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Current So many writing ideas, so little time to write. Being an adult sucks...
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It's the most fattening time of the year!
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There is a madness to my method. Or is there a method to my madness?
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Tis that time of year and I have just one thing to say: Happy Holidays! Whatever your celebrative holiday this time of year is, I hope it's a good rest of the year for you!
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The world has become a place for two kinds of people: the kind who make jokes so they don't have to acknowledge that this is happening and the kind who don't care and go with the flow.


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Spartan Lucas Ryker

Lucas followed the rest of the team in nearly perfect sync, his DMR sounding off to get the targets out of range of the shorter ranged ARs and plasma weaponry. The team moved fast and hard, clearing corners and making their way towards the location of the rebel leader with ease. Sometimes I wonder if this was the kinda of thing that the SPARTAN-IIs had been created for. Taking out rebel bases and leaders for the good of humanity, well, the survivors of the war now. Though ONI would never tell anyone if it were. "Gotta maintain a good public image," they'd say. Sometimes they forget they don't have a good public image anyways... Upon reaching the lift after dealing with the last attempted ambush, which their motion scanners had detected before they ever got near it, the SPARTAN-IV was one of the last on.

The ride down was silent, though it was far from an awkward silence. This was the silence of men and women who were preparing to do a job that only they could do and when the lift doors opened, they stepped out to do that job. The marker tracking the rebel leader was easy to follow and his armor wouldn't be hard to bypass. Growing up, Lucas had paid attention to how armor from the centuries was designed and whether it was a suit of full plate armor or a Kevlar chest piece, the joints of the armor were almost always either exposed or the weakest point in the suit. The ODST armor that the rebel leader was wearing was no different, and the exposed knee joints were easy to see, even from here. But the man also had his entourage of guards, so going straight from him probably wasn't the best idea. Though slowing him down...

His decision made, the stock of Ryker's DMR found its way to his shoulder and he fired three times at the retreating forms of the rebels, though the las shot had a slight delay. The first two shots found the heads of the two soldiers most immediately blocking his shot to the leader, the two rebels both gasping in surprise as the bullets made impact. The SPARTAN-IV had had to wait a few seconds for the bodies of the two to fall before he'd fired the third shot, which was intended to pass through the back of the man's left knee. Not only would he fall to the ground from the sudden loss of his knee and kneecap, but he'd be slowed down considerably even with help moving from another person. Keeping his external speakers off, he spoke into the team channel. {VIP crippled, but he's still got help. Need to move fast.}
Damian Gerard|Fenixtear Guildhall

The former soldier didn't hesitate to nod in agreement as he turned to go back over and check on the soup. "Be happy to. I'm sure Jaëger and Carmilla won't mind having to worry about me so frequently for it." Stirring the soup, Damian hummed a little tune to himself as he waited on it to be ready, stirring it occasionally. Meanwhile, Carmilla didn't move as Trinity disappeared out of the main hall area, leaving her drink behind the dire wolf who simply sat and watched the door while occasionally checking on Damian and her partner and Alpha, who was laying out of the way in the kitchen, supposedly asleep. It was Jaëger's favorite way to bait out traps and dishonest folk, and it worked pretty much every time.

When Trinity came back, Carmilla still hadn't moved other than to lay down and watch the door from a more comfortable position. The music didn't seem to bother her any either, though the dire wolf didn't move to give any real indication. Damian glanced out again to see how things were and simply smiled when he saw what Trinity was up to. Carmilla was horribly tone deaf, but he didn't have the heart to tell his guildmate the bad news. Jaëger, however, was now listening to the music, one ear cocked that way to better hear it.
Star Wars OCs

He rises from the ashes of another RP to join us.

Damian Gerard|Fenixtear Guildhall

Damian took a moment to think before nodding to himself and setting to work prepping the ingredients for Cheesy Bacon Ranch Potato Soup and getting it cooking. Pausing in his work for a moment, he finds a board where the soup of the day is listed and puts what he's making on it. So that'll all take some time to get done, but it is most definitely one of the best soups I've ever had. Hope Ria doesn't mind. With the Soup of the Day posted, he returned to cooking and prepping, knowing he'd need a large amount based on the flow of people he was seeing.

He worked in silence for a few moments, humming quietly to himself before he felt a light nudge on his pants leg from Jaëger. "What's up buddy?" The dire wolf indicates back out there door, where Carmilla has been approached by Trinity. Meanwhile, the female dire world regards Trinity as she speaks calmly. When she finally asks the female wolf who she's with, she uses her muzzle to indicate Damian, who waves at his guild mate. "Carmilla, is she good to touch you?" As if on cue, the dire wolf turns back to Trinity and bows her head in acknowledgement. Damian chuckles and nods as well. "You're good to touch her, Trinity. Good thing you waited, Carmilla's taken off hands for less than pets."

Turning back to his tasks in the kitchen, he glances over to where Ria's working. "How goes the washing?"
Damian Gerard|Returning to Magnolia

Damian nodded at the mention of Master Jamie being in a meeting with Jack. He'd also seen a new face to the hall head to her office, likely another guild master he hadn't yet met. He would have to speak with her later then, which wasn't a problem, it was mainly a status report on the relations at the borders. As for Sam..."If you're worried about her, then perhaps I should let you go find her. We'll have plenty of time to catch up later." Almost as if to punctuate the later, an official entered the hall and, after looking over the assorted faces for a moment, approached Damian. The two exchanged words for a moment before the S-Class mage nodded and the official left. "That's our que to get headed out. Hopefully your mom and dad will bring you to the match, it's going to be wild."

