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Persistent World

Roleplay forum run by the community where all roleplays take place in the same universe. Anyone can join!

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Latest Statuses

Dark Cloud 1 hr ago
Man, best of wishes to you and your family.
1 like
blindwoofer 1 hr ago
My mom is going in to have a rod put in her leg today. The doctor says it'll be fine but she has bone cancer so any good thoughts would be appreciated
Ice Reaver 1 hr ago
Sorry guys will not be online all week. Out of town atm

aut316 2 hrs ago
Ballin and can't get up

Dark Cloud 10 hrs ago
Huh, you know I've always wanted to run 3.5e maybe I'll pull out the ol' undermountain pdf and get to work on something...

Blaze Gamma 10 hrs ago
1 like
Dark Cloud 11 hrs ago
Can you super size my salad?
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Katakuri 12 hrs ago
Yes, please.

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Latest Checks

Dwemer, Titans, and Romulans ~oh my~
by karmacrushh 17 hrs ago
Fandom 1x1 18+ Anime/Manga Sci-Fi

A simple interest check
by aut316 24 hrs ago
Romance Fandom 1x1 Casual 18+

A sparkly new interest check..
by Hari 1 day ago
Romance 1x1 18+ Advanced Slice of Life

Judged for Mercy
by Katakuri 1 day ago
Large Group Fandom Modern Casual 18+ Slice of Life Small Group

A Final Fantasy Roleplay Set In an Original World!
by Ambra 2 days ago
Romance Apocalyptic Fandom Future Casual 18+ Advanced Medieval

Latest Roleplays

[EARLY WIP] Issach - Grannvale War of Subjugation - a Fire Emblem RPG
by Unraveller 11 hrs ago
Tabletop Casual Nation Medieval Military Small Group

Final Fantasy: Lightseekers
by Ambra 14 hrs ago
Romance Apocalyptic Fandom Fantasy Casual 18+ Advanced Medieval

(wolvena/furiephoenix) Daughter's of Darkness (Supernatural rp)
by FuriePhoenix 21 hrs ago
Fandom Modern Horror 1x1 Casual 18+

by KaliW 2 days ago
Superhero Casual Advanced Slice of Life Small Group

Court of Nuhl
by Achronum 6 days ago
Horror Fantasy Casual 18+ Slice of Life Military Small Group
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