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Emperor Dragan

"Ahem! I require assistance in my throne room!"

The Emperor's call brought a team of servants running back in. When they saw the dumplings scattered on the floor, they all gasped and hurriedly began picking them up. No sooner had the last dumpling made it on the tray than the palace doors opened to let a certain bald soldier through. His every step had presence in the room as he walked, and in his stern gaze was the face of a warrior.

"I have come at your request, your Majesty," he said with a deep bow. "I understand you have concerns about the quality of my service to the Empire."


At Chatak's request, Kolgat closed his eyes. And began to snore again. Shaktak took out his monocle and pocket watch and started timing it. The old goblin slept standing upright for exactly 4 minutes and 31 seconds before coming back with an answer.

["We will be needing their labor back later. If you can train replacements and send them to us, that would be fine. You could also send back their products if they can be shipped quickly. However, I suggest we discuss this sort of thing when it becomes an issue. For now, just take them, and if Her Ladyship wants them back, we can talk about it then."]

Shaktak sniffed. "Well color me shocked. The old boy did it. He awoke from his slumber."

Kolgat frowned back and retorted, "Shock is not a color, stupid goblin," prompting a laugh from his victim.

"Thou learnst not of figures of speech, I see! For a scholar, thou hast much yet to learn of the linguistic arts."

The goblin gave him the side-eye and turned back to Chatak. ["If you can create a nation without that bastard, I might consider visiting. Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you come up with."]
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The clunk and hum of the elevator was the first sign that something was amiss. Goblins from all around the tower froze to sniff and stare at it. Snahl in particular studied it with grim determination, his ears flat against his skull. After a while, the others resumed milling about their respective duties, but Snahl refused to take his eyes off it. That elevator had been moving for a long time. After about half an hour, it suddenly ground to a halt. Then reversed direction.

Something was coming back up.

Snahl's hand drifted down to his sword and danced along the hilt. The elevator continued its relentless winding for what felt like an eternity, until at last it began to slow down. ["Gungun,"] Snahl warned softly over the comm. The old goblin trotted inside from his training outside and wiped his hands on his pants. ["Yeah boss?]

["Something's coming."]

Gungun leaned over to try and see down the elevator shaft. He scratched an ear. ["Well that's plain, innit?"]

Snahl's scowl deepened, but said nothing.

["Want me to pop off an shoot somethin'?]

["No. We wait."]

When the elevator finally ground to a halt at ground level, every goblin in the tower turned their eyes upon it for the strange sight they now beheld. Snahl visibly gulped hard as he lifted his gaze to look upon the hulk of metal standing before him - and promptly averted it when his eyes found the red glare of death staring back at him.

Gungun just raised an eyebrow and folded his arms. "So yer what, another humie? Ptooy. Got enough o' them fleshbags for one day."

Snahl whispered behind his teeth, ["Watch your tongue, old goblin..."]
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With every step and every word spoken to him, Yakeru could feel his spirit lifting more and more. Words of praise and flattery and there were plenty. They would often only get you this far but now they seemed to reach and influence Yakeru. Yet still there was something that made him cautious. Flattery, same as with insults, often raise the question of what the other person wants. Could this person be trusted? Warning him of people who would want to exploit him for their own needs and tell him that not everything is what it seems, beautiful yet poisonous. Does this count also for the fairy? He did not know anything about this being, yet he was declaring to want to help him. To guide and nurse his magical powers for...what exactly? And only because of the kindness of his heart? Yakeru doubted that but still...

A mentor.
A sensei.
A master.

Wasn't that what Yakeru could use in this world? Elthrael had already proved he was gifted in magic as well. So why not take his offer? To give him information about this world and its people was only a small price to pay for what he would receive in return, right?

Suddenly he could feel a nagging pain behind his right eye.

I like the way you are thinking

You again? What do you want?

I want you to take this offer. I want you to become strong. Did you think that killing a few goblins would prove this? You saved a few people, true but do they cheer your name? Are you the one who took the stand and rallied the people behind you?


