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Create-A-Hero RPG Live Action Actor/Actress Casting

Superhero Alias (Real Name): Actor/Actress (films/tv shows that actor/actress were in)
comments: Self-explanatory

Casting by @nitemare shape

Icon (Scott Hunter): Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, The Tudors)
comments: He would be a good...wait a minute, he's already Superman! But, Henry, you will not have to worry about competing with the Batman here! (Thanks Ded, I had cast Cavill as Scott after the first time I saw him in The Tudors back in '07 or '08...damn you Snyder!

Jenny Hunter (Scott's kid sister):

Amber Tobin

Eric Dean

Keira Parker

Clara Mynought


Director Alexander Anderson

Marcus Ryder

Richard Midas

Alison Sparks (Ms Sparks)

Lyger (Kyle Porter):

Whisper (Cassie Welch)

Echo (Ashley "Ash" Martinez)

Ronnie Chang

Haruki “Harry” Takahashi

Samantha "Sam" Myers

Jack Porter (Kyle's Dad)

Quickshadow (Kenna Nakano

Kerri Walters

Dmitri Nikolov

Hannah Emery

Maxwell Renfield

Flux (Chrissy Jones)

Casting by @Dedonus

Radiance (Alexa Winstone): Ashley Greene (Twilight)

Slipstream (Amanda Allen-James)

Racheli Lorna Desdemona: Nora Zehetner (Heroes)
comments: With her relatively short performance in Heroes, I would say that Nora could play Rach.

Justine Shepherd: Shailene Woodley
comments: While her eye color does not match the picture that Tearstone provided in his character sheet, but I think her face does patch that image (minus the eye color).

War-Pulse: Sebastian Stan (Captain America movies)
comments: Compare the below image with War-Pulse's appearance in his character sheet and tell me how would this not be the perfect fit?

Raptor (Zac Wilson): Dacre Montgomery
comments: While I have not seen the most recent Power Rangers movie yet, I'm assuming that the Red Ranger could be a good fit for this role.

Robert Wilson (Zac's Father): Sam Elliot, 10-20 years ago (Prancer, Hulk)
comments: Weird that I cannot pick an actor for Zac, but I can for his dad...

Wasp (Kelly Brown): Milana Vayntrub (AT&T Commercials)
comments: I don't know if she could act in an action movie, but in my mind, she looks the part of Kelly. Also, they would have to omit the part about Kelly growing over six feet tall, but that can be easily over looked. :D Finally, if Emma Stone can play a high schooler, I'm sure Milana can pass for a college sophomore.

Bast (Sammy Kadowsky): Hayley McFarland (Criminal Minds)
comments: This is what happens when you look at the Criminal Minds wikipedia page for each of their seasons. She kind of looks young in this picture, but I assure you that she is 24 (born in 1991). Funny how the story arc that gave Sammy her "powers" was inspired by Criminal Minds, too. :D

Arachne (Aubrey Adkins): AJ Michalka (Goldbergs/Super 8) / Elle Fanning (Maleficent/Super 8) / Karen Gillan (Doctor Who/Guardians of the Galaxy/Jumanji)
comments: Arachne would be, well, interesting to put on the silver screen since she is not entirely a humanoid, unlike most of the characters in this roleplay. Therefore (unless this "movie" is taking place in the IC, where they could hire Arachne to do the stunts) Arachne would probably have to be done via CGI, much like the Hulk in the Avengers. They would probably CGI the action scenes but use green-screen magic to get some close-ups. They could also use the techniques Marvel Studios did to make pre-transformation Captain America to make sure the actress does not fall victim of a common trope for superheroines.

Karen Gillan is the oldest (29), the tallest, the only non-American (Scottish), and only one of my three choices who is not naturally blonde. However, none of these are deal-breakers. Hair color can be changed (cf. Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider-Man movies), actors play younger roles all the time (cf. Emma Stone again), movie magic can fix any height issues (coughTomCruisecough), and accents can be faked. When casting an actress for the role of Arachne, one must consider that there are two aspects to this character: the superhero and civilian. I believe Karen could nail the superhero part of the role, as her film resume shows.

AJ Michalka is the second oldest (26). In the same way that Karen would excel at the superhero portion of this role, AJ would do the same for the civilian part. Aubrey is a pretty similar to the character she played on the Goldbergs. I have no idea whether she could do the superhero part of the role (the closest she has come to this was voice acting for Steven Universe).

Elle Fanning is the youngest of the bunch (19). AJ Michalka and her so happened to have played sisters in Super 8. Her age is both a positive and a negative. She is the closest to Arachne's age in IC (21/2) and by the time a hypothetical movie is produced, she would be the right age. Plus, she would be young enough to do multiple movies (cf. Tom Holland for MCU Spider-Man). The only negative deals with Arachne's "assets." While I would admit that "enhancing" any of these actresses would be a little weird, it feels worse doing it to a 19 year old.

Casting by @Indy Cooper

Blacklight (Leanna Young):


Abigail Cho


Casting by @Eddie Brock

Mantis (Sean Abbot)

Miss Megaton (April Newton)

Casting by @Hound55

The Aquilifer (Dennis Connolly)

The Aquilifer (Alan Coghlan)

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Create a Hero RPG Season 3

Screen Name: NiteMare Shape

Character you have created: Scott Hunter
Alias: Icon

Speech Color (actually say what you're using, don't go "Like this", or what not):
as Scott
As Icon

Character Alignment: Hero
Identity: Secret to the public

Character Personality(Give information on how your character acts, what he/she believes in, how they handle situations): He is a man who doesn't fully understand himself. He grew up not too far from Lost Haven in Conway New Hampshire. It's a small ski resort town several just several hours south of the city. Although he grew up a normal kid with normal a normal family, he is anything but normal. He has amazing powers that he doesn't fully understand. While he was growing up he hated himself, he was angry at the world for making him a "freak." He wanted nothing to do with his powers, he just wanted a normal life. However, as time went on and he grew older he learned to deal with his powers, and eventually he embraced them. He believes in fighting for what is right. He believes in protecting the weak, and making sure that they are taken care of. Overall, he is a good man with great power, trying to do the right thing.

Uniform/costume: See below

When he is not in costume fighting villains or trying to stop general catastrophe he runs a nightclub called The Hub with his best friend Eric Dean.

Origin Info/Details: Scott Hunter may seem like a normal guy, but he is anything but. Everything about him is a lie, his parents, his older brother as well as his younger sister. None of it is real. Although they raised him as their son, he isn't. In fact, he isn't even really human. Scott was the result of a secret experiment by atop secret government agency that mixed alien DNA with that of a human. While he was a baby; he was cared for by a woman named Barbara Hill, who was a member of the top secret government agency. What the objective of this experiment was is unknown. While going about her daily tasks at the project, Dr. Hill learned that the program had been terminated, all evidence was to be destroyed, and the baby known only then as SKT-17 (she affectionately called him "Scott") was to be eliminated. Having recently lost her own child due to the actions of a drunk driver who also claimed the life of Dr. Hill's husband, she could not stand the thought that this child who she began to see as her own, could be killed. She stole the child from the laboratory which created him, and fled to the north. She gave the child to a trusted friend, Jacob Hunter and his young bride Elizabeth. Soon after, Dr. Hill was tracked down by agents of the government unit and killed. Jacob and Elizabeth took the young baby, and continued calling him Scott as they felt that there would be no need to change his name, seeing as that is what Dr. Hill had called him his whole life.

Scott was raised by the Hunters as one of their own children. He always knew that he was different, that he had these abilities, but he never understood why. As his powers developed throughout his childhood, he became increasingly confused and angry. This was a cause for concern for his parents, because they never understood exactly why their son was this way. When Jacob died when Scott was still just a child, Scott blamed himself for his father's death, feeling that it was the pressure of raising a "freak" that caused his young father to die of an aneurysm. Eventually he learned to deal with his gifts. At first he used his gifts for selfish reasons, often profiting from using them dishonestly (mostly in athletic bets). However, after an incident which cost his older brother Brandon his life, Scott left his family and found himself in a self imposed exile. He traveled around the country, spending much of his time on the West Coast. While he was away, he would often step in and anonymously lend a hand to those in need. He eventually got back into contact with his mother and sister, and was shocked to find that they did not blame him for Brandon's death. After a lot of self reflection, he made his way to Lost Haven where he opened a nightclub called "The Hub" with his longtime friend Eric Dean.

Hero Type: (Select one)

Power Level (Select one below):

3. World Level

Powers (Be Specific): Flight, near invulnerability, super strength, super speed, able to fire optic blasts, and an almost radar sense that allows him to focus in on people in distress, enhanced vision, enhanced hearing, the ability to fire energy blasts from his hands

Attributes Select one at each category:

Height: 6'3

Weight: 235 Pounds

Strength Level: 100+ tons

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 100+ MPH, Supersonic in flight

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 4 hours
Agility: 20X Human level.

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill: Untrained

Resources: Average

Weaknesses: To be revealed later

Supporting Characters(Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):
Elizabeth Hunter-Mother
Jacob Hunter-Father (Deceased)
Jennifer Hunter-Little Sister
Brandon Hunter-Older Brother (Deceased)
Eric Dean-Friend, co-owner of the nightclub known as The Hub that he runs with Scott
Amber Tobin- friend
various police, friends, criminals and allies all will be described when used.
Do you know how to post pictures on the RPG boards:

Sample Origin Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue):

"Hurry Up, get that money into the bags!" One of the masked assailants screamed to one of the others.

Four masked men had stormed into Centennial Bank demanding that all the money be handed over. Juanita Juarez crouched in a corner, trying not to look at the carnage on the floor. However, she didn't have to look at it, he knew exactly what had happened in the moments after the masked men entered the bank. Two security guards and a customer were all dead, killed in the hail of gunfire that erupted when the masked men made their intentions clear. Trying to avoid detection, she just sat there; huddled in the corner, hoping that this would all end soon.

"This is Captain Price of the Lost Haven Police Department. We don't want anyone to get hurt, just come out and place your weapons on the ground." A voice came from outside. The four masked man became agitated, prodding the tellers to hurry with the money.

The man who seemed to be leading the robbers went over to the large glass door and opened it a crack as if he were to begin negotiating a way out. Instead, he fired several shots at the police cruisers parked in front of the bank. The police returned fire, sending shattered glass all over the inside of the bank.

"Hold your fire d*mn it!" Captain Price ordered, recognizing the danger that the civilians inside the bank were in. He puts the megaphone he is holding to his mouth again.

"Hold your fire, there is no need for anymore bloodshed. We can resolve this peacefully, and without any more casualties." Then another shot rings out, forcing Price to get back behind the squad cars.

Realizing that the situation is getting worse, the lead masked man began looking around the bank looking for a way out of the bank that didn't involve him being in prison or a body bag.

"Jimmy, go around and check the back, maybe we can get out that way."

The thug that the lead masked man was talking to nodded and went out the back, and came back moments later looking alittle panicked.

"That's covered too, three maybe four units out there. We're trapped."

The lead masked man looks around at the hostages and sets his sights on Juanita Juarez, who is still huddled in the corner. He quickly moves over to her and grabs her by the hair, forcing her to her feet. "GET UP!" he screams at her. She lets out a cry as he forces her against the wall.

"Everyone up, NOW!" He screams at the hostages, as the other masked men corral the remaining hostages up against the same wall as Juanita.

"Alright folks, this is real simple. We're getting out of here, and you're all going to make sure that we get out safely. We're all going to walk out together, and your gonna be standing right in front of us as a human shield. If the pigs open fire, you'll be there to make sure that we don't get hit. And if you try to run, make no mistake about it, I will shoot you. Now, are we all clear on that?"

Suddenly confusion takes over as there is an explosion of glass, and what can almost be described as some sort of whirlwind inside the bank. The gunmen and hostages gather their wits and they see a man standing before them. He is dressed in a dark blue body suit with silver bands on the arms and legs, a blue and silver cape, and he has a thin mask that is the same shade of blue as his costume. The man just stands there as the gunmen open fire on him. The gunmen and hostages stand there in amazement as they watch the bullets just bounce off him.

"Oh no, this ain't hapening, this AIN'T happening!" The lead thug shrieks as he continues to fire his weapon until it runs out of bullets. Then the man fires optic blasts at the four masked men's weapons, knocking them from their grips. The man in blue grabs the first masked man and tosses him into a wall, obviously holding back as to not serious injure the man.

"That's enough guys, it's over. Give it up and nobody has to get hurt." He says to the other three men. They think it over for a moment, and then stand down.

Moments later the man leads the hostages and the masked men out of the bank to the police who are waiting down on the street. When he met Captain Price and the other officers they just stood there for a moment looking at him, not knowing what to make of this new player in the city.

"Thanks for the help son." Captain Price felt somewhat embarrassed at the hokiness of what he said, but it was all he was able to muster.

"I'm just glad I was able to help sir." Then in front of the police, and the media that had gathered at the bank, he just flew away.
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Character you have created: Aubrey Adkins-Grant
Alias: Arachne

Speech Color: Standard Forum Text, FireBrick (B22222)

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret to the public, known by several individuals

Character Personality:


Origin Info/Details:

Season 1 Summary:

Season 2 Summary:

Hero Type:
Muscle/Acrobat (i.e. Spider-Girl)

Power Level:
B. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)



-Vulnerable to Pesticides, especially ones targeted towards spiders.
-The effect of caffeine on Arachne is similar to alcohol.
-Able to “run dry” of web fluid, if she uses too much.
-She is vulnerable from attacks from behind because she cannot turn her body all the way around to deal with it.
-She is (over-time) invulnerable in body, but her spirit and mind do not have the same luxury.

Supporting Characters:
-Emily Prichert: One of the Viera models and a friend of Aubrey's. She is also originally from Ohio. As of the beginning of Season 3, an unknown entity has transformed her into a parallel universe version of herself who goes by the alias Pinup.
-Ashley Winston: One of Aubrey’s ex-roommates.
-Felicia Blackwood: One of Aubrey’s ex-roommates.
-Kristin Harding: One of Aubrey’s ex-neighbors and friends.
-William Grant: Boyfriend. Aphrodite's joy in uniting people into an unlikely couple brought Aubrey and Will together.
-Athena: Greek Goddess of Wisdom. Still feeling guilty about the transformation of the ancient Arachne into a spider, she has decided to provide her aid to Aubrey, whether or not Aubrey likes it.
-The Immortals: A superhero group to whom Arachne belongs. Includes the Son of Osiris, Odysseus, Talus, Gajana, and Firefox. As of the beginning of Season 3, many of their members have been transformed into parallel universe versions of themselves.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Sample Post:
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Character you have created: Zachary “Zac” Wilson

Alias: [The] Raptor (originally Raptor-Man when I envisioned the character a few years ago, but I thought having a character named Raptor-Man and a player whose name is also Raptor-Man would be confusing.)

Speech Color: Standard Forum Text, Peru (CD853F)

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret

Character Personality: While Zac always has good intentions and is dedicated to both his family and friends, he can sometimes be extremely stubborn and, sometimes, have a short fuse. His was raised in a traditional Christian household. While he is not extremely religious (going to church on Wednesday and Sunday), his parent’s beliefs have shaped Zac’s character. After his transformation, Zac is self-conscious of his height (he shrank down from barely 6 foot to 5 foot, 4 inches). With his short-temper, sparks might fly if someone mentions his height deficiency...

Uniform/costume: Until he gets a costume, the Raptor will wear normal clothing. His eventual costume will consist of two shades of brown (darker and lighter) with several black stripes on his back, arms, legs, and neck.

Origin Info/Details:
Season 1 Summary:

Season 2 Summary:

Hero Type:

Power Level:
B. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)

Powers (Be Specific):
-Super Speed (see below about limitations)
-Obsidian-Black retractable claws between the knuckles (i.e. 3 claws per hand – velociraptors had three claws). Not indestructible and needs time to regrow.
-Sickle Claw attached to foot, slightly below the inside ankle.
-Raptor Tail.


