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Belius | Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

Interacting: Jane@Zarkun

Belius had made himself comfortable in the guild hall as people settled into lively conversations like they always did. Ordinarily he would be rather excitable about all the people present, yet there was a strange sense of disconnection he hadn't felt here until some of the veterans had returned, and it was then he realized, there was very little history between them all. A somber thought, an unusual sight, as he took to some drink and food while he relaxed at a table.

He was soon joined by Jane Addeson, she was a B class mage something he would note in his head second before her choice of magic, energy blades. He felt some sort of irrational unconditional camaraderie with just about anyone who used swords, Jane was included in this. He gave thought to her question, naturally... He was interested in Damian's style, also involving swords, he can learn a lot from watching it, but the other two were Nolan and his Ashen God Slayer magic, which was incredibly unusual as far as slayers went, and Roseletta's Darkness which was versatile to rather formidable extent. The other of course was Penny with her Phoenix Slayer magic and fire magic, but in the middle of it all both were practically indistinguishable, aside from the phoenix aspect it was not unusual to him.

"Now that you mention it, I haven't seen Nolan or Rose in a full fight before", as much as he's challenged Nolan and Rose he was met with refusal even after a whole day of nagging, and then there's Penny who at this point appeared like the guild's face, someone whom he had also challenged at some point and though despite a convincing resistance he still lost. He got up to Jane's invitation as they began to walk, joining the crowd.

"You reckon we can bet on the winners? I wouldn't mind making a little extra alongside a good show", he inquired. There was nothing of the sort mentioned at all, but he wondered if someone in the hall was taking bets or something.
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@MarshiestMallow@Sanguine Rose
Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

Well, Penny was right. Jasmine was indeed disappointed in her response after being basically on the edge of her seat for most of the time the older girl spoke, taking in every word gleefully till the comment on people hiding their magic. But not because of a lack of stories or magics to tell about. No, this was more about what Penny spoke of and it made Jasmine look away for a moment. She could get that people were afraid, of being judged, or perhaps of their own power. Jasmine was still grappling with that fear herself, or more precisely a very similar fear. "I...guess I understand why they would. B-but magic is a wonderful gift! People shouldn't hide it...." She sure hoped that this match would serve to aid in the that cause.

"W-wait, rumours of Phoenix Song?" Now that was something that brought out her curiosity and energy back. That was wonderful news indeed! "T-that must mean there's another Phoenix or slayer right? I'm sure Jarvis will be able to get to the bottom of it anyway. H-he's super reliable and helpful after-all!" But of course, Jasmine was sure that Penny was aware of this. Everyone in the guild would be, he did a lot for them. Though some might say that's to be expected of a (co)guild master, he really did go above and beyond that. And not only that, even if he couldn't, he had a lot of connections to get most things done anyway.

Even though they had just gotten to talk to each other after so long, it seemed like their reunion was short lived now that Damian was calling Penny, Nolan and Rose over to him to prepare for the match. Jasmine really wanted to talk to Penny more, hear more about her trip in detail or tell Penny what she had been up to while she was gone, but she also understood she couldn't really just keep Penny here any longer. "I-I guess you should go, wouldn't want you to get in trouble because of me. M-me and Rajah are going to go get something to eat anyway and we'll see you at the match or after to keep talking if you wanted?" Standing up, Jasmine would wait for Penny's response before parting ways with a brief farewell. She would see Penny later anyway, would be plenty more opportunity to catch up.

Though instead of heading to the bar to order, she instead went out back into the kitchen with her exceed partner in tow. It would be quicker if she just cooked something up herself, and she could find something to keep Rajah out of trouble for at least awhile like a fish or a watermelon or something for the exceed to eat. Of course, she would still pay or at least help out in there or at the bar later, but for now she pushed open the door to the kitchen only to find someone else also seemed to have the idea of cooking.

"O-oh hi Markovis." Blinking in surprise for a moment as she lingered in the doorway, the aroma of rice and spices causing her to pause and sniff at the air. She didn't need her keen sense of smell to know that this scent was delicious, but it certainly helped in enjoying the aroma as she realised she was just standing there awkwardly and now moved into the kitchen with a floating Rajah in tow, who flew straight over and sat on his head, peering down at the food he was preparing.

"Whatcha making-HEY! Whatcha doing?!" Rajah was suddenly dragged off of Mark's head by Jasmine, who had to jump up and really stretch to even reach that far to begin with, and was as impressed as expected. "Y-you can't just sit on peoples heads Rajah! We've talked about this! S-sorry Markovis but umm, you know Rajah...just uh take this and wait outside Rajah." Bowing her head at the taller boy, she took Rajah over to the fridge and handed her a couple of fish, some apples and a whole watermelon. That would be enough to keep Rajah quiet for a while at least.

"S-so what are y-you making?" With Rajah out the door, Jasmine wondered back over though kept a respectful distance away from Mark as she spoke. "And,uh, aren't you umm...making a little too much?"

Phoenix Wing Guild-Hall


It was all a blur to Ethel in all honesty. or rather, it was all fluff for the younger girl. Just setting her sights on the fluffy tails that Ariel was currently flaunting was enough to make her mind go blank, let alone basking in her soft fluffiness. As such, the bouquet wasn't exactly caught by Ethel, well conventionally at least. It kinda just smacked her in the face and she caught it on reflex, snapping back to reality for a moment before once more being drawn back in by the warm fluffiness. Even if Ethel had noticed that Ariel was just walking off, carrying her in her tails with little effort, the girl wouldn't care. Who would complain about being abducted in such a manner as this! And when Trinity joined her with Ariel, she just gave the older girl a wave and went back to nuzzling against the tails. It was actually kinda fun, not just the fluffy tails, but just the sensation of almost bouncing around. It was like one big fluffy ride!

At the talk of magic and a case, Ethel peered over. Should she say something? She was kinda just third wheeling here and wasn't really sure what they were talking about, so instead reached down into her jumper and pulled out the ever so fluffy Chu to also indulge in some fluffy tail fun, pulling out a brush and brushing both Ariel and Chu.
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D'angelo Schultz

@hatakekuro @twave @citrusarms

D'angelo waved to the departing Ariel as he could practically feel his body trembling with excitement from not only finally meeting his supposed dead cousin, but also at the prospect of getting to hear the story of how they got together." I definitely look forward to hearing all the fun stories!" He called out to the girl, finding his gaze following the sway of those fluffy tails where he could see Ethel getting all cozy in them which once again made him jealous.

He turned to Nolan and was happy to hear him asking if he was ok which he scoffed with a sputter of his lips and hands placed on his wide doughy hips." Don't worry about me, cuz! You could throw a train at me and I'd bounce right back up." His right hand playfully slapped against his own belly causing it to jiggle and almost ripple like jelly, his challenging statement an obvious exaggeration or at least he thought it to be considering he never tried or attempted to go jumping in front of a rushing train. And for a moment he tilted his head actually pondering on testing such, but quickly shook his head with a dismissive wave of the hand." Nah...even for me that's stupid." He muttered and thought aloud to himself with another laugh.

" It really is great to see you alive and in good health, cuz! There's so much to ca-" Unable to finish what he was saying due to Nolan suddenly cutting in that he had to go; telling him about some exhibition match and to meet back up with Ariel....who just left before he went rushing off.

He was momentarily stunned as he blinked repeatedly at the sight of Nolan running off." I...but you....what the heck?! Got dang it you get that handsome butt back here! We just met back up after ten years....I had a whole gosh darn emotional speech prepared and everything!" He bellowed out with a stamp of his foot and flailing his arms up and down while he called out to him, his chubby cheeks puffing out like a child throwing a tantrum.

How could he just cut their reunion short?! He had half a mind to go and tackle Nolan down to keep him from getting away as this was suppose to be a very touching and emotional meeting with hugs aplenty and slow clapping that ensues into applause echoing throughout the room!

His face continued to puff up and redden until it was almost the shade of a tomato. At any moment D'angelo looked about ready to blow....then exhaled while leaning his body forward with a sigh." Ah well, what can ya do? Already waited ten years, what's another few hours, am I right?" Turning his head to call Nimbus only to find the cloud had been floating right next to head having his face push into the fluffy gold cloud. This had him go into a bit of a coughing fit as he waved his hand to push the cloud back." *cough* Ugh! How many times have I told you not to do that! You trying to suffocate me?!" Grumbling at the cloud, seeing it rumble as if laughing at him.

An exasperated sigh spilled out of his mouth as he bent his chubby body forward then back doing a bit of stretching while trying to figure out what to do next." Things were going so well too! And now I have no idea where Ariel got too..." Motioning with his right hand to have Nimbus lower till it was nearly touching the ground to make it possible for D'angelo to plop onto the cloud where he folded his arms and legs.

Humming to himself briefly, fingers tapping against his doughy arm." Guess I should do what cuz said...getting to see him fight and show off his skills firsthand would be awesome." Tilting his body left and right as he thought out his next plan of action before clapping his hands." Alright! The search for the tailed beauty..begins!" Rubbings his hands together as he had a cloud shaped submarine periscope form just above his head." Lower the periscope!" He ordered with a raise of his right index fingers pointed upwards as the cloudy periscope lowered within reach for his hands to grip the handlebars as he pressed his eyes to the visor.

The chubby male had Nimbus slowly rotate in place as he scanned the perimeter while making a radar beeping sound as he did so. As he turned, he could see a good number of people in the hall, eventually spotting a good sizeable group standing at the bar where a most enticing and delicious aroma had been wafting from." Hm...nope, no Ari-..hello!" Catching sight of a girl who wasn't Ariel yet also having furry tails and ears bringing a wide smile to his face as he glanced down at the cloud." Nimbus! There's another girl with tails! And they're extra fluffy...man I'd love to pet them." Shaking his head as he peered back into the periscope only to gasp upon catching sight of another exceed...and this one had tails..with flames on the tips!" No way?! Oh-ho maaan..I so badly want to see if they burn at the touch." Getting so drawn in at seeing the second fluffy tailed girl and exceed that he didn't even notice Nimbus slowly drifting towards the bar at first.

