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Life After Death?
MC recently lost YC in a tragic accident, they were a perfect couple. But she just disappeared, without a trace. One day, he find a note for him. A letter from to her meet. This cant be real, dead people dont leave notes.....right?
-I was thinking YC could be either a vampire, ghost, or MAYBE a zombie(maybe we can work with this)

Blood Red Roses
MC got ina tragic accident, and was saved by YC, a powerful vampire countess. Daughter of the Count of the most powerful Coven, the ones who all other covens have to follow. He isnt a vampire persay, but a human thrall. Thralls live MUCH longer then any humans. To them, 100 years is like 1. Her reign as empress will soon begin. Others arent too keen on it, and some dont like how close YC is to MC. But is there a deeper reason as to why she turned him?
I got more plots and pairings coming
Been craving the Orc, and Dragon plots lately
Stay safe and tuned yall!
Orc Chief's Harem.

MC is a Orc chief, but is a lot kinder, and wiser then others. He hates how he people are treated, and wants them to be seen in a new light. YC is his wife, and personal bodyguard, a strong orc woman. The plot is how he develops a harem of multiple wives, of different fantasy creatures, or humans.

-I will like you to play multiple characters, but I'll also play several characters.
More stuff is coming, keep an eye yall
I was looking a partner for Curse of the Goddess
Hero Academy
and The monster girl oen
More plots are comings
as well as Pairings,
Always remember to stay safe!
Another Monstergirl!?
YC is a monstergirl, married to MC who is a human. Marriages like this arent uncommon, however monstergirls are treated as second class citizens, and YC is an activist who fights for their equal rights. However, one night MC comes home with ANOTHER monstergirl. Who is she?! And why did he bring her home!? Whats going on!?
-I hope we can further discuss this one
Pairings!(No plot as of yet)
Knight/Bodyguard X Prince/Princess
Bodyguard X Mob Boss' wife
Teacher X Student
Mage/Witch X Apprentice
Queen X Bodyguard
Supernatural Creature X Human
Been looking to do the two dragon plots posted, Hero Academy, Magical Girl and A New Reign
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