-At higher speeds, he cannot maintain that speed for as long as slower speeds.
-No super-human strength or endurance (beyond running endurance), so can be vulnerable if caught.
-Claws are not impervious and can break. If they do break, it takes time for them to regrow.
-You cannot walk around in public with a raptor tail and not go unnoticed(negated by power nullifier)

Supporting Characters:
Robert Wilson: Father – Laid-back, outdoorsman
Meredith Wilson: Mother – Over-obsessive about her son, wishing he was still his little boy (imagine what the thoughts of injury does to her)
Kelly Brown (Wasp): Girlfriend - Met at college, Nursing Major. As of the beginning of Season 3, an unknown entity has transformed her into a parallel universe version of herself who has the power of the Silver Sorceress.
Samantha Kadowsky (Bast): Kelly's childhood best friend. Happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, which resulted in her being transformed into a human-headed cat. She subsequently was restored back to a humanoid form. As of the beginning of Season 3, an unknown entity has transformed her into a parallel universe version of herself who looks like a Nagini and goes by Anaconda.
-Taylor Parks (Amoeba): Member of the Raptor Pack. Received her powers from the Washington Park incident. Her entire body is made of liquid.
-Jeanette Forestier (Blue Jay): Member of the Raptor Pack. Received her powers from the Washington Park incident. She has the appearance of a blue-feathered harpy.
-Darren Norton (Hellbender): Member of the Raptor Pack. Received his powers from the Washington Park incident. Has fire and water powers.

What can you bring to the RPG?:
-I feel that I am flexible and can get along with people.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines):

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Character you have created: Christopher “Chris” Arthur III

Alias: Iron Knight. Also known by: Daedalos Mk. 5, Project Theophonos (god-slayer)

Speech Color: Standard Forum Text, Silver (C0C0C0)

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Public.

Character Personality: As a playboy billionaire, Christopher beats his drums at his own tempo. He’s business by day, party by night, although he allows his leaned back nature bleed into his business affairs. Beyond his business life, Christopher enjoys Greek culture and history, utilizing his companies funds to support archaeological digs in search of new finds in this field, even though they are rare. He is also protective of his half-sister, since she is his only family left (see Origin Info/Details for more info).


Origin Info/Details:

Season 1 Summary:

Season 2 Summary:

Hero Type:
Power-Suit / Gray Matter (Super-Smart)

Power Level:
C. World Level (Ex. Flash, Superman)

Powers: Powers beyond the things listed in the “Attribute” (flight, strength, etc) will be listed here. Furthermore, Iron Knight can make revisions and updates to his armor to prepare the armor for different situations.
-Energy-based Sword
-Energy Pila
-Energy Shield: Iron Knight’s shielding must be activated to be used. Shielding must be lowered in order to use offensive weapons.
-Rockets and Missiles: Iron Knight has several different projectiles at his disposal to use against foes at a distance.

Attributes: Physical attributes are at Normal Human levels when not in the Power Suit.

-Still a normal man under the suit.
-Armor can become overloaded if enough energy is pumped into the suit.
-Takes some time to prep suit for usage.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):
-Veronica: Christopher’s half-sister. She is currently a freshman in high school.
-George: The Arthur family’s butler, helped raise both Chris and Veronica, especially the later when their parents died (“If Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark can have a butler, why can’t I?” ~CA3).
-Maya Hoffman: Girlfriend. She is secretly a nagini, known only by Arachne and Athena. What is her real motives for dating Chris is anyone’s guess.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yes (see last app).

Sample Post:

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Character you have created:
Kayla Odina Jane Mason

Speech Color:
Firebush Orange

Kayla is usually reserved in nature, keeping to herself in the general public to a point where those who are relatively close to her think that she is scared of the strangers she walks with. Regardless of walking in the city, if a stranger spoke to her while she is working in the garage, she is polite to them to give off a sense of good interpersonal skills. However, if she is in a social setting, she is usually relaxed and cheerful, knowing that she is in the company of good people that she can trust. That personality, however, changes dramatically when she is confronted with evil. She is ruthless, calculating and, at times, callous. Transitioning from her normal self is as easy as a flick of a switch. Transitioning back, however, something completely different happens.

Kayla has a diamond-shaped face, her face evenly tanned except for a few faint tan lines across the bridge of her nose and from the corner of her eyes to the tops of her ears. Her eyes are upturned in shape, with them cognac brown in colour. Her nose is small and snub in shape, complementing her downward-turned lips. She has a few freckles in the area where her cheek bones are, which are slightly present. Her ears are medium in size, her right ear pierced twice in the detached lobes and a bar through the top while her left ear only has one piercing in her ear. Finally, her head is topped with very long, charcoal black hair that is often kept in a ponytail kept behind. She has a straight, lithe body shape that is toned like an athlete. She has a falcon tattooed on her shoulders, the wing tips on the corner where her collar bone and shoulder joint meet. The tattoo is marred by only one scar on the left wing, which looks like it came from a bullet wound that also appears on her left chest at around the same height. There is also a scar running down the centre of her chest, around where the sternum of her ribcage is. There are some fresh scars on either side of her torso, 4 gashes on her right side and one on her left.

Kayla was born in Palm Springs, CA, to Thomas Mason, a USAF Combat Rescue Officer and Kimi Morris, a retail manager of Cree descent. Her childhood involved moving about to towns and cities close to where her father was stationed. During one of the moves when she was 7 years old, she saw a local archery club and had a go doing the sport. She instantly fell in love with it and picked it up, also moving from club to club during her childhood and some of her teenage life. When she was 13, her parents filed for divorce due to the strain on the marriage of Thomas going overseas, with her mother winning her custody. They subsequently moved to Lost Haven to begin a fresh, stable life.

With a consistent life, Kayla grew up with the guidance of her mother and fellow archers at the club she settled into. Her school life was good, being around everyone and well-liked by everyone. This development reached great levels as she got accepted into Caltech in Electrical Engineering, her degree being having a lot of funding from USA Archery as an international recurve archer. During this time, while working as a barmaid in one of the bars, she met Jason Rodriguez, an English Major at Loyola Marymount University a couple of years older than she was. The chemistry between grew quickly that by the time she graduated from Caltech with Honours, she already moved in with him and was applying to various aerospace engineering companies.

Weeks later after graduating, learning that during the time that she was both on the shortlist of competing for the USA at the Olympics and got accepted to an interview with a global avionics company, Jason ‘popped the question’, leaving her life in a great place. However, on their way back from celebrating the big occasion, a couple of guys approached them demanding everything of value to them. Things escalated with a struggle between Jason and one of the guys, who had pulled out a revolver during the struggle, and the gun fired at Kayla’s left shoulder, tearing through her left lung in the process. The man then turned the gun on Jason and shoots him in the chest, killing him before the paramedics got there. Kayla remained in a coma for a month, with both her biological parents and Jason’s family paying for her medical bills.

Kayla spent a year recovering, both physically and mentally, from her injury. During this time, she was informed by the physiotherapist that due to the damage caused to her muscles and shoulder blade, she wouldn’t be able to compete in recurve archery at all due to the strain on her back muscles. While she had lost her fiancé and her career prospects, she fought tooth-and-nail to keep her archery, sacrificing her recurve bow in exchange for a compound bow and building up her shoulder muscles, plus her fitness, with kickboxing. Despite all this effort to keep her archery, she moved back to Lost Haven to live with her mother long enough to get a job at a local garage, run by the 54-year-old Jeremy Taylor, who was understanding of her situation.

  • Bus exploded while the group she was in was going to The Hub. Encounters a skull-faced man that seemed to have caused it.
  • Took on a vigilante role and, after being attacked in broad daylight, discovered that the crime organization The Penose had something to do with the explosion. Took on the persona of Fletch.
  • When travelling to track them down, she witnessed the explosive conclusion to the battle between Nemesis and War Pulse. Also witnesses people taking the former away.
  • Teamed up with War Pulse and Evergreen to rescue Nemesis, but loses the pair of them to the gang war between Yakuza and Triad. Gained enhanced agility and Archie from Evergreen.
  • Found Nemesis in the company of Richard Midas but was distracted with the Hounds of Humanity attack.
  • Helped the heroes fight and defeat the Hounds of Humanity, saving Nemesis/Racheli from possible death.
  • Got injured by a HoH experiment while with Racheli, Hound Dog, and Roadblock.
  • During the weeks after the final attack, she meets Jai Hale, and her identity as Fletch was revealed. Also revealed her identity to Racheli.
  • Helped Racheli find out the mysterious killer linked with her friend, who was revealed to be Racheli’s father Michael Garth. Fought him in the streets while Jai located Racheli.

Thomas Mason – Estranged Father.
Koko Mason – Mother.
Jason Rodriguez – Fiancé (Deceased).
Adria Rodriguez – Jason’s Mother (Rarely in contact).
Caesar Rodriguez – Jason’s Father (Rarely in contact).
Jeremy Taylor – Boss of the garage.
Mia Rice – Childhood friend and flatmate.
Mark Jameson – Mia’s boyfriend.
Archie - When she encountered War-Pulse and Evergreen, the latter had given her a plant-based familiar based on the appearance of a small sugar glider. While not able to hold its own, Archie has a lot of agility to evade attacks and can drop seeds that can explode when they come to contact with a surface with enough force.



Walking the Line (For the time being)

Secret barring a few people (See S1/S2 Summary)

Her hair is tied back in a ponytail as to not disturb the bowstring. To throw people off her scent, orange hair extensions are added to her fringe. Her face is covered by a customized cowl and eyes covered by orange tinted sports sunglasses. Her costume consists of a black tank top and black cargo trousers, finished with black, white and orange trainers to keep things practical and minimal. She has a self-customised leather jacket that finishes at the elbows and underneath her chest as to act as a chest guard from the bowstring. She wears gloves of different sizes on each arm, her left glove longer than her right that serve different purposes (see Resources below). Finally, she is equipped with two quivers: one for her back and on for her right leg that is strapped to her thigh.

Pseudo-Acrobat/Human/Other (Technological, comes later)

Street Level (Present)

  • Archery: Having been an archer for over 20 years, she has an understanding in the care of her bow and is able to shoot at any distance and shoot with near-precise accuracy. If her sight is out of range of her target, she is able to estimate the distance and shoot the distance, often with good enough accuracy to injure the target.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Aptitude: Combining her trade as a mechanic and her knowledge in electronics from her degree, she is able to understand a few systems. However, she is more suited to manufacturing systems that aid her in her nighttime antics.
  • Close quarter combat: While she is not as great in this field as her archery, she has years of experience in Muay Thai and Krav Maga that enables her to hold out on her own against a few criminals. Any more than that and she is in trouble.
  • Photographic Memory: She is very good at remembering a lot of things. This especially comes in handy when she needs to remember what her last gadget arrow tip was and what position in the cycle of gadgets that is in order for her to get to the needed gadget tip without a problem.
  • Internal Exo-Armor: (Ability is hidden for the time being, but will note it down just so that everyone is aware that it is there) In rare occasions where something is bigger than what she is physically capable of doing as Fletch, she is capable of ‘bleeding’ mechanical armour from within to the surface, whether it is the full mechanical suit or parts of it for what she needs at the moment. The most common parts she transforms are her eyes and legs.

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125lbs (pure bodyweight), 275lbs (actual weight w/ exosuit)
Strength: Kayla is a former athlete of Olympic-calibre in archery. Her bow has a draw weight of 60lbs, though capable of being increased to 70lbs. Other than that, she is human in terms of strength.
Mobility: While her speed and endurance are that of an athlete (endurance less so due to her previous injury), her reflexes, mobility, dexterity, and agility have been enhanced to above human capabilities due to a concoction made by the hero Evergreen. Her time as a vigilante has also increased her athleticism
Intelligence: Along with her photographic memory, she graduated from Caltech summa cum laude in Electronic Engineering
Fighting Skill: Along with her near-lifelong training in archery, she had also been training in a couple forms of martials arts including Muay Thai, and Krav Maga.

While Kayla is an impressive athlete and archer, she is still human and can be injured like one. This is not helped with her costume being geared towards mobility, speed and practicality to use her bow. Another flaw she has is that when she is at full draw, her concentration is purely on the target, so is vulnerable to attacks from any other direction. When in a physical confrontation, her left shoulder is a good target as it has been weakened from her pre-accident condition. If exerting herself for long periods of time, the wound on the left side also influences her breathing. Another result from the accident is her emotional psyche is compromised, especially when big events occur.


  • Bow: Her bow is similar in style to a Hoyt Rampage XT, all in black with orange accents. It has a full draw weight and length of 60lbs and 27” respectively. Her bow is fitted with a hunting compound scope that has seven pins inside it, one pin for every distance from 20ft in increments of 20ft. The bow is silenced with a short, black hunting stabilizer that allows for more energy to go into the arrow.
  • Gloves: Her gloves are customized for her so that she is optimized for her compound bow. For both cases, the knuckles are covered with a combination of hardened leather and Kevlar so her knuckles are more resistant to damage when punching.

    • Left Glove: There is a broad strip (inch in width by 3mm in thickness) of hardened leather that runs from her wrist to just short of her elbow joint to protect her arm from the bowstring. There is a thick string that comes from the index finger that has a loop at the end of it big enough for her thumb to fit through. On the back of the glove is a mechanism that allows for a grappling hook to shoot from her wrist, allowing her to scale buildings quickly.
    • Right Glove: Running between the heels of her palm there is a cord with a release mechanism attached onto the end of it. This allows her to hold the string of her compound bow without the string slipping unless she is ready to release the strong, in which case the springs inside the release mechanism are triggered from the tension in the string. There is a wireless transmitter sewn in the sleeve of her index finger, where the three buttons
  • Quivers: She has two quivers, as previously discussed:

    • Leg Quiver: The quiver on her right leg has a magnet in the bottom of it that is strong enough to keep the arrow in place through kicking, but weak enough so that she is able to draw an arrow out to use. It is also filled with a loose foam that plays a similar role. It is big enough to allow for 24 arrows to be held at one time.
    • Back Quiver: Her back quiver is circular in shape at the bottom with the gap where the arrows come out being more elliptical. Each arrow is held to one side of the quiver, with a small mechanism that a) has a magnet that keeps the arrows in place and b) has an auto-release mechanism near one wall that opens so that there is always one arrow on the other side. The half where the 12 arrows are held is flat at the bottom, whereas the other half is funneled towards the bottom. The end is where there is a rotary mechanism that contains the 5 arrow tips, each tip possible in having a maximum of 5 tips to add to the shafts. A small arm pushes these tips out so that the tips are close to where the shaft is. Then, a high-heat component of the quiver melts the glue to add the tips to the shafts before rapid cooling the glue to allow for immediate use, where the hole then mechanically opens up so that the arrow can then be drawn from the quiver.
  • Arrows: Her arrows are separated into two groups: one group that fit in her leg quiver and one in her back quiver. Both sets of arrows are a carbon fibre-aluminium composite arrows that allow for them to fly quickly from the bow. Both sets are fletched with black and orange feather vanes with an orange nocking point that has a small LED embedded in them so that she can retrieve her arrows to make her appearance in a crime scene non-existent.

    • Leg Quiver: Her leg quiver arrows are fitted with trident-like broadhead tips with a slight serration in the blade tips. Kayla has more of these arrows as these are the go-to arrows for nearly all situations.
    • Back Quiver: These arrows are designed to not have tips on them when they go into the quiver. Each arrow is fitted to have a 200m steel cable that has a gauge thick enough so the cable is capable of holding her own weight. However, depending on what arrow is required, the tips are added via the quiver so that they can be fitted to create one of these arrows;
      • Fragmentation arrow - capable of exploding upon impact from the seeds provided by Archie.
      • Disruptor arrow, an arrow tip that works either by allowing her to hack into systems through the handheld device she carries with her or emits an EMP, disrupting electrical systems.
      • Incendiary arrow, two liquids combine and splash across a surface to cause a fire on the target that splashes at a radius of 3m
      • Cryo arrow, this tip contain supercooled liquid as to freeze large areas into ice.
  • Various throwable objects: Inside her lower right pocket of her tactical trousers, she has a dozen of smoke grenades and flashbangs in total, split evenly. She created these herself through trial and error and only uses these if she needs to make an escape from sticky situations.
  • Small first aid kit: She has a first aid kit of bandages and dressings in the lower left pocket of her tactical trousers just in case she needs to treat light wounds of herself or the person she is protecting. She replaces the used items at various pharmaceutical stores in the city as to not raise suspicion.
  • Motorbike: She has a jet black Ducati 1098s motorbike that has ‘Twister’ written underneath both handles in orange. The handles have a biometric sensor that only recognizes her fingerprints and self-cleans so that no one can lift her fingerprints off them. During her recovery, a face recognition system had been installed by Jai Hale to further enhance the security of the bike.


Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:
I do indeed.

Sample Post:
”Doctor, her BP and heart rate is dropping is dropping.”

“Give her 125mls of epinephrine. We need to get her into surgery now.”

The sounds of doors bursting open were close by. “Ok, we have a 25-year-old Caucasian female with a GSW though the left chest. The bullet went through, but it has caused damage to the left lung and shoulder blade. We’ll need to get her into surgery and drain any fluid that has built up in there. There might be damage to any of the pulmonary artery, so we will need to check and repair any of the damage to the vein…”

“… Ok, 3, 2, 1, Lift!”

A feeling of weightlessness before a gentle thud onto something hard. ”Jason… Is he… alright?” I rasped, feeling like it is difficult to breathe and to keep consciousness.

The doctor turns towards me, his uniform similar to the military doctors that I am familiar with during my childhood, “Concentrate on fighting through this, ma’am.”

I feel a mask go over my mouth and lips, breathing in the general anesthetic that was pumping through them. Just then, a man burst into the room. He was familiar to me. “D..d… Dad?”

The look on my father’s face… He didn’t look as worried as what was to be expected for his daughter in the state that she is in. “It’s going to be ok, Kayla. You will pull through this.” He then turns to the doctor. “Do it…” Everything then slowly fades to black as the doctor grabbed the scalpel and approached me.

Kayla screamed as she jolted awake from her sleep. She breathed quickly, deeply, raggedly. Sweat on her body felt damp on her skin, her sweat-soaked hair and sheets clinging to her naked form. The lights were still dark, suggesting that it was still night time. The mess that was her bedroom was familiar to her seconds after she woke up, clothes strewn across furniture and various mechanic tools lying in places outside of her toolbox. As her eyes slowly adapted to the darkness, the minor details within her room began to show. She had a couple of photos of her with a guy on her dresser, the look of happiness on both of their faces. The Taylor’s Garage logo, red lettering on a yellow square, that was sewn on her work overalls. She turned her head towards the alarm clock that was on the nightstand: 03:23 showing on the LED display. It was just another nightmare, she thought, heart feeling heavy in her chest. It was the same nightmare that she has had for the past 4 years. It looked like it was things that occurred from her past – the day of the attack – but as far as she was aware, she was unconscious at the hospital and she hadn’t seen her father since the divorce. … Will these nightmares ever end? Tears start to well up in her eyes.

The door to her bedroom opened slowly and a head peered around it. The woman on the other side had medium-length, wavy blonde hair, tied haphazardly into a bun. The rectangle glasses were also haphazardly placed on her slender, triangular nose with the dark blue eyes appearing black behind them in the dark. “Kayla, are you alright?” she spoke, worry apparent in her voice. It took her a moment of adjusting to the darkness of the room to notice the tears starting to fall down Kayla’s face. She walked into the room, making her way to the left side of the bed. The white t-shirt matched the 5’3” woman, the leopard-print pants completing the pajamas. “Did you have that nightmare again?”

The upset Kayla nodded and slowly curled herself into a ball, head sinking into her knees. The woman sat down next to her, her right arm covering her friend’s shoulders as she brought her close. The sniffling crept up to a whimper in the dark room as Kayla started to weep into the woman’s shoulder. As she was slowly rocked, she whispered only one thing. ”I just want them to end…” She then finally broke down and her cries become audible in the darkness of the night.
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Character you have created:
Unknown, is known by his hero name

Speech Color:
Steel Blue #4682b4

The Wanderer is a driven individual, focused on completing a task. He might give off an air of callousness to those that he meets, but he is good intentioned, and his history of the Wastelands has forced him to be as such.

The Wanderer (without the helmet shown in the image) has an oval-shaped face, with a roughly cut facial hair around his jaw and upper lip. His left eye is a dark, sapphire blue hue set in deep-set eye sockets. He has a broken-shaped nose, the cartilage that forms the nose jutting towards the right of his face. While on an ordinary face the nose would stand out, but the right side of his face, starting on a line just above the end of the lobe of the ear up towards the middle of his head passing past the bridge of the nose and across the eye, is a horrific burn mark. The muscles line from the center of his face all the way back to the other end of the mark, where hair started to grow over it from behind the rear ear line.

The man that would become The Wanderer was born in a time set beyond 200 years from the present day (of the RP). Long before his birth, he planet had been subjected to something that caused all the lands to become a barren wasteland and all the oceans to be nearly dried up. No one in the future could tell you how the future ended up as it is now, but the nuclear radiation plus the various strands of invisible energy, capable of ripping beings apart. His mother, a self-taught medic, and father, a mechanic/inventor, were ordinary humans that lived in a bunker in what is now Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Throughout his life, he was taught on how to live in this wasteland, much like the other children. Most of the children he trained and scavenged with died due to the radiation or the various mutants that lived in the wasteland.

During his late teens, he was out scavenging when a band of mutants found the bunker. While few people did survive the bunker, which included his father, his mother had been taken. When he returned and learnt of this, he began to hunt for the mutants that had taken his mother. When he did find them, they had already damaged her beyond any medical capabilities and had done unspeakable things. So much so that when he found her, she asked him to put her out of her misery. He initially didn’t as he began hunting the mutants on the compound. During this, an energy burst ripped through the facility that they were in, nuclear flames scorching the side of his face and leaving all presumably dead. However, the unknown man survived and dragged his way back to the bunker, where he was treated.

As he got better, he learnt that along with the scar and the change in his eye that he is capable of bending the mysterious force, as well as him becoming a mutant with super strength and endurance. Though he still was himself, the people of the bunker wanted to be safe and kept him on the outside of the bunker alone, only to return to the bunker when his abilities are certain to be under his control. Training himself to using this as well as learning from other, friendlier mutants who are capable of using the mysterious force, known as psionic energy. During this training, he learnt that there were possible key events that would lead to the existence that they lived in. Relaying this to his father, he waited for a machine that was capable of transporting people back in time to ‘correct’ these mistakes. He waited a long time for the machine to work and to erase the miserable existence of the Wasteland.

  • After dealing with a betrayal in his home from The Officer, The Wanderer travelled back to present day to prevent The Espers from being killed, though learning that the timeline has changed.
  • Defeated a few Hounds of Humanity until he came face-to-face with The Psionic Nexus. Was guided to find a being called Voyager.
  • After successfully repelling a Hound ambush, he saved Pacific Point from a surge in meta ‘monsters’ created by a Hound device with the help of The Immortals.
  • Encountered Voyager though fought with her. He got the upper hand before he learned that it was a misunderstanding.
  • With the books from the library, he learnt of a mysterious bounty placed on heroes’ heads and left to determine the origin of the bounty.
  • Witnessed Voyager getting taken by an unknown being and went after them.

Anyone that he had cared for are either dead or were left behind, both cases in the future. But for reference:
Mother (Deceased)
Father (Deceased)
Dwellers of the bunker (Deceased)


The Wanderer

Hero (albeit gritty due to his time surviving the wastelands of the future)

Secret, but not caring if people know his identity

The Wanderer’s uniform was hastily put together to be efficient to survive the Wastelands. His long, brown leather greatcoat is lined on the inside with pockets to hold moon clips and the little amount of food to be found while trying to survive. As he frequently encounters raiders, commonly armed with bladed weapons as firearms or ranged weapons were rare to come across, he wears a black Kevlar chest plate that is capable of stopping the slashing motions of bladed weapons, though he uses his psionics to avoid piercing weapons and can still give way to slash attacks of super strong ‘super mutants’. The metal lower arm guards and gauntlets are also used to protect his arms as these are usually the limbs closest to those weapons. He wears a black courier satchel around his shoulder to carry important objects. As to not limit his mobility when not using his psionics, he wears very worn out jeans and hiking boots. He also has a holster that a revolver is kept.

Brick/Energy (Psionic)/Psychic

World level (Present)

Indomitable Will (Passive)
His time in the wasteland means that he has seen things that had rendered any human insane. However, he always seemed unfazed at them. His mind always powers through problems and in doing so, he has developed a very strong willpower that makes him highly resistant to mind control and any psionic that tries to lay waste to his mind.

Genetic Mutation
Due to living in a desolate, nuclear-irradiated future, The Wanderer has been exposed to enough radiation that he has gained mutations that has some benefits that allows him to excel in certain cases over the average human being. While mutations varies between the different mutants, The Wanderer has gained the following mutations:

--Enhanced Strength (Passive)
The radiation that has seeped into his muscles has enabled him to show feats of strength far greater than those of a similar build. This is because the radiation has mutated each fiber in his muscles to store at least 10x more energy when the muscle is tensed. Though he is more adapted to his psionic abilities, his strength is a good fall back in case someone gets an upper hand.

--Enhanced Endurance (Passive)
Because his muscles are mutated, the muscles also show a stronger resilience to fatigue, allowing him to carry out tasks for longer periods of time. That is a trait that has helped him survive the wastelands of the future. He also gained an increase in his durability to withstand his newfound strength.

--Psionic Sight (Passive)
While his psionics are controlled by his nervous system, his right eye has been hit by a large dose of psionic radiation (one of the types of radiation present in the future). While it has the appearance of being a blind eye (milky & glazed over in appearance), he can ‘see’ out of it. While it is not the sight that everyone has, the eye can see psionic radiation, though it appears in shadowy forms of varying shades of purple (closest idea in mind is like Daredevil’s sight in the Netflix series). The stronger the psionic radiation, the ‘brighter’ it appears in his eye.

Psionic Manipulation
While the radiations have given him physical capabilities, The Wanderer’s greatest strength is in his abilities to use psionics (a reason why he is called the Psionic Warrior). His nervous system has been greatly mutated to emit strong psionic radiation, strong enough to manifest itself into solid objects. Even when it is not in use, the vast energies stored inside does ‘vent’ out of him, projecting a psionic aura around him for others with psionic abilities to sense. Over the course of his survival, he has learnt and trained his psionics to do the following feats:

--Psionic Detection (Passive)
Alongside his psionic eye, he is capable of picking up traces of excessive psionic usage and any presence of psionic-capable beings.

--Psionic Aura (Passive)
The Wanderer creates such a quantity of psionic energy that for those who are attuned can detect him from a large distance away. This is an ability that he cannot control, but one of the benefits is that the area is illuminated in the dark (5m is the maximum that this reaches).

--Flight (Active)
Thanks to seeing another psionic user use the energy for this method, he is capable of using the same energy to move through the air.

--Psionic Beam (Active)
Using his psionic aura, he is capable of projecting beams of energy, the beam having purple hue in the air. This has a force capable of punching a hole through steel. He can also create smaller 'darts' whenever he needs to lower the power at a target.

--Psionic Scatter Shot (Active)
When there are more than one targets, he can split his psionic beam at points in the beam to create several smaller beams.

--Psionic Explosions (Active)
With his psionic blasts, The Wanderer is capable of detonating them into huge explosions, capable of leveling buildings.

--Psionic Wave (Active)
He can generate shockwaves of psionic energy in any direction around him.

--Phase-Jumping (Active)
When he is in need of getting from place to place, The Wanderer is able to use his psionic energy to phase from one place to another that is within sight. In order for him to do this, none of his active abilities should be active.

--Psionic Empowerment (Active)
He is adept at infusing his limbs with his psionics, making them appear harder than they normally are. His punches have miniature psionic shockwaves, making them more powerful on top of the enhanced strength he already has.

--Psionic Nemesis (Active)
During his time being pursued by other psionic mutants and getting his mind violated, The Wanderer has gained the ability in which he can create a psionic feedback that intends to hurt those who try to use psionics against his mind. However, he is capable of amplifying the psychic energy entering his mind well beyond his means by draining the psionic energy from his attacker. In order for him to use this ability, he must have eye contact with his attacker with his psionic eye.

--Psionic Blade Creation (Active)
While he was getting attuned to his new abilities, his first application of psionics is generating a blade. He has now mastered this ability to create any form of blade he wishes to use without too much thought, the ability honed down to the smallest muscle movements in his muscle memory. The blade length can vary in length and width almost indefinitely.

--Psychic Artillery (Active)
With the revolver in his possession, he is capable of channeling his psionic energy into projectiles.

--Psionic Force-Field Generation (Active)
This is the second ability that he has trained himself in. He can generate psionic barriers that are nigh-impenetrable barring any cosmological beings and any embodiments of psionic energy. This shield can also vary in size and has been used to hold injuries in place until they are healed.

Height: 180cm
Weight: 85kg
Strength: With a combination of his actual strength and being augmented with his psionics, his strength can rival with some of the best.
Mobility: His mobility, much like his strength, is peak human but enhanced to beyond human levels when Psionic Combat is active. His endurance in either state is well beyond human levels due to his time in the wastes of the future.
Intelligence: While he isn’t as smart as most heroes due to limited resources in his time, he has an intelligence level that ranges between average to genius.
Fighting Skill: His training in psionics makes him a potent fighter, with further training during his time alive in CQC and firearms.

He can be injured by anything like a human, though his durability is slightly enhanced to shrug off a few gunshot wounds anywhere on his body. A byproduct of him being weaker is that if he enters a near-dying state, his willpower becomes weaker and can become more influenced by psionic attacks to his mind and background psionics (Note, however, that this state can make him more dangerous as he can act as a conduit for the background psionic energy and augment his powers tenfold, though this can kill him from prolonged use). With his knowledge in psionics, he does not have the concentration to throw up more than two of his abilities at the same time (i.e. he is unable to throw up three Psionic Barriers at the same time).


Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:
I do indeed.

As mentioned in Season 2, the following character is an important NPC in terms of psionics.

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Character you have created:

Speech Color:
Blood (Organ) - #8a0f0f

Dullahan is a man with sadistic tendencies. With his time in the Egyptian Special Forces, he had gotten a taste of gathering information from ‘informants’ through inhumane ways. Even when the reputation of his methods precedes him, he continues to use such methods and carries on, even after he gets what he needs. Another unique trait he has is his superiority complex. He will belittle anyone he comes across in any meeting he has. If anyone were to stand up to him, he’d just use his powers to the point of getting them to bow to his will. And, with him being sadistic, goes further to punish them.

This is the basis of a survivor’s description, seeing the man before visualizing his fear.

His uniform in real life:

Not much is known about when Dullahan was born or how he got his powers. However, a few people can say that he is an Irishman of Egyptian descent. Moving back to Egypt later in life, he later joined the Al Quwaat Al-Khaasat, progressing through the ranks until he commanded his own squadron in his early 30s. However, one mission went south, resulting in massive civilian casualties. From this, he was dishonourably discharged from the Egyptian Special Forces. With that being his only way of life, he formed his own mercenary group that had the same goal: Achieve the objective, no matter the cost. Through this mentality that his group swelled in numbers and eventually began to influence various organized crime syndicates

  • Emerged from the shadows to take in a large number of the Hounds of Humanity.
  • Organized a meeting (via intermediaries) and a collaboration with Richard Midas of Midas Industries.
  • Ordered Anput to attack Icon’s closest people, the first being Alexa Winstone

Numerous crime organizations around the world
While he has no official criminal organization that any of the intelligence agencies know about, Dullahan can bend almost any leader of smaller organizations to his will and force them to turn half of their profits for his gain. It is because of this that he has gained a lot of wealth to help him purchase anything he requires or do any tasks that he needs. Some of the organizations range from the Haitians to the Dutch Penose, the latter one of the rising groups in Lost Haven.