In this world you are still NOTHING! You are not strong enough! Take this opportunity with both of your hands and do not let it go. Become strong. Become the strongest. So people will chant your name. Be their protector. Their saviour. Isn't this what you want?

A soft chuckle sounded in his mind. I know you want this. The power to prevent disaster is in your grasp. Take it!

What did Yakeru want? Use his power for what? The same question Elthrael had asked him just now. Yakeru glanced at the magical rose that had appeared in the hand of the fairy.

Place your life in my hand and I will let it bloom

The road to his destiny opened up into his mind. To protect the people. To prevent their deaths and of those he would care about. For that he needed power or at least control the one he already had. And he did not have time for years of training. He needed to become stronger. His heart was pounding fast in his chest.

“I seek to use this power for both myself and others.” He answered truthfuly. “My quest is to become stronger so I will be able to protect the people of this world. To prevent disasters before they happen just like you said. A force to be reckoned with by those who seek to harm others.”

Yakeru put his right hand on his chest and bowed his head. “I gladly accept your offer...” He raised his head and looked into the golden eyes with a grin. “...mentor.”
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Location: Throne Room, Hume Empire
Interaction: @Thinslayer

Jaelhorn looked upon the bald soldier that bowed before him with a lost expression on his face. There was a long silence in the throne room and the eyes of the others in the room seemed to await his words. Oh shit. I guess I gotta figure out what this guy is even talking about… Ooh I know!

"I do have concerns. But after thinking it over… I feel that you should be responsible for telling me what you intend to do in order to improve the quality of your service. I am not your father, I am your king." Jaelhorn replied sternly.
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Tower: Sanctum Landing

Faust stepped slowly out of the elevator, and immediately turned to a pair of diminutive green hominids, one glancing briefly at him, and then away in fright. Behind them, a pair of neglected braziers lit their surroundings with weak light, their dim red flames reflected by the polished sheen of his faceless head. The other Goblin's silhouette shifted as he crossed his arms, a pair of holsters hanging obviously from his hips.

"So yer what, another humie?" The goblin spit on the floor in a show of disrespect. His mind snapped to razor focus as the figure spoke. So they know what humans are, and there are others... But they don't know what I am. "Got enough o' them fleshbags for one day." His came to an abrupt stop akin to a train crash. If he had blood, it would have run cold. But he didn't, and his mind returned to focus, peeling apart what the Goblin had just said. The other one, still cowering, muttered something unintelligible in an unmistakably conspiratorial tone.

"No. Not human. Not even close." He forced himself to respond. His 'new' voice was deep with a strange hollow reverberation, inhuman and borderline monstrous. The sting of yet another thing lost only made him angrier. So, he's "got enough" for one day, as if it were like fishing. Of little consequence to himself. Callous to people torn from their lives. His fury built until it could barely be restrained, the feeling tension overwhelming any other sensation. He turned his gaze to his surroundings. There were many more goblins, scattered across the myriad levels and railings, all watching the goings-on. Beyond them, coffins lined the softly glowing walls. Realization hit as his gaze slowly drifted up and down the tower, with each floor having the same coffins lining the walls. It stretched on infinitely.

He slowly turned his head back to the Goblins, fists clenched. "I didn't climb out of a coffin, if that's what you're wondering." he clarified, his voice level, tone frigid. "I came from the very bottom... Tell me, are you the one in charge of..." He swept an arm in a gesture towards the whole of the Tower. "...all of this?" His last words came out in a hiss, his attention never leaving Gungun. He felt like his nerves were on fire, and the metal charms hanging around his waist began to rattle noisily. Are these Goblins the ones responsible for all of this?
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Heliodor probably wasn't the first place you thought of when you thought of fantasy towns. It looked more at home in the Wild West, with its adobe structures and run-down buildings in a dusty old desert. Stretched out around the outskirts was the refugee camp, with tents and mud huts numbering in the thousands. Two figures made their way into the camp, one a very tall, buff human male, and the other a shorter human male smoking a cigarette.