Upon noticing he was drifting towards the bar he had thrown up his hands." Whoa, hold it now!" As badly as he wanted to meet the two and see about getting to pet some tails, but doing so would likely have him lose track of things as who wouldn't be able to resist such cute..fluff. Shaking his head as he had to put up his hands again to stop the drifting cloud once more." No! Focus! The fluff can wait....Finding Ariel and getting to this exhibition match comes first." Placing his closed right fist on his left palm with a determined expression as he forced himself to turn away and finish scanning the guild hall.

" Hm, I don't see her anywhere..so either she's gone deeper into the building which if so I can't go to or..." Turning his attention to the door leading outside which was really the only other place he could look." Onward, mighty Nimbus! To the great outdoors we go!" Pointing his finger towards the door in dramatic fashion while doing a mock bugle horn with his left hand acting like he was about to venture off onto a grand adventure...floating at a slightly less than moderate pace towards the door as he kept up his dramatic pointing at the door the entire way, eventually pushing his way outside to find the very person he sought talking with a person he didn't know who were discussing about some case.

" Avast! Ye lady abound after a most perilous search indeed." He exclaimed to himself; floating and bobbing his way over to the group where he then came to a stop a short distance away not wishing to interrupt their conversation for the time being.
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Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer/Exceed
Location: Phoenix Wing GuildHall
Cody and Cecilia @Lunarlord34 and Joshua Tamashii @Joshua Tamashii,James Avelin @Zarkun
Amaya smiled listening to the conversation, glad to hear Cody would take some time out of training or would at least consider it. She was relieved to hear he would try as that was all she hoped she could manage to get from him. She nodded to the thought of the exhibition “As much as I hate seeing fighting, it will be cool to see Nolan fighting alongside the other S Ranks. He has grown so much from my time of being in Team Powder Keg. I think honestly I am one of the few girls he isn’t afraid of, which I think is comforting and confusing? I am a dragonslayer and suppose to be scary like Zero and Hunter but...I can’t seem to be, am I doing something wrong?”she asked, tilting her head to the side. She allowed her train of thought to link with joshua’s “Yeah I can form a blade of sorts and I have been training with joshua in using it, though I am still so bad using it.”She said scratching the back of her head in embarrassment before perking up at the sound of Ice cream turning towards him standing on her knees in the booth you make it 2 thousand.. No 3 thousand jewels in Icecream and I will forgive you for getting hurt needlessly.”She exclaimed excitedly holding up 3 fingers. Determined to talk him into a massive amount of ice cream. How she eats so much and not gain an inch was beyond even her knowledge.

“There she goes you say her magic word or any cc old treat and she is determined to get the most out of it.” muttered Cecilia with her stubby arms folded from on top of Cody's head. As she looked back at the other exceed.

“I think that will be best. Up cody lets go.”she said in a teasing tone

Amaya looked over at james hearing him speak of damian’s announcement “I am so excited for this but oh man cowards are so scary they are so big”Stated amaya “I might get trampled”She stated

“More like trip over Air”muttered Cecilia


Magic: Observer Magic
Location: Arriving at Dragon Fang GuildHall
With:@Landaus Five-One@Silver Fox@MarshiestMallow@hatakekuro@Raijinslayer@Lunarlord34

“hmm.”Said Keiko, closing her eyes, feeling Enma’s giant hand, gently pat her head as it probably bears enough dead weight to crush her if it wanted to. “We have faith you’ll be back, I want to poke your mind more when you return.”She called after the Oni watching him head to his group for the new mission. She wanted to go on missions and see what this world held, maybe somewhere she will remember what she had forgotten. She followed Prince listening to him as she nodded “I hope this guild is the right fit for me and observer. It tends to fight depending on how much freedom I allow it to have."She said “I was told to think of it as a monster trainer magic of sorts. But an observer is not a monster, just a being, right?” asked Keiko tilting her head looking at her floating counterpart who was floating on its back watching the ceiling as it followed along. She looked toward Michael listening to his observation of the guild “this guild does seem to be very outspoken and do bear fangs playful and deadly, it feels very familiar to me somehow.”She commented to him with a smile allowing her red eyes to watch Prince “So we going on a tour? When will your guild master come back?” she asked curiously.

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Interactions: Elena @PandaBrady

Neil blinked when Ariel - he assumed it was Ariel, considering it looked exactly like her except she now sported tails and ears like the girl on the other side of Dalton - showed up. In a swirl of partial chaos, she swept away the third member of the team away before Trinity could even receive the food Markovis had headed off to make for her. He shrugged to himself. It was certainly going to be a fun thing to explain to their sometimes obtuse friend. He doubted Markovis would believe him if he told the whole mess, so he figured it would be better to stick to the basics.

His gaze instead fixed on the woman that had approached looking for Markovis. That was certainly a name he knew his friend wouldn't enjoy, but he certainly did. A smirk crossed his face at the thought. A drinking contest? That seemed right up his stoic friend's alley, but he was pretty sure the request wasn't to compete with each other. It was to lure out a potential threat - that meant it was better for someone to be in the crowd than the pair to both be contestants. "Well -" he started before it seemed she broke off to an internal debate.

And then Perry was speaking. Though that didn't quite seem right. Unlike Edarn, who didn't have much of a choice, Perry seemed to be incapable of switching back to the proper body. He knew the light mage had a body - he'd seen the transformation before. It was another thing entirely to see that this Elana could switch bodies and minds and all that without Perry being able to do much about it. "Well, I'd say that's a new one, but I suppose you're in the same bucket as Edarn and Karn. Tough break. But, you know, this little minx you're bound with - not sure you were aware she wants to take a job with Markovis, or if she can hear me right now like sometimes can happen with the Karns but - I'm not entirely sure would end up getting a yes out of Markovis for this job she's looking to take. He's not much for the, um, playful sort." He did look sorry to say that, but maybe it was in everyone's best interest to break some hopes before Markovis shattered them.

Location: Phoenix Wing Guildhall

Interactions: Dalton @hatakekuro, Jarvis @MarshiestMallow

Nyssa's ears flicked with the ruckus around her, but kept redirecting to Jarvis. All the new people around threatened to steal her attention even though she was determined to keep on task before getting distracted. So if she found a job she was interested in, she could bring it to him, or the woman Jamie that was in a meeting, or one of the S-Classes. Her gaze shifted a moment when the man that stood near a table with another female at it called out for the S-Class mages to leave, and two others left with him. Oh, Ariel's not-mate Nolan is an S-Class. Interesting.

That glance to the side distracted her more than she anticipated, with a swish of tails that caught her attention. She thought it was Ariel but since when - OH!. Right, Ariel's magic...Nyssa had forgotten about what the older girl had said about her magic when she transferred energy to her to repay for the food and travel. The shift in appearance looked good on the model, but then - all the shifts in the mage's appearance she had seen had looked good. She seemed a bit more playful in this form than the others the kitsune had seen, hopefully that wasn't too problematic for her friends. Surely they were used to it.

Her mouth opened when Ariel swept up the girl that had been introduced as Trinity and carried her away. How was she going to meet this Karn person now? She looked at Dalton beside her. "The girl that was going to show me where this Karn person lives just left with Ariel. Do you know where he lives? And, if so, would you show me to his place?" Once she was a member, she reminded herself.

"Oh, right. First things first." Her attention turned back to Jarvis. "So does this mean I am a member? Or is there more to it? And - Oh, what is that?" She pointed to the stamp. "And how do you determine skill level?"

Location: Phoenix Wing Guildhall Kitchen

Interactions: Jasmine & Rajah @Lunarlord34

All things considered, it was the prep that took Markovis the longest to cook. Prepping the ingredients for - what he'd counted quickly was about twenty-five people - for both dishes wasn't something he could just use his magic to fast cook. He was sure he could figure out a way to do it with his newer magic, but that likely wouldn't go as well as just having standard Earthland food. Besides, he enjoyed cooking. It didn't come as a surprise to him when Jasmine said his name. She had been bound to show up eventually, and he didn't have to hear Rajah to know the entitled Exceed was with her. "Hello, Jasmine. Hello, Rajah."

Much to his chagrin, the sentient cat - perhaps the kindest definition of the dragon slayer's companion - perched atop his head to oversee the meal prep. If this were the first time, he may have bothered trying to protest. Instead, he simply adjusted his stance to accommodate the excess weight rather than fight it. "I am - oh." When he noticed Jasmine trying to reach the flying cat, he stooped down a little to assist. Jasmine brought her away and he focused back on finishing up the Bosco Rice. A large platter of sweet potato cakes sat on the counter with a few set out on plates to serve up already. Small cups of cinnamon cream sat on those plates, with a larger bowl of cream and more serving cups set beside the platter of cakes.

"I have made sweet potato cakes with cinnamon cream to dip, and am finishing up Bosco Rice now. This should be enough to feed the guild present. Trinity was upset and I decided to cook her something to help lift her spirits, and with so many returning - comfort food is supposed to be good for helping with gatherings like such. At least, that is what I have read." He retrieved a spoon from a drawer and took a small scoop of the rice. Cupping his hand under it as to ensure none fell to the floor, he approached Jasmine and offered it to her for taste. "Tell me what you think."
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Location: Dragon Fang Guild

Interacting: Keiko @BlackMaiden, Michael @MarshiestMallow, Hunter @Zarkun

Prince gave a hum and a chuckle as he glanced at some of the few members of the guild. "Well I suppose I can't disagree. I guess Phoenix Wing just tends to attracts all sorts of chaotic nature. Though I am pretty chaotic as well, since I like poking them sometimes." he smirked mischievously, before his eye looked toward Hunter and proceeded to lean closer to Michael's face. "Better get going, take care and come home safe Darling~" the feline man purred before giving a swift peck on the blue haired man's forehead and pulled away, humming a bit of a musical note as he let out rumbling purr in amusement.

Looking to Keiko, he snapped his fingers that turned into a thumbs up. "Sure thing I'd be more than happy to show you around the place~" Prince purred as he tipped his hat, giving a final farewell wave to the others before making his way through the hall.

"Observer seems to be a interesting sort as I can see. Your comment of how it fights can be similar to that of a monster taming type so I can see where people could suggest that. But you can also think of it as a sort of balance of teamwork. After all, everyone of us here has to have a certain amount of control and how we work together. Most of the time we fight monsters outside cities, but it is quite preferred not to make a mess. There is also some of us that works with other beings to help in fights, like Mikey over there. He can summon mythical beasts but in order for them to succeed, I'd say teamwork is key rather than just telling them what to do like a master. Ah but maybe I'm not making sense. I don't quite know how Observer is like. Sure we'll all get along though." Prince chirped in a cheerful manner, as he flashed a smile at the floating being.