The Eye of Osiris
If there is any form of organization that he has control over, it is his personal military squad. For some strange reason, the Egyptian mythos grabbed his interests, and everything is themed around them. They stand at 1000 strong of ex-military background, many of them dishonorably discharged. As these people tend to want to join him for riches and the powerful position he sits in, he has personally bestowed the power of fear manipulation (suppressed form) to them to help spread his terror in areas he works in. Some of the high-ranking personnel in the legion are:

Anput – Personal assassin
(not much is known about them, though rumored to not have any powers)

Sobek: Personal Bodyguard
Abilities: Fear Inducement, Enhanced CQC, Weapon Manipulation (Dual Khopesh)

Montu & Sekhmet: Enforcers
Abilities: Fear Inducement, Weapon Manipulation (Sekhmet – Axe, Montu – Spear), Enhanced CQC

Anhur: Vanguard/Leader of Lost Haven Operations
Abilities: Fear Inducement, Enhanced CQC





See Description above.


World Level (Influence)
City (if ability is suppressed) – World (if ability is unsuppressed)


Advanced Combat:
Having been a man of fortune for a long period of time, he has a higher understanding of fighting techniques and use of weaponry outside of a whip.

Enhanced Whipmanship
Much like what the name suggests, Dullahan has a high proficiency in using a whip.

Power Bestowal
Although nowhere near as powerful or versatile as The Psionic Nexus, Dullahan is capable of bestowing some of his Dullahan Mimicry powers onto his troops, namely the ability to manipulate fear. Some of his high-ranking personnel have more than this ability, depending on their role.

    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 170lbs
    Strength: Normally, he would have the strength of a peak human being. However, his strength grows exponentially with the amount of fear he absorbs.
    Mobility: Much like his strength, his mobility can exponentially increase from peak human
    Intelligence: His many years has allowed him to have the experience and intelligence of a genius.
    Fighting Skill: His military career shows he is more than a capable fighter.

Gold - In the folklore of the Headless Horseman, the dullahan has a fear for the precious metal. For Dullahan, this fear is certainly not the case due to his background as a man of fortune. However, the metal when on his body will slow him down considerably, as if his muscles are freezing up. The more gold he has on him, the slower he becomes until he comes to a complete stop.
Fae-affecting Magic - With the dullahan being an Irish faerie, any magic that can cause harm to the Fae will also harm him. He could, up to a certain point, be influenced by anyone capable of manipulating the Fae folk. However, he cannot be fully controlled by them and won’t outright answer the orders from them.
Outside of his dullahan mimicry, he is still a human being so he can still be damaged by any other means. Note, however, that with the more fear he is able to draw into him, the more durable he becomes.


Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:
I do indeed.
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Character you have created: Dr. Jacob Harding Reagan/ St. Uriel

Alias: Mal’Ahk

Speech Color: Mediumaquamarine

Character Alignment: Dr. Reagan (Hero)/Uriel (Walking the Line)

Identity: Secret

Character Personality:


Origin Info/Details:

Season 2 Summary: Dr. Reagan was recently kidnapped by the Children of Cain and underwent a possession by the Archangel Uriel. What he will do now with his powers remains to be seen...

Hero Type:
Super Natural (Angelic Possession)

Power Level:
B. City (Current)


Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 170 lbs
Strength: Variable, Current: 10 tons
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Variable, Current: Normal Human.
Agility: Variable, Currently Dr. Reagan is capable of flight at approaching the speed of sound (if he can manifest his wings). On foot and in the water he is capable of speeds just beyond that of a pinnacle human.
Intelligence: Pinnacle human
Fighting Skill: Untrained (Dr. Reagan), Master Swordsmanship and Enochian Martial Arts (Uriel)
Resources: Average (Tenured Professor)


Supporting Characters:

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yes. (See above image)

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Character you have created: Benjamin Ethan Reeves
Alias: These are usually given by others.
School: Spoiled Rich Brat, Ben
While in werewolf form: Mutt, Huge Ass Dog, Stray, and a few other choices and lame namesakes thanks to the ignorant
people of New York’s lesser educated.
Speech Color (Actually say what you're using): Chocolate
Character Alignment: Hero
Identity: Secret
Character Personality:

Benjamin’s personality is what someone would call a true Aries as he displays both the bad and good qualities that make up the zodiac sign. If anyone was a literal definition of the sign, it would be him.

To those he’s attached and chosen to become friends with, they will see his generous and enthusiastic nature. His optimism in a negative situation or setback is often shining bright even if it's not in the expected or chipper tone most people use. In addition to this, he’s got an independent streak when it comes to getting things done and when he wants to, finding excitement in seeing the completing of goals rather than meeting the end results. This often leaves him jumping from one project to another due to his impulsive nature, especially if the task shows little to no progress when it comes to feeding his satisfaction. It’s during that sensation that he’s most likely to drop it complete unless someone can redirect his attention and spark interest again.

When he is forced into a situation where he feels trapped or stuck, Ben becomes moody and short-tempered. His attitude often venting out on whoever, and sometimes whatever, is nearby. If it is built up longer enough, he has a habit of becoming violent on instinctive causing him to lash out should someone attempt to comfort him with touch. Often his words in these moments aren’t clearly thought out or the consequences considered, creating guilt and regret when Ben recalls these moments and especially when he’s reminded of them. Only his few true friends can understand and look pass these eruptive moments to stick him by.

Underneath the hard earned image he has chiseled out for himself, lays a heart that holds great courage. This bravery also feeds his impulsive nature and passion in what he does. That one trait can hurt him because he easily can become derailed from his goal or aid him in spur of the moment decisions, usually helping him to get over unexpected road bumps coming his way. His passion carries him through challenges to get things done, usually with the aim of completing them quickly as possible.

As mentioned before, he does have a generous nature. However, it can and most the time does include himself when it comes to the thought. It’s an ingrain habit that he usually thinks about his friend’s influences on him, his happiness and in what ways. When a problem arises connected to them in any form, he’ll usually push to confront them or make his attempt to solve the issue behind their back. Either way, he doesn’t come off well and it often ends up in an aggressive and moody fight, one that will test or break his friendships.


Special thanks to both Vatrou for the birthday commission and for Splatpixel on doing such a wonderful job on him.

The bad thing about being a werewolf is when he shifts. It tends to shred everything. That makes it pretty much impossible to wear any attire when Benjamin goes completely wolf as the thing ends up becoming nothing more than rags at the end of the day. Nothing he has tried has shown to be able to conform and meld with his physical shape, not even the fashion retardness of spandex.

So, he has decided it was just better to go all wolf and use that to hide his identity. Most people would assume he was stray canine if they ever saw him, despite his much larger size when hunched down on all fours.

When fully wolfed out, Benjamin's height grows to about 6’2” giving him a looming appearance against the average man. His natural fur is a tarnish blonde with a white underbelly, under jaw, chest, and lower limbs. For most people, when he’s hunched down on all four, he looks like a rather large dog. He reaches about the waist of the average man in this position.

Like many newly turned werewolves, his eyes are an almost electrical blue and in the following months will edge to a golden yellow. Black outlines his wolfen eyes and give off an almost human sensation to them. His hand are a cross between human and wolf, there being four finger digits and one thumb with thick pads on the inside hand. There’s two sets along the finger digits, one on the thumb tip and about three on the main hand.

Origin Info/Details:


Race: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Age: 16
HT: 5’6”
WT: 159 lbs.
EY: Gunsmoke Hazel
HR: Dirty Blonde, short and wavy.
SK: White
Ethnicity: None
Vision: 20/20
DoB: Mar 31 (Aries)

Birth Order: Single child


Benjamin, or Ben as he’s often called by his peers, is the iconic rich boy. The boy with money, good looks and almost everything any teenager could ever want. When the public, from the media to his school mates, look at him they see a kid that never had to work a hard day in his life to earn what he wanted or felt the sense of failure gripping his soul. For the most part, they would be right. He is spoiled and has high tastes in quality and expectations, through he has known loss unlike those whose lives were completely and utterly perfect.

Being the single child of the New York District Attorney and an art director for the NYC museum for fine arts, Ben grew up in Bayside, Queens all his privileged life and goes to the private academy called McArthur Academy for Higher Education. There he was the popular kid that everyone seemed to want to be. The boy without a care or worry, ready to take risks to get what he wanted as he saw the thrill of the chase being the best part. Through this was the outside mask he often displayed to the outside world. If they would peel back the layers of his family dynamic and see the truth: the grass was rarely greener on the other side.

It was a cold, December day when the wreck happened changing his life from its near perfection to a tragic roller coaster of emotion. His grandparents on his mother’s side had come to New York to spend the holidays and to see his first piano recital, his mother driving them all -save for his father- to the school. It was terrible weather where icy winds whipped through the towering buildings and hurt visibility for most drivers. A drunk man at the wheel of a semi-truck collided head on and crushed their little car, the truck’s front literally parked on the hood where most the occupants were killed instantly. Rosalie, his mother, was the only survivor.

She was his foundation. Being the primary parent in his life, Ben was at lost for words upon seeing his mother in a death like coma shortly after the accident. So lost in his own pain, he barely recalled the press trying to push in for snapshots of him sitting, depressed and holding her lifeless hand. Or the fact his father’s hand rested on his shoulder during it. Their image was placed on the newscast for weeks that followed, the tragic story about her grief stricken husband running for the DA office and loving son Benjamin Reeves. It was a nightmare for the boy while he tolerated the interviews, lurking media and worse.

It was a month later when they finally ceased. On the second month, Daniel Reeves decided it was time to let his wife move on to greener pastures. He ordered the treatment on his wife stopped and the tubes taken out. The doctors recorded her death three hours later when they rolled her to the morgue, storing her for the funeral a week later. It was a mournful moment for Ben as he was never be allowed to say good bye, denied by his own father, still a stranger claiming to be a parent on legal paper, since he was away at school trying to learn how to move on. Any respect he held for his father was gone that day.

Barely a year passed before he watched his mother become replaced by some whorish slut named Lorrie Hart, a woman about a decade younger than his father.

At first, things were fine since his father allowed Ben his independent streak and enabled them to avoid each other most the time. In the spotlight, they had the ideal father-son relationship. What the media wouldn’t pay to discover it was all an act he often mused.

It was about two years and a month when his father finally become engaged to the Ms. Hart, though Ben suspected it was to gain a bigger political vote for his future position into the Mayor’s office. Not that it would surprise him. The moment the woman came into his father’s household, things rapidly changed. At first, her methods were subtle. She wanted to be his friend and get to know him better, his father rarely mentioned the boy to her, as she sought to be get cozy. It rubbed him wrong causing his moodiness and aggression to butt heads with her.

A week passed and she was already working on manipulating his father. His mother’s presence, her things and little trinkets that gave him comfort, were starting to be removed from the house. When she caught him trying to move his mother’s old jewelry box down into his room, Lorrie confronted him. Since then she’s stalked his movements, began to take away his freedom and gradually had him moved down into the basement where he often found she locked him in there at night.

He hasn’t any idea what she’s planning but he’s got a bad feeling about it.

Hero Type (Select one): Supernatural- American Werewolf subspecies.

Power Level (Select one below): Street/City Level

Powers (Be Specific):
Being a werewolf, Ben has two modes he can flip from at will when he learns how to. When he is completely human, he looks like a normal teenage with limited healing rate and enhanced senses. The anthro mode is described in the costume section while his human form is in the Original Details/Origins section.

Skills Learned
Computer Software/Hacking (adept)
Hot wiring vehicles (novice)
Parkour (novice in human form)
Lying (highly skilled)
Dirt bike/stunt ability (highly skilled)
Piano (highly skilled but rusty)

Attributes (Select one at each category):
All these are while Ben is in wolf form.

Strength Level:Without stress he can lift up to 5 tons, but pushed to the limit he can lift up to 10 though he risks snapping something.
Speed/Reaction Timing Level:
  • With training speed Ben’s is about 5x faster than humans, making time slow slightly and enables quicker acknowledgement to the threats. However being able to dodge or count them is another matter. Presently, since he's untrained, his reaction is only 2x faster.
  • When it comes to his speed, in a trot he can reach up to 5 mph and causally cover wide areas of ground in a single day without rest. When in a flat out run he can reach up to 25 mph, with a few bursts of 45 mph for 1-2 minutes, before he nears exhaustion and risk collapsing.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort:
  • In a steady, easily going trot Ben can cover miles in a day’s time before he needs to rest.
  • During non-stop and stressful activity, his endurance lasts about 3-4 hours without any sort of break or rest. However afterwards he will collapse from complete exhaustion and feel ravenous, reverting back to human. When full out pushing, he would last up to 2 hours.

Agility: 2x that of a normal human, usually when in a flat out run such as rushing over objects like trash cans, buildings, etc or people.
Intelligence: Smart for his age, but not a genius level individual. Underestimate him at your own peril.
Fighting Skill: Untrained


Being a kid, he’s got his own things from high tech computer to his own car (BMW 5 Series). However he doesn’t have a source of income other than what his father allows within a bank account on a weekly basis. Meaning while he has a lot of cash to burn, there’s still a limit and if he’s not careful his funds could dry up quickly forcing him to ask his father for more. A matter he rather avoid.


Being a breed of werewolf, there are ways to counter this ability. It also works in his both forms but in different ways, his human form being the most vulnerable to the substances. Strangely enough, Ben is unable to detect them with his sense of smell and it could be related to it being his breed’s weakness toward it.
  • Silver: Most werewolves are allergic to silver, through fortunately for Ben’s breed isn’t not fatal on instant contact and would take large amounts to become it.
    In his human form it causes severe allergic reactions such as swelling on the location where the metal comes into contact. If injected/ingested, it could cause his throat to swell shut and breathing to be impossible unless an adrenaline is injected into his system boosting his immunity which will open his airways.

    In his wolf form, this can easily paralyze and slow Ben’s healing rate, but the purity of the metal determines the healing power and time it lasts. The more pure the silver is, the longer the effects last and sooner it takes effect. Pure silver can take effect within at least a minute depending on Ben’s condition.

    For any reason, should pure, liquified silver get into his blood system (digestion or something) when a wolf then it will paralyze Ben up to a day. Large amounts will kill him, such as a quarter of a pint or more, unless it’s purged from his system quickly and in about 3-4 hours.
  • Wolfsbane- herb: A weak smelling herb that is a strong and slow poison. It’s believed to be so lethal to a werewolf that a tablespoon worth sprinkled inside a bullet and shot into the target will kill even an alpha in half a day’s time. Any smaller amount will only cripple the wolf for several days, making them helpless and feeling like they wish they were dead. It can be cured through magical/unnatural means or even when a werewolf is laid out under a full moon, allowed to undergo extreme transformation thanks to the moon’s radiation.
  • Full Moon- Every American werewolf must answer the call of the moon as its radiation fills them with an immerse and sudden surge of energy, their bodies unable to contain their wolf forms while underneath its pale light. New wolves have the hardest time since their animalistic side is most frenzied and frighten during this time so many newly made wolves depend on their pack mates to keep them from injuring themselves during this period. After a few moons (6 moons), the eyes turn a yellow declaring them an adult.

    It’s unknown why, but when someone is bitten beneath a full moon they have a percent of becoming werewolf depending on the species of werewolf.
  • New Werewolf Syndrome (NWS): When a human is turned into a werewolf, they develop something called new werewolf syndrome which happens with all newly turned. Changes are unpredictable as they aren't just affected by the moon and decision, but emotion as well. This factor is worsened by the fact all newly turned wolves became moody for about six months and will taper off when they reach adulthood.

Supporting Characters (Does your character have a significant other? A mother? Friend? Who are they, what do they have to do with your character?):

Family (intermediate):


Daniel Reeves-35……...Father
Job: DA of New York, recently elected.
Relationship Strength: Weak father and son bond, Ben obeys him to the barest degree only because his mother wanted him to respect the man.