The "human male" was the elf bodyguard Mai, magically disguised to look opposite to her natural appearance with a masculine physique, rounded ears, dark skin, and a deep voice. The other human was Lex, who was magically disguised with a lighter skin tone more in line with the average Hume citizen, together with a variety of adjustments to his face and voice. Their orders were to infiltrate the party of Reincarnations and study them, and to inform the Witch of any relevant plans the heroes might form. "I can't manipulate them if I don't know them," the Witch had explained. "I want to know who they are, what they love, what they hate, what they think. I want to know their habits, their vices, their plans. I want to know what drives them, what motivates them. Tell me everything you can find out about them. And try to help them build strength while you're at it - because remember, our true enemy is the Voidspawn. Communicate with me only when it is safe to do so."

Since she couldn't really trust a newbie with the record-keeping, the journaling of their quest fell to Enya. With the sprite being Lex's primary "weapon," she would need to acquire Bane powers in order to kill Voidspawn. Supposedly, there was an innkeeper in town who could help them with that, and their secondary objective was to rendezvous with her while they were here. Mai's job, as always, was to be a bodyguard, this time for Lex. "They will not soon return to strike at me," the Witch reasoned, "and even if they did, I am more than capable of defending myself, especially while I hold the Sealed Tower. Lex could use your protection more than I."

When they arrived at the camp, people assumed they were fellow refugees, and let them in without a second thought. Thus began the next stage of the plan: sidle up to the Reincarnations and get close to them.
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Elthrael Vol'Kerno

Interacting with: Yakeru
The encampment

"Good... your willingness to learn is refreshing, a legendary hero in the making perhaps? Yet temper your eagerness with caution. It takes much things to forge a legendary sword out of metal. It requires time, effort and patience and the knowledge in how to do it. A mentor hm? I had one myself many years ago who taught me how to fight and think, without that man I would not be whom I am this day. Many are the things which help shape us. Yet regard me more as a friend whose goals are aligned with your own." Elthrael said softly, holding up the red rose in his one hand while approaching Yakeru and one of the fireplaces. The moth's long white hair flickering in the wind alongside his light blue coat.

"Your motivation is a good one, I also seek to protect the world from those which seek to destroy it. Many are those who want nothing more than see all things to fall... and burn." The fae threw the rose into the fireplace, letting it become engulfed fully in the flames.

"Life whilst brief ought to not be taken lightly, make the best out of it and seize what you can with no hesitation. If you hesitate you lose time, if you run out of time. You die. But allow me to part unto you the greatest of mantras on how to best achieve that which you seek." The fairy walked up and attempted to walk besides Yakeru, motioning him to follow on a walk through the camp. The darkwinged fairy wasn't worried now about being discovered, as Yakeru seemingly hadn't ended up screaming at seeing him, why would the rest?

"Motivation is what drives people, but that alone is not enough, you require focus. Thus you must never forget your reasons for desiring power in the first place, neither must you allow the power to twist you into something else entirely. Always see to control the power and never the other way around. Help yourself first of all, to knowledge, wealth or powers. Only by becoming strong can you aid those who are not, or strike down those who are strong but oppose you. In order to help someone stand up, you must be standing up yourself. Put your focus where on what you want, and how important it is to you. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal? My advice is to sacrifice all but yourself, which would include your way of living, your mind and body." The fae blew out some air through his mouth and smirked, looking Yakeru over.

