Hello. I am looking for a new partner to roleplay within the XCOM universe. I am most familiar with EU, EW, and XCOM 2 by Firaxis so those are the games I would like to draw inspiration from for our story.

This is however meant to be more of our own take on it, not necessarily going down exactly as the games do. Though I am definitely looking for tactical infiltration and combat missions. As well as following our characters in their day to day lives, living and training in the underground bunker that is their HQ.

And I do require any interested writing partners to be 18 years or preferably older as I do intend to focus a lot on the relationships and intimacy built between these squadmates and there will definitely be some smutty scenes included. For kinks let's save that discussion for the Private Messages ;)

I am F and therefore prefer to play as such. Though I will have additional characters, some male, so if you prefer only MxF relationships and want to double we can do that.

I don't mind MxF, FxF, or even MxM relationships. Also totally open to gender fluid characters as well. Please be able to write at least a couple of paragraphs. No one liners.

The main plot for the story will be our Soldiers are living in an underground HQ as the last military resistance force against an alien invasion. The aliens will be pulled from all of the Firaxis XCOM games. I am not looking to include smut scenes with any monsters or aliens.

Our combat missions may include rescuing VIPs and civilians, attacking an alien stronghold, infiltrating and enemy base. Our scenes back at base will be more slice of life. Hanging out, receiving medical treatment, training, and of course hooking up.

So if you are interested than please message me.