Prince waved his hand over the guildhall, tail flicking side to side. "Anyway, the tour! I know you want to see our beloved Guildmaster, but he probably won't be back for at least another day. Unless he gets distracted which is always possible. Ah I can't wait for him to return, his presence is simply marvelous." Prince purred as he gave a dramatic longing sigh as he caressed his left cheek with his hand, before giving another playful smile.

"As you can see, this is the Guild Hall! Where a lot of of us hang about as you can. It's where we accept jobs at the job board, or clients who personally come in and play meet and greet. We have the bar that Ammy usually runs and the kitchen so she can make orders and such. The Commmon Area where people chat and Guildmaster Jack's office which is of course, currently absent. Down that way is guest rooms for travelers and clients who need to stay the night." Prince explained as he pointed out each area before flicking his tail towards the stairs.

"This place as four floors. Sadly, only members can go up to the others. Ammy would scold me if she caught us, so we'd have to be quite sneaky." Prince smiled innocently with a bit of mischief in his eye. "The second floor is a members only common area for them to have a bit of member only private discussions, or just have time to relax away of the hustle and bustle down here. The third and fourth floor are reserved for members who choose to live here at the Guild like myself." he explained as he wandered to the back of the main hall.

"And behind the main hall is the training hall with a controlled field so guild members can train to their hearts content. Sort of needed it with rambunctious kits like Hunter and Ashlyn running about." he chuckled in amusement.
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Silver Wolf
Dragon Fang Guildhall

Silver didn't offer Prince's comment the merit of a response, cracking his knuckles one by one as Hunter gave him a nod of confirmation. While the presence of the hothead Ash was a bit of a negative, he couldn't help but feel a thrill of excitement surge through his veins. However, before he let that feeling take, a slight bit of movement caught his attention. Prowling at the edge of his vision, unseen to all but himself, a wolf slinked across the hall. Obsidian fur contrasted harshly with the silent intelligence that sat within its gilded amber eyes and while it spoke no words, he knew what it wanted. It was the same thing it always wanted.

Aside from the slight stiffening of his posture, Silver gave no indication that he was bothered by the apparition, merely nodding to Hunter's order before rising from the table with a small nod. He was used to seeing the creature by now, always showing up in moments where he might let his baser instincts take hold of him. To the exile, it was an omen of the weakness he still had to banish from his heart.

"I shouldn't be long, as I tend to travel rather light when I can." He called after the Dragonslayer as he made for his lodging in the upper floors of the Guildhall, making an effort to take the long way around the silent figure of the wolf. To Enma and Ash, he would offer a brief nod of acknowledgment. It was a group he was less than ecstatic about, to be sure, but he would still try his best to be cordial. Well, cordial with Enma at least. Ash wouldn't know how to mind her manner no matter how much he sought to hold his tongue, so he wouldn't bother wasting the effort of hiding his disdain for her if she continued her brash mannerisms.

Contemplating the thought of extended travel with said brashness, Silver couldn't help the irritable sigh that escaped his lips as he climbed the steps to his room. It was going to be a long trip, so he might as well bring a few books to read. It would help to tune her out if he had something else to focus on.

@Lunarlord34@hatakekuro@Zarkun@Silver Fox

Argus Leandros

Argus blinked as the small scene of idle chatter and waiting for food turned to a much more serious matter as Karla burst into the guildhall with a gash in her leg. Letting Meredith tend to the injury, the young man's thoughts turned to the poachers, brow furrowing as he tries to understand the situation. While he could believe a bunch of idiots would wander into the forest to poach some deer or the like, why attack a guild mage for their direwolf? Even if it was that valuable a prize, they should know that the other members wouldn't just alow this to happen. Not only that but he thought that the reputation of the guild, while somewhat unfounded, would scare off most of the criminal types that would be wandering around a forest like this. None of it sat right with him, but he kept these inclinations to himself for the time being. Right now, whatever the motive behind it, they had some intruders to apprehend and a guild member to save.

"I'll go after the Poachers." Argus was already out of his chair and heading for the door as he spoke, mind racing with plans and ideas, though nothing concrete given their lack of information. "I'll head out now and try and scout out what kind of set-up they have, maybe do a bit of distraction to lead them away from Talos while the other team gets to work. I think that someone with good restraining magic or spell should deal with Talos, or failing that, feels confident enough in taking on a giant wolf for a good bit. In either case, I'll do my best job to disrupt for the rest of the squad."

Without so much of a confirmation, Argus was already out the door, re-quipping his chameleon cloak in an instant as he broke into a mad dash towards the Crossroads area. Part of him knew he should likely wait up, form a better plan, just take a second to breathe. But the rest of him could only think about the red gash on Karla's leg, the idea of Talos chained up in pain, and what the shadowy figures in his head planned to do with the poor beast if they managed to esape. Memories flooded his mind. Some were his own, others were not, both put him on either side of the scenario. He couldn't stand the idea of it, and he wouldn't be able to keep still or pay attention if he didn't act and act now.

With a pulse of magic into the cloak, he would soon vanish into the brush and trees, invisible except for the slightest ripples of movement that pointed him out. Hopefully, it would be enough for the plan he was forming to succeed.

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Regan Hadou
Wolven Pure Guild Hall


"Alright. Hopefully, the wound is only as bad as it looks. We'll be back before you know it, Manami." Regan was done adjusting herself for combat, and she turned to Shiro. Such a confident bearing toward combat, it spoke well of whatever training she'd done. A chuckle and a smile, "oh hoohh, a fiesty one? Well, you'd best be sure not to eat your words, now that you've said them. Oh, and Manami?" Regan looked back at the other young woman, "if you feel overcrowded, remember that too many cooks ruin the stew. Or however that phrase goes... Al-Gin has so many."

And someone marched out of the guild, spouting about doing something on his own. "Ah, wasn't he the one on the floor earlier? Will he be alright on his own?" Regan glanced at Shiro, unsure of what to make of it. If he was capable, then it shouldn't be a problem, but somehow that wasn't the impression she got. She was sure he was competent, but... This was a large undertaking. "We should probably go with him. It sounds like there's a group, so if he gets in trouble, he's in deep. But, what one person might botch alone, a small team might be able to turn around. Shall we?"

Regan was just in time to see Argus vanish from sight. "Ah, so that's his trick..." She nodded, turning to see who else was coming with her, "we'll be keeping our scout out of trouble, and preventing any escapees from alerting any cohorts that might be nearby. Priority is keeping our rescue target from being moved beyond the forest, and the scout's safety. Now, ah... the forest will guide us or something, right?" She'd been raring to go, but where was she going? "The lanterns from before, perhaps?"
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Henri Baptiste

Keeper’s Crossroads | Silverbranch Glade
Interacting with: Regan Hadou @CitrusArms, Argus Leandras @Raijinslayer and Shiro @Lunarlord34

The assembled teams scattered from the guild hall and began their trek through the glade post haste. Henri swung from the treetops with the aid of his watery appendages, a familiar tinge of delight that was not his own stirring from within him. No doubt Sycorax was enjoying getting some use after what seemed like a long time. Life in a dark, watery tomb wasn't exactly invigorating after all. Henri couldn't enjoy himself, not with the image of Karla sobbing away into Meredith's arms still etched in his mind. Those who knew the comfort of a familiar couldn't imagine what that must feel like. The bond was more than just that of a pet and master - it is eternal, sanctioned by a Witch's Deity themselves. Within the lush greenery beneath him he could see the rest of the forces mobilized. Regan and Shiro were among them. Despite his opinion of her, when it came down to it Shiro was a very reliable sort. Not to mention Regan, who had only just met them and was willing to offer her assistance. She was quite astute in her judgement that the lanterns would indeed guide the way to the crossroads - though of course she need only follow one of the guild members who were familiar with the area. Even Argus' determination was somewhat surprising. Not that Henri didn't think him capable, but he always seemed so down on himself. Taking charge when it counted was truly admirable.

Argus had departed earlier than the others and was no doubt close to the clearing where the crossroads lay. As the name suggested, the place was just a convergence point of three separate paths within the Glade. A marble statue of the Goddess Hecate stood at the meeting point of the three roads. It was kept in pristine condition, tended to frequently by the Daughters of Hecate. The three forms of the Goddess stood facing a different path each; the inquisitive Maiden held a ring of keys within her hands, the pensive Mother gently caressed her pregnant belly and the wizened Crone bore a mighty staff of fire. At the foot of the statue was an upturned silver tray that once offered incense, flowers, oils and wine which were now scattered across the path where the struggle had taken place. Karla and Talos seemed to have been ambushed whilst she was tending the altar. Sure enough, dried blood stained the cobbled path as well as a trail of claw marks and splintered trees that further illuminated where the Direwolf had been taken. Faint voices on the wind indicated that the poachers hadn’t gotten far - and sure enough if one only followed their path of careless destruction they would find a group of men struggling to contain a great, tawny wolf that towered over most men. Talos snarled and snapped at their attempts to subdue him with chains. A larger man with a red scarf wrapped around his head blue a puff of cigar smoke into the direwolf’s face. Unkempt stubble littered his square jaw and thick neck; adorned with golden chains and beads. A tattered vest openly framed his bare chest where an insignia of an eagle’s talon was branded proudly.

Bloody Hells, ‘e’s a right beaut this one! ‘Urry up an’ muzzle ‘im! T’was s’posed to be a discreet operation ya worthless shites!” The man seemed to be the ringleader; barking orders at five brutes who were cursing and heaving as Talos fought in vain to escape their bindings. His vicious snarls turned to defeated whimpers; a final cry for help as the realisation set in that he would not be returning to Karla today. It all seemed pretty dire until the great creature felt the pressure on his right hind leg disperse. Not wasting the opportunity, he used his free leg to shift his weight around in an attempt to knock the others off balance. It startled them but wasn’t enough to secure his escape.