"Would you kill one good person to save a thousand? Knowing your answer to various possible scenarios can buy you valuable time. Given enough time and knowledge and you may be able to even foresee and prevent your own death or that of your dear comerades." The goldeneyed man gazed deeply into Yakeru's eyes, would the young man had met his scanning eyes head-on, he had to find out if his newly aqquired pupil would be willing to do what would be necessary to secure and attain control of whatever place they found themselves in. The youth of Yakeru was good, his mindset no doubt unspoiled by that of others who held ambitions akin to his own. The fae considered that he would no doubt have to find a female companion to the young boy later, someone which could help encourage him along the path which Elthrael desired to have him tread upon. Love and such matters were dangerous but also useful, for what loyalty is better than blind devotion? When another being loves another so much that they would be willing to butcher the entire world for their sakes. The fae was certain also that there had to be some female with power afoot, someone which he could introduce Yakeru to, if she was along for their plan. Or in the case they were not, he would have to seize the moment himself to make them view things more like the newly formed master and pupil. He didn't like the idea of him corrupting others, but rather he was restoring them to their natural form, their true selves.

"Never trust anyone, not even me, only trust people to do what's in their nature to do. A wary mind is a healthy mind, never underestimate a witful foe. It's not the physically powerful you've ought to fear the most, but the warriors able to use their brainmatters in combination with said other talents. Speaking of matters such as fear, many may consider fear itself a weakness, a thing of the cowardly. To me, it is only a natural thing. Fear keeps you alert, fear keeps you alive and from overextending yourself. If you are fearless, you are more likely to meet your demise fighting a foe you never expected could harm you. Think of all heroes of stories told to you, think even more of those who were never written of because they failed in their quest. What I am saying is that fear is a useful tool, both to conserve yourself but also to control others into doing what you desire. A tyrant on his throne may invoke fear upon his people, yet it is the same kind of fear which keeps him in check from pushing on too far lest he shall be overthrown. Some may consider the art of intimidation or threats to be unfit weapons of a hero, yet one cannot deny that it is a useful weapon to those who know how to wield it. And if it can bring about peace and order, why ought one not to use it? A power not used, is a power that never existed in the first place. Those who hold back on themselves are worse than others, because not only would they end up betraying the people they seek to aid by their lack of determination, but even worse... they betray themselves and their true wish. Like a king or emperor on his throne, inept and unable to shape the world around him, and instead only prolonging the suffering of the many. Or the great warlord who can only do war and never considered or want it to end." The fairy's wings opened slightly, his lips forming a slight smile. There was much words to be said, and even more work to be needing done. Yet the fae was patient and hopeful that Yakeru would indeed be a valuable ally in the tasks ahead.

"Use your anger, your desires and your sorrow as your focus along the way. View yourself as a creature that is slowly dying, as one could view life itself, and that the only way to keep yourself alive is to use your power of relocation. Make you fear losing your power, make you angry at the very idea that someone or something could kill many people because of your inability to control it fully. To look for error in oneself is a way to gather both anger and fear, then after that you may look for anger and fear in others to best control them. After all, a foe which you can have back down is one less you'd have to slay or qwell by other means. Fret not over the idea of using other creatures emotions to your benefit if they serve your goal, it is a small price to pay, as long as you remain incorruptable to those whom offer you false salvation and progress along the way." He chuckled softly, and pointed to the various people about in a discreet manner. Still trying to mentally gather himself to the likely fact that he no longer were in his homeworld and that humans at least to what he had seen so far dominated this world.

"How many of these people know what is going to happen? How many know who their true foe be? How they will sustain themselves, what results their actions will bring? It is easy to raise a banner, yet harder to keep one lifted and swaying without the backing required. Food and drink is just one of the things. Judging by the amount of people gathered, if this is the only part of this force then it might even better not exist to begin with. All they do is making themselves a target from those whose numbers are greater, to those whose wills are firmer and to those whose power will not allow their wishes to come true." The whitehaired mothman shook his head softly from side to side. He had seen it in the past, and was certain that it wouldn't be the last time he would see the lack of patience and naivity take form anew. Were it just a trait of the young? He doubted it. For by fae standards he was still young himself and could possibly live up to near twohundred years, if he played his cards well. Yet it wasn't the quantity of the years that he found appealing, but rather the quality and what they would amount to. Much things could be achieved in a short time if all things went well.