Lorrie Hart (Scorpio)-26……...Stepmother to be
Job: Trophy Wife
Relationship Strength: Weak, Ben actually hates her due to her manipulative and controlling behavior.


Anthony Reeves-56……...Grandfather
Sophia Reeves(surname: Morris)-59……...Grandmother
Rosalie Reeves (surname Snyder)-32……...Mother

Additional details: Mother was in a coma for about a week, then taken off where she died about five hours later. It was a slim chance she would’ve made it without any permanent brain damage or would’ve been the same before the accident so Benjamin's father believed this was a mercy for his wife’s spirit. However, Benjamin secretly blames himself for her death and has bitterness toward his father for allowing her to be taken off the machines without his knowledge, denying him his last goodbye.


Benjamin doesn’t have any close friends, their only reasons to associate with him are self-gain and manipulation reasons. Usually, because their parents are hoping to have an excuse to get close to his father. Little do the ‘click’ he usually hangs around with knowledge, he’s actually using them so he’s not lonely.

Desmond Hargraves - Closest to a best friend, his father is an assistant attorney working with Ben’s dad.
Alyssa Kinser- Roland’s girlfriend and a rather prissy sob, her mother owns numbers of shares in companies like Midas Industries and other organizations. Ben hates her guts and the feeling is mutual.
Nathan Giavonna & Bradley Giavonna- The swim team twins and part of his click, though they are more numbskulls than any interesting company.
Emma Gracia- House Keeper.

Athena- Childhood best friend who is a famous popstar. He's learned she now can preform magic thanks to a mysterious fey ruler called Morrigan.
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Character you have created: Racheli Lorna Desdemona

In costume- Nemesis, name suggested by Gabriel
Out of costume- Rach, nick by her friends

Speech Color: indianred

Character Alignment: Walking the Line

Identity: Nemesis

Rach has been forced to give up her identity due to Gene Co issuing a statewide arrest warrant, allegedly because of property damage and corporation sabotage. Since Gene Co has a pretty clean reputation as far as corporations goes, there’s little evidence to suggest foul dealings or their true intentions without investigating it. So any players (who weren’t involved in Natural Selection Arc) wanting to be made aware of Gene Co’s alternative motivations need to first contact me and we’ll work out the details.

Character Personality (Give information on how your character acts, what he/she believes in, how they handle situations):

Racheli is an independent and strong individual, mainly in personality. To those who have managed to get by her defenses and befriend her, she's a deeply loyal and a protective friend who will risk life and limb for their safety. Though helping them achieve their goals is another matter altogether because if she doesn't like something, she won't hesitate to let you know in a blunt and often thickly sarcastic way. Rarely does she ever pull punches to spare someone's feelings when it comes to something completely stupid. Most believe she is a short tempered woman, who hates receiving charity. Often she'll reply to those individuals with sour looks and scoffing off the attempts as they are given. Granted when it comes to solid logic she can't argue with, Racheli is known to yield some times but it doesn't mean she's happy about. So expect her sore loser to show.

To strangers and acquaintances, she sometimes comes off as a cold and closed off individual, making becoming friends with others difficult at first. While she will act like a human being and interacts when talked to, you shouldn’t expect to gain any personal information about her situation or thoughts for a while. Trust is difficult to earn though just words.

Just like with many of her habits, she acts first and thinks about the consequences later. This traits worsens when her temper is flared. She never thinks about what comes out of her mouth save that it might end up hurting the one they are targeted at. Once it is all said and done, she sometimes realizes too late she had crossed a line. However, it takes a lot for her to verbally apology because it means her own feelings didn’t really matter in her mind and her views weren’t worth fighting for. Despite her flaws, she does have some positive aspects to her personality besides her protective nature to her friends. Though she tries to hide it, Racheli does have strong sense of what society expects is right and wrong. She can’t stand around and fully ignore someone else’s issues unless her own needs overwhelm that instinct. The more she knows about an individual, the easier it is to get personally involved and that can cause problems for her.


She is driven to never to become like her father, fearing that once she finally takes a life then the desire would become addictive and impossible to stop. Like a drug addict hooked on the strongest drugs. She lacks trust she will never fall that far and is continually on alert, holding back her aggression until it can be released in a better way. Sometimes, if it's bottled up too long, she becomes irritable. It doesn't help she's plagued by nightmares and every time she manages to draw blood, her heart races and cries for more. The high it causes is rather difficult to ignore though she stubbornly refuses to yield to it...


Origin Info/Details:
Racheli's Medical and Background
Medical Profile Overview

Sex- female
Age- 28 years
Eye color- Green
Blood type- N/A
Built- Lean and muscular.
Height- 5'9”
Weight- 159 lbs.
Status: 100% saturation complete with the Virus
20% of her ability potential unlocked


Birthplace- Spring Hill, IN
Residence/Current Location- View Heights Apartment in Lost Haven, Maine
Occupation- Bartender
Father- Michael Garth (arrested and supposedly put to death)
Mother- Jackie Desdemona (deceased, murdered)
Aunt- Ruth Garth (deceased recently)

Past summary:

Born in Spring Hill, IN to a teenage mother by the name of Jackie Desdemona, her father was unknown even among the tightly knit community they lived in during her first few months of her life. Shortly afterwards they moved to Mannis, New York, a suburban area ideal to raise children and provided more opportunities for both of them. Things seemed to have been going well up until Racheli turned two. On her birthday, a mysterious man had came knocking at their door. He was engaging into a heated argument which escalated and resulted in Ms. Desdemona's murder then Rach's abduction. Despite months spent in searching for her, no one could find hair or trace of the daughter.

In a few months all attempts were ceased, turning the murder and kidnapping case into a cold file.

The abductor was her own father, Michael Garth, who raised her over the years, her mind completely and blissfully unaware of his blood stained hands. It was an uneventful period with her father continually traveling from state to state across the USA to avoid the heat created from her mother’s death. In many ways, to the outside, he was seen as the perfect single father doing his best to raise his little girl. However, all those memories would become bitter ashes when she learned the truth deep within the Oregon wilderness.

It was a yearly cabin trip, one they took every season. The building completely isolated save for a single road running straight through the woods about half a day’s trek on foot from their location. One night when she was eight, Rach discovered a woman locked within the basement causing Michael to reveal he had been murdering them here for years. The place designed for the grim task and creating a deep, dark fear of him. Unable to escape, she was quickly forced to joined into the task with a casual warning that she was as guilty as him. It didn’t help it at that point she learned something twisted about herself: She got enjoyment out of inflicting pain and suffering. IT rattled her heavily to realize this while he ushered her into bed, after cleaning her up, then tucked her in with a soft peck on her head.

Driven by her own selfish desires, she and the woman escaped that same night. They were at the back door when Michael had come down the stairs, looking for Rach after finding she was missing from her bed. He grimly stared at them causing them both to bolt into the nearest room, Rach quickly bolting the door and pushing the woman out of the window. His fingers nearly grasped Rach’s heel when she hopped down into the dirt then took off after the hobbling woman into pure darkness.

The woman died due to infection and blood loss hours later, her body buried somewhere in the wilderness alongside several other corpses. During the night, Rach managed to find a ditch to hide in and avoid her father. It was dawn the next morning when she got a trucker’s attention, nearly getting herself ran over in the process, and finally got him to call police thanks to her shirt being covered in dirt, blood and she didn’t want to know what else.

Things turned into a mess afterwards. The body was discovered, the torture room found, and evidence collected through his personal trophies causing a case to be iron clad against him. He was arrested, after fleeing the scene, days later bring some relief to Rach. He was then put for the death penalty weeks later. Meanwhile Racheli was placed into a temporary foster home until a relative, her grandmother, could retrieve her. Once again she was moved over state lines into Maine where she would stay for yet more years. The adjustment wasn’t easy.

In her teenage years, Racheli grew up in the suburban area in a small town just on the outer limits. Due to the media over her father, she had gotten a rough reputation and most parents had their child avoid contact with her out of fear. It didn’t help she came off distance, aggressive and worst thanks to her personal problems. At thirteen she and a couple of kids broke into the local gym, but she was the only one caught.

The police asked if the gym owner wanted to press charges, her mouth shut while she refused to rat out those with her, which he didn’t. Instead he shook his head and she received an ultimatum. Either work in the gym to pay off the damages or go to jail. It was a losing battle so she chose the option to work off the damages and still not be forced to rat anyone out. Being around the gym while the boxers trained sparked her interest in the sport, her answer yes when the guy offered to train her. Like before, there was strict conditions but in her eyes it was too good to pass up. Racheli trained to become a contender for the city tournament in the following years, turning eighteen and reaching for the top thanks to her competitive drive. Like most things in her life, bad luck got in the way.

Her grandmother became ill. This forced Racheli to give up on her dream and move on, focusing on keeping them alive and housed. She got two full jobs, her better people skills helping her to keep them, while barely visiting the gym well into her adulthood. Life was hard and over time, she stopped going back to the gym completely. Even boxing on her own was too much strain to continue.

Over a three days ago, her grandmother mysteriously passed away in her sleep. Arranging the cremation and funeral, the last task left, Rach ended the apartment leash and was flying to Lost Haven in order to dump her grandmother Ruth's ashes into the sea. It felt like it was best to make a new start and that was something Racheli intended to do. She's arrived in Lost Haven, Maine, just over an hour ago with her grandmother ashes. During the flight, it seemed she had caught something because she's been feeling weak and coughing sparingly.

Little did she realize was it was actually a virus which had murdered numerous individuals and was rewriting her own DNA, gradually destroying her from the inside out. She met Justine within Lost Haven and thanks to Garth, had an agreement to bunk with her until other arrangements were made. Those living conditions didn’t last too long when the riots happened in Sherman Square. Gangs came out of the woodwork, stressing police resources and creating a literal hell on earth resulted in a chemically enhanced thug breaking into their apartment. Helpless and unable to defend herself, Rach doesn’t recall much during this period but according to Gabe and Justine she was in full grip of the virus. The apartment exploded leaving Rach and Justine homeless.

Rach spent most of the rest of the week within the CDC, her skin being poked, examined, and more for the scientists to learn of what was happening to her. However one man already knew the full details but didn’t share. That man was named Dr. Gabriel Cole. Otherwise known as Icarus, the very superhero (alongside Justine) who engaged the thug before his death.

When Lost Haven was threatened as a possible terrorist target, the CDC decided to move Racheli to a safer location. This open it up for her to be acquired by Gene Co whose CEO requested aid from the very crime lord himself, the Cowl. Sending in a spy to collect intelligence, the man managed to both collect information and aid in Rach’s capture. During the attempt, several new faces rushed to Rach’s aid including the heroes Joseph, White Witch, and Hydro as well as an old face, Icarus. However they were unable to stop Rach from being delivered into the Cowl’s hands. Silence, as he was called, departed early and has yet to remerge into the scene. Odette stuck around and prevented Rach’s first attempt at escape as Rach was locked into an anti-meta box then set aside to wait until Gene Co arrived.

Feeling abandoned and forgotten, Rach learned about the virus’ history and loathed the creature even more. Unknown to herself, the heroes were making headway into getting her back while White Witch dealt with her role in the Pax threat. They located Rach then stormed the Ironworks, resulting in once casuality on the heroes side: Joseph. The win was a bitter one as while the heroes managed, with heavy struggle, free Rach they were forced back by Gene Co reinforcements.

With a rattling prediction over her head, Rach spend months in the Forge both training to become stronger and controlling her abilities. Until recently she didn’t realize Gene Co had placed a warrant over her for damages to property forcing her to always be in hiding behind her new alias, Nemesis.

Hero Type (Select one): Other-Host to an Alien Symbiote (Phylactery)

Power Level (Select one below):

Mentality: Street level (Her selfishness and fears force her to remain on the smaller scale of things)
Physical: Between Street and City Level (She has the potential to grow to the Cosmic level, but events, connections, and even character development in the IC can influence when/how/in what manner her mind will be in when that happens)
Emotionally: Street Level (Anymore, she’ll have a mental break down and kick someone’s ass...or the wall)

Powers (Be Specific):


As the Alien grows and developments, Rach will evolve and become stronger. Her virus changing her genetics resulting in new abilities showing up or some growing into others as she grows in the IC, all pre-approved by the GMs before introduced into the IC.



~Metal manipulation: Racheli has the ability to control and sense all types of metal she has come into contact with, currently limited to the most common ones on the Earth’s Periodic Table. When she fully acquires a the essence of a metal, earth based or otherwise, she can manipulate its structure between solid to liquid, alter its base atom components into another type (example: copper into steel), increase or decrease the metal’s original strength and gain usable data through touch alone that could take computer’s decades. The only thing Rach can’t alter with a metal is the total volume. Without additional metal from another source to alter and add to, the existing metal volume is unable change despite what she does to manipulate it.

For alien, magical, or more complicated metals beyond Earth, Racheli must touch for several seconds uninterrupted and absorb the data before she can manipulate it easily. Any attempts to do so before she’s done this step will result in a feeble, sometimes barely noted effect. It also leaves her vulnerable to attack during this time since she is unable to use her magnetism during this time and have to rely on her physical power and durability.

If Rach should affect a magical item made of metal, the magical properties will remain the same and only the shape might alter. Some items, depending on the magical properties might not even be affected all. (Narrative based)

Range- Any metal within eyesight, as long as she can see than it can be altered.
Other Notes- N/A

~Minor Transmutation Abilities: Rach has learned, on a very minor scale, how to break down and alter elements beyond metal. However, she has to smear her blood upon the surface then focus on breaking it down. This takes time and her full focus making it a poor combat ability, especially when it doesn’t always work. Her most common use of this ability is to change her fingers into metal carbon then morphing them into thin, razor sharp blades.
Range- Close and within Touch range
Other- The time it takes varies on how complicated the material is. If it’s a base element, like say a wooden tree, then the material will only take an hour or so to break down then be reformed. However if the same wooden tree was carved then turned into a wooden chair with metal and other decorative fixings, the breakdown could take several hours to complete. Some materials might not even break down fully at all since she is still developing this ability.

~Magnetism: This ability focuses on magnetism and magnetic fields, allowing Rach to create, manipulate, and focus magnetism of various forms. Examples include magnetosphere, magnetic materials, planetary, etc. This allows her to attract or repulse metal objects to either become directed at herself or a fixed location within her range. She is also able to create and sense magnetic field. She can gain information such as their flow and disrupting their natural path into something different by changing their ion charge. Centering this on items or her palms, she can create an electrical current which gives her attacks a little shock to them. However these shocks never build up to the point of becoming fatal as the battles often lasts minutes at most, rather than days. Rach is unable to influence the bioelectrical within a pure organic creature without risking internal damage to herself, strictly since the energy used could also affect her own system as well.

Range- 6 meters from her being the epicenter

~Nanites: Racheli’s body has gained the ability to regenerate when injured, either during combat or other situations that inflict harm. This is thanks to the nanites saturating her vein system and replacing her blood with a black, thick fluid like swarm. This gives her blood a gritty, tar like texture when exposed to the air. Outside the body they seem to ‘die’ or shut down, unable to continue to function outside their own self contained environment within her body. Within, they are fully able to carry out basic functions of the body indefinitely by feeding it energy, nutrients, mending it when injured and various other needs for a health individual.

When destroyed by outside sources like specific positions targeting organic machines or spilling her blood, the nanites dig deep. They manufacture more of themselves using Racheli’s own natural biology, which has the ability to alter into organic metals for the construction and spawn an unlimited amount since her body never stops producing these materials. However production speed and repairing of the damages can be slowed drastically. They aren’t instant and when nanites focuses are divided over several severe wounds, than they will gradually drop their healing level just to sustain her life.

Here’s a chart estimate of her healing levels and how long it would take to mend over each type of severity, through this isn’t all of them and those wounds will be mainly based on narrative and what fits the situation best.


These wounds usually take anywhere between a few moments to hours at most.

~broken, clean or otherwise, bones
~bruised organs
~skin wounds
~strained tendons, muscles, etc


These wounds can take anywhere between a day to a month, or longer, to mend.