Oi! Yer ain’t pullin’ your weight over there Freddy.' ' The man bellowed, spitting to the ground as he gestured for another pair of men to prepare a rusty, iron muzzle for the beast.
Hagar, Boss! Freddy’s gone!” Another voice called out in panic. Hagar, the assumed leader, sauntered around with a slight limp. His right leg was an old prosthetic that looked in dire need of a tune up. It creaked with every step, it’s parts rattling about as if it were to fall apart at any moment.
’ave you gone loony? What’chu mean ‘gone-’” He was interrupted by a sudden yelp from the one remaining henchman on the beast's side. This time he was close enough to spy a large, spindly arm of roots and vine emerging from the depths of the forest and grasp the man by his ankle. Before he could even scream the woodland mass had reeled him back into the dark woods and his visage faded from view. Hagar’s cigar fell from his mouth as yet another arm reached out in an attempt to wrest control of him. Fortunately for him he was no amateur and a quick flash of steel saw the animated appendage torn asunder by a flurry of scimitar swipes. It would seem the trees weren’t the only forest inhabitants fighting back against these poachers. Turning around to the rest of his men, Hagar found them under assault by all manner of woodland creatures - birds pecked away at their heads, deer buckled up to charge and it even seemed a swarm of gnats had made their way into the clearing.

These bleedin’ woods ‘ave gone mental, they ‘ave!” He grit his teeth, reeling back his scimitar to ready a strike against an oncoming deer. Before he could bring his arm back he found himself buffeted by a sudden blast of water. Skidding along the dirt into a crumbled pile, the ringleader was left winded by the sudden attack. Using his blade to push himself into a kneel, Hagar glared across the clearing to find the source of his attack. Henri’s stance was firm and strong, one arm reared back behind him and the other extended out in a fist. Both arms were entrenched by a watery mass that resembled that of a squid’s tentacles.
You ‘ave made a grave mistake today, mes amis. Let them ‘ave it!” Henri cried out, his fellow companions charging from the woods to meet the poachers head on. A few of the witches began gathering around the frightened Talos - his ensnaners releasing his bindings to combat them. The great beast thrashed about and growled, his eyes darting from person to person as the battle ensued. One witch muttered an incantation under her breath, sending forth a red flash of light from her fingertips towards the metal shackles that continued to impair the creature. The magic turned them to rust, crumbling away within a matter of seconds. Now free, Talos scampered back to the edge of the woods; still in shock from everything that had happened. He snapped at any of the witches who approached too close, a clear warning that he wasn’t yet calm.

Sure enough the poachers drew their weapons, the mages among them readying their spell circles to strike back at their assailants. Hagar was now back on his feet, spinning his scimitars around him menacingly.
The only mistake here mate, is that you lot think you’re getting between me and the fat wad of jewels I’ll get for bringing in that monster.” Hagar smirked at Henri, holding his arms out wide as two magic circles appeared around his wrist.
Sword Magic: Dancing Blades” He let his grip release from the hilts of his scimitars. Rather than fall to the ground as one would expect, the blade hovered in place for a moment before beginning to spin in large arcs. An ethereal energy poured from the blades edge, surrounding the spinning blades in a whirling mass of slicing magic. Hagar cracked his knuckles before charging headfirst at Henri. Readying his tentacles, Henri thrust one hand forward to send another precise stream of water towards his assailant. Yet before the jet could make contact, the spinning blades crossed before Hagar in one fluid motion - disrupting Henri’s attack and leaving him exposed before the bull rushing opponent. Hagar charged shoulder first into Henri’s abdomen, wrapping his arms around the back of his legs and heaving the large man to the ground with a hefty thud. Anyone who came to his aid was met by a slicing onslaught of the animated swords. For all his size, it would seem Henri had met his match as the brute Hagar kept him pinned whilst delivering blow after blow to his skull. He managed to weave between a few of them, but every now and then he’d get in a lucky slug. If it were to keep up for much longer, Henri wouldn’t be able to fight him off.

Bullet, Meredith Clagnan and Zhulie Pesta

Wolven Pyre Greenhouse | Silverbranch Glade
Interacting with: Manami Fuyu

Amidst the canopy of the great hollow that houses Wolven Pyre laid one of the greatest accomplishments of the Daughters of Hecate - the greenhouse. Once home to all manner of magical reagents and flora, the greenhouse now only houses a limited range of plants to be used for potion crafting and rituals. The White Witch Grizabella once proudly tended to these gardens, her healing hand invaluable to the coven. Yet she left long ago, and took her knowledge on plant magic with her. These thoughts stirred through Meredith’s brain as she scanned what little remained. Herself a skilled apothecary; but without the magical touch of a deity it would be hard to produce anything nearing the caliber of what Grizabella once could. That wouldn’t stop her from trying.
Manami, the cabinet over there should have a vial of asp venom - please fetch it for me. Then you can grind up some clove. Oh if only we had more treant sap. We’ll have to make do.” Zhulie twiddled her thumbs in the corner, awaiting an order from Meredith that never came. Regan had wanted her to watch the souffles, but she knew she could contribute something to help the others. Olga promised to look after the pastries so she could follow Meredith and Manami up to the greenhouse.

What do you need me to do, Meredith?” Zhulie stood at the wooden table and watched the older woman skillfully clip, mix and extract all manner of various substances. She stopped momentarily to stare down at the young girl, rapping her fingers against the grain in thought.
I need you to keep Karla company. I sent Bullet to get her some food from the kitchen.
But I want to help! Zhulie insisted.
You will be, darling. The poor dear is devastated. You always put a smile on her face.” Meredith reached out to gently stroke Zhulie’s hair. The girl pouted at the floor for a minute before meeting the older woman’s gaze with a determined nod. She made for the stairs with a newfound ambition.

On his way up to Priscilla’s office Bullet nearly jumped as Zhulie came barreling down the stairs.
Geez! What’s the rush, squirt!” He lifted the tray of food above his head, reminded of the detailed explanation of his demise Olga gave to him of he so much as dropped a crumb. That woman did not make idle threats. Zhulie was a few steps below, turning back quickly to address him.
Meredith asked me to check on Karla, but I know there’s more I can do! I’m going out to gather treant sap for her.” She explained before beginning to bound down the remaining steps - only stopping when Bullet called out for an explanation.
Woah, slow down. Meredith would never allow you to go off on your own - especially now.
I’ll be fine, I know these woods better than anyone! If we want the best chance of getting Talos back safely then we need the sap.” Bullet had never seen her so riled up. It was clear she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He nodded to her, setting the tray down on the stairs.
I’m coming with you.” He’d barely gotten the words off before Zhulie dismissed them with a shake of her head.
No offense, Bull, but you’ll slow me down in your state.” She gestured to the stained bandages wrapped around his torso. He hesitantly touched a hand to the wound, trying to muster up some argument to the contrary. He had nothing.
Alright, I’ll cover for you if Meredith asks where you are.” Zhulie beamed up at his words, leaping up the stairs to give him a big hug. He winced slightly at her arms pressing against his sore spot, but nonetheless let her have her moment.
Alright alright, that’s enough.” He gently nudged her away from him. “Stay safe, alright?” Zhulie nodded, turning on her heel before disappearing down the stairs.
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Penny sighed softly, before nodding although she was going to take a few more moments to be here. To be a little more selfish. "Magic shouldn't be something one hides, and it is wonderful... there are just some people who abuse it." She said softly, flicking a glance to Damien and the others. They could wait a few more moments. "I... not phoneix slayers... I think other phoenix's.... wanting an end to their existence. Their suffering." The thought troubled Penny, and she fell silent a moment or two.

She didn't stop Jamsine leaving, and took another moment to herself, before she rose. There would be time to talk more, and perhaps in a more private setting. There weren't many Penny considered sharing what had happened, what was happening.

And despite it all, Jasmine was family. [color=FF7F50]"Go. I know you want to.]/color]" She said to Ignatius, giving him a smile. "Keep Rajeh out of trouble. You can't join me in the match." She was fond of the exceed, the gruff oddly protective exceed was a softie. And he had been there, when shit had happened. Sighing softly, Penny rose to go join the others,

"Usually one of the S class mages will determine that, if they aren't avalible, Jamie or myself will. However, we also trust our members. While none can become S class without a trail, or test, we encourage growth here. If you have a low level, that matters not. For jobs, as long as you have an appropriate level partner, you can, with approval, go on the job together. We encourage that, for members to learn their strengths, their weaknesses and to continue to grow." Jarvis said, and reached out to fill another drink order, but still kept his attention on her.

Michael enjoyed surprising Prince, in doing things the feline might not expect of him. And Michael had learned over the years that, yes, that did seem to encourage Prince more, but that he didn't mind it. And so, as Prince leaned in close to him, he reached up to brush his fingers over Prnce's cheek. "You going to leave a light on?" He said sweetly, giving Prince a smile, before he made a move to return to his room, grab some things and putting them in a traveling bag.

He reached over to give Cleo a pat, the ginger feline stretching happily under his hand. "y-yeah. You'll n-n-no d-doubt s-sucker everyone f-for t-treats while I'm g-g-one." He said to the cat, who stared at him in a rather innocent manner. Chuckling, Michael started back downstairs with his things, leaving the door open enough for Cleo to sneak in and out.

"For Gods sake, Loki! Shut up! I know, I know, we'll free her just as soon as I figure out how!" His brothers voice reaching his hears, Michael looked up, out to the front of the guild. He was back. He was safe. And the zodiac spirit beside him wore a grin, that soon faded into a serious look. "It's taken two years to find even a hint of how to do it... "

"And it took you a hundred years to muster up the power to break free yourself! I'm doing the best I can!"

Michael leaped down the rest of the stairs, making his way quickly to the guild door, slowing as he reached his brother and Loki. "I n-n-need a minute" He hurriedly said to the others, not even sure if they were leaving yet.

Gabriel could feel a headache coming on- not an odd occurance around the celestial spirit, Leo-Loke- just seemed to be able to push his buttons. He was trying- and had been for the last two years. Freeing the Zodiac spirits, bringing some balance back to the celestial world... Well, while there was more tahn one set of Zodiac spirits, not all were powerful. His original Zodiacs weren't on the same level as the trapped Zodiacs, but they had stepped up to try and bring balance back, to protect the other spirits. It hadn't worked quite as well as it should have, and Gabriel was trying his best to help.

