilst mostly comprised of Lunaris elves they are accepting of others amongst their ranks, though those that join as ‘fresh’ recruits get tested rigorously and it is not uncommon to see them hold archery competitions in order to prove their mettle.

History: They helped guide those that fled to safer paths, whilst they would distract and sidetrack the enemy. They’re a relatively newly formed group made up of survivors and particularly those who are out for blood and vengeance.
They use old stealth tactics and funneling their enemy, picking them apart as best they can without having to face them directly. They use their terrain to their advantage and are known for their unwavering patience to lure the enemy exactly where they want it.

Country: Neneha comes from one of the Elven kingdoms from the mainland.
She hails from Setareh.
Setareh was a relatively small kingdom mainly governed by a High King and blessed with the guidance of his druidic priests.
The stronghold and capital was called Illithea meaning Bright One or Shining One.
Set upon the lower heights of the Karage Mountains, it overlooks the area and was easily distinguishable with its pale walls and blue tiled roofs.
Placement on the map: Below the second river if you start at the upper Righthand corner and move down along the coastline, Setareh was the most Northern of the Elven Kingdoms.
It was known for its healing baths and crystals, with their moon magic and druidic knowledge. In trade they mostly were known for their crystals, phosphorous moss and mushrooms, leathers and furs. Living in the mountains and surrounded by old forests they were often a destination for those who sought medical healing.
It was the smallest of the three Lunaris kingdoms, this was due to the fact that back in the olden days they were the travelling sort similar to our gypsies, wandering without a fixed settlement to call home.
This all changed when the old High King lay dying and his three sons fought for the right of succession resulting in splitting up their people and establishing the three different kingdoms Setareh, Adhanda and Lowenfal fighting each other for a long time before the priests managed to force them to make peace and so better defend their people.

Meaning of names/ translated.

Neneha – Nightsky
Draghai - Serpent
Ulva – Name of the Elven Gods Pantheon
Naknaune – Name of the Wolven Goddess meaning Mother of All
Setareh – Vale of Stars
Adhanda – Ancient Tree
Lowenfal - Nethervalley
Karage Mothe – Crow Mountains
Illith-ea – Bright/Shiny-one
Fea – Soul/Spirit
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