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I've been roleplaying since 2007-or 08... I'm not sure when I started to be honest.
I've developed a taste mostly for 1x1 style roleplays... but have been known to play in larger groups, if I'm intrigued enough.
I typically play female characters, I can play males and enjoy it from time to time.

I love romance, and adventure... I'm not too big on sci-fi, unless it's something I'm familiar with...
I typically avoid fandoms... but I'm not afraid to borrow heavily from them.

I only play Original Characters, as it's what got me into roleplaying... the ability to create and "live" a brand new life.

I happily open my DMs to any questions or queries that come up, so please if you think we have something to talk about reach out! I'll respond happily~!
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Hi Pocket! welcome to the guild, good to have you :)
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