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Persistent World

Roleplay forum run by the community where all roleplays take place in the same universe. Anyone can join!

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Latest Statuses

lepidope 34 min ago
if they're haters they gon drink some haterade

Lord Orgasmo 41 min ago
Who wants the last pizza roll?
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AlternateMan 2 hrs ago
Shit you right

Yam I Am 3 hrs ago
That's just the flea market.

AlternateMan 3 hrs ago
Can you LARP as a laser shooting robot against me as the fat retired kool aid man with knee problems

Yam I Am 3 hrs ago
Yeah man, I LARP on Bumble and Hinge all the time. Tbh hands-down my favorite LARPing forums.

AlternateMan 4 hrs ago
Love is like a fairy tale. Its fuken fiction for me
blindwoofer 5 hrs ago
Just a heads up for anyone RPing with me or who messaged me OOCly. I am swamped with school work this weekend so I'll likely not post much, if at all. Thank you for understanding.
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Latest Checks

The New Old World (Supernatural, story driven, MxF, 21+)
by Krasnaya 5 hrs ago
Romance Modern Horror 1x1 Fantasy 18+ Advanced

Royal Invitation: Nations, Distrust, and Political Romances [ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS]
by Wavy Wallaby 14 hrs ago
Romance Large Group 18+ Nation Advanced Medieval Military

Looking for an active partner
by Vatore 16 hrs ago
Romance Post-Apocalyptic 1x1 18+ Slice of Life School Free

A fae portal lies just beyond a small town.. Perfect place to go camping right?
by QuinnWolfe 21 hrs ago
Large Group Modern Fantasy Casual 18+ Small Group Free

Futa x F Incest RP! 18+
by Storytime Fairy 2 days ago
Romance Modern 1x1 18+ Advanced Slice of Life

Latest Roleplays

A Princess' Knight(Galaxxies&Thespian)
by Galaxxies 21 hrs ago
Romance 1x1 Casual Medieval

A demons' bride- a horror war story
by Vampiretwilight 24 hrs ago
Romance Horror Fantasy 18+ Nation Military Small Group Free

Lost Adventures of Hitor
by Arthanus 1 day ago
Fandom Fantasy Casual 18+ Medieval Small Group

My hero academia roleplay
by Kyoka jiro 2 days ago
Superhero 1x1 Anime/Manga Free

Power Rangers: Dragon Fury
by CaptainManbeard 3 days ago
Large Group Superhero Fandom Modern Casual 18+ Advanced
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