Yet it wasn't something that could be solved over night. It had taken Loki decades to break free, and even then he had needed the Celestial King's help. Chained as they were, it hadn't been a simple task, and was perhaps their only chance. Perhaps if they had found a different celestial mage to help... Gabriel gritted his teeth, "We've got lines on Aquarius, Virgo and Gemini... It's more than we had, and I am trying Loki. We'lll get them free, I promised that." He said, looking up as he heard Michael's voice, relieved to finally be back home.

"The spirit world continues to fray, Gabriel... We need to secure another Zodiac before it crumbles further."

"I KNOW!" Gabriel dropped his head into his hands, gritting his teeth tightly until his jaw hurt. "We'll find a way, I just need to figure out the path to them... "

"Hm?" Jamie glanced back to the lacrima- she knew she could have cameras, but there was something convient about having Lacrima that could be changed at a moments notice. "Oh. Yes. I believe there's to be an exhibition match, between the guilds S class mages. A show for the people of the city." She said, flicking a glance to the clock on the wall, feowning slightly. How had time gotten so away from her? "We are always looking for ways to show our strength, but also to show the world that magic shouldn't be feared again." She said, "We have been working on the festival once more."

She rose, looking to the lacrima again, "Would you like to watch?"
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@Sanguine Rose
Phoenix Wing Guild Hall

Trinity was upset? Wait, it wasn't because of what she had said was it? Jasmine knew that Rajah was a...handful to deal with and that she wasn't particularly well-liked, but she was still her partner. She wasn't just going to let her be collared like that, that was just degrading and humiliating the poor kitty! In saying that, the blonde couldn't really deny that she was a pain...

Although Mark's response to it elicited a small giggle, her lips curling slightly into a small smile. Typical Mark, though he seemed so indifferent to it all he really did care. She closed her eyes for a moment as she seemed to be recalling something before shooting open with a realization."I-I guess I've heard something similar...umm 'Food is the ingredient that binds us together' I think is what my mother liked to say?" Nodding as she spoke, the aroma wafting in from the spoon caused her stomach to quite audibly growl and her face to resemble a tomato as a result. Gah, she should've really eaten something before coming back to the guild after all! Luckily for her, at least it was only Mark and no one else here to share in this embarrassing moment.

A taste test? She was sure just by this fragrant aroma that the rice gave off, and previous experiences with what he had cooked, that this hardly needed someone to taste it. It smelled just absolutely amazing! But she was hungry, so hardly needed to be asked twice, and only nodded before leaning towards the spoon offered to her. Almost immediately upon opening her mouth and the taste hitting her tongue, her eyes lit up. It had a nice kick to it without being overly overpowering, was this how Bosco cooking was meant to taste? She wouldn't know as this was her first time having a dish from Bosco, but what she did know she expressed to the emotionally challenged young man. "T-that's really good Markovis! I'm sure the others will think so as well!"

It wasn't just empty praise either, but what Jasmine really did think. She wished she could cook this well...maybe she could ask him for tips or lessons some time? Or at least the recipe for this, uh Bosco Rice was it? Yeah Bosco Rice. Although all this little morsel served to do was increase the hunger she felt, and well since his plan was to share it amongst the guild anyway....

"Do...you mind if I have a little more? I-I can help you serve it to the others first since it seems a little much for one person to serve by themselves if you wanted."


Wolven Pyre Guild Hall


Fiesty? Shiro hadn't really thought of herself as such before, she had certainly meet far more fiesty people than herself. A certain fire mage came to mind at that thought but was quickly shelved, now wasn't the time to dwell on the past. They had an objective at hand and a limited time one assumed to get it done. Which was why she didn't really try to stop Argus as he passed her and out the door when he was making some exclamation about going ahead, it wasn't that she had some sort of confidence in his abilities. In fact, it was honestly the opposite if truth be told. But worst case scenario, he could at least buy them time to catch up.

"Argus has a smaller brain than Henri, but he's durable. He'll be fine." Shiro affirmed, heading out the door with Regan and the others as she spoke. That was at least one thing she couldn't argue against the young man for; his sheer meat shield capability. Sticking close to Regan as the group moved and the older woman talked, Shiro simply nodded to confirm her thoughts and the objectives she laid out. "Either the lanterns or one of the guild members, whichever you see at the time." Was all the younger woman thought to add, shrugging before going silent. It wasn't until the sounds of the poachers and Talos's struggles became quite audible that Shiro spoke up again as she came to a stop by the edge of the clearing.

"Let's hang back for a second." Despite her earlier words, the girl seemed quite content to now stay where she was. The other guild members rushed in with gusto as Shiro's eyes gazed around the 'battlefield', taking in the situation. Henri was quick to rush what seemed to be the leader of the poachers though it seemed like he was either being overpowered, or caught off-guard. She wasn't sure which to be honest. But Talos was still a potential problem, it seemed to be a lesser priority at this stage as he was keeping to himself a little further away. "Keep an eye on Talos, I'll help out shit for brains there before he gets himself killed. Lady Manami would be most displeased if I let that happen without at least trying to help." Whether or not Regan listened to Shiro was a different matter altogether though as the younger mage seemed to vanish almost immediately after she spoke, but there wasn't much use in everyone getting involved at once.

The only reason Shiro even felt the need to interfere right now was a mystery to her though. Maybe she just wanted to vent on the poachers? Yeah that was it for sure. There was no way she actually felt concerned for anyone here, right? As she reappeared a short distance away she was quick to vanish again, weaving and 'blinking' her way through the mess of magic, bodies, both human and animal alike, as well as the trees themselves that seemed to come to the witches aid. Though as she got closer to Henri, the animated blades of his assailant came to crash down on her in a flurry of blows that as they connected, just made a loud, almost metallic clanging noise that was no doubt drowned out by the chaotic noise all around them as her skin hardened momentarily. Not caring at all for the swords, she rushed straight through them and grabbed Hagar's fist as he wound back to strike at Henri again.

"Can you do anything right you brawny good for nothing? Jeez, you're pathetic." Shiro grumbled in annoyance before pivoting slightly to bring her leg up and slam her knee into the leader's skull with a resounding and powerful thud. She wasn't holding too much back either, she was aiming to blast him into the treeline with the sheer force of this attack.

In contrast to the frantic pace of the chase and fight going on elsewhere, the calm yet still tension-filled guild-hall was arguably feeling just as much pressure, maybe even more. Having followed Meredith with Zhulie tailing not far behind up to the greenhouse, the former dark mage nodded as Meredith issued her orders. It was easy enough to follow so there was no need to rush, last thing they needed was to lose composure under pressure like this and stuff everything up after all. But it wasn't like she was going slow either, calmly moving over to cabinet that Meredith had pointed out and grabbing one of few vials inside. Honestly, Manami wasn't sure what asp venom looked like but assumed what she had grabbed from the near bare cabinet to be the ingredient Meredith desired, if not well she would learn soon enough when she gave it to the elderly witch huh?

Listening to Zhulie and Meredith talk, Manami kept silent, only occasionally glancing in their direction as she pulled out the clove alongside the mortar and pestle. She felt like she should say something to help settle the younger girl, but held her tongue. No, it wasn't her place to say anything, nor did she really deserve to console the younger girl. Not after everything she had done. Yet, she still couldn't shake this sinking feeling she felt, though her task did help to keep it at bay for now.

"...Her heart is in the right place you know, it wouldn't hurt to let her help right?" Manami pipped up after Zhulie had departed the room. Even if it was just bringing ingredients to them, just to make her feel like she was contributing was important wasn't it? It was a terrible feeling that; that sensation of helplessness when confronted by a situation out of your control, no matter how much you wished to be able to change it. "...or do we not have enough to actually help Talos, and you want to keep Zhulie in the dark over it?"

"I know James, which is why I'm keen to see him in action. Should be a good show regardless." The red haired mage smiled up at the exceed sitting atop his head as she spoke up. "Yeah yeah, you're a real slave driver you know?" With a soft laugh, he shook his head slightly, though he was careful to not throw the exceed off, at her words and stood up from the table. He turned to Josh as he spoke to him, nodding softly in agreement, once again careful of the exceed using him as her own personal throne. As much as he wasn't massively thrilled to say so, it wouldn't do him any harm in taking up Josh's offer and it would also double as a chance to get to know the older swordsman, maybe get rid of this lingering tension he felt around him.

"Sounds good Joshua. It never hurts to have someone around to pick up on any faults or flaws before they become habits, or at least someone to talk to for feedback." He winced slightly though at the comment of his overtraining habits. Well, suppose having someone else around would be handy for that as well, but it still stung a little every time he was reminded of it. "Yeah, the less they have to worry the better I guess." With that bit settled and the group ready to move out, there was but one issue remaining which he felt the need to resolve.

"Well we wouldn't want you being trampled or tripping over air then would we Amaya, allow me to escort you. I'll make sure nothing of the sort befalls you. At the very least, I can shield you from the crowds." With a small, courteous smile and laugh, he offered out his arm to the shorter mage in the type of chivalrous, gentlemanly manner James had taught him. His training wasn't just all centered on his ability to fight after all.

Once she had either accepted or rejected the offer, he would follow after James with the others to the new arena.

Dragon Fang Guild Hall


Wait, seriously? Almost everyone jumped on board with it, causing the pyromancer to wince slightly. Ok, maybe she should bathe a little more often...but it was hard enough to convince herself as it was! And using the guild bath was almost certainly out of the question. Last time she had used it, she hadn't found it hot enough for her taste and well....the details didn't matter ok. All that mattered was that she wasn't really allowed back in there for now. But that was a story for another day, and at Hunters declaration for them to get ready, she just nodded and stretched her arms for a moment. "Ya got it boss...already had my stuff packed and ready to go as I came to grab a job, but guess I'll grab a couple other things as well eh?" She hadn't anticipated going to a desert, and it wasn't like she had anything specific for deserts anyway. But she was sure she had some googles or something to protect her eyes or whatever.

"Guess I'll meet ya guys there then eh? Last ones a rotten egg and all dat shit." With a beaming grin, she was quick to make her way out of the guild-hall. All she had to do was swing by her place, grab her stuff and then she could head straight to the train station. So that was exactly what the pyromancer did, making sure she was the first one there, or at worst only being beaten there by Hunter.
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Xing was taken aback. Was he hitting on her? No, he wanted to meet Kohryu. Well, one thing's for sure, Xing was NOT going to summon Kohryu as long as she can help it.
"No, no, again, you just remind me of him. You both carry yourself the same way." Which was something she hated about Kohryu, but she wasn't going to say that, especially to the stranger giving off that feeling.
"But I'll take you up on that walk offer. I need to find a worthy rival for my skills, and maybe some culinary masters to learn from. She said with a fire in her eyes.
"So, whenever you're ready, let's look around." She said, hoping she'd have a hand. Plus, this way, people might think she's dating and won't approach her for weird questions.