~ fractured bones as well as bent
~ruptured, and/or bursted organs
~torn, ripped, and shredded skin/muscles
~snapped tendons, etc
~damaged nerves
~regrowing a limb

Range- Within


~Accelerated Perception and Procession: Being hardwired and upgraded into a biological computer, Racheli’s brain now processes and collects information at a hyper accelerated rate. Activated at all time, her mind slows down the scene mentally and can even pause it when needed (the outside events still are moving at their normal speed, her mind is just moving faster to absorb, register and anaylze). Her memory is increased and is photographic, enabling her to recall things much clearer and quickly compared to before she bonded with the virus. This also means she will never forget anything since her mind can store vast amounts of exact data. Through understanding what is told to her is another matter completely. Her reflexes also aren’t necessarily speed up as this ability only affects her chances of reacting before the danger can reach her which if her speed is naturally slower, the too great to get clear or other additional factors than she will get hit. At best she can likely limit the damage done, especially when caught off guard.

Range- Undefined
Other- N/A

~Enhanced Hearing: Racheli’s hearing has become extremely sensitive that she can easily determine the acoustic pressure changes within a single decibel in the ideal conditions. Thanks to this change she can easily pick infrasound, ultrasound, sonar and even radio signals traveling within her area with little effort when she focuses on filtering the background noise. Not even sound proof walls can prevent her keen ears from picking up noises through them which can allow her to tell an individual’s position and eavesdrop on their conversation with ease. On an individual, she can gain a surprising depth when it comes to listening to their heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, and physical movements such as lying, injury, etc. Each individual’s heartbeat has a distinct volume, rate, and pattern to it that she can use to id a target even when in disguise.

Range- Within a mile when in ideal conditions, and a fourth in worst.
Other- Multiple sounds or background noise that’s within a meter of her can interfere with her ability, making it hard for Rach to focus on her target and separate the sounds collecting in her hearing. In addition, extreme sounds ranging in either higher or lower frequencies than a human’s ability to hear will hurt and possibly stun Rach when she’s not been forewarned to filter it out. Through she can tell when an individual without complete control over their body is lying, people with pacemakers and complete control are another matter. They are able to fool her hearing since they can maintain an unbroken rhythm with their heart beat as well as breath.

~Enhanced Sight: Racheli’s vision has increased to about 20/5, about four times of a normal human and able to pick out a mouse from about two miles away. On zooming into the image, she can pick out incredible detail and clarity as if she was standing right on top of it. When she alters her vision spectrum she can identify infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray, microwaves, radio waves, and more when she’s seen them at least once.

Range- 2 miles in ideal conditions, one fourth in worst.
Other- Magical/abilities that allow invisibility can easily overcome this perception, preventing her from being able to see the target or details relating to it. With enhancement comes sensitivity as well, Racheli’s eyes are more susceptible to bright flashes, extreme colors, and other visual ‘explosions’ that her eyes can briefly shut down to reboot. This blindness can last up to minutes or days depending on the optical damage and how fast it is mended.

~Enhanced Taste: This ability allows Rach to have gained accurate sense of taste and gain greater detail about a food, drink or material she’s sampling. She can tell the ingredients from a 20 mg sample, separating each independent element from the whole mixture. This can easily alert her to poisons and unnatural content that are rather harmful to her system, possibly sparing her consuming or enabling to determine what is edible and even nutrient.

Range- Close Range
Other- Magic and tasteless substances will elude this ability, preventing her from placing it and cause her to struggle.

~Enhanced Smell: Racheli’s sense of scent is heightened beyond human and rivaling those animals with the keening olfactory abilities known on earth. This allows her to distinguish individual musks and other odors aiding in locating specific persons, objects, substances and even places with nothing but her nose. She can tell where an individual has been based on what scents have been collected on their person and even retract their steps, enabling her to tell how long ago they were there and even how long they lingered there. With most individuals, based on their pheromone changes and chemical clues, she can tell if a target is lying, sick, diseased or poisoned thanks to hormones/smells that are excreted within a set area. If she’s smelled a scent before than she can easily recollect that same smell when it crosses her path and where at exactly.

Range- In ideal conditions, her range is about 1.75 miles before the scent fades. About a fourth of that in the worse one.
Other- Range determines the amount of information Rach can gleam from an individual. At her limit range and in ideal conditions, she can only locate and track the target's’ movements enough to keep up. However in closer range and without any preventing magics/abilities, she can gain a more insightful data. This includes the individual’s condition, specific odor markers, what they’ve touched, what they’ve eaten, their race, where they’ve been recently, etc. Strong odors and several at once can cause extreme pain, ruining her focus and even kill her ability to gain information.

~Enhanced Touch: Her sense of touch is sensitive enough to note indentations of ink on paper, radiation off items, seismic activities and even micro voltage. She can even feel the faintest crack that’s invisible to the naked eye. Her body can sense minute changes in temperature and pressure, enabling her to predict changes in weather or atmosphere surprisingly accurately. She can even tell the intensity the closer the storm comes into her general area. She can sense a human’s body’s change in heat and their air disturbance from at least five feet away, including if an individual is alive, for how long if they’ve died, emotions (such as blushing or other emotions that increases heat), and residual heat off objects or machines.

Range- In best of the conditions, up to a mile diameter. In worse, about a fourth of that.
Other-Rach can senses these vibrations through solid substances, liquid, and even air pressure changes. However, the closer to her limited range the less details she can obtain like many of her other enhanced perception abilities.

Combative Skills

~Boxing: At a young age, Racheli learned the basics about the art of boxing. To say she mastered it is impossible as that would imply she can't improve, a fact which isn't true, so her levels haven't peaked fully. Before she was forced to give it all up, her experience level lie within what her gym classed as a Prospect and a Journeymen in the sport. She had the talent, footwork and drive, but her experience lacked heavily and that was a factor which hurt her more then the rest. Even a poor athlete could be a decent boxer if they had the experience of a champ. Her skill level now resides in Tomato Cans level though it wouldn't take her long to raise to the level of Prospect or beyond with a reason and hard training, her body fully able to recall the rhythms, strikes, and more instinctively.

Range- CQC
Other- She's extremely rusty so it will take time for her to get back into shape.


Telepathy: The virus that inhabits Rachelis’ body is able to share and communicate with her and others using Telepathy. It can project an image of its current chosen form, her father, into the outside world as long as she is conscious and aware. Beyond that, the organism hasn't shown any ability to affect the outside other than choose who will share its image and conversation with. So if it wanted to make her seem crazy, it is well within the being's ability to do so. Should any Telepathic being, magic, meta or others, attempt to read or influence Racheli’s mind (not senses) then they will be met by resistance due to the Alien’s paranoid nature. It would be like hitting a solid wall.

Range- Namely the farther away from Racheli, the weaker the power is.
Other- This ability might adapt in the future or the virus’ image will likely evolve into something outside her father's image. Only time will tell.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: Normal Human-10 tons

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human- 20 MPH.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 3 hours.

Agility: Normal Human- 5x human rate.

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill: Untrained (Rusty if you count boxing)

Resources: Minimal

Nothing since the Riots.


Still Flawed

Despite her abilities and physical changes, she's just as killable as normal human when you get past her meta human abilities. Gene Co has created a serum that can temporarily disable her meta abilities, possibly others (varies), by targeting the source at a genetic level and shutting the genes off. Other ways to temporarily disable is through high power neuro-toxins when you manage to enter it into the bloodstream, attacking her mind (hacking it in a sense), electrical energies of high voltage, dividing her attention then catching her unaware (depends on narrative) or other abilities that null her meta powers.

Ashes to Ashes

The Alien’s DNA and structure has a weakness to light and heat when outside its host. It breaks down and evaporates when exposed to any non specialized light or heat of any type. When it bonded with Rach, the weakness to multiple sources of light was eliminated. The only ones that remain are sources like UV which can get past the skin barrier and into the body. These are found within items like black lights so she likely won’t be visiting any nightclubs without protection. Heat is the primary and most effective weakness, namely above 120 degrees or higher can make her almost completely human save for the black blood and colder body temperature. Direct heat is even worse since it can hurt her and prevent her regeneration from taking full effect, bring her down to her knees with little effect.

Other Characters:

Will add as the RP goes on, though here's a few.


~Garret Shepherd: A friend from the other side of Maine and he was the one that set up Racheli's living arrangements, suggested this crazy idea as he contacted his cousin. Though Racheli was bitter about the help , she saw no other option and she was forced into the arrangement. Even agreed to keep an eye on her future roommate for him.


~Gabriel Cole (Icarus): A superhero that wears a machine suit with some serious heat, which sadly wrecked their apartment leaving Justine and herself homeless for a time. Despite the aftermath, he was critical in getting Racheli to the CDC and finally saving her life by aiding in her mind to sync up with the virus. Even after the chore, she has grown to trust him slowly and while she will fight alongside him, Rach is still wary of fully trusting him.

~Justine Shepherd (Myth): Garret’s cousin and her current roomie before the apartment incident, thankfully she got out safely. Rach feels a deep attachment and loyalty to the woman, despite the fact they only met a few months ago. Out of everyone, it’s her and Gabe that Rach will trust the most through this bond is still fragile enough to be broken by misunderstandings.

~Jaden Maxwell (Evergreen): One of the heroes that aided with her rescue, through she only met him briefly. Personally he seems to be a cross dressing, plant manipulator with a distinct like for dresses and exotic designs. He looked like an overgrown pokemon to her.

~Jacob Parkman (Hydro): Another hero that aided with her rescue, through last time she saw he was pretty weak and nearly a puddle of water from her rescue mission. It seems he knew and worked with Gabe over his own condition but had little results in finding a cure. This is as much as she knows about since she was still recovering.

~Kayla Mason (Fletch)and Jai Hale (Warbringer): Allies that have proven tried and true.

Rogue Gallery

~Odette (The Ambassador): An annoy individual, possibly a fey, who Rach personally has a grudge against since the woman both helped capture and nearly tore out her damn tongue. If they were ever to cross paths it is unlikely Rach would both with control when it came to going full out and beating the woman in combat.

~Lekh Antol (Silence): Another responsible for her catch from the van, her mind hazy over his abilities and face when she tries to recall him. It’s like his face is static over from inference of an outside force. She does recall her abilities weren’t working correctly when she tried to fight back but she’s not fully sure if it was because she was weakened or if he had some meta power that influence it in some way, something she doesn’t know if she wants to fully know should they ever meet again.

~? (The Cowl): It seemed the very one who arranged her capture and the biggest asshole she would love to wrangle the neck of. Despite him being human, his cleverness and preparation was enough to stop her from fighting back while they waited for someone to collect her. She discovered his alias was the Cowl and she intends to discover whatever she can over him the next time she’s in Lost Haven, slowly tearing apart his self made profits and organization in the process.

~Gene Co: Rach knows that this nation wide corporation was behind her abduction, namely since they likely wanted to reclaim their virus but she can’t draw any connections or proof to their dirty dealings. OR the very individual fixed on her recapture. So far they have made her life hellish with that warrant for her arrest forcing her to parade around in a mask and costume like the other supers.


~Ms. Sparks:
~Puck: A demon that made a ‘prediction’ she questions to this day.
~War Pulse: At the moment, he's a cocky SoB that was hired to recapture her. She's still sore about the conflict just outside of Chinatown and hopes never to see his face again.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Yes, do I get a treat now?!? :P


Jacqueline Freeman

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Create a Hero RPG Season 3

Character you have created: Kyle Porter

Alias: Lyger

Speech Color (Actually say what you're using, don't go "Like this", or what not): n/a

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret

Character Personality: Kyle has always been a laid back guy, who despite having a somewhat difficult upbringing would be described by most as being carefree for the most part. However, he does have a tendency of getting overwhelmed, and that can sometimes cause him to get into a bit of a funk, which can be difficult to pull him out of. However, in the months since his abilities began to manifest, and he took to the streets as the costumed vigilante Lyger, he has been more serious even as he tries to maintain his carefree lifestyle.

Uniform/costume: Briefly describe or post a picture of what your character's costume looks like:

Origin Info/Details: Kyle Porter has had a hard life by some standards. His mother died when he was a young boy and never really got to know her. He was raised by his father, who never got over the death of his wife and mostly found comfort in the bottom of a whiskey bottle. He went through much of his life in relative obscurity, never popular at school, however not really unpopular.
His life changed once he enrolled at Lost Haven University. He became relatively popular on campus, he even started to date a sophomore.
However, his life would change even further one night while he was on his way back to the dorms after a party. The car that he was riding in was struck by a drunk driver, and Kyle was severely injured. He required emergency surgery as well as a blood transfusion. Little did anyone know that the blood he received contained the meta gene, and when the blood mixed with his own, he began to develop special abilities of his own.

Hero Type (Select one):

Power Level (Select one below): City Level

Powers (Be Specific): Enhanced agility and senses, healing factor, and strength.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Height: 6'2

Weight: 210 Pounds

Strength Level: 5x normal human

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 45 MPH.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 2 hours.

Agility: 15X

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill: trained

Resources: Average

Weaknesses: He has the same weaknesses as a normal person. He is vulnerable to illness, injury, and even death.

Supporting Characters:
Samantha “Sam” Myers Childhood friend, long time crush.
Kerri Walters- ex girlfriend
Ronnie Chang- Best friend, tech wizard
Jack Porter- Kyle’s father
Maxwell Renfield- CEO of RenCo
Dmitri Nikolov- friend
Hannah Emery- Dmitri’s girlfriend
Haruki “Harry” Takahashi- Kyle’s mentor, Ronnie’s grandfather
Quickshadow (Kenna Nakano)- Harry's Granddaughter, Ronnie Chan's maternal cousin. A vigilante from San Francisco who relocated to Crown Ridge to help Lyger at the behest of her grandfather.
Whisper (Cassie Welsh)-Lyger's tech woman and hacker extraordinaire
Echo (Ashley "Ash" Martinez)-Mechanic and engineer. Designs Lyger's tech and vehicles

Various villains, classmates, and other characters will be described when introduced

Do you know how to post pictures on the RPG boards?:

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue):

Kyle Porter sits up in his hospital bed as the nurse enters his room and takes a few last minute readings before the hospital can send him on his way. He is anxious to get out of the room that has been his home for the last week. He has never particularly liked hospitals, and after spending a week there, he is in no rush to come back anytime soon.

There was a knock on the door and suddenly he saw the familiar features of Samantha Myers pop into the room. His oldest friend looked around for a moment before entering.

"Just wanted to make sure you're decent." She quipped as she approached his bed.

"Yeah. I'm good to go. Just waiting to get the OK from the doctors." He said.

Sam took a seat beside the bed as Kyle packed the few possessions that he had in the hospital room into a small plastic bag. After several long minutes, the nurse came in and told him that the last tests came back clear and that he was free to go.

"Awesome. Let's head down to the lobby and wait for my dad." He said cheerily.

"Um...your dad can't make it. He had to fly out to Pacific Point last night for business. He asked me to come get you." She said, somewhat apologetically.

"So...you're my ride?" He asked.

"You're quick, aren't you?" She said with a grin.

"Oh great...first the crash and now this....Somebody really wants me dead." He joked even as she smacked him on the arm as they made their way down the hall.
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Character you have created: Isaac Fontaine
Alias: Vigilante

Speech Color: Bold standard text

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret. Maintained by a level of what could only be described as extreme paranoia.

Character Personality:

Fontaine is more about effectiveness than style, as such everything he takes/wears has to be justifiable. He wears a black balaclava, generic black tracksuit top and pants, strapped with duct tape at the wrists and ankles to avoid leaving DNA evidence, wears rubber surgical gloves under leather gloves allowing him to remove leather gloves for greater dexterity.

Origin Info/Details:

Season 1 Summary:

Season 2 Summary:

Hero Type:
Muscle - Brawler/Thinker

Power Level:
A. Street Level – But is capable of functioning on a B. City Level



Poor marksman, but doesn’t really use firearms anyway – mainly affects use of grapple-gun. Is very intelligent, but needs it focused to be applicable. Quite (extremely) socially maladjusted; too frequently speaks his mind. Is only human in a world of superhumans. Inability to feel pain results in more serious injuries since he pushes his body to further and further extremes.

