This is an Alternate Universe story, not tied to any movie, show, or comic. You are welcome to play OC or Canon characters, or a combination of the two.

Days of Future Past

The year is 2041 and the world as we knew it is no more. The Sentinel Program was a horrible success. Killing many mutants, driving the rest into hiding. A resistance grew and a civil war broke out between Mutant and Mutant Sympathizers, and the Governments of the world. It was a costly war. Cities were reduced to rubble and abandoned due to fighting.

Most of the sentinels were destroyed in the fight, but way more human and mutant lives were lost. Now society is in pieces. Most of the surviving humans blame Mutants for the catastrophe. Mutants lost their trust for humans. People everywhere live in small groups or communities just trying to survive. Very few tried to rebuild.

So there you have it. That is my idea. Again this is completely AU original story. Obviously based on a Canon idea. But the characters we write, whether canon or not, will be written completely how we decide. I expect to see different, post-apocalyptic versions of existing characters. For example, Cyclops is a broken leader, blinded by the loss of his visor, he now keeps his eyes shut and lives as a blind hermit. Whether our characters meet him and try to bring him back into a new group is up to us to write.

I am open to play any gender pairing. I typically prefer to play Females as my main but I can play male as my main if needed. I also like to have a cast of side characters and npcs as well.

I only play with writers 18 and older as my stories will contain adult themes and content as well as smut. So do not message me of you are younger than 18.

I look forward to your private messages.