@Sanguine Rose
Perry and Elena

Perry struggled with his dress in Elena's body, but paused when he heard what was said.
"Wait, what?" Perry looked in shock. "Elena was going to do a mission with Markovis? What kind of... Oh..."
Perry looked angry for a moment as he heard Elena cackling in his head.
"Trust me, she's very aware of it. I wasn't because I passed out when she just ANNOUNCED TO EVERYONE our secret." He said, throwing his arms in the air and yelling at himself.
"Oh come off it." Elena said taking back control. "They were bound to find out eventually, if they hadn't already."
The body returned to Perry's original form.
"Here's your precious boy bod back." she said in a mocking tone."I still don't get the appeal."
Perry took a deep breath.
"So, about that mission..." he began, "Is it within my or Elena's abilities." he asked hesitantly.
"If so, I don't mind taking the job. We're kinda low on Jewel."
He mentally stared daggers at Elena.
Hey, don't blame me. she said in his mind.
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Regan Hadou
Silverbranch Glade


Enchanted Forests weren't something she navigated often. She could safely say she'd never had the opportunity to patrol one, or any forest for that matter. It made navigation in a pinch frustrating, but at least she knew enough about this one. Shiro confirmed that for her. The lanterns.

"As long as he doesn't do anything stupid, he should be fine." Shiro's description of Argus did not help alleviate concerns, but they had greater priorities, as well. Surely, Argus could take care of himself, being a guild mage.

When Shiro bid the two of them to withhold, Regan had already been considering it. She gave a nod in response, and lead the both of them into the woods surrounding the battlefield. She would wait for an opportunity to turn things around presented itself. Shiro took her leave, to assist their battlegroup's leader. He'd gotten pinned, and had some sort of... Telekinetic or control magic protecting him, with swords. Shiro was confident, so she'd let her handle it herself.

Two of the poachers broke away from the fight and approached Talos, one bearing more capture gear. Regan was able to approach from behind, with the din of combat covering her movements. One sucker punch and a body toss later, and his buddy had noticed. This one was armed with javelins, and he took one in both hands for close combat.

Regan drew her sword. It looked more like a shard of the night sky than any sort of metal, what looked like the stars ever changing in the reflection from the black body of its blade. "You don't want to fight me." She kept a cool, calm gaze on her opposition, maneuvering her position to put herself between Talos and the poacher.

"Like 'ell. There's gold in this pelt." He threw a javelin at her, for it to be deflected. Another, and another, all cut away by the shard of the night sky. He ran down to his last projectile, groped for another and found none.

He charged her. A thrust aimed for her chest, Regan stepped back and pivoted to the side, past the attack. One hand left her sword hilt and grabbed the weapon, pulling the man further through his thrust while the other jabbed with the butt of her sword. She hauled the man up on her shoulder and shot him off with a directed shockwave, into the woods where the forest could catch him. Or not, she didn't mind either way. She saw Shiro had handled herself well, Regan wondered what kind of magic she used. Some kind of... Alteration?

The immediate threats disposed of (two peons likely, new guys trying to get some credit by recapturing the beast, likely), she gazed over her shoulder at the dire wolf. It didn't seem likely that she would be able to calm the creature... She turned back to the fight. She would stand guard and await someone more attuned to their rescue target.
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Galdin Frayheart

Galdin shrugged his shoulders slightly, as he approached Xing. "I see. Well then lead the way." He offered his arm, while looking to the younger girl momentarily before his eyes wandered off into the distance. He didn't know where the commoner market were, neither did he know of any culinary masters. Though perhaps the market would hold something interesting, perhaps something which could help cure boredom in those particular days it would show itself before him. At least it couldn't be more dull than watching paint dry, or watching the grass grow.
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Magic: Ice Dragon Slayer/Exceed
Location: Phoenix Wing GuildHall
Cody and Cecilia @Lunarlord34 and Joshua Tamashii @Joshua Tamashii,James Avelin @Zarkun

Amaya smiled as she got up placing her hand gently in the crook of his elbow he presented to her as she nodded "I would like that. I have been trying to get past my nervousness of crowds and attention. That been a great amount of my training along with handling motion sickness in vehicles...Never has gone better."She said scratching the back of her head in the embarrassment of being so weak at small things. She looked up at Cecilia who was enjoying herself on her throne as she looked over to James and Joshua as she beckoned them to follow keeping close to Cody and Joshua as they followed in the crowds to the Arena.

She watched the growing crowds nervously as Cecilia was calling for taller people to move out of her way from her perch on Cody's head "Geez she is bossy today." she said jokingly trying to make light of the small exceed's behavior.


Magic: Observer Magic
Location: Taking the tour with prince
With:@Silver Fox

Observer and Keiko followed listening to prince speaks of the guild and all it had to hold. Keiko was curious about the upper levels and a little disappointed to hear that once again she would have to wait to see those when she became a member. She watched Observer mimicking the prince out of curiosity. "So either way they are all you can really show me till your guildmaster gets back. That is disappointing really it is. However, I have traveled all this way and decided that I was going to choose this guild out of the three my father's tome speaks highly of." She spoke shaking her head as she shrugged "though I will say I am so curious of the upper floors and can't guarantee Observer won't try anything when I am asleep either here or nearby."She said as the observer spun around nodding as it folded its arms proud of the thing Keiko assumed it would do.

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Priscilla Duran

Jamie's Office | Magnolia
Interacting with: Jamie Beltras @MarshiestMallow | Jack Goran @Zarkun

Priscilla found herself unexpectedly heartened by the thought of Jack coming to visit her quaint home in the Silverbranch Glade.
Oh you simply must visit. It is a lovely place.” She takes a drink from her cup, holding a finger up with a startlingly abrupt mumble. Downing the mouthful she turns her attention back towards Jamie. “Oh of course the invitation is extended to yourself as well, my dear.
They so rarely received visitors, even now. It was a shame. She had spent her entire life there and couldn’t think of a more magical place. The forest raised her equally, if not more so, than her own mother. She had many teachers over her life. From the whispering canopy above to the rich soil beneath her feet. The rivers and creeks that pooled into great lakes, flowing from the mountaintop like veins pumping blood from the heart. The wolves were her favourite. They taught her resourcefulness, loyalty and the importance of keeping those you loved close. In her younger years she once confessed to her mother that she wished to become a wolf.

Perhaps you will, one day.

She finishes the last of her tea, eyes gazing downwards into her cup. The remaining leaves, well steeped and happy to have been of service, clump together to form a chalice. Three hands hold it up. The three of cups.
Of course.” Priscilla smiles, musing to no one in particular. She places the saucer down upon the table, thanking Jamie once more for the tea. She hears a commotion downstairs. Revelry. A party, perhaps? Jack is quick to comment on the noise and Jamie confirms her suspicions.
Her lips curl even further into a cheerful grin.
A festival, you say?” She wraps her fingers around the grain of her staff, bringing herself to her feet.
Well,” She continues, flourishing her robes with a quick turn on her heel towards the door. “I see no better way to end our meeting than with a celebration such as this. Jamie my dear, please lead the way.
She takes one final look at the cup on it’s little saucer and then takes a moment to look upon the faces of Jack and Jamie. Perhaps she stares for a moment longer than she should, but she doesn’t mind.
Some moments shouldn’t be rushed.

Meredith Clagnan

Wolven Pyre Greenhouse | Silverbranch Glade
Interacting with: | Manami Fuyu @Lunarlord34

Meredith sits with her nose buried within Grizabella’s tome. Her glasses start to slip from her nose and she readjusts them. Her eyes never leave the pages, even when she addresses the two witches assisting her; hustling about the greenhouse with arms full of powders, crystals and candles. She barks orders, demands specific reagents and corrects rookie mistakes with an exasperated sigh and a roll of her eyes. Amateurs.
Honestly, have either of you never drawn an alchemical circle before?” She snaps, their heads lowering under her scrutiny.
Those sigils need to be written in the proper order. These are the basics, girls!” The two hurried off at a brisker pace, eager to meet Meredith’s standards and avoid another scolding. She peers up through the canopy to see the sun just starting to poke out from behind the verdant veil.
Almost noon. They ought to hurry.

Manami returns with a bottle of translucent, yellow venom and a mortar filled with a fragrant, ashy powder. Meredith nods in appreciation, holding the vial up to the light to confirm if the venom is still potent enough for her purposes. She swirls it around. The substance is viscous and clings to the glass for a moment before seeping down and settling back at the bottom. She keeps an ear open whilst Manami confides her own opinion on their young, fiery friend.
Her work takes a momentary pause to consider if perhaps she had been somewhat dismissive.
No, I’m sure we can make something suitable.” She says with a comforting certainty. She pops the cork from the vial and watches the thick, honey-like venom decant into the cast iron cauldron bubbling away over a candle. The venom sizzles and sputters, a nasty odour of sulfur filling the room.
Zhulie does not need her feelings spared. If I had a need for her I would have asked, but I didn’t.” She says, sprinkling a handful of the ground clove into her mixture and beginning to stir in a counter-clockwise motion. “The best place she can be right now is by Karla’s side. I’m sure that foul mouthed meathead will keep her adequately entertained as well.

Meredith rose, gesturing for her assistant to prepare the now completed potion for the ritual. The circle, drawn upon the ground in chalk and soot, was an array of varying lines, shapes and symbols. At each cardinal point a specific, elemental offering was placed with an empty circle. A peacock feather, grave dirt, a red candle and a fossilized abalone. Large rods of selenite and quartz points were purposefully placed in a grid, interwoven among the other components and charged with energy. A witch placed the still bubbling cauldron in the center, her partner crouching before it with a black, silken veil obscuring her face. A shadow. The two hold hands, chanting in a tongue unfamiliar to most. Meredith slipped the elastic for a small set of copper cymbals.
She offered a similar pair to Manami.
Follow my lead, if you feel comfortable to do so.” She steps towards the circle, wandering around it’s circumference with soft, purposeful movements. Orbiting the two witches, she clashes the cymbals together at each inter-cardinal point. The clang reverberated with a frequency that caused the crystal grid to resonate with energy.
A small contribution of her own magic power was all Meredith could offer.
the ritual. She was no longer a witch, relying on others to bring her carefully crafted potions and salves to life. She didn’t mind so much anymore.
If she could play a small part in easing the pain of her beloved sisters then it would all be worth it.