A non-conductivity to magic. This swings both positive and negative. Magical allies can not heal him, he can not transport via portals, etc. Likewise swinging both ways is his “Luck”, whilst the universe seems attuned to provide a suitable “fit” for Isaac, life does seem to drag him in all kinds of outrageously ridiculous directions. Directions he’d often rather not take or have to deal with.

Supporting Characters:

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Sample Post:

Post Catalog:

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Character you have created: Dennis Connolly
Alias: The Aquilifer

Speech Color: Standard Forum Text, Golden Rod

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Identity kept secret to the public due to alien magic imbued within the Golden Rod protecting his identity. Identity known to his grandfather, the original Golden/Silver Age Aquilifer… and now to The Vigilante.

Character Personality:


Origin Info/Details:

Season 1 Summary:
Season 2 Summary:

Hero Type:
Normal Human who wields Energy – Alien Technology/Alien Magic imbued weapon.

Power Level:
Potentially 3. World Level, or possibly even 4. Cosmic. However, Dennis is still finding his own way and is therefore currently somewhere between 1 and 2 – Street Level/City Level.



- Psychological – Dennis has large self-confidence and inferiority issues to his late brother,

- Has numerous self-destructive bad habits.

- Still just a regular guy, who has access to a remarkable tool.

Supporting Characters:
Alan Coghlan, grandfather – Alan was the original Aquilifer, from a different time. Having lost 20 years of his life had a traumatic effect on the old Golden Age hero, and the heavy adjustment to just how much the world had changed in those years have taken their toll. Now more than ever Alan believes the role is necessary... and he’ll mould Dennis into someone suitable even if it kills the both of them.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Wait... no. You didn't see that. What? No, of course this isn't all just a rip-off alternate take on DC's Jack Knight Starman. How could you say such a thing?

Also, here's a link to my Spotify playlist for the Aquilifer, which starts off with David Bowie's Starman...

Sample Post:

Post Catalog:

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Character Name: Marie Elizabeth Heartford

Alias: The White Witch

Age: 24

Speech Color: As Marie, As White Witch

Character Alignment: Walking the Line

Identity: Secret

Character Personality


Origin Info/Details

Hero Type: Mystic

Power Level: City Level (Her powers make her more effective at Street Level, but she certainly has City Level potential.)


  • Witchcraft/Sorcery/Occultism: Marie is a practicing witch with a connection to the spiritual Otherworld, allowing her to exercise her will over this world via the use of incantations, spells and rituals, herbal/alchemic formulas, etc.
  • Shared Soul: Marie is the current incarnation of a witch from the 1500s, giving her limited access to that witch’s knowledge and power. However, given that her former self was a natural witch (one born with an affinity for witchcraft), Marie possesses certain innate gifts and qualities that make her magic more potent and require far less complexity.
  • Spiritual Familiar: Marie possesses a familiar spirit, Holt, who acts as a supernatural servant and aid to Marie. Holt is able to carry out certain magical tasks at Marie’s command with little to no effort on her part. He can also provide Marie with valuable information regarding past/future events (with certain limitations), can appear most anywhere she desires and act as an informant, can travel between this world and the next, and can transform himself to appear as anything Marie might require. Using Holt’s power, Marie is capable of flight upon her broom, which would normally require a mystical ointment to achieve flight.

Strength: Normal Human (May very under the effects of magic)
Speed/Reaction Time: Normal Human (Speed increased to around 20-70 MPH during flight)
Endurance: Normal Human, 2 Hours
Agility: Normal Human
Intelligence: Average/Above Average
Fighting Skill: Untrained
Resources: Average-Large (Managing occult shop = discount)

Marie’s magic is slightly stunted in that, while it is more powerful than most mundane practitioners’, most of it (aside from certain conjurations and invocations) requires some physical aspect such as a talisman, charm, crystal, herb, potion, etc., or a spoken incantation which can sometimes be an inconvenience. She is also physically weak given that she is human and untrained in combat.

Supporting Characters
Robin Goodfellow/Puck: A sly demon from medieval times that has since relocated to Lost Haven and set up a magical tavern called The Red Devil. Puck is Marie’s employer and is in the business of magical deals and contracts.

Madalena Hawthorne: A beautiful New Age spiritual, Madalena is Marie’s friend and employer. Owner of the “Shadow of the Moon” occult and curiosities shop in Lost Haven, she has suspicions about the White Witch’s true identity.

Holt: A shadowy familiar that was gifted to Marie by her now deceased friend, Joseph Mathers. Holt acts as a friend to Marie and her magical assistant.
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Name: Madalena “Maddi” Hawthorne

Age: 25

Alias: Hex, Lady Hex

Speech Color: color=E3243B

Character Alignment: Walking-the-Line

Identity: Secret (Known only by those with whom she works in close proximity)

Character Personality: Madalena is a curious and eccentric witch with an excess of personality. A little too excitable, she gleefully jumps at any amount of joy or wonderment and falls prey to her occult interests more times than not. She eres more on the side of hero than villain, always wishing to aid those in need of her particular talents, but understands the selfish and self serving nature of her gifts, along with their dark history. As such, Madalena has developed a second skin of sorts, allowing her to deviate from the normal realms of morality to do what she must.


Origin Info/Details:

Hero Type: Mystic/Supernatural

Power Level: City Level

Powers & Abilities :
Puckish Magic: A gift from the imp, Puck, her powers of fascination are made more chaotic due to their origin. Her power to bless or blast with only a look or gesture is made more potent and virulent, and often come with other mischievous side effects.

Witch’s Bargain: Madalena can enter into binding magical contracts with words alone, and weave intricate enchantments into the fabricate of her agreements. She is bound by the terms of her contracts, but so too are the receiving parties.

Familiar Spirits: Madalena possesses three familiar spirits who assume a different bestial form: Hellawin, the owl; Malkin, the cat; Robin, the snake. Each is bound to a separate totem housing their essence. These familiars can perform certain tasks for Maddi, become corporeal or incorporeal, transform into Maddi’s likeness if given her blood, and have unique abilities themselves.
–Hellawin can gift Madalena his sight, granting her the power to see whatever he sees.
–Malkin can bestow misfortune upon others and strengthen Madalena’s powers of fascination.
–Robin can bewitch others, granting them hallucinations or drawing them in for his paralyzing bite.

Witchcraft: Maddi practices a form of witchcraft inspired by her contract with Puck, drawing power from him, his knowledge, and the Otherworld.

Occult Studies: Given her long standing interest in magic and recent pact with Puck, Madalena possesses a wide array of knowledge on various occult topics and practices.

Skilled Speaker: Because of her position as both proprietress of Shadow of the Moon and employee of The Red Devil, Madalena has become a skilled communicator and negotiator. She is also, though more recently, familiar with arts of deception and trickery.

–Height: 5’10”
Weight: 140 lbs
Strength Level: Normal Human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human
Agility: Normal Human
Intelligence: Average/Above Average
Fighting Skill: Untrained
Resources: Large

Elderwood Scepter: An intricate scepter with a curved hilt to appear like the petals and vines of a rose, and thorns running down each side, used as an aid in commanding Madalena’s familiars and certain operations.

Ash Broom: A handcrafted broom infused with flying ointments that allow for limited flights over certain distances.

Glamour Charm: A simple charm worn around Madalena’s neck that conceals her identity. Her features are difficult to make out up close and even harder to remember.

Tools of the Craft: On Madalena’s person at all times are certain charms and working tools that may be useful to her, among them are a black book filled with minor charms, protective talismans, etc.

Magic and Mundane: Though there is debate among magical scholars regarding the level of humanity retained by fully initiated witches, Madalena is, for all intents and purposes, still human, and thus susceptible to any and all damage that manages to penetrate any magical protections. Due to that magical blood, however, she is equally susceptible to items such as silver, iron, and the like.

Familiar Totems: Madalena’s familiars are able to manifest only if they are bound to their respective totem. Should these be destroyed, they may no longer physically manifest. These totems are highly durable, but can be destroyed with the right means.

Fledgling Witch: Madalena’s power is recently obtained and her knowledge, while great due to her connection to Puck, is far from perfect or complete, nor is she very experienced. As such, her powers will fail her from time to time, which could prove fatal in a dire situation. Furthermore, her powers heavily rely on her familiars and certain tools/implements, meaning she is far more effective the further away she is from a physical battle.

Supporting Characters:

–Robin Goodfellow/Puck: Owner of The Red Devil and employer to Madalena.
–Marie Heartford/White Witch: Former employee of Shadow of the Moon and fellow witch under the employ of Puck.
–Charlene Croll/The Alchemyst: An alchemist of the Croll line aiding Madalena against the Hounds and the Witchfinder General.
–Carrie Ludwig: A witch and customer of Shadow of the Moon.

–Ursula Wyrcroft: Former senior member of the Agency in London, now heading the Ars Obscura, a secretive organization based in Wales, dedicated to the preservation of secrecy within the magical community and cataloguing of magical artefacts worldwide.
–Gideon Lloyd/Merlyn: A Welsh cunning man and field agent in the Ars Obscura.
–Orrin Anderson/Warlock: A male witch from Scotland and tentative enemy of the Ars Obscura.

–The Witchfinder General: A high ranking member of a sect in the Hounds of Humanity dedicated to organizing a long dead band of witch hunters known as The Winter Court.
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Character you have created: Sinclair Adams

Alias: Hound Dog

Speech Color This color, yellow?

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Public

Character Personality: He’s a man who can’t leave someone alone when they are in need, even when he lacked the use of his legs and had limited arm movement he still tried to stand up to bullies when someone called. He watched Happy Days as a child and tried to model himself after Arthur Fonzarelli or Fonzie, noting that he was worried he’d become like his drunken mother who abused him and his father always belittling him for his many failures. He’s protective of the weak, a defender who prioritizes the people over fame or money though he does make public appearances to discuss current metahuman issues. To put people at ease, he adopts a theme as a rockabilly speaking and dressing in their style, something to distract others from the troubles and to better identify how he wants to present himself as laid back and in control.

Uniform/costume: He dresses in leather jackets and jeans, and has no spandex like costume nor mask. He wants to be open and honest with a welcoming smile.

Origin Info/Details: Born of italian descent to Bianca and Dario Adams he was raised in Pacific Point and grew up rather normally until one day at the age of seven he visited his father’s work. He had been warned not to play around the docks were no place for a child but they lived close enough that he’d wander over, the accident that paralyzed him was also the fault of his father, although the report said faulty gears on the forklift Dario never forgave himself, and felt there was something anything he could do to prevent it. A fact Bianca constantly reminds him of and one she never forgave him for; slipping into alcohol under the pressure of raising a paraplegic for a son. She always felt she could have married better, a richer man.

As the tensions in the house slowly boiled over Adam hunkered down into his books, and old TV shows. He learned, and while he was bright he dedicated his young life to science, medicine and theoretical physics. Hoping that he’ll become good enough to make up for his parents mistakes, that he’ll save lives and heal the rift between them.

All through school he tried to be the good guy, the one who diffused conflict despite being wheelchair bound, all that changed in the last year of high school when domes covered cities and gave people powers. It took him a while before he could apply his powers to himself but thanks to his bookworm past he could theorize many practical applications.

Hero Type (Select one): Elemental Electricity Generation/Manipulation

Power Level (Select one below):
C. World Level (Ex. Flash, Superman)

Powers (Be Specific): Electricity Generation/Manipulation

Able to produce nuclear reactor levels of electricity there is little chance he will ever be drained dry he is by far the electrical user with the most potential output allowing him to defy gravity and even lift objects from the water through electromagnetism.

He can produce a barrier that deflects physical objects as long as they can be conductive even if only slightly.

Shoot lighting bolts, and reduce the speed of his falls using electromagnetism to create a negative charge upon himself and save himself from lethal falls. And even discharging electrical pulses. That are more like orbs of lighting.

He even has incredible speed, zipping over telephone wires, or water any surface with electricity he can propel himself over increasing his speed upwards towards 300mph however aim and his own body begin to feel the stress aim is gone and if he felt pain so too would his nerves. That seems a little fast, I may reduce it, or just try to avoid using those speeds.

Enhanced vision. Being able to see the electromagnetic spectrum he can discern people’s internal nerve signals, how fast a heart beats, how a person lies and sometimes see the difference between those who are unnatural aka those who are powered or not normal.

His most famous skill is a railgun, propelling an object at mach speeds, even faster than mach 7 absolutely smashing the object into the target. He charges his arms separately creating different polarities and using the length of his arm to launch the object often a disk.

Since he cannot feel pain he also is unaffected by muscle fatigue and injuries. Although he will definitely need to see a doctor if he is shot or otherwise injured.

Unknown to Hound Dog he has a minor regenerative ability, cuts and minor wounds heal within hours further complicating things as he cannot tell if he has been injured. However he could apply his powers to more serious wounds if he was aware he could accelerate his healing through electrical stimulation. Maybe even repair his nerves.

Attributes (Select one at each category):
Weight: 167lb
Strength Level: Normal Human
Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human, 30
Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human, 2
Agility: Normal Human, 5X,
Fighting Skill:Highly Trained in a few years maybe he’ll master them.
Resources:Average while he does make money from his TV appearances, he donates quite a lot he doesn’t use or save. And since he doesn’t have a car he puts all his cash to savings for his College fund.

Weaknesses: He is not immune to his own powers, not yet. While his body is adapting to the voltage he outputs, the sheer potential he possess is more than his tolerance can handle. If he’s not careful he could completely fry whatever nerves he has left and turn his body to ash. Something that he is already beginning to notice. He is also unable to aim when he travels great speeds, though he can defend against some physical objects heat and drowning or many things can kill him. His barrier is activated by will and if he’s not quick or if he’s careless bullets will kill him.

His tolerance to his powers severely limits how much he can produce, while he is still more powerful than most electro masters his ability to draw from his pool is far more harmful to himself than others as the more he pulls the more his body begins to char. He theorizes that at the current timeframe and the graphs he’s made he’s unlikely to bear his true powers for decades.

His inability to feel pain is also dangerous, infections can sprout up more easily and if he’s not checking his body often minor wounds go unnoticed even broken bones can sustain further damage

Supporting Characters: Mother Bianca Adams and Father Dario Adams

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: No? Yes? Who told you!!

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines. Only for first time applicants.)
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Character Name: Hekate, The Witch Mother

Alias: Known by many names and titles: Trivia (Roman Name), Cthonia, Beldam, Hag/Witch Queen, Queen of the Night, Devil’s Bride, etc.

Age: Immortal / Ageless

Speech Color:MediumPurple

Character Alignment: Walking the Line (With a tendency to go dark)

Identity: Both known and not. As a powerful witch, her form is known to change.

Character Personality:


Origin Info/Details:

Hero Type: Mystic / Supernatural

Power Level: World Level


  • Witchcraft: Hekate’s is a more powerful Craft, for she need not channel another being’s power, she may channel powers directly from herself and the Otherworld.
  • Teleportation/Manifestation:As a being of the Otherworld, Hekate can manifest her consciousness wherever she pleases and can freely travel between worlds.
  • Immortality: Ageless beauty, timelessness, and the ability to reform her body. If destroyed, her being returns to the Otherworld, where it is reborn.
  • Shape-Shifting: Capable of taking on the forms of animals and men alike.
  • Power Transferal: As a spirit of the Otherworld and a being of magic, Hekate possesses the ability to grant mortal beings mystical powers, creating a link or contract with them that may not be severed, not even by Hekate.


