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Amanda Elizabeth Briar-Montimez

First of all, I am a God Damned Queen!
Secondly, a woman doesn't need a fucking man.

Age: 25
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Ruuude.
Build: Slender, non-athletic

_-~' Receptionist, Wildn, and Day Drinking '-~_

Amanda was raised among her siblings, in a loving home. She was the quiet girl who never stirred up trouble, but somehow... by her senior year of high-school she had fallen in with a rough crowd. She smoked pot, had been picked up a couple times for underage drinking, and once more for shoplifting.

Her boyfriend Nathaniel, or Nathan... was even worse off, he had run with the crowd long enough to join a gang... he never graduated. Amanda took pride in backing her boyfriend and husband up, she rode or died. For the human filth, doing everything in her power to please him.

He was never happy, and those frustrations were taken out on Amanda's body and mind. He tormented her into an eating disorder, and working out all the time. Even as doctors told her she was underweight, if he saw her eat... she was fat.

She was moved out into his home in the middle of no where. He attacked her verbally and physically over her social media accounts, until she deleted them. She thought that was just how love worked, he had been her first love... and he had separated her from every outlet that would have told her differently.

She bent her life and devotion to him into a twisted romance that controlled her life for 6 years, in a steady decline. Things changed when she had to get a job, she was hired at an amazing rate to answer the phone at an investing office.

Of course after a few weeks, he managed to find regular money again. He wanted her to quit, but she loved her job! She got to get dressed, and do her make-up... people complimented her all the time! She loved the feeling, even if she knew she didn't deserve it.

After a few months, he started to get very upset about the littlest slip up in her chores. She bought him dinner on her way home, and he would complain about eating out... she would beg to leave early, and cook him a fine meal... and he would complain about the littlest problem. Complaints turned to violence as the weeks kept ticking by.

Around the time of her 1 year anniversary at her job, she was so excited. She had never had a job so long before, and her boss surprised her with a 2 dollar raise! She was making 18 dollars an hour to schedule appointments and answer a phone! She was so excited to tell Nathan! With that much money, they could start saving to buy her a car!

Nathan didn't hear anything beyond a 2 dollar raise. what did you do? Get on your knees and blow him, whore? the words ripped out her heart. The distrust hurt more than any beating or berating he had delivered in the past.

She ran off to the bedroom, and cried... she didn't remember falling asleep, but when she did only more heartbreak befell her. Nathan was drunk, and he had slipped into the room. He crawled over the top of her. And started kissing the back of her neck. She had fallen asleep face down. When she said No, he didn't stop... he didn't stop any of the times she cried that night.

She pulled herself together the next morning, and got ready for work. Work noticing something was wrong, kind of pried until she told them about the fight. She never talked about the events that happened when she woke up.

They convinced her to stay with her parents... and after a long grueling couple of months she divorced the sick bastard. Her confidence in herself still ruined she started to party hard.

She drank every night, and there was a noticeable uptick in her weed consumption. She didn't stop there, she got into bars(XANAX, if your not street savy) and even a few times she partied with extra sugar.

She has somewhat calmed down now, but still has days that she dives off. Most days now, she entertains herself with a bottle of alcohol... and a fat sack of weed.

I'm trashed on life, girlfriend. Ain't nothing going to get me down. <3

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Okay I can't figure out photos on my phone but my fave claim is Chyler Leigh, specifically as Alex Danvers from Supergirl.

Leslie Marie Clay
Age: 30
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: doesn't matter if you try to pick me up I'll shoot you
Build: lean mean fighting machine

~* Detective, recovering Alcoholic, lonely*~

Leslie grew up in a small town where everyone was in everyone's business. Her parents worked all the time and she did her best for her kid brother. Small Town didn't mean small troubles, there was a huge drug problem, people overdosed on the regular. Les did her best to protect her brother, her friends from those drugs. But it didn't matter, she didn't know who was selling it. When she and her closeted girl friend were discovered, she lost Almost everything.

Her Catholic father couldn't have a lesbian for a daughter, she was no child of his. Mom couldn't understand what happened to her good little girl, it didn't matter that she'd not changed it was who she'd always been. Her girlfriend commit suicide, unable to face the community next to her. The people she thought where her friends turned their backs on dirty lez. The only person who still talked to her was the brother she practically raised. But it wasn't enough, she broke.

At 15 she was kicked out of her home, her family, her community with next to nothing. Single black and a zip lock baggy of cash stolen from the vacation jar and shoved into her chest by her brother as father forced her out. At least she been dressed warmly when they found out, she started walking.

Living on the streets wasn't easy. She'd once thought that she wanted to go into socal work, help people in need. But the things she saw as a street person? It changed her in a drastic way. Rather than help the suffering she wanted to punish those who caused it. A teenage vigilante wasn't very effective though she did learn all the dealers and what they sold.

Her life changed when a new homeless lady moved into her area. Homeless folk could be dangerous, so Leslie avoid her new bridge buddy, needing to sus out of she was a safe one or did she need to move again. The woman want a crazy, turned out she was under cover due to a spike in homeless deaths. (Oh that might be old man stone, he's off his rocker most of the time but sometimes he gets this look sometimes. Like doctor jekyll and mr hyde. His postures change and everything I stay away from him.) By this point she was 18 and offended a chance to change her life and get justice for the people others hurt.

She got her GED, graduate top of her class at the police academy and joined a department as a beat cop. She was good at her job, dedicated might as well have been married to it. Some chicks thought it was hot, until she got hurt on the job. So she turned to a bottle for comfort instead, trying to forget how she used to be. Soft affectionate, always hugging and cuddling with family and friends. She'd not asked for a hug since living on the streets and gotten very few in any relationship. Drinking made her forget she was lonely. Let her sleep.

After making detective it only got worse. To the point she put herself at risk. It was her off day and she'd been feeling some sort of way so was day drinking, when a contract called with a lead for her. Thankfully she'd called her partner with the details as she drive to the site. Because it had been a trap and being impaired got her shot. Thankful her partner wasn't far behind and saved her ass. Then reported it. She was suspended and required to go to AA meetings.

She may have traded one vice for another, but at least the devil's lettuce was legal here. And she was coming up on a year sober soon.
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