(This is an original roleplay setting but it is inspired by Mirrors Edge Catalyst)

NOTE: (Graylands is just an other word for wasteland, just alternating between terms)

The idea:

The world of Aurena is a planet the size of our Earth, that's where we start. It is an alternate dimension to ours Earth, note that the landscape could be different from Earth.

The planet had a world war many years ago because of power struggles, the world tension at the time was very dangerous because of the possession of nuclear weapons. Nations could not be able to get along because of constant imperialism and false promises and even propaganda that was constantly being put out. After the massive war that broke out, most of the entire world was obliterated and most polluted which contributed to everything from being green and lush, now all converted to dangerous wastelands, and the radiation is awful.

There are also a bunch of food-domes and those are basically people who are forced to work there, we can call em factories to produce toothpicks for a million people. It's kinda similar to the setting of the Mirrors Edge, except it's not all about parkour but it's also about beating up a bunch of security and so on. Those food domes are located in the wastelands, far away from human recognition.

The setting is actually about a very beautiful city, there are more cities too but between those is where these: "Graylands." are called. Could be just be called a bunch of wastelands pretty much. A tyrannical conglomerate has taken over power because they took advantage of the situation, now everyone is connected via a "Grid." where the government tracks them. There are classes, and people who are in the cities are deemed as employees and are forced to work at all hours of the day, otherwise, they'd be downgraded.

Where we are: (Snippet of the Australian coast)

Green: Where Aurna is (In this area.)
White and black stripes: The mountains and especially the ones we were talking about.(If you read the entire thing)

Gray: Graylands
Light-gray: Grayland deserts or something between those two.

Information about the world:

The city: The city is called Aurna which is located on the southwest coast of Australia which borders the pacific ocean. It's ruled by a tyrannical conglomerate that consists of 1 massive cooperation. It meant that the companies had equal influence of the state, thus policies to keep the employees safe from themselves and other rules that were put to action by the conglomerate. There are high residential zones in the middle of the city while there are mid/low residential zones around the city, divided by a river that borders the high residential zones.

It's a very beautiful city, with high skyscrapers that stretch far into the skies and what seems to be a luxury to live there compared to the abandoned cities beyond the Conglomerate's fold and the dangerous wastelands that stretched beyond reach from prying human eyes. The border is heavily guarded by security for employees to not get out but also not get in, if caught trespassing then there will be serious consequences.

The map:

--Notable places:--

Aurna Security:

It is a massive weapons manufacturer and it also houses the leader of the conglomerate, one and the only one and also manages the grid as well. (More in roleplay)

-- Outside of the city --

-- The wasteland and the Foodomes --

-- Well if you have any other ideas! I am very open to them. Thanks for reading! --