  • Strength Level: 50
  • Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 70
  • Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 5 hours
  • Agility: 10X
  • Intelligence: Genius with respect to occult knowledge. Nearly so with respect to all other things except technology.
  • Fighting Skill: Trained
  • Resources: Large / Extreme

Despite her association with them, Hekate is not a member of the Athanatoi and has certain weaknesses tied to her spiritual nature. Her powers are capable of being warded against, though the number of practitioners required to combat her magic number in the hundreds. Though immortal, she is not invincible and can be defeated in close combat with some effort. Her presence is easily felt unless glamoured, making it easy to spot her/track her in this plane. She is also bound by her word, meaning she cannot break contracts with others, though she does find sneaky ways around them.

Supporting Characters:
The Athanatoi: Though her contact with them has waned over the centuries since their departure from Earth, she still has the means to council with them should the need arise.

Circe: A sorceress from Greek myth, daughter of Helios, aunt of Medea, and mother to three sons by Odysseus. Circe, at a point in time, called Hekate her patron, and like the goddess, possesses great powers that keep her from aging. She is stationed on the mythic island of Aeaea, whose whereabouts are unknown and believed to be shielded from mortal eyes.

Medea: A powerful sorceress and early pupil of Hekate, she is most known for her role in helping the hero Jason with his greatest quests, and the subsequent murder of their children and flight from Colchis on the dragon-lead chariot of her grandfather, Helios. As a powerful witch and the granddaughter of one of the Athanatoi, Medea is kept from aging. Her current whereabouts are unknown to all but a select few.

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Character you have created: Eva ‘Pendragon’ Walsh

Alias: Pendragon

Speech Color whatever color (00aeef) is?

Character Alignment: Hero in training

Identity: Secret/Known Will be known later, to start it’s a secret.

Character Personality: Eva is a troublemaker, who likes to party. She has dropped out of Highschool and is active on the rave scene. She shirks her chores and has an estranged relationship with her parents. Now after a tremendous weight has been placed squarely on her shoulders she begins to question her life choices which marks a turning point in her life. She will soon learn that there is more to life than partying as she searches for clues regarding the identities of the Murderers who killed her friends, while she grieves over her loss.


Origin Info/Details: After Breaking into the American Museum of Natural History, via a borrowed key card. Eva and her friends surprisingly had a easy time setting up for a Flash Rave something that would only last thirty or so minutes before the Police were able to mobilize. However the real reason the Museum was quiet was because Eva and her friends were not alone, masked thieves had already killed the guards and began stealing ancient artifacts. Eva who tried to protect herself reached for what appeared to be a fossilized relic. Upon blocking the attackers who had gotten what they came for fled, and the stone which entrapped the sword crumbled to the floor. Where a Ghostly figure revealed the sword to be the Legendary Excalibur.

Hero Type (Select one): Normal Possible Power up.

Power Level (Select one below): It’s really a combination of the two. The sword is only as good as the wielder and although mystical the wielder is only human.

A. Street Level (Ex. Punisher, Daredevil)
B. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)

Powers (Be Specific): The Sword Excalibur is endowed with a variety of powers, It can cut any man-made object barring any alien or otherworldly materials. It will blind foes upon it being drawn from it’s sheathe. It is nigh unbreakable by any weapon forged by man, with the exception of other mystical weapons and those not from earth. Save for those as strong as Icon or Cosmic forces such as Umbraxis or Magic of the same tier. Enough World class magic should also break Excalibur if it sustains constant blows. Anything less than say someone of Thanos' might or Umbraxis should not break Excalibur in a single strike. Excalibur being a Legendary weapon, sometimes said to be created by the Lady in the Lake, or given to her after being forged by a Dragon. Which if Dragons did exist would be on par with Cosmic beings. They created a Legendary sword after all; presumably so. I could probably say the metal by which Excalibur is forged from could have come from the scales of a Dragon. Which being a cosmic creature would have properties all their own; say near Adamantium/Vibranium levels of durability but not quite there. Maybe a weaker version. You get the gist. The sword also grants enhanced speed (Olympic runner or Olympic Fencer level.)

The sheathe itself has powers as well, giving the wielder the ability of temporarily invulnerability, the wielder can be injured but will not bleed from wounds, nor can they be dismembered. And in case the wielder needs to recall the sword it, the sword will chose its owner, much like that of Mjolnir (should they be worthy) Even if Eva were to allow someone to borrow Excalibur they must meet that requirement. That's not to say the sword cannot be stolen from her, the thief just won't have any of the buffs or magical (cut anything) enhancements. That and it still can be recalled by it's owner (Eva) at anytime. Meaning one must knock her out, or use Magic! To prevent her from recalling it, or something along those lines.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: Normal Human

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: Normal Human

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human

Agility: Normal Human

Intelligence: Below Average

Fighting Skill: Untrained - In training

Resources: Minimal

Weaknesses: She’s Human, although she is immune to dismemberment and bleeding. Fire will kill her, so too will poison, drowning et cetera.

Supporting Characters Her estranged parents Reuben and Amber Walsh; whose names are just for cover a legal necessity, and her Aunt Briley Patton (age 46). And her diseased friends Julius ‘Rave Master’ Sloan, Leon Hurst, and Shari Conway. Smiling Sampson. A Lex Luthor/Handsome Jack like character. Who hates Meta Humans, and thinks Humanity should be top dog. He's also a grade A jerkbag, who is Evil and insane even. Not madhouse insane but the world is out to get me insane and I need all the power I can get. My idea for him is that he has a anti Meta Human Riot Squad that has various talented individuals and a Mech unit. Think something like this.


Though more Civilian friendly, and less Pacific Rim war-machine. Oh and here's a link to the artist drawing so he can get the credit.

Merlin; Merlin comes from a world of pure might and magic. No technology no advancements, no supers (Mostly.) And A few differences are, One Merlin is a female, two she has also been a criminal at several points. Clashing with the status quo for various reasons, she has been called The Boar's Sin of Greed, and has haphazardly put others in harms way for her own experiments. Despite all of that she has also been the Alter World's Arthur's ally.

Eva’s Parents are actually named Nathaniel (age 51)and Alexandria (age 49) Wahlforth. Members of British High Society and currently declared Evangeline to be essentially banished from their sight

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?: Yup.

Other notes.

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines):

11:48 PM Museum of Natural History. “Come on, it’s just ahead.” Eva, Leon and Shari followed just behind Julius as they carried a number of amplifiers and boxes along with them. Julius’s plan was simple sneak in during the Guard shift set up quickly ahead of the partygoers who were on their way for a flash Rave, an idea Julius had. Get in a back door using a lifted keycard from one of his buddies party for thirty minutes or so then bug out. All the police would find was a trashed storeroom filled with uncatalogued artifacts and more plastic cups then they’ve ever seen before. He had it all planned out for a strung out druggie, and to Shari’s surprise it was far too easy.

“Were in, were in. We don’t have much time. Leon find an outlet, Shari keep an eye out on the door. Eva help me bring the rest of the boxes in. We need more cups, chips and booze.”

Leon rushed around checking the walls, while Shari nervously waited by the door. “Julius you sure this will work out? I mean this is a museum, a big one! You’d think there’d be more guards or cameras.”

“Relax Shari.” Eva spoke calmly. “We’re here in between shifts, there’s no one watching the cameras.”

“I.. I just don’t know Eva, there’s just something wrong about this. I can’t explain it.”

“Found the outlets!! Julius give me a hand with the equipment.”

“Eva bring in the rest of the stuff the party starts in five!”

As I nodded and ran back to the car, I stopped just for a moment as a sound caught my attention. Like footprints though not nearly as pronounced. No, nothing I thought as I opened the car trunk and reached inside grabbing a banana box filled with food. I tossed a few smaller ones on top before closing the trunk and heading back inside.

When I walked up to the door I spoke out.”Hey Shari give me a hand here will ya?” A second passed while I entered the room and looked about.”Shari, Leon, Julius!!? Come on guys it’s no time to be playing around.. We.. Oh. My. God!” The boxes I held dropped to the floor as bloodstains splattered the walls. The panic and fear gripped my voice as I called out again.”SHARI! LEON! JULIUS! Wher..”

From behind me the door closed and a arm thick as a tree grabbed me by my hoodie and tossed me into a rack.

“Another unaccounted guest, this one will not hinder our work.” The hulking figure spoke as others came in from the shadows.

“Finish it quick, we need you to help the rest of us look.”

He turned his gaze back to me.”She won’t take long at all.”

I scrambled back into the metallic rack, covered in blood. My own, my friends? I.. I looked to see him stretched out to me hand poised to snap my neck. My hands reached back fumbling over vases and stone tools, until I grabbed what I thought was a stick or was it a club, it felt hard as if made of stone. I swung it at him hitting his shin.

He acted as if it hadn’t fazed him in the slightest. But I could feel it, his anger penetrated my soul, like his eyes burned right through me. He slammed down with his fist pounding the club into me and cracking the floor. I felt the wind leave my chest completely and my own eyes were so heavy, they were being pulled down against my will. I saw him in that moment smiling as he walked away, and a light flashed before me.

Next thing I knew I awoke and just in front of me a specter wearing old clothes and a crown was shaking my body.

“Awaken! Awaken already!! Quickly now you must flee!!”

I groggily looked about to see the room engulfed in flames. My bones felt as if they were glass, I was overcomed with fear, desperation. I wanted to scream at the sight of the Ghost, of the fire.

“Young Miss! Young Miss! Eva!! Get a hold of yourself, you’ll burn. Take the sword, it will protect you. Do not let it leave your grasp!!”

“How do you know..”

“Eva! Now is not the time. Take the sword. And hurry!!”

The Ghost confused me more than the fire, my assailants. This night just couldn’t be real none of it could. The Ghost spoke of a sword and as I looked about I saw no such thing. But clinched in my hand was no other than the sword he spoke of. I didn’t remember holding a sword. But it was there sure as day. I stood to my feet limping away, I could feel the heat liking my back. The pain felt unbearable, I shouldn’t be walking I must be dead, I have to be dead. The cracking of the flames tore the walls down to my left, my right and all around me.

“You must hurry Eva! Before the flames consume you!”

The door seemed so close now, the handle was just in reach. But I couldn’t lift my arm. It was then the door flew open as the Ghost blasted it aside. I fell to the ground as I lost all the feeling in my legs.

“Just a little farther Eva. Crawl if you must.”

Strange, I should be afraid of this Ghost. But his words were so familiar so comforting. The concrete tore my skin up I could see the flesh under my skin. But no blood, not a drop. As I managed to crawl to saftey. I looked up at the Specter. “Who, are you?”

“I shall answer my King. I am Arthur Pendragon. Former King of Camelot. And you who have broken the curse sealing my sword, your sword. Excalibur. Is the rightful King of England.”

“Kin...g” I said with my last breaths before everything went blank. The sounds and sights gone as I passed out.
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Character you have created: Barron Vanderbilt

Alias: Barron is the only name he is known by however it is presumed that it is not his real name. No one not even his wife knows his true name.

Speech Color This thing? color=9e0039 I don't remember.

Character Alignment: Villain

Identity: His name is known just not currently as a Major Villain. That will change as he begins to act openly.

Character Personality: Egotistical, power hungry and cruel. Barron has wanted one thing and one thing only for a long time, true power. He comes from a world devastated by destruction brought about by man, radiation and power rule the wastes. He and his wife Carol have come to resent these humans of this new world their self indulgence and ignorance of their own planet’s destruction have driven these two who feed off each other’s personalities to desire to amass power and wealth so they could conquer this world.

As violent as Barron can be he rewards those who are useful to him, and is regarded as a decent boss never raising his hand against those who work well under him, yet never allowing himself to seem weak. He’ll kill those who fail him too many times and depending upon how they failed him he could kill them outright without warning.

He surrounds himself with the finer things in life, the best alcohol, dapper clothes and expensive baubles.

Uniform/costume: Dapper Mobster clothing.

Origin Info/Details: Barron is the victim of a rip in time and space. He and Carol were ripped from their own dimension a world devastated by atomic mutual destruction. A Lead Mystical Scientist working for Vlad Tepes was sure he could control and open a stable gateway between dimensions and as his test progressed it ran into several errors. In the process of shutting it down it had torn open a portal and two people were snatched from their dimension. Barron Vanderbilt a man who had risen to power by running the casino Gomorrah in New Vegas after the former bosses met an unfortunate accident.

Barron grew up in a normal home to post apocalyptic standards and after Raiders ransacked his family farm something inside himself snapped, after killing his own parents he ran a raider gang for some years, and came across New Reno and the power the Crime Bosses had was staggering and he wanted it he wanted it all. It was also where he would meet his future wife, Carol Bates whose father ran the Gun Runners in the area. He and Carol would go on to attempt to take New Reno but the Crime Bosses were onto him. Driven from New Reno Barron and Carol packed up and fled to New Vegas where Barron had friends in Gomorrah who met an untimely end. Here Barron would rise in power and plan his move to take Vegas.

He had all the pieces in place to make his move as Barron began his assault on Vegas war broke out on the streets and explosions bombarded the buildings that was when the sky quite literally opened Barron stood next to Carol in amazement as everything stopped and the sky swallowed them whole. The transferring of Dimensions was not an easy one as not only were Barron and his wife ripped from their dimension but so too was rubble and explosive debris causing major damage to the lab and nearly left Barron dying in the process.

A stable portal between worlds would have given Vlad the power he needs to be completely unopposed by the world powers. Sure they fear him now but the rise of Metas and Superheroes have begun to level the playing field. Unlimited access to the technology and resources of other worlds would ensure that he and his kind not only thrived for all time but dominated in case the world decided to retaliate. Not only has the experiment failed but due to their negligence two individuals were nearly killed something his pride wouldn’t let him ignore. Against his better Judgement he saved them from Death’s grasp by making a last minute decision to turn them into Vampires.

Fast forward five years later and Barron runs a Crime Ring in Vegas out of a casino called Gomorrah. He has plans to expand his operations.

Hero Type (Select one):
Supernatural: Elder Blood Breed Vampires

Power Level (Select one below):
C. World Level (Ex. Flash, Superman)

Powers (Be Specific):

Near Invulnerability. As a Elder Blood Breed Vampire plain physical attacks have little effect on them. Exposure to their Key weaknesses can make them more vulnerable.

Magical Affinity. As a Vampire they have the ability to cast magic spells and effects. Charm spells and polymorphism are the most common but they can utilize destruction and status spells that can put people to sleep or bind them.

Telekinetic Feeding. As an Elder Blood Breed they can feed from a farther distance pulling the blood in a stream thus increasing their powers. This can also turn victims into Mindless Ghouls to be used to distract enemies. Elder Blood Breeds don’t need to feed but it’s like a alcohol and it does charge them giving them more power to an extent.

Inhuman Strength.

Inhuman Speed.

Claws and Fangs.

Near Immortality. Elder Blood Breed Vampires will not age, nor will they die unless weakened first.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: 70 tons. Possibly more if well fed.

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 90 + possibly more if well fed.

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: Normal Human, 2, 3, 4, 5 hours.

Agility: 15X a normal human

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill:Trained They have basic training to understand their powers but have not lived long enough to master their abilities.

Resources: Large. Barron runs a Casino as a front and traffics illegal contraband and magical items to those who pay.

Weaknesses: Sunlight, crosses, holy water, and prayer. Those who specialize in Vampire hunting or those Holy Men who have a strong faith can weaken Vampires sometimes significantly although that depends of the Type of Vampire and Level of Faith. Also those who have holy artifacts or those who can cast Divine Magic.

Depending upon the method used, Elder Blood Breeds can receive various forms of damage. Sunlight constantly weakens and drains them of energy. Like a Marathoner running 16 Marathons back to back No matter how much blood one drinks eventually they’ll run out of energy.

The Presence of Crosses can allow their invulnerable bodies to sustain damage. Same for Prayer.

Divine Magic can be utilized in a myriad of ways. From weakening to sealing, to outright killing them. It depends on the skill and of course time and faith but Divine magic can be a powerful weapon against the cursed and undead.

Supporting Characters: Carol Bates or Carol Vanderbilt.

Do you know how to post pictures on RPG boards?:

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue. As this is an Advanced Level game, Sample must also meet the RPG forum's minimum requirement of 12 lines. Only for first time applicants.)
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