"If you have map or at the very least can provide me with the names of forces in this region, aswell as their stances then we may begin work right-away towards the grand design which you and I both seek. Peace and order, protection and preservation. Through control of yourself, control of your enviroment and those within it."

Elthrael dramatically turned around to face Yakeru., the young man which had moments ago refered to him as mentor and had so seemingly willingly given in to the offer provided. It had come as a refreshing change, an opportunity that would be too great to pass up for the fae. Someone who could relocate himself and possibly even others as he so wished, could be of infinite uses. The fae's mind went to thrones and the people sitting on them, how someone with such a power could easily both get in and out of their holds. An assassin? Possibly. But why settle for something so simple? The fae knew better, this young man, his willing pupil to be could become a ruler himself sitting on a throne. Yet Elthrael wanted to know more of the land and those within it before the next move could be taken, after all there would have to be forces that they could exploit and twist to their path. If a king was hated, seek not to overthrow him, but find his foes and aid them in becoming stronger and then seek to ally the king with others of ill respute to further draw the ill will of the people, his own and those outside.

A fae and a human, if there was such a thing as fae or beastfolk within this world, Elthrael wanted to find them. Spark their dislike of whomever held the greater control, if those people were human than Yakeru would be the shining example of how a human ought to be. Compare him to a human ruler and the ruler may come up short in their eyes. Provide both sides of a conflict with the tools needed to despise the other and there would be ample opportunity nor only to seize one throne... but all of them.

The goldeneyed fae allowed himself an internal chuckle as he thought of the possibility of controlling the pieces of the board he now found himself on until finally there would be one being remaining which would have control and order over it all. Himself.

"We shall linger here for just a brief moment in time, my young learner. To gather what we can. For these people are of little use to us right now, they are a liability. The one whom riled them up ought to tell them to return to their homes, where their anger and fear may better manifest itself for a coming future quest. After all we want to avoid a massacre which would serve as nothing more than fuel for wars to come. If you cannot safely achieve a checkmate, don't try it until all your pieces are in the right place for such a move." It was again with a smirk on his lips that the fae allowed his words to spew from his mouth.

"To build a tower, one must start at the base with just a few bricks, build too quickly and too carelessly and it can all crumble in on itself. To raise a tower to the ground, attack not the strong reinforced walls, attack the weak points and it will topple over." The fae illustrated with one of his fingers of how a tower could break in half by merely bending one of his fingers abit.

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(Disclaimer: all conversation unless stated otherwise is in orcish)

A harsh blast of icy wind shot across the raiding party on their way back to their base camp after a successful trip. The dire boar mounts that carried them huffed across the frozen land with moderate pace sending trails of steam in their wake. At the head covered in boar hide layered in scraps if metal fashioned into armor rode their leader, a hobgoblin named Xagos. To the naked eye, Xagos appeared as nothing more than a bloodthirsty brute with snarling visage and foul temperament to match, when in reality he was much more. Within that sack of green flesh rested the soul of Jerry Slatts, and he was tired. Ever since he awoke in that body Xagos had constantly lived a life of struggle and war just to survive in this harsh world that he found himself in.

Life was hard, he knew war from his life before, but there was always respite and time to detach one self. Hobgoblins do not rest. Simply getting your meal from one day to the next is a fight and finally Xagos had had enough of it. As the group of ten to fifteen raiders made it back the mouth of the ancestral cave they were met by the sound and smell of a cave filled with orcs and hobgoblins. Handlers came and took their mounts to a sunken cavern that worked as a make shift stable and the conquering “heroes” were met with a mixture of praise and open challenges. Xagos, alone with his motley band, carried the spoils if their raid to Matron Bal’Dureth the leader of this cave and rumored to be the strongest orc in the southern Badlands. Aa they entered the antechamber the roar of hundreds of orcs and hobgoblins filled the high ceilinged room adorned with the skulls of fallen foes, spoils of war, and emaciated slaves running around doing their masters bidding. High stop her stone throne surrounded by eligible breeding males of both orc and hobgoblin sat Bal’Dureth, and fairly intimidating looking orc female; sitting roughly six feet with a massive rotund frame layered with muscle and fat, her trusty hunk of iron she called a sword by her side eating what seemed to be pig or some kind of white meat.

