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I'm feeling nostalgic and just want a small Hogwarts group RP. Casual and free posting about the sorcerers slice of life mingled with teen angst and classes and Quidditch matches. No Dark Lord yet but perhaps later.

I'm thinking fifth year because there's room to make the game long lasting into sixth, seventh, and perhaps following our characters as adults in the larger wizarding world. Plus with OWLs and figuring out careers and who they want to be is a good starting point.

I have two characters I am interested in doubling. I also have more character ideas and don't mind writing professors or other NPC types to make the school feel alive.

So if you're interested just post character description of the student you'd like to play. I scribbled my characters because I don't use faceclaims but you can use whatever visuals you want or none at all. If you don't mind my doodles I'll even sketch your character when I have time if you'd like.

No more than two main characters per person please. And I'll write an intro up for both Heath and Frigga to get us started. As long as everyone agrees on start of fifth year. At least my characters are fifth years.
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I’m interested if this is still open
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Can I play as Friggo Baggins, Frigga's distant cousin?
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requesting baz bazington of baz on sea
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