Henri Baptiste

Keeper’s Crossroads | Silverbranch Glade
Interacting with: Regan Hadou @CitrusArms, Argus Leandras @Raijinslayer and Shiro @Lunarlord34

The last blow from Hagar struck Henri’s jaw with a resounding crack. His face stung and he could feel something sticky and warm trickling down his temple. Head to head with his assailant, he could see the hungry ferocity deep within the constricted blacks of his eyes. Between the ringing of each blow in his head he could hear the hearty laughter of the brute. He wrestled against him with all his might, but Hagar’s knees were pressed firmly against his forearms, keeping his upper body pinned.
Ain’t got nothin’ smart to say now, aye mate?” He taunted.
Henri tilts his head, glaring at him whilst a low growl forms in the back of his throat. This guy was an eyesore. He would love nothing more than to smack that sick grin from his face. He digs his fingers into the dirt, magic swelling at his fingertips and into the soil. The ground became damp and bloated, his weight sinking him down an inch or so into the mud. Murky waters rose to form small puddles across the meadow, a sticky humidity clinging to the air like flies to honey.
Hagar reels his fist back, prepared to strike once more when his face shifts from smug satisfaction to a bewildered discomfort. His tunic clung to his skin with sweat and his blows were far more laboured than they ought to be. He glared down at his victim, rightfully assuming him responsible for the drenching pressure.
And that was when the kick landed, in that moment of realisation.

Hagar tumbled a few meters away, planting face first into the mud with a satisfying squelch. His assuming build carried enough weight so that he wasn’t sent flying by Shiro’s kick, but he was nothing if not shell shocked.

Henri brings himself to his feet with only a slight falter. He spits a glob of spit mixed with blood and discards his muddied overcoat. His torso and arms are adorned with a sprawling tattoo of a kraken. It’s tentacles wrap around his chest, neck and biceps. The inked appendages glow a luminescent teal.
Henri leans his head to the side with a satisfying crack, glaring as the lumbering Hagar rose to his knees and groaned. His eyes settle on Shiro. He stood tall, flaring his arms out into a wide stance with a magic circle forming at his feet.
Right spoilsport you are, love. Was startin’ to enjoy meself I was.” With each word his magic power spiked, radiating from him like a burning sun. The circle expanded to encompass the soil beneath their feet. Henri stares down, gasping in alarm, water spilling forth from his tattoos and engulfing his arms in the wet visage of squid tentacles. He takes a knee, pounding the earth with his knuckles. The ground besides Hagar began to gurgle and bubble, two identical cephalopod appendages sprout upwards before collapsing downwards onto Hagar as he attempts to finish his spell. The interruption is all but certain, were it not for the sudden flash of steel swiftly dispatching Henri’s conjurations with a hefty slash.
Hagar’s dancing blades hover at his side. He lets out a rapturous laugh.
Aw, bit slow mate. No matter. We’re just getting started. Sword Magic: Iron Maiden.” He bellowed, the circle collapsing beneath their feet to reveal a familiar gleam of light crisscrossing across the soil and erecting around the trio in a large, dome grid. The light fades, revealing rows upon rows of steel blades. The blades share a likeness to each other, but are all somewhat different in their own way. Different blade lengths, hilt designs and engravings distinguish the collection. The swords orbit the arena. Henri attempts to disperse their formation on one side with two water jets thrust from both palms, but the blades flourish nigh instantaneously to dissect the attack with razor precision before settling back into their former position.

The realisation that he’d have to fight his way out of this arena was no cause for alarm. Henri had already hoped to repay Hagar’s earlier punishment with interest.
He takes a firm stance, tentacles at the ready.


Talos had grown silent amidst the conflict between Regan and the other poachers. More bared arms against her after she so easily dispatched the first two. No doubt she wouldn’t struggle too much with them. There were a couple mages among them, but their sorcery was of little impact.
The direwolf had halted his movements completely, his eyes turning cloudy and vacant. It was as if he were in a trance.
When the dark returned to his eyes the wolf raised his snout to the sky and howled. A short lived but intense pulse of magic washed over everyone present. The crippling dread that gripped their very souls was there only for a moment, but it was enough to stop the poachers in their tracks. A growl unlike any Talos had ever uttered burst forth from his gullet. It was a discordant screech that tangled the anguished cry of a woman with the sputtering hiss of a serpent and then ended with a pained yelp.
The yelping persisted, Talos’ legs buckling beneath him. He collapses to the ground, clearly discomforted by a writhing sensation beneath his skin. Talos’ bones snap and contort with sickening crunches, his limbs almost doubling in size before soon being accompanied by the rest of his body. His fur hardens into razor needles, fangs grow and sharpen to the point where they threatened to tear the sides of his mouth.

A familiar hiss comes from behind him, the wolf’s tail extending and shifting into the form of a great, tawny boa constrictor with cream patches. The snake sets its sights on the only poacher too stunned to run for the hills like the others.
The serpent stiffens, but there is nary a moment for the poacher’s heart to beat one last time before it lashes out to strike.
The beast wastes no time savouring the kill, hungry wolf and serpent eyes befalling upon Regan as an enraged Talos pounces with tooth and claw.
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Regan Hadou
Silverbranch Glade


Just as she was thinking that her combat ability would dull against the mooks escaping the brawl to try and recapture the wolf, a dread cry filled the air. Regan, as everyone else in the vicinity, flinched. She turned to face the new threat behind her as her opponents fled, watching with a measure of horror as the already large wolf became monstrous. What was happening? Could witch familiars use magic? It seemed too painful and sudden to-

The only poacher who didn't run got eaten, and then it was her turn. Two sets of eyes gazed at her, likely not recognizing her and registering her as a threat. The beast lunged at her and she lept aside, using a shockwave to help propel herself. She took an experimental, defensive swipe at Talos, just catching a bit of his flesh with her sword. She examined the edge of her blade quickly.

"Good. No blood." She didn't think there would be, but she could never be certain until she tried it. Somewhere behind all that fury was the desire for peace. Most creatures went unscathed, but she was never sure until she tried it

Still, it wouldn't do to overwhelm the beast with pain if she could help it. Only a thoroughly peaceful soul would recieve the blade without pain or injury. Regan took a measured breath, centering herself before she took the offensive. With a shockwave to propel herself forward, Regan slashed at the wolf's legs, vying for whatever side might be further away from that snake head. Fighting that thing might be trouble. She'd have to get a little violent if she got swallowed, and that wouldn't do at all.

She jumped herself back over Talos with another shockwave, lashing out at the sides of its back with the shard of night in her hands. She was careful to avoid the spine, however. Inducing that kind of shock was something she normally tried to reserve for... the poachers, for instance.

The swordmaster would land and tumble away, but not before making another slash at the other front leg. She had to stay away from that snake head... Surely, it would come to try and swallow her. She should be able to defend herself by deflecting it's teeth, if it did.
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Magnolia - To the Exhibition (Exiting)

With an unusual determination, Ariel briskly moved forward in the direction of the exhibition. Even so she thought about the questions posed by Trinity. "Well, my mom used it to make machines and things infuse with magic and control them. . Like her arm. I have a few designs she sent. I don't really understand them to be honest, but she's hoping that if I absorb the magic of the lacrama then I can use it to construct something. Pretty sure she mentioned Archive magic too to help me learn. Some kind of newer magic involving tech and information. The kitsune girl would try and explain as best she could. To be fair, this kind of stuff was still fringe magic involving the merger of magic and technology that few people perfected. Indeed, if her mother hadn't been such a prolific hoarder of knowledge it might have been further obscure.

Moving along she would enjoy the brushing from both Ethel and Trinity. Big floofy tails had advantages it seemed. Before long though D'angelo would come bounding up, having followed the slight commotion the transforming girl attracted. Her fox ears twitching and turning back a bit her heightened senses picked up they were being followed. Looking back she would slow and let the man catch up. [color=thisle]"Hello again. Come to join us?"[/color] She would give a big grin.
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Interactions: Elena/Percy @PandaBrady

Watching Percy change from female to male was probably about as impressive as the first transformation; Neil always found such things fascinating. He had to be mindful to not allow his curiosity to get the better of him, least he start looking into more concoctions he could potentially manufacture with his alchemic pursuits, but still - he enjoyed watching any transform with the same delight each time. This current one was perhaps a little less shocking - as he knew what to expect. Sure enough, Percy was in his own skin again, and coming to terms with what had been requested.

Neil looked at the job posting he'd been handed and offered it to Percy to read. "It's been posted up on the board in the center of town too. Anyone could do it so long as they have a partner. One person enters the drinking contest, the other plays look out in the audience, and the point is to catch the thief. Someone's been robbing contestants of everything from valuables to clothing. According to the posting, your -" he stopped and let out a half laugh, with a charming grin gracing his face - "other half, as it were, would likely be a better piece of bait. Though I'm sure you might fair just as well so long as you got a partner."

Location: Phoenix Wing Guildhall

Interactions: Dalton @hatakekuro, Jarvis @MarshiestMallow

"So to determine what level jobs I can take requires determining how experienced I am with my magic, which is determined by either you, or the Jamie in a meeting, or one of the mages that left for the fight." Nyssa thought about that for a long moment. It all seemed to make sense. After all, someone might assume they were ready for a job even if they weren't, and potentially get hurt - not only not good for the group, but for the individual and the person that needed the thing done. It was better someone else decided if they were ready or not. It was much like any of the labors at the village; one needed to prove they were ready to do a task in order to be able to handle it alone.

She nodded, smiling as she looked back at Jarvis. "Okay, yes. That makes sense. So when does that happen? Does this mean I am a member of this guild now?"