Standing, his voice boomed out just loud enough to get everyone's attention. "Phoenix Wing S-Class, time to head to the arena for preparation and to get the match underway. Everyone, I hope to see you there!" And with that, he headed for the door to wait on the others. Once the four of them were together, they all headed out and followed the official towards the Arena Indominus.

Jane Addeson|Within the Fabled Hall

As Elena ran off to find Mark, Jane simply chuckled and shook her head. Nabbing a drink from a passing waiter, the Energy Blade mage sauntered over to the resident battle-hunter and took a seat next to him. "Quite the gathering here, isn't it? See anyone that piques your interest?" The announcement that the S-Class were heading out caught her attention and she turned back to Belius with a grin. "Seems you'll find someone this way the quickest. Come on, we can walk and talk."

James Avelane|A Pupil's Arrival

"There will undoubtedly be some amount of swordplay between the two, Cody, but this is an exhibition with all of them, so a magical show is much more likely. As for seeing the skills of other swordsmen, it is indeed a good habit to form, though forms and styles vary widely between styles of weapons, as Damian will likely showcase given the wide range of swords he can wield." He followed Cecillia's gaze to the other Exceeds and shrugged. "They are young, much like their partners. High energy is to be expected."

Many of the voices, however, were cut short by Damian announcing that the Exhibition Match was soon to begin and that the S-Class mages were leaving to go prepare for it. James himself smiled softly in anticipation and he finally dismissed his helmet, though he didn't dismiss his armor, though the energy wings that came from the back of his chest piece settled into more of a cape formation. "And so it begins. Shall we all head that way together?"

Jake Ronan|Dinner for Two

Jake smiled softly and pulled Pyrrha into a loving embrace. "I don't care if you don't have anything fancy. It's not about the people around us, it's about us. And besides, I've never taken you to a restaurant next to the sea, so consider it done. Let me go shower and get cleaned up and then we'll go."

Jack Goran|A Meeting of Masters, Old and New

Jack took the candle and appraised it with a knowing eye. The wax certainly contained magic, though it was different from magic he knew. "I agree, the candle is exquisite. Though with our being neighbors, you can count on seeing me visit on occasion." When Jamie suggested that he handle getting the communal board set up, he grimaced slightly, but nodded, mentally beginning a checklist of what he'd need to acquire for all three guilds who's masters were currently present to use and access the board.

"It will certainly take some time to get everything together and arranged, so there is no rush to get other guilds to agree. I have to make sure things will work just for the three of us first anyways." A commotion caught Jack's attention on the lacrima surveillance that Jamie used and he raised an eyebrow as her S-Class gathered at the front door. "Is there an event today, Jamie?"

Hunter Jorgenson|Call of the Wild

Hunter shook his head as the Oni and the hot head went at it, but nodded to Silver to come along. "Seems no one else is in a hurry to come along and I don't want to go with less than four, five or six is ideal, but this should be a simple enough job. Hot-head and Enma, get your gear for desert weather. Silver, you too. I'll meet you guys at the train station." And with that, the Dragon Slayer was on his way out the door, though he didn't specify why.
Damian Gerard|Fenixtear Guildhall

Damian nodded at the plan and followed her into the kitchen. However, he couldn't say he was entirely prepared for what he found waiting for them in the room. As she asked him to get the counters and the various ingredients taken care of, Damian nodded and moved with no undue amount of haste. His mind was already running over how long it would take the two of them to get the totality of the mess cleaned up enough for functionality versus full usability and, if he was honest with himself, the numbers weren't great either way. Still, as he sorted out spices from herbs and found their appropriate homes in the cupboards, he was already enjoying the work.

After a few minutes, the worst of the mess was at least sorted and he was now getting them all put away, or at least the ones he could salvage. Some of them had needed cold storage and had been out too long to be used again. I'll offer to go grocery shopping later some, replenish some of the perishable ingredients that are readily available locally. Finishing up, he turned to see what else needed done and check to see Ria's progress. If he was honest, he was almost positive that the rush was going to start soon.
Spartan Lucas Ryker

{Copy, coming down.} Turning to the Unggoy, he nodded before heading for the ramp back down. "Sounds like we didn't get the fun objective. Squad lead says back to the split." Obviously the walk back down the ramp was going to prove far less dangerous and the trip back out of the room, but that didn't bother the SPARTAN-IV. It gave them time to strategize and re-establish contact with Aviza's team, though he wasn't sure that they'd answer if they were in the midst of a fire fight. Reaching the bottom of the ramp, Ryker took up a position looking down the hall from the door way. "That sure was an awful lot of fight for some food stuffs. Are we sure they're nothing special?" It wasn't an uncommon thing for things like food stuffs to be used as IEDs, especially with the peacetime they were in and the shortages some sectors were facing.

Then again, if they'd been rigged, suppose the Innies would have detonated the stash then and there and there'd have been no firefight like there was. Still, perhaps having a bomb removal team come through and check wouldn't hurt in the post-operation. "Ready to move when you are squad lead."
Damian Gerard|Crocus City Proper

Damian hummed thoughtfully as he walked through the doors, nodding in thanks to Ria without any conscious thought and heading for a table. "I'd have to do some scouting around to find a good spot, but I'm all for teaching someone how to fish." Carmilla trotted over to her spot by the bar to keep an eye on the door while Jaëger followed the swordsman to where he sat down, thinking. As Ria moved past him again, mentioning that the kitchen should be clean just in time for the next rush, the young man snapped his fingers.

"Steak! I'll make a steak dinner. Haven't done it in awhile, but I cooked frequently enough anyways." Standing, he follows Ria. "I'll help ya clean and cook for the next rush if I can get your help with making a steak dinner for the guild. Well, steak and some potatoes."
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