As her eyes made connection with the raiding party entering the room she called out in a might roar,


This was the moment that Xagos had been dreading since he entered the Badlands, the haul from the last raid yielded less than desired results. There were a few slaves but the other raiders ate them when the food supplies ran out. A few scraps off metal, some dried food stuffs, and other miscellaneous assorted supplies were laid at her feet as the other raiders slinked off as far as they could. All but Xagos, he stayed and looked her in the eyes. Bal’Dureth’s eyes narrowed at the paltry offering as she rose to her feet and stormed down into Xagos' personal space. She began roaring about the offering and how little they were able to bring her, but Xagos tuned her out as he slowly looked her over. When he was in the military the drill sergeants used to scare him in boot camp but war changes you, and this bloated war chief was nothing to him. The irritating drone if her voice was the only driving force he had for these months and he was just about at wits end with it all when suddenly, an opportunity arose. While staring into space a strong and sudden impact struck his face forcibly turning it, she had hit him for whatever reason she had, but that was Xagos last straw. In a flash he drew his axe from his hip and plunged it into leg nearly severing it at the thigh. As she lay there screaming in a mixture of pain and rage, Xagos slowly walked to her throne in silence and reached for her sword,

”I have listened to your useless gloating for too long now and WE are sick of it!”
The antechamber grew deathly quiet as all listened intently to what Xagos had to say. This was the first time in the clans history that a matriarch had been challenged or injured to such a degree and all were curious as to what was going to happen next,

”For too long we have suffered at the whims of your temper as you bring us to ruin and I will no longer stand for this,
He stood over her now dragging the hunk of iron behind him as the fear began to set in her eyes as her death approaches with the sound of scraping iron. If he was honest with himself Xagos had no idea what his plan was at this point, his whole assault on her was a knee jerk reaction. Everything thing after was everything but clear the one thing he was certain of, however, he was going to shut that annoying mouth of hers no matter what happened today.

”You are no longer our chief, I have taken everything from you because that’s what I do. I take from those who are weak, defenseless, and frail. I am a raider of the Black Fields and I want your throne,”
He turned now the crowd around him and challenged in a menacing roar,

”, What say you huh? Who dares challenge my claim?”

Silence. Complete and utter silence filled the room. As Xagos turned and faced his whimpering prey he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. There was still enough humanity in him to have compassion and that brought him peace but a message still had to be sent. SCHWIINNGG, SQUELCH. The slab of iron fell with a sickening thud as it finished what his axes had started. As she lay there screaming in pain Xagos leaned down and whispered into her ear,

”This leg is mine, I will hang it above my throne so all who see will know that I took it from you. I made you worthless as a fighter, a leader, and anything else that matters in this world. I. TOOK. IT. FROM. YOU. Leave my cave and never return or I will finish what I started her.

With his message sufficiently sent Xagos turned from the disgraced matriarch and pushed past the stunned crowd without another word. He had a long journey and was tired.

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Location: Rei Sato's Tavern, Heliodor
Interaction: @Conejitoooo Rei Sato and @Zerofighter Mai Shera

“So this is the place, huh?” Lex commented to his towering bodyguard as he looked around at the camp. To think the large-built man had been a blond elven woman just a while ago was a bit to get used to. Then again, this was a world where fantasy was reality and cigarettes were lacking. He wouldn’t say it but he much preferred her true appearance for reasons he wouldn’t easily share. Enya sat comfortably on his shoulder, which limited how often Lex would shrug, but he’d live.

“Of course it is. Come on, be smart!”

“Wasn’t talking to you." Lex shot back calmly. Being a stranger in this world, Lex was glad he had someone like Mai here to protect and guide him. Enya was good too, but... you know? "Do you think we should go to that tavern first, or..." He was going to let Maid take the lead on this.
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