Location: Phoenix Wing Guildhall Kitchen

Interactions: Jasmine @Lunarlord34

Around normal people, the growl of a hungry stomach may have been embarrassing. Seeing as Markovis wasn’t normal, he didn’t think a second thought about it. Or, rather, not one that would be embarrassing. Jasmine was a dragon slayer - and like other slayers he had encountered, such abilities that could topple immortals and the likes came with an amazing natural energy conversion ability, which meant lots of energy stores needed. Energy stores, for the most part, meant needing to eat a lot.

Usually, he didn’t bother having anyone taste test anything for him, but Jasmine was a cook. He trusted she would be truthful in her opinion. There were several variations to the recipe that involved more or less spice, and since he wasn’t sure everyone else’s taste for it - he just went with a moderate spice level. He knew Trinity would like it, but the others - that was why he needed Jasmine’s opinion. She cooked more often for the others in the guild than he did. Short of that, Jarvis or one of the others might have an idea what was a good ratio, but that required far more work than just hoping for the best.

And if no one else wanted any, that just meant more for Smokin’ Bottle and Jasmine.

Of course, though assisting in serving is unnecessary. I planned to just set up a spot for people to just get their own food if they’re interested in it, and I would simply oversee it.” He already had an idea of how he would serve everything anyways - which was to announce that it was available then leave it for others to take their share. The only one that he was actually going to serve the food to was Trinity. And now Jasmine.

Markovis transferred a portion of the rice into three dishes - a small-ish bowl for Trinity, a larger one for Jasmine, and then a dish large enough for the rest of the rice. Then portioned out a serving of the cakes and dip for Trinity. After getting utensils for the collection of food and dishes he’d gathered, he offered Jasmine the bowl and spoon. “Here is your dish. I’m going to bring Trinity her food then get everything set to bring to the exhibition. If you would like to get yourself a serving of the sweet potato cakes and cream dip, help yourself. I should be right back.
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Jane Addeson|Within the Fabled Hall

Walking alongside Belius, the Energy Blade wielder chuckled at his question. ”I don’t imagine that there will be much of a pool since it is just an exhibition match, nothing like the GMG. But still, if it’ll help the town, I’ll contribute.” She smiles mischievously. ”Plus, what about a pot between the two of us? Showiest spells? Best combat style? Spell with the biggest boom?”

James Avelane|A Pupil's Arrival

Chuckling at Amaya’s statement, James followed her, Joshua and Cody as they all moved towards the new Arena Indominus, watching the way the town was coming alive in a way that was far beyond anything that the Paladin had seen in the last two years. Now, he was familiar with the city’s history and how closely tied to the late Fairy Tail mage guild that Fantasia Festival was over a hundred years ago. Apparently, it was so tied to it, when magic was ostracized after Zeref’s attack in Crocus and the subsequent attacks there after, the festival was forced into a lull as no one would attend something tied so strongly to something that was now a taboo.

However, seeing the way that the town revitalized the festival and brought it back, almost without a second thought for the matter, well, as the stadium came into view and they began to enter it, James couldn’t help but smile largely as his helmet vanished so he could watch the event.

Jake Ronan|Dinner for Two

True to his word, Jake got cleaned up and then found his girlfriend before the pair headed to the train station to head for the coast. The ax wielder smiled at Pyrrha as they walked. ”Got anywhere that might come recommended? Admittedly it’s been awhile since I had fish.”

Jack Goran|A Meeting of Masters, Old and New

Jack’s smile could have lit up a room with how large it was. ”You mean a chance to see a piece of both Magical and Town history resurrected and shown to the world as a way to remind them magic isn’t evil? Did you even have to ask?” As Priscilla voiced agreement with his sentiment, the Fire God Slayer could only grin wider.

”Indeed, dear Jamie, lead the way.”

Hunter Jorgenson|Call of the Wild

Sure enough, when Ashlyn arrived at the train station, Hunter was sitting on one of the platforms, chewing on a piece of jade stone he must have brought from the guild hall in one hand and playing with a rubber ball with the other. Spotting the fire mage, he beckons her over to join him on the platform. Once she was close, he tossed her a small pack. ”Extra rations, we might be out there awhile based on the intel I just got from the Rune Knights. Seems the target has claimed a rather large swath for territory.”

Royal Rumble in the Arena’d Jungle

Featuring Damian “Blades” Gerard, Roseletta “Black Rose” Griffonbane, Nolan “Ashen Ghost” Waltz, and Penny “The Phoenix” Hoft

As the four S-Class mages entered, more or less, their respective locker rooms, the sounds of the crowd could be heard even inside. Seemed that the revival of the Fantasia Festival with an opening fight with all the S-Class mages of the best known guild in the country had drummed up quite the crowd. Damian stretched as he waited near his entrance, humming a quiet song to himself as he did so. He hadn’t yet unlocked his Alpha power lock, that would wait until after he was on the field, but he was not any kind of slouch. He glanced in the direction he’d seen Nolan led off in and smirked in spite of himself. Wonder how he handles putting on a show…

”Can’t they just shut up?” Seriously, he could hear the bloody crowd from all the way in the locker room and he knew that they were going to only get louder, probably because Damian will try to make a hype speech or something. Well, at least his opponents were going to actually put up a fight this time; it’s been boring as sin without having someone to give him a proper bout for these last two years. Well, he couldn’t say that these few years have been fruitless at least. His training had pushed him to new heights with his ability to control his magic, body, and mind. There was never a moment where he wasn’t training. Nolan stood by the entranceway and stretched his arms upwards. ”At least this’ll be interesting.” The slayer muttered to himself.

“Man, everyone is really hungry for this battle, it is weird getting this attention”Spoke rose to herself hearing the chantings of the excited voices of all who came to see this legendary battle of sorts. She rubbed her neck slowly moving out of her locker room adjusting the pitch black scythe on her back slightly as she walked into the arena. The years have really changed the young woman from being reserved and not so showy to taking up the old offer of becoming an S rank now that she felt more in tune and not so scared of her own magic. She was ready to show the true reason she used to fear her magic. Maybe this time she can show the beauty she had found within the darkness these past two years.

Penny shifted, trying not to let her anxiety get to her. Fighting had never been something Penny was overly interested in, but she couldn’t deny that this display would be beneficial to the people of Magnolia- and those of the rest of fiore that had travelled to see this. She moved her weight from one foot to the other, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to rely too much on her Phoenix Song, lest she put the whole crowd to sleep or into some other emotive state. Still, she had been fighting with fire a lot longer than she had with her Phoenix magics. A part of her couldn’t help but let the crowd's anticipation get to her, and she moved once more. They wanted a display worthy of S class, well, she could give that.

All at once, the four S-Class mages received a prompt via telepathic mage to head out, while at the same time, the crowds cheering and conversation changed. A rhythmic tapping started as the four mages walked their tunnels and then came out into the arena, appearing as the main singer for the band that was up there started singing. The announcer came alive for real at the same time. “Ladies and gentlemen! Today we have quite the show for you as the four S-Class mages for the best known mage guild in the country clash in an epic battle royale!” The crowd roars in approval as Damian pulls his Ares Blade from the air, his magic circle turning black as he spins the blade and swings it to his side, the force sending out a gust of air felt by the other S-Class mages and the crowd. “From the north tunnel, he wields the blackest ash to turn the brightest of days into the darkest of nights, the Ashen Ghost himself, Nolan Waltz!” The women got particularly rowdy, but it was clear the crowd as a whole knew his name.

“From the East, she walks the fine line between light and dark, using the shadows to bring those who would do wrong to light, the beautiful Black Rose, Roseletta Griffonbane!” More hoots and hollers, even applause and whistles. The announcer was clearly someone who covered events like this regularly. “From the South you have the Firebird, a mage who brings the legend of the Phoenix to life with her flames and Phoenix Song, the Phoenix herself, Penny Hoft!” Once more the crowd loses it, with a small number of them throwing flowers around the four mages.

“And last but most certainly not least, from the West you have the man who’s blades bring evildoers to their knees, who wields a sword so powerful, it's said to have come from a legendary dragon and magic to match, the Blade of Phoenix Wing himself, Damian Gerard!” As the crowd cheers once more, Damian smirks and holds his Ares Blade above his head before sliding into an Iaijutsu stance, ready to begin. The Ares Blade was a katana after all and he’d learned alot about wielding them over the last couple of years, as well as growing stronger, so finding where all of them stood amongst themselves was going to be interesting.

Meanwhile, Nolan just looked at the announcer with absolute contempt. What is with this cheesy shit that was coming out of that Freddy Mercury looking ass? This was just too much; not even the announcers from the GMG were this obnoxious. ”Shut it blowhard.” The God Slayer said coldly, unsheathing his scimitar with hardly a flourish though, it was to be expected from him. After all, he was not exactly someone who was known for showmanship, but hey, there were probably some people who were into that attitude of his.

“Well, as much as I am not one for flashy displays or allowing myself to get praises, I will say it is quite humbling and honorable and maybe I should have allowed this from the start.”Spoke Rose, trying her best to seem humble as she looked at the crowds raising a hand to wave at all of them, trying to seem like someone to would enjoy having fans. She barely got used to having a literal family now she has fans and a showcase to display her skills. Almost overwhelming “Let's start this thing off right ya?”she asked with a smile removing the scythe from her back, twirling it around the fingers of her left hand watching the other three closely.

A show… that was what the crowd wanted, and perhaps it was what Magnolia needed. There would always be scars in this city- and indeed all over Fiore, but perhaps they could forge both to be stronger then they were. The first step was banishing the fear that was held against magic users, still. Penny flicked a glance around the stadium, and for a brief moment she was sure she heard little Faith screaming out their names. A brief moment of fancy, but it did make Penny smile as she waited for the announcer to call out her name.


Well, she had plenty of light at her disposal with Fire and Phoenix Magic, that was for sure. She slowly turned- her gaze slowly moving over the crowd as flame began to whirl around her, the fire coalescing into her Phoenix Form, her eyes closing a moment as she fought the innate urge to let lose a few notes of song. Who knew what it might do, to the crowd already so riled up. She crouched slightly, picking up one single flower from the group that had been thrown around them all. For a brief, brief moment Penny held her breath, the flames barely flicking along the flower before they engulfed it- but the flower didn’t burn.

With a slight upward throw, it floated into the air, seeming to hover there. She shifted, the flames around her dying slowly, and she turned her gaze to the others, crossing her arms across her chest. ”I’m ready.”

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