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Anais Marie Byrne

•••~ Annie ~•••

The end of my world,
As I knew it.

•••Danger Magnet, Painter, Author, and now... featuring Lycanthrope.•••

And the next time I awoke, there was no more me...
but... There was we.

Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120ish
Build: Athletic

Anais is a new werewolf, created less than a year ago.
She has not had time to come to terms with the fact that a wolf lives with-in her.
Werewolves in this world regard themselves separately. The wolf is not the human, and vice versa.
They believe themselves a team, of man and beast.
She was adopted by the pack that contained the wolf who bit her... Did it have to be all boys!!
Anyways now that her control is getting better, and her wolf has stopped trying to randomly wrench control from her... life is getting better.
She had to leave everything in her old life behind, and that was rough to come to terms with. Leaving her family, and her friends...

But she had a new family, a pack! The bond between the six of them stronger than even the bridges that had been built between her and her siblings.

Her Alpha has given her clearance to interact with humans again, but around the full moon... when the veil between wolf and man is thinnest... She is quarantined.

This concludes my search!
I hope she interests someone!
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